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"A Very Supernatural Christmas" – aka My Favorite Episode (Tied with "Mystery Spot")

If I had to choose, Dean is the character I most enjoy watching on Supernatural; however, in reality, I’m a lot like Sam…probably why I don’t love watching him as much, because sometimes it just hits too close to home.

As a Dean girl, my favorite episodes usually have a lot to do with him, such as "What is and What Should Never Be" (number 3 on my favorite episodes list, by the way) and definitely in the top ten is "In My Time of Dying" and "Dream a Little Dream of Me", two decidedly ‘heavy’ Dean episodes, if nothing else than for their perspective.  But, even with that knowledge in place, my two favorite episodes of Supernatural, and depending on my mood they swap places with the other, are episodes that are decidedly Sam-centric regarding point of view as well as the point of the episode.


Supernatural uses alternate reality episodes to teach a character something about himself, while allowing us to view the ‘lesson’.  "What Is and What Should Never Be" was a lesson for Dean, about hunting, about his desires, about what drives him, about how heavy and dead he feels at this point after John’s death, and it speaks directly to the deal he made just two episodes later as he realizes his life without Sam as his brother and partner on the road, is nothing.  "Mystery Spot" is very much Sam learning a lesson, painfully I might add.  When I first watched it, I had no idea about Dean’s deal and impending date with hell; it was the first episode I ever saw.  It didn’t take long for me to understand just how pointed the Trickster’s words were to Sam when he revealed his ‘lesson’:  "When are you going to learn?  You can’t save your brother."  Even after dozens of viewings, the ‘lesson’ is still painful.

Supernatural also uses flashbacks to reveal character motivations.  "Something Wicked" helped us, and Sam, learn just why Dean follows dad’s orders.  "After School Special" gave insight into what drove Sam to go to Stamford, and "A Very Supernatural Christmas" gives critical emotional insight into Sam as he too lives through Dean’s “final” year on earth, and also gives insight into what formed him into the man he is today.  We saw Dean in the "Pilot" episode as a four- nearly-five-year-old boy.  He was old enough to form some memories of normalcy:  mom and dad in a loving, secure household. Sam, however, was only six months old in the "Pilot", and he would have no such memories.  AVSC shows us the defining moment when Sam realized, at the tender age of eight, that his life was never, ever going to be normal, and it was the moment when all his illusions and fantasies were dashed, forever.  It’s tragic. 

"A Very Supernatural Christmas" is an episode of contrasts.  We see happy homes decked for the holiday, presents galore and all the special touches, wreaths and garland, stockings and trees, presents and cookies.  Contrast that to the garish, gruesome spectacle of ‘Santa’ killing and smashing, in front of young impressionable boys, and ruining, forever, Christmas.  Yeah, Sam’s POV just screams to be told as we learn through the flashbacks that Christmas was when he learned, devastatingly so, that Santa wasn’t real but monsters were.  It’s when he learned that monsters killed his mom, and that his dad was very much in danger as well.  It’s also when he learned that dad, while very much a hero in that he protected his sons as well as strangers, wasn’t going to be there for him in the way that makes life normal:  there would be no home, no Christmas presents, no Christmas dinner – it was all an illusion carried out by his older brother.  It all crashed together that one Christmas, and it made such an impression that now, some 16 years later, Sam is still affected by it.

SPN 0388

Throughout the episode we go back and forth from gaily decorated homes to the dreary plain hotel room that serves as Sam and Dean’s ‘home’ this week.  It is a reminder that these two exist on the edge of normal; they look from the outside in.  In a beautiful scene, when Sam tells Dean why he won’t celebrate Christmas, the director frames it so the brothers are shown either from the back – giving full view of their dreary motel room, or close from the side.  As a final punch, at the end of the scene, the camera pans back and we see the brothers sitting side by side in their sad motel room, the weight of Sam’s revelation to Dean hanging between them, and outside their window we see a colorfully lit Christmas tree.  It emphasizes that they are separated, alone, and that their existence is stark and sad, while the rest of the world goes on in a celebratory way.

SPN 0588

Another reason I love this episode so much:  It contains one of the best monologues post-"Devil’s Trap" when John, possessed by Azazel, tortures and torments Dean and Sam.  I understand that monologues serve a purpose, we get insight into the monster or the bigger plan, blah, blah, blah, but sometimes they are inappropriate because, really, aside from a politician – who always has to speak, a lot – why else would some powerful monster waste time airing its grievances to the two hunters it is about to kill?  Well, in reality, it wouldn’t; it would just kill them.  However, we have to have a chance for the brothers to overcome, so monsters and bad guys monologue, Sam and Dean escape, and we the fans bemoan the ever-present monologue.  But in "A Very Supernatural Christmas", the monologue is between two monsters who play off each other beautifully and it also involves them collecting ‘bits’ for their ritual, much to Sam’s and Dean’s pain, but we get a fabulous sequence of the brothers equally smart-mouthing their tormenters while we the viewers learn the monsters’ motives.  It’s all done in a brightly decorated kitchen with holiday treats galore, Christmas aprons and sweaters in full view and so many scented candles burning I can smell the cinnamon and apple.

