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Spoiler alert: I loved this episode.

I thought maybe I should just get that out there because I may squee a little (even more than usual).

I mean, I really enjoyed the premiere, I thought it was super strong and a rocking set up, full of the emotional conflict and heartbreaking issues that made us think and dissect and debate…but this, this episode “Devil May Care” was SUPERNATURAL baby, and it was everything, everything I adore about this show.

This is how excited I was. I watched the episode and then sent a stream of babbling voice messages to my friend Hazel that kind of went…”and…and…and…AND”, then I went to start writing and I thought…whoa there Amy, you need to put a bit of distance between your over exuberance and your review – because no one wants to read a couple of thousand words punctuated by OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD, which was pretty much all that was coming out of my brain.

So…because I didn’t know how to handle my squee…I cleaned my kitchen. HA! I needed to expel a bit of energy!

Then I watched the episode again.

Then I watched it again.

I’m still going OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!

So you’ve been warned!

spn902 0419

Let me just kick off by saying, Andrew Dabb wrote a knockout script. One filled with everything “Supernatural” has always meant to me. Great action, fantastic heroics, bravado smattered comedy, smart brother moments, fabulously villainous villains, snappy dialogue, poignant emotional speeches and conflicted feels. HUZZAH!

I am beyond pleased that Dabb and Loflin stopped writing as a team, because their episodes became better after they split up. I have no idea why they started to write independently of each other (though I’m sure they probably still gave input to each other – creation is collaboration – there is no creativity in a silo). Maybe because the “Supernatural” writing team was a little on the slight side in season 8 and Carver felt they needed to split to cover more eps? Maybe they wanted to give not being a team a shot? I don’t know…if you know, please tell me! But I’m happy that this is how it rolled, because both of their work was better for it. (Dan Loflin has moved on from Supernatural - thanks Jules of the Wiki for letting me know.)

Dabb has a tendency to let witty dialogue and pop culture references punctuate his episodes to the point that it’s at risk of trivialising what’s happening on screen and how the characters deal with it…but not this week. The balance between the sharp lines, the humour, the pathos and the lovely pop culture prods was perfection. Agents Stark and Banner. AGENTS STARK AND BANNER. I’m pretty sure I know which was which! (Agents Stark and Banner…I’m still giggling.)

Everyone was spot on. Every character reaction felt true. Every word packed a punch. Every emotion made me put my fists to my face and emit a small noise. I nearly jumped up and hugged my TV.

If the premiere put the show into gear, this episode sent it roaring down the track. Dean’s sports analogy thing must be rubbing off on me!

I spoke last season about how happy I was that the Winchester Universe was expanding once again, away from the claustrophobia of season 7. A spattering of new people, friend and foe, have been finding their way into episodes and it’s something I greatly appreciate. I yelled out…YES…when we were introduced to new hunters. Admittedly 2 died and one was dressed rather inappropriately, but it’s always something that has stuck in my craw, the fact that the brothers rarely bump into, or call on other hunters. These guys are the Winchesters and they knew Bobby for a really long time and look what Bobby did. I feel like they must know the hunter network even if they, for the most part, keep separate from it. My gripe here is that the 2 male hunters snuffed it, which means we won’t be establishing any kind of relationship there or any kind of care. I’d like to meet a hunter that lives, so that if we ever come across them again, we have some kind of emotional connection. I’m not talking a Garth like character, just one that crosses the brother’s paths.

One thing that I appreciated about the girl hunter, Tracy, was that even though she was most obviously a hottie in her cut-off shorts, there was never any mention of that or even any appreciation of that (except from the vamp, but I think he appreciated her blood not her bod). Once upon a time, throw a chick like that in front of Dean Winchester and there would be no way he wouldn’t have at least pulled some smirk or popped out a sassy, flirty comment. I was in love with the fact that he just treated her like any other hunter. That showed fabulous growth and maturity in Dean’s character and recognition of where he is emotionally and the gravity of the situation they were all dealing with. I love flippant Dean, but I love this Dean more.

spn902 0053

I am so very; very happy Abaddon is back in her snarky, incredibly sexy meat suit. I’m not sure what spell that demon did, but I love him for doing it! There she was, emerging from the bath, in the buff, with tinges of charcoal and…. absolutely perfect red lipstick. I LOVE HER. As a red lipstick-wearing gal, I appreciate that no matter what, red lippy must always be perfect, even through resurrection!

spn902 0630

She’s tough and smart and super hot and I hope they keep her alive as long as possible. The scene between her and Dean was AWESOME. Sweet lord of the rings! I mean I have to agree with her 100%, I’ve loved that body since the moment I saw it too…and he does give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas! The chemistry was so amazing between them. It was so wrong and so right all at once. And I’ve never thought that all a demon would have to do would be mark or break or peal off the brother’s anti-possession tatts. Youch and interesting!

