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"The Long Black Road" playing over The Road So Far was perfect. I loved the montage. It was one of my faves thus far and fit well with Dean's current struggle against the Mark.

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Am I the only one who can barely understand Rowena sometimes? Or think she doesn't deserve any mom of the year awards? Hex-dreaming and spying on her son, killing Guthrie, wandering around to see what evil she can cause--how can Crowley trust her so easily? Or is he just giving her enough rope to hang herself with? I don't know, but she's very bad and may end up forcing the brothers to save Crowley from her, which would be ironic indeed.

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I was glad to see Metatron again. He's such a bastard, only out for himself. It gave me pleasure to see Dean torture him, and I love the clipped, beautiful way Dean ticked off his sins against all of them. When Sam said "You Killed My Brother" that way, I got chills all over. I loved the expressions on Cas' and Sam's faces when they realized Dean was alone with Metatron, doing God knows what. So emo! I wondered why Cas allowed Sam to expend all that energy kicking in the door when he could do it so much more easily. C'mon, Cas! "The river ends at the source"? First thing that came to my mind was Cain. They came to the same conclusion. Sam believes his brother has the stamina to fight the Mark and keep himself in check. I hope his brotherly love and faith will pay off. Dean is battling a VERY strong force.

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Claire doesn't seem too bright to me. While she doesn't know about Randy what Cas knows, she must realize he wasn't the perfect father figure she gave him credit for. Plus, she plays pool with a couple she doesn't know and so easily tells them her life story - two people who are clearly up to no good.

I was glad Claire changed her mind about having her new friends kill Dean. At least she figured out two wrongs don't make a right. Though he so easily could have, Dean was able to hold back from killing the couple intent on killing him, which shows he's able to exert some control over the Mark. Cas was forced to allow Claire to go back on the road alone, which disturbs him greatly. Will we see her again?

Now, however, the First Blade is back in the picture, and once Dean is back in possession of THAT, all bets are off. Rowena, a powerful witch, is apparently gunning for her son's job and wants him gone.

So, some chuckles:

Rowena, correcting her son: "Not a thing you evil bitch, MOTHER."

Metatron:  "Ain't life a bitch? Nebbishy little guy--me--always sticking it to the lunkheads jocks.

Rowena: Even then I had a thing for pharmacology. Your mum was a prodigy.
Crowley:  Funny, not what I called you.

I enjoyed this episode very much and give it a 9. The performances were excellent.



# NOLANOLA 2015-01-26 20:30
# cheryl42 2015-01-26 23:25
Thank you Robin for your review. I have actually watched this episode 3 times now and other than the Claire parts I am liking it more and more. The brothers story I would give a B+ only because there just wasn't enough of it. I am liking the Rowena story but I hope the Ruth Connell tones down her performance just a tad. I do hope we don't revisit Claire. That story just didn't work for me. But I do find that I am thinking about this episode a lot.
# Michelle 2015-01-27 11:57
The way Dean looked at Claire just before he swung the ax at the bench makes me think that she (or maybe another child, Ben hopefully) may be key to Dean being able to deal with the Mark. I would love to see Ben back, though with his memories of Dean erased it would be complicated.
# E 2015-01-27 13:52
I agree, Claire doesn't seem bright at all, especially for a girl who had an angel in her even if that was for a short time. We've only seen her in three episodes since she's been older and in all three she has managed to find herself in the company of the worst sort of low lives; first Randy, then Randy's loan shark and now the serial killer couple? What is she? Some kind of magnet? It's so improbable that it takes me right out of her story. I could care less about her…. she's a moron and given her proclivity in surrounding herself with the very worst people the world has to offer I am frankly amazed she's not dead yet.

I'd like to see Dean kill her in a blade/mark fueled rage. That's the only thing that could make her even remotely interesting to me while ramping up the luke warm MoC story to boot AND provide a solution to Cas's now nearly non-extistent angel grace issue. And we'd be rid of her to boot… so win/win!
# leah 2015-01-27 23:07
I don't remember you being this violent in the past. LOL.
# AlyCat22 2015-01-27 16:15
Loved Rowenas "Not a thing you evil bitch, Mother!"