Spoiler alert: I loved this episode.

I thought maybe I should just get that out there because I may squee a little (even more than usual).

I mean, I really enjoyed the premiere, I thought it was super strong and a rocking set up, full of the emotional conflict and heartbreaking issues that made us think and dissect and debate…but this, this episode “Devil May Care” was SUPERNATURAL baby, and it was everything, everything I adore about this show.

This is how excited I was. I watched the episode and then sent a stream of babbling voice messages to my friend Hazel that kind of went…”and…and…and…AND”, then I went to start writing and I thought…whoa there Amy, you need to put a bit of distance between your over exuberance and your review – because no one wants to read a couple of thousand words punctuated by OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, which was pretty much all that was coming out of my brain.

So…because I didn’t know how to handle my squee…I cleaned my kitchen. HA! I needed to expel a bit of energy!

Then I watched the episode again.

Then I watched it again.

I’m still going OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!

So you’ve been warned!

spn902 0419

Let me just kick off by saying, Andrew Dabb wrote a knockout script. One filled with everything “Supernatural” has always meant to me. Great action, fantastic heroics, bravado smattered comedy, smart brother moments, fabulously villainous villains, snappy dialogue, poignant emotional speeches and conflicted feels. HUZZAH!

I am beyond pleased that Dabb and Loflin stopped writing as a team, because their episodes became better after they split up. I have no idea why they started to write independently of each other (though I’m sure they probably still gave input to each other – creation is collaboration – there is no creativity in a silo). Maybe because the “Supernatural” writing team was a little on the slight side in season 8 and Carver felt they needed to split to cover more eps? Maybe they wanted to give not being a team a shot? I don’t know…if you know, please tell me! But I’m happy that this is how it rolled, because both of their work was better for it. (Dan Loflin has moved on from Supernatural - thanks Jules of the Wiki for letting me know.)

Dabb has a tendency to let witty dialogue and pop culture references punctuate his episodes to the point that it’s at risk of trivialising what’s happening on screen and how the characters deal with it…but not this week. The balance between the sharp lines, the humour, the pathos and the lovely pop culture prods was perfection. Agents Stark and Banner. AGENTS STARK AND BANNER. I’m pretty sure I know which was which! (Agents Stark and Banner…I’m still giggling.)

Everyone was spot on. Every character reaction felt true. Every word packed a punch. Every emotion made me put my fists to my face and emit a small noise. I nearly jumped up and hugged my TV.

If the premiere put the show into gear, this episode sent it roaring down the track. Dean’s sports analogy thing must be rubbing off on me!

I spoke last season about how happy I was that the Winchester Universe was expanding once again, away from the claustrophobia of season 7. A spattering of new people, friend and foe, have been finding their way into episodes and it’s something I greatly appreciate. I yelled out…YES…when we were introduced to new hunters. Admittedly 2 died and one was dressed rather inappropriately, but it’s always something that has stuck in my craw, the fact that the brothers rarely bump into, or call on other hunters. These guys are the Winchesters and they knew Bobby for a really long time and look what Bobby did. I feel like they must know the hunter network even if they, for the most part, keep separate from it. My gripe here is that the 2 male hunters snuffed it, which means we won’t be establishing any kind of relationship there or any kind of care. I’d like to meet a hunter that lives, so that if we ever come across them again, we have some kind of emotional connection. I’m not talking a Garth like character, just one that crosses the brother’s paths.