Yes, I love her. She’s a keeper. Long live the Queen indeed!

spn902 0128

Crowley was also in fine form. How Mark Sheppard can be strapped to a chair and still manage to steal every scene is beyond me. The man is a master and Crowley is a master manipulator.

The idea of leaving him alone to stew was a brilliant one. That demon needs an audience and of course with the leftovers from the trials still swirling around in his melon, stewing is not something he would want to do. How much he is still affected and how much he can’t control remains to be seen. As does how long he’s left in the dungeon! It’s all too delicious, just like him.

spn902 0086

I think Kevin now knows to leave Crowley well enough alone. I was not crazy about Kevin when we first met him, but he’s grown on me. This week I felt like he really hit his stride. He does feel like part of the team, part of the family. I loved Dean’s speech to him and I don’t feel that it was Dean manipulating him for the Winchester’s gain. Family is the most important thing in Dean’s world and the fact that he has people other than Sam to rely on and trust is a revelation for Dean and for us. He professed to Sam that Sam was, always has been and always will be his number one, I’ve never doubted that and I never will, but I believe Dean genuinely feels for Kevin and I believe Kevin has earned that. The kid is all right. If you had told me I’d end up feeling like this when we first met him, I would have thought you crazy!

Which brings us to actual family. Sam.

spn902 0648

When Zeke popped out to stop the demons from killing Sam and his broken, burnt and moulting wings were revealed…holy…shite! I think I screamed. In the very best way. I had seen Jared tweet the revised poster (nice work CW marketing department), but I thought that the image was simply a representation of what was now happening to Sam’s character, I didn’t think for a moment that Zeke/Sam was going to flash us his wings. Wow! This might rub some of you up the wrong way, but something in that image felt so right. I have never wanted Sammy to be an angel or anything other than human and in reality, I still don’t. I want Sam to be Sam. But seeing him sprout wings – even if not his – felt somehow appropriate. I liked it. I loved it. It was really, really hot. As were his glowy eyes and smiting light. It suits him!

What to make of Zeke. I want to believe in him and trust him and maybe if I was a fan of any other show, I would, but I’m a fan of this show and I know better. Having said that, he’s yet to do anything that I think seems shady, but now he’s inside of Sam, will he want to get out? Sam’s an awesome vessel. One of the most powerful ever created. Powerful enough to contain Lucifer. Powerful enough to defeat Lucifer. The only other vessel that might be as powerful would be Dean, created for the archangel Michael. These two are the vessels to end all vessels. Of course every angel and redheaded demon would want them.

spn902 0687

I think it’s going to be interesting to see how Dean and Zeke communicate and relate to each other moving forward. Zeke knows what Sam is thinking and is telling Dean what he needs/wants to hear. That Sam knows Dean stopped the trials out of love. Of course it’s true, we know it’s true, Dean knows it’s true, Sam knows it’s true, but is that why Zeke told Dean, or was it to get Dean onside? I want to believe in Zeke so bad, because I kind of dig him and after the whole wings thing, I kind of dig the idea of him and Sam working as one…for a little bit. I guess Zeke’s a wait and see. Maybe, for one time only, we’ll be surprised and what appears to be a good guy will actually be a good guy!

What is it with Dean and angels? Cass, Anna, to some degree Zach and Gabe, now Zeke. Even Lucifer said to Dean that he got what the other angels see in him. Dean’s an angel magnet! It got me wondering if that was because he was created for Michael and so there is something in him that draws the angels in. Maybe the same reason they are drawn to and relate to Dean is the same reason they don’t seem to be drawn to, or as easily relate to Sam. Angel bigotry? It was just a random thought as watched Zeke and Dean talk.

spn902 0686

How uncomfortable for Dean. How weird and awkward. To be talking to his brother but to be not talking to his brother. Like he said, the things he was talking to Zeke about would be the things he would normally discuss with Sam. One thing though, Dean could barely look at Zeke when talking to him. Jensen’s performance was a magnificence of subtly. Dean would glance up and then look down. He was edgy, shifting on his feet, so obviously uncomfortable. The emotion that he’s not at ease with sharing, along with the guilt of the choice he made and the situation he now finds himself and his brother in. It was wonderful and so very sad to watch.

spn902 0844

It was a similar reaction in the end scene when Sam said that he felt better than he had for a long time. What should have been happy broment, once again was tinged with Dean’s doubt and guilt. Was that Sam talking or was that Sam talking because Zeke is making him feel better. I’d like to think Sam genuinely feels better and that it’s not Zeke acting like a mood altering drug. For a start, Sam’s felt pretty crook for a while now, so even just feeling healthy again would probably make him feel happier. He has the love of his brother and he knows it, because Dean told him. They are in a good place. They have a roof over their heads. They have people who care for them. They have the King of Hell on lockdown. Why shouldn’t Sam be feeling good and we should be feeling good right alongside him…and I am…except for that nagging Zeke thing.

