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Thoughts on Supernatural 10x06 – Ask Jeeves
Ask Jeeves 3
On the heels of the 200th episodes, a touching, endearing tribute to this amazing series; I truly had no idea what to expect of this 10x06. Having now watched Ask Jeeves the only word that comes to mind is: awesome. It was funny, teasingly dramatic, classic and even managed to pull back around into a teaser of the overall plot of the season by the end again. The episode was full of excellent jokes and was a unique brand of humour and mystery style in which for Supernatural to dabble – and they did so very well.

Bunny LaCroix and the WASPs in the Mansion with the Will
Ask Jeeves 1

Right off the hop (no pun intended) this episode promised laughs, with the butler and the two traditionally dressed maids preparing for the descending family of the late Bunny. When one maid, Colette, is viciously slaughtered by way of a harsh and not-so-accidental fall over the banister into a glass table, Philip’s response is unexpected and less horror, more exasperation.

The entire family is hilariously caricature in their behaviour. From the drinking, affairs and the cougar pursuits of Sam and Dean to non-reactions and accusations of each other after each murder, they were hilarious to watch. These were some of the best one-off character additions Supernatural has featured, and very different from the standard victims too.

Two Brothers on the Road with a Phone

Starting with mini, individualized coffees the boys were able to learn a little more about our beloved Bobby and peak behind the bejeweled curtain of the upper crusted elite. More and more there are throwbacks to earlier seasons, including the idea that the boys are keeping Bobby’s old phones charged up and active (or at least the numbers forwarded) and checking in. We’ve seen them do this with John’s, so it just makes sense. And why not learn a little more about Bobby why we’re at it too – he’s got a rich history to plunder, let’s explore. This episode certainly took advantage to the full limits on that point!

Sam in the Living Room with the Cougars

What fun Sam was in this episode. Truly, if ever there was a case that gave them both a break and a way to ease back into hunting, this was it. Both boys had perfect reactions to women, but perhaps my favourite moments belong to Sam. First, an honourable mention to Sam playing cards with the ladies and their protests as he has to leave the table.

The favourite moment goes to Sam playing sexy to settle between the two women on the sofa and test the “silver” knives against them.
Ask Jeeves 8
Favourite Sam Winchester line of the night: “Come on in darlin’ – the water’s warm.”

Second favourite moment along these lines of course belongs to the moment Beverly tries to seduce Sam upstairs in the hallway saying that a “young buck” like him could likely do a lot in ten minutes.
Ask Jeeves 6
Yes, there were certainly a lot of key moments packed into this too-short episode.

Dean in the Attic with the Corpse
Ask Jeeves 4
Creeping through the halls, searching for cold spots and peering all suspect-like at suits of armor – only in the Winchester world would this be an average day. Dean had his work cut out for him too. While Sam was busy distracting the WASP club, Dean was discovering the secret attic and revealing ongoing affairs between Amber and Dash (he hunts pheasants). Again, great fun had throughout. Dean’s reaction to the ladies was more inviting of course and then eye-rolling when it came to Dash and Amber (“Let me guess, you got bored last Christmas?”). But his best fun came from teasing Sam about his exploits.

Death in the Manor with the Gold-Diggers

Vengeful tag-teaming ghosts? Money-grubbing trophy wife? Or something else entirely? As killers go there were lots of theories in this episodes and a ton of fun hunting through them with Sam and Dean (and watching Sam dodge the detective too). The various nods to Clue throughout the episode have to be acknowledged – they were just too brilliantly done in this entertaining installment of Supernatural. Dean with a wrench, Sam with a knife. A candlestick. A pipe. It was such fun to watch and laugh along.
Ask Jeeves 7

It would also be remiss not to acknowledge the reveal of the Shifter – two Philips, one dead with Sam and one very much alive chatting to Dean. Hmm – whatever could it be?! Obviously a shift, yes, but still in keeping with the Clue theme – who, what and where will it be next?

