Summary:  This episode was written by Robert Berens and directed by Phil Sgriccia. The episode brings us back to the most important myth arc of the past season and a half – the Mark of Cain.

The story opens in a prison on death row. The title, “The Executioner’s Song,” gives us an idea about the frame of the episode. The prisoner, Tommy Toliver, is on death row for a series of murders of women. After he taunts the guard, who reminds him he’ll die in two weeks time, we see the empty hallway and lights blink. Then a figure emerges and we see that it is Cain. He’s come for Tommy. After a short and very intense exchange, Cain stabs Tommy and they disappear.

We find Dean and Sam following the murder investigation and they uncover Cain’s involvement. Castiel is following leads to Cain, including the torture and murder of a demon, and finds Cain in his cemetery, a cemetery filled with the bodies of his descendants. He tells Cas that he is killing 10% of his descendants and he is on a mission…with Dean Winchester on the list. Cas wants to know the cure for the mark but Cain says there is no cure. It looks like Cain is going to kill him but Cas escapes and tells Sam and Dean where the father of murder is. They figure out that he is going after family lines. Tommy had a son, twelve years old. Dean says he will go after Cain, a prospect that Sam is worried about because it would mean exposing Dean to his unchecked side.

The secondary story was Rowena and Crowley. Rowena is setting up Crowley’s insecurities about his rule of Hell and she lambasts him for leaving when the boys call for him to bring the blade. When Crowley arrives, the plan to take out Cain falls into place. They use the boy or the illusion of the boy as bait for Cain. Although worried about Dean and the blade, they give it to Dean to take out Cain. Dean notes that if he comes out as something other than what he is, they should take him out. There is a beautiful moment between the brothers before Dean goes inside.

The fight between Cain and Dean is intense with Cain taunting Dean with his bloodline but also finally telling Dean that the Winchester brother is living Cain’s life in reverse. He details how Dean will lose it and eventually kill his brother. Dean doesn’t want to but he cuts off Cain’s hand and kills the father of murder. When he comes back out, he gives Cas the blade and Crowley disappears, after Dean admits to lying to him twice that day. He had told Crowley he was on Cain’s list of kills, which he wasn’t. Dean falls into his brother’s embrace.

The episode ends with Crowley and Rowena. Rowena threatens to leave because of Crowley’s weakness especially with regards to the Winchesters. He stops her. The next scene is Sam and Dean in the bunker’s kitchen. They are talking and Sam is hopeful that Dean can control the mark. Cas comes in and Dean leaves the room. Cas asks how Dean is to which a very worried Sam replies, in a broken voice, that Dean is not okay.

This was a stunning episode – it was beautifully directed and the brothers were heartbreaking and heart affirming.


Do you think that Cas getting the blade foreshadows the fact that Dean has made Cas promise to kill him if he goes off the rails?

Do you think Sam will do something to find a cure for the mark? Is there a cure for the mark or was Cain right?

What is Rowena’s game and is Crowley buying it? Is he as vulnerable as he seems or is he conning the con?

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