Man, virgins have it rough on this show. First we had Nancy, the secretary from “Jus in Bello” way back in season three, then there were all those girls in “Like a Virgin” and now we’ve got born-again virgins who have relapsed. It seems everyone wants to sacrifice them, collect them or eat them. Not a lot of great options.

I think it’s safe to say we all thought this episode was going to be about dragons, thanks to the promo that told us it was. So I went into the episode willing to give dragons another try. While I wasn’t crazy about them the first time around I really appreciated the twist the writers put on the lore. I don’t think I could have handled full-on dragons, but dragons in the form of humans I could do. It didn’t take long for me to realize that we weren’t dealing with dragons. By the end of the opening scene I knew; the dragons we met in season six did not glow blue. So either, they completely changed up the effects, or we were dealing with a whole other animal.

I’m usually not a big fan of episodes with random gods as the antagonist. They usually feel a bit too much like filler episodes and I rarely connect to the story. But if there’s one thing these episodes do well, it’s that they have a way of bringing things to light. Remember Veritas, the goddess of truth way back in season six? She’s the reason Dean was certain that something was off about Sam. Or in Season seven when the Egyptian god, Osirus brought Dean’s guilt out in the open. Well, this episode functioned the same way. Sam has been working up the conclusion that something is wrong with him, but he didn’t know what. Vesta gave him that final push to see that what he’s been feeling isn’t all in his head. There is something seriously wrong with him.

It’s really troubling to learn that Sam’s liver is completely useless. What has Zeke been doing in there, if not healing him? For weeks I’ve been waiting for Dean to ask Zeke for a timeline. And he finally did. But I’m not crazy about the answer because it wasn’t really an answer. “Not much longer.” Talk about vague. If we want to be optimists, it’s always possible that Ezekiel is still working on healing himself and once that is done, healing Sam will be quick. But let’s be realists, something is not right. We may not know what yet, but I could certainly take a guess. My biggest worry is that Zeke has used up any strength Sam had left and he has no intention of using his power to heal Sam. It looks like we’ll be getting some answers next week and I cannot wait.

The final scene between Sam and Dean just about killed me. Sam’s self-worth is plummeting and he’s blaming himself for things that he has no control over. Dean is clearly struggling with the part he has played, you could see it on his face. I’ve been hoping for weeks that Dean would just come out and tell Sam in a non-confrontational way. And just as my dream was about to come true, Zeke stepped in and ruined it!

While I understand Dean’s hesitation to come out and tell Sam, I find myself wondering if Sam would actually eject Ezekiel at this point. He’s not suicidal, I think he wants to live for himself and for Dean. I think if Dean had really explained it to Sam they could have found a way to come to an agreement. At this point, it may not have done much to change Ezekiel’s endgame since he seems hell-bent on using Sam in some way. But if Sam at least knew that Ezekiel was in there, he may stand a chance at ejecting him if he needs to. I really cannot wait for this mid-season finale. There are too many questions that need to be answered. And I am scared/excited to find out what the inevitable cliffhanger will be.

promo 908 6

Ok, now can we talk about that chastity group meeting? I actually blushed just typing that sentence. Not only was the whole scene...intriguing, but it was actually pretty hilarious. Jensen pretty much knocked that monologue out of the park. And then there was the whole scene between him and Susie, star of Casa Erotica.

Dean: “Hey. Or should I say hola?”
Susie: “Why?”

I had to cover my eyes because I was so worried that Dean was about to make a fool out of himself. But thankfully for him, Susie was totally into it. And who could blame her? But is anyone super curious about what her scene with the taco is all about? Maybe I don’t want to know.

It was really fun to see Jody again and get confirmation that she wasn’t killed by Crowley. I really like the bond that she and Sam seem to have formed. Their scenes together feel so comfortable and natural. I was about to be really annoyed if she died. That stab wound looked kind of fatal to me, but I’m certainly glad it wasn’t!

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Overall this was an enjoyable episode. Like similar episodes in the past, I had no real connection to the goddess and didn’t even completely understand her motivations, but she did help bring new information to light. And there was enough other good stuff going on that I didn’t even need to connect to Vesta. I am anxious to see how everything comes to a head in next week’s mid-season finale! What did you guys think of the episode? Were you bummed that it wasn’t actually about dragons? What did you think about Zeke stepping in and stopping Dean from telling Sam? What did you think of that chastity group meeting? Is it hot in here all of a sudden?

There were some great moments worth mentioning.

I have to know what’s up with Crowley! It sounds like he’s hooked on human blood and I want to know what effect it’s having on him.

Sam: “I feel like my battery can’t recharge.”

Dean’s face after signing the abstinence pledge is priceless.

“Sex is a racket and God’s ball is in your court.”

Sam: “Every woman I’ve ever had relations with, it hasn’t ended well.”
Dean: “He ain’t lying.”

Sam: “So, um..a wee bit of an overshare, Dean?”

Jody: “You know, for being born again today you sure look like crap.”

Sam: “So, did you…?”
Jody: “Oh Sam, I don’t make promises I can’t keep.”

Dean: “I’ve seen a lot of stuff. Stuff of nightmares, but you, you’re the good dreams.”

Dean: “Made me want to join a mariachi band just to be near you.”
Oh man, what a line!

Jody: “You sure Dean was here?”
Sam: “Oh yeah, and I think he crossed someone off his bucket list.”

“Dear boy, you’re all duck tape and safety pins inside. How are you alive?”

Jody: “Don’t get the door for me or anything.”
This made me laugh out loud. Seriously, neither of them even tried.

I apologize for the super long quote but I really liked this scene so much.


Sam: “What if there is something wrong with me. If there is something really wrong.”
Dean: “You’re just crapped out man, you need some rest.”
Sam: “No, it’s more than that. I mean Vesta said I was practically dead inside.”
Dean: “Oh, and she’s in the circle of trust now?”
Sam: “Why would she lie?”
Dean: “It’s probably the trials, ok, probably some sort of after effect. It’s not like you’re bouncing back from a flu here. I mean, you were glowing with freaking trial juice.”
Sam: “I don’t know.”
Dean: “Well, what else would it be?”
Sam: “Why does it have to be something else? It’s always something else. We’re always scraping to find some other explanation when maybe it’s just me.”
Sam: “Oh, come on Sam.”
Dean: “I’m a mess Dean. You know it. And sometimes I feel like maybe I’m never gonna actually be alright.”
Dean: “You will. Alright, because whatever it is, we’ll figure it out.”
Dean: “Or this is just the way I am.”
(Dean’s heart breaks)
Dean: “I can’t. I can’t let you put this on yourself. Listen to me, it’s not you, Sam.”
(Cue the awesome Sam to Zeke transformation)
Zeke: “I wouldn’t do that Dean.”
Dean: “He deserves to know.”
Zeke: “Your brother is not ready. If he ejects me he will not make it.”
Dean: “Well, damn it, Zeke. How much longer are we gonna keep playing this?
Zeke: “Not much longer, I promise you that.”
(And back again.)
Sam: “What?”
Dean: “What?”
Sam: ‘What’s not me?”
Dean: “Nothing, I just, I meant that if there’s something wrong, it’s not your fault. We’ll deal with it. You just gotta have a little faith Sammy.”