Wow, this was some charged episode, fraught with action, emotion, fear, worry and feels galore. We ran the gamut along with the brothers.

We had all four principal characters here--Castiel, Crowley, Sam, Dean--all geared up to battle Cain. But they--and we--knew it would come down to an epic battle between the two biggies with the Marks--Dean and Cain. I stopped breathing while Cain and Dean were fighting. I knew Cain would die - didn't he say when he left the Mark on Dean that he would see him again, and would expect Dean to kill him? This was destiny, like so many other happenings in the brothers' lives.

As subplot, we had Rowena, her crown for Mother of the Year nowhere in sight. She had some fun butting in on council business, convincing Crowley to overturn a decision and kill one of his demon constituents instead of rewarding him. She also called her son "chunky" and other cruel names, undermining him in front of his underlings. But mama witch wants her son to help her get rid of Olivette, an old enemy, and she's righteously pissed when Crowley dumps her project to help the Winchesters.

1.  That burial ground was soooo creepy! Did it make the hair stand up on the back of you neck, too?

2.  Crowley is now going to be Dean's enemy, big time, and with Rowena's backing. Do you think this combo--let's call it Crowena--is going to be even more dangerous than the Mark? Could Crowley know of ways to incite the Mark and make it harder for Dean to resist it?

3.  I got a catch in my throat when Dean admitted to Sam that he was scared. That's not an easy thing for Dean to say, and Jensen pulled it off so well. What did you think?

4.  I loved the way the brothers, angel and demon worked together to save the child. Sam protected the child, Cas stalled for time, Crowley created the illusion that enabled them to prevent Cain from murdering him, and Dean fought with and killed Cain. The whole scenario made me proud, gave me chills and had me on the edge of my seat. I know Dean won't die, even if he DOES, lol.

5,  Cain really played with Dean before they got down to business, hitting him so hard (and sending him flying through a window) I was surprised Dean wasn't knocked unconscious. He claimed he was saving Dean from his fate--killing Crowley without remorse, then Cas, with uber remorse, and finally Sam--with the blade. And before Cain could strike the killing blow, Dean grabbed Cain's own knife and cut off the arm with the Mark. Dean gave Cain a chance to stop killing, but when he said never, Dean stabbed him with the blade--in the back. This scene made me scream! What about you?

6.  And then, Dean gave the blade to Cas, told Crowley he had lied to him twice today, and fell into Sam's arms as his brother said, "Dean, you did it," I cheered and cried. What did you do?

7.  "You're their bitch," Rowena tearfully told her son, Crowley, the King of Hell, referencing the Winchesters, after also calling him a numb nuts and other insults. If that doesn't light a fire under his ass that bodes evil for the brothers, nothing will. Crowley has mama issues as much as Sam and Dean have father issues, and he's going to let her help rain a lot of trouble on them after the break. I can't wait. I just wish I had less trouble understanding what Rowena says sometimes. What do you think? I also think Crowley is hurt by Dean's lying and screwing up their friendship. Thoughts?

8.  Sam tells Dean he believes he can control the Mark, given what he was able to do to Cain. When Dean retires to "sleep for four days," however, a early-eyed Sam confesses to Cas, "Dean's in trouble." What do you think he meant? He lied to Dean about his ability to control the Mark? Crowley seeking revenge? Rowena? All of the above?

9.  I give this ep a solid 9. I've certainly seen better and more exciting winter breaks, but I am and always will be a fan of this show, first episode to the last.