SPN 0872

Just as Dean is about to lose a tooth, quite painfully, the doorbell rings and the Carrigans put on their fake smiles and greet their overly enthusiastic, and awfully adorned, neighbor bringing them fruitcake, an invitation to go caroling, and reminding them of an upcoming bridge date.  It’s a fun moment that achieves two goals:  First, it allows Sam and Dean to free themselves, and, two, it interrupts the grotesque with the gaudy, keeping the contrast theme alive.

In the end, after dispatching the monsters and patching up their wounds, the brothers retire to their dreary motel.  Dean, intent on having some kind of Christmas, even if he has to shove the gifts in Sam’s bag for him to find, comes back to find that Sam has had a complete change of heart.  The room is decorated and eggnog is ready and waiting.  The final piece of the puzzle came together as Sam worked through his memories of Christmas past:  despite all the disappointments, Dean – who shared the same painful childhood that Sam did, never stopped trying to keep the hope alive for Sam, at least the hope that Sam had in his dad, to be there on Christmas.  The Sam of the present day realized how much it had to have hurt young Dean to do all that he did back then and he decided to stifle his own growing pain and give his brother the one thing he wanted, and what was actually in Sam’s power to give, and that was one final Christmas, complete with tree, lights, decorations, eggnog and presents. 

vlcsnap 00162

Sam’s expressions in this final scene range from pain as he remembers his past sorrows, joy at seeing his brother light up to find Christmas made for him, and a painful mixture of emotions as he processes that this is the last Christmas he’ll ever spend with Dean and is just trying to store it all up while not letting his emotions burst all over, so he asks the question that anyone would ask:  Want to watch the game?  As I said in my review of "Paper Moon" this is how the Winchesters say I love you. 

The final moments are framed and shot from a different perspective, this time from the outside looking in.  The picture we are left with isn’t of a dreary motel room, now it has been transformed because of a change in perspective.  The scene is through the window, framed with festive lights.  The backdrop is the mural of a snowy landscape containing a barn and a three-car garage with a large farmhouse, complete with the light on inside evoking the idea of warmth.  The motel room’s own lamp casts a warm glow on the mural and softens the stark interior.  Sam and Dean are seated and talking; Sam has a slight smile and a relaxed pose with his arm across the back of the couch.  As the camera pulls back, we see that snow is softly falling on the Impala, giving the idea that the brothers are home, with their car parked in the ‘driveway’.

SPN 1229

Final bits of love for this episode:

vlcsnap 00001

  •  I’m old enough to remember the spinning SPECIAL sequence Eric Kripke managed to get licensed for this episode
  • Reindeer pajamas on the little boy – precious
  • “You fudgin’ touch me again and I’ll fudgin’ kill you!”  HAH!

Thank you, Eric Kripke and Jeremy Carver, for this classic Supernatural episode. 

As always, thanks for reading, Elle2


# cheryl42 2014-12-27 18:05
I watched this episode on Christmas Eve. There isn't one second of the entire episode that I would ever skip over. It was just about as perfect as anything I have ever seen on film. This was the episode after my sister had watched 4 S7 episodes in a row that I chose for her to see more than any other (the Pilot was a close second), after which she took off with all my DVD's. And it had everything didn't it. We were grossed out, laughing, crying and so unbelievably moved that I almost couldn't stand it. The look on Sam's face at the end waiting for Dean to come in just about killed me. He was crushed by the thought of Dean dying but so excited that he was going to pull off the surprise just like Dean had tried to do for him. The music, the dialog....just them sitting together. The love was just overwhelming. This is why I am in til the end. This show has given me moments and memories I will never forget as long as I live. They don't owe me anything. I owe them everything.
And one year I am going to decorate my tree with air fresheners and fishing lures. Thank you Elle2 you have such a lovely way of recapping these episodes. I may or may not be crying right now.
# elle2 2014-12-27 19:00
"This show has given me moments and memories I will never forget as long as I live. They don't owe me anything. I owe them everything." Lovely sentiment, Cheryl142, just lovely.

