What an episode, huh? Beautiful nuns (one ghostly and murderous), battling bitch witches, Sam reads Italian, and a hamster in a mini ruby necklace. Then of course, we have Dean, of all people, going to confession, something that should, given his many transgressions, last years in the fess-up box and cost more Hail Marys than one man could possibly say.

Men will always be hound dogs and play down and dirty with women's hearts.  So we have this gorgeous and very angry spirit killing cheating men as she felt SHE had been cheated. Problem is, the hunky artist was very honest with Isabella, the gal he painted, right? He told her he loved another.

On to some questions:

1.  I loved the way we found out about Isabella. It seemed like we were just eavesdropping on two pretty nuns with sad men-are-all-bastards reasons for joining a convent. Then, all of a sudden, we see how long ago Isabella's story took place, and it hit us squarely between the eyes--she's the pissed-off, murderous ghost! What did you think of how this ep was written?

2.  Sister Mathias talked to ghosts and was very cool about it all. For once, the brothers didn't have to explain "the supernatural is real" bit to someone. But it didn't hit me that Isabella was a ghost. Did you see this reveal coming?

3.  Poor Dean. Given the opportunity to confess, he owned up to his mistreatment of women, of allowing them to believe he would commit when he would not. Then, heartbreakingly, he began to speak of wanting to live and wanting to fight. (Prove it, Dean, we've been here before.) Opinions?  Got a catch in my throat when Dean somberly posited that God has forgotten about us.

4.  Is it me, or is Sam getting little to do these days beyond being the anti-Mark cheerleader?

5.  Rowena got to tear apart the scenery while beating the crap out of fellow witch Olivette. Unfortunately for Sam and Dean, Oli told Rowena the great enemy to all witches is the MOL. Yup, the Men of Letters! So now Rowena is going to ignore her son's orders to leave the Winchesters alone and go after them full throttle, Chuck help them. Maybe she'll turn them into cute little animals, too. How do you feel about Rowena at this point in the storyline?

6.  Dean assumed that burning Isabella's diary would get rid of her ghost. Sam had a feeling there was more to it, and quickly read the diary (who knew Sam could read Italian)? Thank God, because he learned an important fact--Isabella's flesh and bone had been ground into the paint! Ewwwww! Wasn't that a cool plot twist? And didn't you yell, Gooooooooo, Sam!" At your screen?

7.  Once again, Sam and Dean had the same conversation about fighting together and beating the Mark. It's getting old. I give this ep a score of 7.



# Arlette 2015-03-31 11:53
1. Yes I liked the way it was written
2. No I thought Sister Mathias was the evil one, maybe a witch. Didn't see Isabella reveal coming.
3. Great scene with Deans confession, I think he wants to fight but is burnt out fighting the mark. The fight with Cain left him depleted of any energy to fight.
4. Yes Sam's role through all this is very lame, it's like the writers can't have each brother carry their own story line. Which I find odd because they have a story line with Rowena... go figure.
5. I love the Rowena story arc, and it wants me to have more about the G rand Coven. I think she's worse that Crowley in many ways, more selfish, plotting, and ambitious. Bunkers around the world, Winchester last two in USA, Rowena is defiantly going after the brothers....
6.I still think the journal was written in Latin, but then if you know Latin you would be able to get the general meaning of old Italian...so I'm not surprised that the other nun and Sam could read the journal. But blood and flesh in the painting...ewww . Also Sam is not blindly listening to Dean which is good.
7. I agree the talk about getting rid of the Mark is dragging, but there is no other pressing threat to them or mankind...we need some action on that front. Perhaps Rowena and Crowley will bring some to the table. Btw--- where is Castiel? Just asking. I gave it 7.5
Great article...
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-03-31 19:22
I find it very telling that they included a hamster running endlessly on a wheel in this episode. It's a perfect metaphor for how they've recycled the same conversations over and over this season, especially with respect to your No. 4 : Sam "rah rah" Winchester, and No. 7 : Dean makes a grim face while scratching his arm and saying "there is no cure." Sam responds "We'll find a way."
# cheryl42 2015-03-31 23:16
I thought the first part of Dean's confession was an exaggeration of his womanizing. Dean has always been sweet to the women he hooked up with. I think it was for the ghosts benefit to draw it out so they could deal with it. I think that was why the ghost really didn't have any interest in Dean. Then he got real and expressed his fears and regrets. I will have to admit that the episode is growing on me.
Barbara Maake
# Barbara Maake 2015-04-01 16:36
Say it ain't so cheryl! You mean growing on you like a toxic fungus, right? :) I admit that some of the WFB writers and posters have found some interesting and worthy insights in this episode, but IMO it's still wrapped up in a steaming pile of cheesy scenes, poor acting and no movement on the MOC arc. Instead of developing the MOC story, the writers have subjected us to an endless stream of episodes containing plots which parallel the MOC story. How about letting the actual story unfold, instead of showing us a string of stories featuring uninteresting characters and often dull plots, but which provide parallels to Dean's situation? I guess this is what was meant by "accordioning" the story. It was a terrible decision by Carver. But I envy you for finding some enjoyment in this episode!
# cheryl42 2015-04-01 17:16
What can I say? I played the trivia game so I had to pay extra attention and it just started to grow on me. Yes the Isabella/Perio flashbacks were annoying but Rowena, Crowley, Sam and Dean were actually ok (yes I said Rowena even though I hope she dies this season). I just can't help it Nightsky and FAE's turned me around. But you are correct the pacing this season is the biggest issue with me as well.