Shifter in the Kitchen with the Revolver

The reveal of the bad guy in this episode took an unexpected but classic turn. It’s nice when the MOTW is a classic back guy, in particular one of the original baddies from the early mythology that’s fairly simply to defeat. What’s especially unique about the Shifter is it usually has a psychology about it, where other MOTW can be driven by simply bloodlust, the shifters Sam and Dean face are typically motivated by something more complex and you often feel for them by the end.
Ask Jeeves 11
In this case, Olivia had a connection to Bobby – he killed her father and let her live at the behest of her mother, Bunny on the condition she be kept locked away. A cruel act of mercy that came back to bite Sam and Dean, as it turned out.

Sam and Dean in the Impala with Concerns & Avoidance
Ask Jeeves 10Ask Jeeves 9
Dean off’d the Shifter with great enthusiasm at the end, no doubt. There certainly were extra shots fired where they weren’t necessary and this left Sam understandably concerned for his brother. Dean, on the other hand, was absolutely not going to talk about it. Hmm. I’m not sure what to think about this. We know that the Mark pushes Dean towards violence, yes, and I’m inclined to think Dean doesn’t want to talk about it at all because he just can’t deal with what he did while demonized – at least not yet. Sam – I’m with you, concern is needed. Control might be tenuous and will slip further. Hmmm.

Final Thoughts
This was a great episode – it was fun and light for the most part and still integrated reasonable plot points. *Claps hands* Ask Jeeves will definitely make my top favourite episodes list for those non-dramatic, enjoyable Supernatural episodes (it’s not a short list anymore). Well acted by all involved, it executed not only the humour but the referential style of the overall style exceedingly well in addition to some great sets and just the perfect soundtrack.

I am enjoying these more classic episodes – I know I’ve said that before, but it’s true. The easier pace of the season so far is welcome. I imagine we’re gearing up to a big, rip-your-heart-out fall finale, so for the moment, I’ll take light and easy where it comes.

What did you think? How concerned should Sam be? Will Dean lose control and need to be pulled back by his brother in a parallel a la Sam/Lucifer in Swan Song?

Finally – who is ready for Girls Girls Girls?!?


# nappi815 2014-11-21 22:04
My sentiments exactly...and I mean exactly:D. Watched three times already just to catch all the references. Nothing makes me laugh more than Sam being molested by Cougars....exce pt maybe deans reaction to it. I put this one in the loved it column....that could be said of almost every ep so far:D. Thanks for such an enthusiastic review.
# Geordiegirl1967 2014-11-21 22:12
I loved this ep. Classic, old school with plenty of great brotherly moments.

I agree about the welcome change of pace. They can't always be saving the world. This slightly lower key season with much more focus on the brothers, and with them actually relating in an in character, believable way that shows how much they love each other without melodrama is so enjoyable for me. After 2 seasons of ooc, manufactured angst for the sake of it, bro conflict, doom and gloom and a fandom riven by Sam vs Dean divisions (fuelled by JCs appalling treatment of Sam's character and the brothers' bond) I am actually regaining some of my lost enthusiasm for the show.
# novi 2014-11-22 12:07
Nice ep! I'm surprised that they haven't done something like this long before - the boys in the nest of WASPs. But a servant as a murderer? No way - in a classical detective story it should be one of the family. And would be interesting if one day they did an episode where rich people wouldn't be silly, but smart and cunning as they usually are. Let those people try to manipulate the brothers, split them, drive a wedge between Sam and Dean. "Look, Sam, is this redneck, this trailer trash with no manners really your brother?" I'd like to see Sam's reaction.
# elle2 2014-11-22 16:12
Nice review, Elle,

I'm with you, this was a lot of fun, and I am well and truly enjoying the easier, simpler pace of this season. It is a revitalizing step to go back into the show's deep, deep roots, and bring forth simpler stories (no heaven and hell stuff) while allowing us to enjoy our characters and give them a reason to do what they do...saving people!