Like you, this episode had it all. I loved all the extremes, the gaudy and the gross; the house so full of decorations that it might just explode into a cloud of sugar, and all the warm brotherly love, both past and present -- and yes, even the tears both past and, well, almost present. It's an episode that never gets tired for me. I plan to watch it at least one more time before this winter hiatus ends.
# LEAH 2014-12-27 22:08
Lovely post Cheryl and I agree, every word! Well except for the decorating with lures and air fresheners part. :D
# LEAH 2014-12-27 22:14
Elle2, I can't say it better than Cheryl did but I want to add my agreement about the lovely way you review/recap. Thank you so much.:)
# elle2 2014-12-28 10:04
Hi, Leah,

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed what I, off to watch AVSC again!
# Bevie 2014-12-28 15:10
elle2 - Again! You are on a roll! This episode had everything to wrench the emotion from me. Poor Sam struggling with the knowledge that his brother will be gone the next Christmas! Dean wishing for one more holiday celebration with his brother to enjoy before the hellhounds get him! Almost gut-wrenching in the empathy it pulls in from the viewer.

I know I have tears every time Dean comes in the door and sees Sam's Christmas made for him. Heck, even just reading it again above brought my tears to the surface. So beautiful and heart-filling to see them through the window with the lights and the snow and the faithful Baby waiting outside! Geez! Have mercy!

And for comedy relief, what could beat the Carrigans? Sheer genius creations! Thank you so much Jeremy Carver!
# elle2 2014-12-28 18:13
Hi, Bevie,

I think the Carrigans were some of my favorite bad guys. The actors were excellent in their timing; I believed they were a long-time married couple so completely in tune with each other. It was a lot of fun - makes me wish they'd do another holiday-themed ep, but then again, I'd just compare it to this and that would not be fair.

Glad you enjoyed the article -- even as it brought a tear.
# sugarhi15 2014-12-28 17:13
thanks for such a beautiful article. I watched this eppy on Christmas day, a little present to myself, which ended my Christmas on a high note full of smiles and love. Watching sam and dean makes me appreciate everything I have in my life....what a blessing that is....i'm so thankful to jared and Jensen and kripke and carver and everyone else involved for this precious gift.

I'm a sam girl so this eppy is extra special, as I always always enjoy those moments when we get to understand sam just a little bit more. the only thing I will add to what you said, as you said it all perfectly, is this eppy really gave me a clearer understanding as to why sam never felt like the quest for his mom was his. not only did sam never get to interact with his mother, so that he would have his own memories of her, but he never was allowed to talk about he had no memories of his mother by proxy. "don't ever talk about mom, ever"....that line always makes me just makes so much sense why sam never was invested in the search for yed the way his father and brother I know what he meant in the pilot when he said if it wasn't for a picture, he wouldn't even know what mom looked one ever told him. his father, his brother, no one spoke of her to sam. he couldn't even imagine her.....and that breaks my heart every makes sense why they killed jess....jess was tangible to sam....he had memories of jess...she was real.....killin g jess got sam invested in hunting... yes I got all this from one sentence .....:D

I just think this episode if chock full of defining Winchester moments....the most special one being sam acknowledging that the only one he can truly trust and count on is dean....and all sam could give him to show dean how much he appreciates all that dean does for him is the amulet.....make s me cry every time. one of the funniest ones....sam and dean forced to xmas carol to a liquor saturated, bong smoking,, porn watching santa claus:D

I too remember the cbs logo for the specials and the cheesy music:D

I thought the carrigans were a perfect blend of humor, insanity and gore.....

this eppy is right up there in my must watch xmas show list....right up there with the Christmas cottage, scrooged and the ref. ;)
# elle2 2014-12-28 18:19
Hi, sugarhi15,

I love reading your comments -- I've said that before, right? I love how you have such insight into Sam and then share. Yes, I completely agree with you on why Sam never had the same investment: no one ever talked to him about mom. I had never thought of it that way before, but your writing makes it so clear. John was in such pain and dove headlong into hunting, and Dean -- likely so traumatized by losing one parent dove headlong into near worship of his one remaining parent as a way to hang on tight, but then there was little Sammy who 'woke up' in the nightmare of the family business. (I think that was a line Sam used at one point too, the waking up into the life.)

I made a list today of my to ten episodes (with two honorable mentions because it doesn't seem right not to include them) and most of them are some kind of alternatre reality-type episode, whcih as I said above is the show's way of teaching the character a lesson while revealing some aspect of the character to the audience. I may have to dip into that list and write another article...or ten!
# Ginger 2014-12-29 07:00
Elle, that was a brilliant review. I love this episode for the sheer fact that it is 42 minutes of the pure 'heart' of the show. There was not a wasted minute in the entire episode. I remember the CBS logo, and I remember Ozzie and Harriet, and having the demigods play off of those two was hilarious. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your article; and, yes, do those other ten, please.
# elle2 2014-12-29 18:40
Hi, Ginger,

42 minutes of pure 'heart'...yup, that about sums it up! Your assessment echoes was purely hilarious, and purely perfect as an episode. Christmas is a mix of joy and melancholy and this episode sold both aspects. Thanks for your comment.

Fear not, I'm already at work on my top ten (which is actually 12 -- I think)