One thing that I appreciated about the girl hunter, Tracy, was that even though she was most obviously a hottie in her cut-off shorts, there was never any mention of that or even any appreciation of that (except from the vamp, but I think he appreciated her blood not her bod). Once upon a time, throw a chick like that in front of Dean Winchester and there would be no way he wouldn’t have at least pulled some smirk or popped out a sassy, flirty comment. I was in love with the fact that he just treated her like any other hunter. That showed fabulous growth and maturity in Dean’s character and recognition of where he is emotionally and the gravity of the situation they were all dealing with. I love flippant Dean, but I love this Dean more.

spn902 0053

I am so very; very happy Abaddon is back in her snarky, incredibly sexy meat suit. I’m not sure what spell that demon did, but I love him for doing it! There she was, emerging from the bath, in the buff, with tinges of charcoal and…. absolutely perfect red lipstick. I LOVE HER. As a red lipstick-wearing gal, I appreciate that no matter what, red lippy must always be perfect, even through resurrection!

spn902 0630

She’s tough and smart and super hot and I hope they keep her alive as long as possible. The scene between her and Dean was AWESOME. Sweet lord of the rings! I mean I have to agree with her 100%, I’ve loved that body since the moment I saw it too…and he does give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas! The chemistry was so amazing between them. It was so wrong and so right all at once. And I’ve never thought that all a demon would have to do would be mark or break or peal off the brother’s anti-possession tatts. Youch and interesting!

Yes, I love her. She’s a keeper. Long live the Queen indeed!

spn902 0128

Crowley was also in fine form. How Mark Sheppard can be strapped to a chair and still manage to steal every scene is beyond me. The man is a master and Crowley is a master manipulator.

The idea of leaving him alone to stew was a brilliant one. That demon needs an audience and of course with the leftovers from the trials still swirling around in his melon, stewing is not something he would want to do. How much he is still affected and how much he can’t control remains to be seen. As does how long he’s left in the dungeon! It’s all too delicious, just like him.

spn902 0086

I think Kevin now knows to leave Crowley well enough alone. I was not crazy about Kevin when we first met him, but he’s grown on me. This week I felt like he really hit his stride. He does feel like part of the team, part of the family. I loved Dean’s speech to him and I don’t feel that it was Dean manipulating him for the Winchester’s gain. Family is the most important thing in Dean’s world and the fact that he has people other than Sam to rely on and trust is a revelation for Dean and for us. He professed to Sam that Sam was, always has been and always will be his number one, I’ve never doubted that and I never will, but I believe Dean genuinely feels for Kevin and I believe Kevin has earned that. The kid is all right. If you had told me I’d end up feeling like this when we first met him, I would have thought you crazy!

Which brings us to actual family. Sam.

spn902 0648

When Zeke popped out to stop the demons from killing Sam and his broken, burnt and moulting wings were revealed…holy…shite! I think I screamed. In the very best way. I had seen Jared tweet the revised poster (nice work CW marketing department), but I thought that the image was simply a representation of what was now happening to Sam’s character, I didn’t think for a moment that Zeke/Sam was going to flash us his wings. Wow! This might rub some of you up the wrong way, but something in that image felt so right. I have never wanted Sammy to be an angel or anything other than human and in reality, I still don’t. I want Sam to be Sam. But seeing him sprout wings – even if not his – felt somehow appropriate. I liked it. I loved it. It was really, really hot. As were his glowy eyes and smiting light. It suits him!

What to make of Zeke. I want to believe in him and trust him and maybe if I was a fan of any other show, I would, but I’m a fan of this show and I know better. Having said that, he’s yet to do anything that I think seems shady, but now he’s inside of Sam, will he want to get out? Sam’s an awesome vessel. One of the most powerful ever created. Powerful enough to contain Lucifer. Powerful enough to defeat Lucifer. The only other vessel that might be as powerful would be Dean, created for the archangel Michael. These two are the vessels to end all vessels. Of course every angel and redheaded demon would want them.

spn902 0687

I think it’s going to be interesting to see how Dean and Zeke communicate and relate to each other moving forward. Zeke knows what Sam is thinking and is telling Dean what he needs/wants to hear. That Sam knows Dean stopped the trials out of love. Of course it’s true, we know it’s true, Dean knows it’s true, Sam knows it’s true, but is that why Zeke told Dean, or was it to get Dean onside? I want to believe in Zeke so bad, because I kind of dig him and after the whole wings thing, I kind of dig the idea of him and Sam working as one…for a little bit. I guess Zeke’s a wait and see. Maybe, for one time only, we’ll be surprised and what appears to be a good guy will actually be a good guy!