Oh my gosh what a tangled web this show has weaved. It’s absolutely fan-freakin-tastic!

This whole episode – the last two episodes – have me heavy breathing for Wednesdays (it’s on Wednesday for me). I’m itching to know where this is going. How long is Sam going to have Zeke riding shotgun inside of him? Will Zeke leave? Will he try and stay put? Is he good? Is he bad? How long before it all starts to show on Dean’s pretty face. Because I have a feeling, before Zeke reveals himself to Sam, Sam’s going to twig that something’s not right with Dean, because try as he might, Dean is a crap liar. His responses – whether his drinking or just his emotional awkwardness – always end up giving him away. Sam knows his brother and it never takes him long to figure out something’s not right.

spn902 0554
spn902 0720

And speaking of pretty faces, I’d like to personally thank Guy Bee and Serge Ladouceur for one of the prettiest episodes in a long time. Oh my stars, how do these guys get better and better looking? Come on! It’s starting to seem cruel! Remember last season when they were all Tanny McTansalot? Isn’t it wonderful that this season they don’t look like they’ve just stepped out of a George Hamilton look-a-like contest? Jensen’s pale skin and freckles is a thing of beauty and Jared has that lovely flush to his cheeks. They looked so naturally gorgeous I was swooning left and right.

I make no excuses for this poor attempt at being objective. I loved this episode pure and simple. Loved it. Season 9. Season fine. Season divine. Season sublime. Whatever you want to call it…it’s sure started off with a kicker. There’s a vibe happening here that feels so familiar. There's a maturity to the writing and the characters that feels so right.

God bless this show. After 9 seasons it’s getting better and better. How is that possible?

I’m so bloody excited.

I’m off to Armageddon this weekend in Melbourne to hangout with Ty Olsson, Kim Rhodes and the wonderful Rick Worthy. I will be there with Jules from SuperWiki and we’ll be doing a podcast post the event. So keep a look out for that!

Until next week my friends!

spn902 0005



Rhonda Benedict
# Rhonda Benedict 2013-10-17 06:33
Once again I have to agree with every damned word lol..when Zeke flashed his wings...I literally fell off my couch . I, too, am holding out hope that out of all the angels we've dealt with so far...Zeke turns out to be as honorable as he first appeared. There's just something about him that strikes me as quite noble Bravo!! I don't know how they can keep getting better but they do..and I'm grateful to be along for the ride cuz it is wild!! Have fun at Armageddon, looking forward to the podcast! =)
# nappi815 2013-10-17 07:34
i'm with you as well sweet on dean. i mean, when sam/zeke started spreading his wings, my first thought was..that is the hottest silohuette i've ever seen. holy i enjoy it in the shallow end of the pool.

i'm still in the camp that for now zeke is on the up and up. i don't think he'll try to stay in sam. i think zeke's favor will have to do with his desire to get back into heaven and deal with metatron. imo if he were to want a vessel to do that, what better vessel than cas, he is after all an angel who knows heaven and why would metatron fear cas, he's human. if i were zeke and wanted the upper hand on metatron i would use cas as a trojan horse. that makes more sense than using either winchester. i still think dean' s debt will have to do in assisting zeke in a way that dean will not like.

i also believe, without a shadow of a doubt, that that was truly sam at the end and his feelings. sam has been sick and dying since trial and error. he's progressively gotten worse and worse both physcially and emotionally. death seemed to be the booby prize whether he finished the trial or not. in the end, in that church, he was just this sick boy reaching out to his brother asking what to do to make it all ok again. now for the first time in a very long time he feels like sam again. he's not feeling sick and scared and tired. he survived. the way sam believes it to be right now is that he survived. he has a brand new lease on life. it's not uncommon for people who have survived a severe ordeal, whether it be surviving cancer to living through an accident, when people come that close to losing life, their outlook is one that appreciates it more. you start to look at things differently. you appreciate what you have, because it can be taken from you so quickly. so sam being happy, even when things are a bit out of control, makes perfect sense. i enjoyed that moment he was having and i was happy right along with him. besides, sam has always been the one who sees the hope. why should his reaction to being alive and healthy and feeling good be all that surprising? just too bad dean couldn't really enjoy the moment as well.
# sweetondean 2013-10-17 07:44
Hi nappi
Yes, I think it was Sam too...just feeling better would make everything feel better, if you know what I mean!

I really hope Zeke is a good guy and right now I have no reason to doubt that. He feels good. I like him (so far) and wouldn't it be a twist to have an angel who acts like one!

I like your idea about Metatron, I agree that somewhere down the track that's where this is all going. Interesting idea about Cass too, that would certainly help him feel like he was making right some of his wrongs. Interesting. Very.