What is it with Dean and angels? Cass, Anna, to some degree Zach and Gabe, now Zeke. Even Lucifer said to Dean that he got what the other angels see in him. Dean’s an angel magnet! It got me wondering if that was because he was created for Michael and so there is something in him that draws the angels in. Maybe the same reason they are drawn to and relate to Dean is the same reason they don’t seem to be drawn to, or as easily relate to Sam. Angel bigotry? It was just a random thought as watched Zeke and Dean talk.

spn902 0686

How uncomfortable for Dean. How weird and awkward. To be talking to his brother but to be not talking to his brother. Like he said, the things he was talking to Zeke about would be the things he would normally discuss with Sam. One thing though, Dean could barely look at Zeke when talking to him. Jensen’s performance was a magnificence of subtly. Dean would glance up and then look down. He was edgy, shifting on his feet, so obviously uncomfortable. The emotion that he’s not at ease with sharing, along with the guilt of the choice he made and the situation he now finds himself and his brother in. It was wonderful and so very sad to watch.

spn902 0844

It was a similar reaction in the end scene when Sam said that he felt better than he had for a long time. What should have been happy broment, once again was tinged with Dean’s doubt and guilt. Was that Sam talking or was that Sam talking because Zeke is making him feel better. I’d like to think Sam genuinely feels better and that it’s not Zeke acting like a mood altering drug. For a start, Sam’s felt pretty crook for a while now, so even just feeling healthy again would probably make him feel happier. He has the love of his brother and he knows it, because Dean told him. They are in a good place. They have a roof over their heads. They have people who care for them. They have the King of Hell on lockdown. Why shouldn’t Sam be feeling good and we should be feeling good right alongside him…and I am…except for that nagging Zeke thing.

Oh my gosh what a tangled web this show has weaved. It’s absolutely fan-freakin-tastic!

This whole episode – the last two episodes – have me heavy breathing for Wednesdays (it’s on Wednesday for me). I’m itching to know where this is going. How long is Sam going to have Zeke riding shotgun inside of him? Will Zeke leave? Will he try and stay put? Is he good? Is he bad? How long before it all starts to show on Dean’s pretty face. Because I have a feeling, before Zeke reveals himself to Sam, Sam’s going to twig that something’s not right with Dean, because try as he might, Dean is a crap liar. His responses – whether his drinking or just his emotional awkwardness – always end up giving him away. Sam knows his brother and it never takes him long to figure out something’s not right.

spn902 0554
spn902 0720

And speaking of pretty faces, I’d like to personally thank Guy Bee and Serge Ladouceur for one of the prettiest episodes in a long time. Oh my stars, how do these guys get better and better looking? Come on! It’s starting to seem cruel! Remember last season when they were all Tanny McTansalot? Isn’t it wonderful that this season they don’t look like they’ve just stepped out of a George Hamilton look-a-like contest? Jensen’s pale skin and freckles is a thing of beauty and Jared has that lovely flush to his cheeks. They looked so naturally gorgeous I was swooning left and right.

I make no excuses for this poor attempt at being objective. I loved this episode pure and simple. Loved it. Season 9. Season fine. Season divine. Season sublime. Whatever you want to call it…it’s sure started off with a kicker. There’s a vibe happening here that feels so familiar. There's a maturity to the writing and the characters that feels so right.

God bless this show. After 9 seasons it’s getting better and better. How is that possible?

I’m so bloody excited.

I’m off to Armageddon this weekend in Melbourne to hangout with Ty Olsson, Kim Rhodes and the wonderful Rick Worthy. I will be there with Jules from SuperWiki and we’ll be doing a podcast post the event. So keep a look out for that!

Until next week my friends!

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