And yes, the shallow end was very enjoyable in this episode...I like Jared's Zeke...he's smexy! The wings too. What with that and the AbadDean scene.... good lord, what are they trying to do to us!

Thanks for another great comment :-)
# mary9930 2013-10-17 07:55
Thanks for the wrap up.

I loved the part about Dean as an angel magnet. Also, the idea that Dean's subtle behavior changes will make Sam start questioning things.

I hope Zeke lets us know more about the trials purifying Sam. He does have the inside scoop so to speak :-)
# KimJ 2013-10-17 07:56
What can I say, Amy, except.... Yup, yup, yup.

Both boys are super fine this season. I think that the enthusiasm they've both talked about at recent cons is shining through in their performances. I know how Jared was just literally bursting to tell us things in his Meet & Greet at Vancon, he was that super excited. As was Jensen.

And Gods, can those boys get any better looking? Holy Batman. They are both damn fine, but as a Sam/Jared girl, I have to say he steals my heart more and more each week, not just with how he looks but in the performances he gives. He's a master at playing Sam who isn't Sam.

# Sylvie 2013-10-17 08:20
I agree with every blessed word you said! What a great episode, it had everything, danger, humour, angst, and of course all the pretty we could ever hope for. :oops: I had a really good feeling about this season after episode one, like Dean said, it's going to be a busy year, and good for us.

I am so very glad that Abaddon is back, boy she can kick some ass, and I love the flirty scene with Dean, even though she was actually talking about ripping him up from the inside. And Crowley is the Winchester's bitch this season! :lol: How long is that going to last I wonder. Poor Kevin, he's become Crowley's favourite toy now. I guess now that Meg is gone, he needed someone else he could mentally torture. :cry: And I do believe Dean was sincere when he told Kevin that he was part of the family. After all, family doesn't have to be blood. Keeping the best for last. How freaking awesome was that scene when Zeke takes over for Sam, the eyes, the burnt up wings, oh my!

Again, thanks Amy, as you can see, I was pretty darn excited for the ep. ;-)
# ThisOldBag 2013-10-17 08:53
I totally agree this was one OMG episode! And I love shallow sometimes. J2 get better and better looking every season- and the writing and production are magnificent.
I may be alone in wishing that this all goes sideways on Dean, that he truely is forced to deal with the result. But that fouls still play out even with Zeke being straight up. I am also hoping for more secrets to spill from SamZeke before this ends.
"Feels" is right! I am anxious about this season in that I am already preparing for the dread that comes with the too many breaks, especially at the Holidays! OMG...I'm addicted! :-)
# st50 2013-10-17 09:01
Loved the episode. I personally liked 9.01 a little better, but maybe that's because it had such a long build up to it!
They are gorgeous, no doubt. I was quite impressed by the acting all around. Alaina, Mark, Jensen, Jared! (My only quibble was the first Kevin meltdown scene looked just a tad overdone to me)...
And Daisy Dukes Tracy. Not impressed with that one, or the "I hate Sam" stance. I got the significance - right things, wrong outcome - but I do hope that one is finally resolved and buried soon.

I'll join the shallow pool ... Dean on a park bench.... Angel!Sam all powerful and angelly..... double swoon.

Someone mentioned to me last night that if the anti-possession tattoos are that easy to get past, then the boys might want to invest in a second. A hidden one.... say.... on their lovely posteriors?

ETA: Saskatoon! Labatts! Yay for Canuck hunters.
# kaz1 2013-10-17 09:10
Amy don't ever stop writing about this show. I love your reviews. Honestly you put such a good spin on the show! It puts me into an immediately good mood!! I totally agree with your take on this ep. Everything was good about it. I even got to see that Jensen and Jared have the same eye colour it seems!! the close ups were goodgodgood!!!

Please OH PLEEEEEESE let Zeke be good. It is so nice to see someone finally taking Dean's feelings seriously. I honestly can't recall anyone other than Cas and Sam doing that on the show. All Dean ever got for opening up was a smack down from anyone he tried to talk to... it was always "boohoo shame on you" so its good to see Zeke showing him the luuuurve!!!

However!!!!!..... Ezekiel of the Bible means "one of double" or something, and this just makes me WORRY!!! I want him to be good so bad. I hope the show heads this way, I am so tired of the brothers not catching a break with anyone they can trust, that Zeke (if he is good) is so refreshing to me. I said this on another site that if Zeke manages to get Dean to listen to 'Sam' about how Sam truly feels, and then it turns out Zeke is just manipulating, I don't think Dean would recover from that given how bad he is feeling about his decision to save Sam!! This guilt seems to be off the charts ALREADY and this is Dean we are talking about. I am sooooo tired of Dean feeling this way, I just want this trust to be proven right for him.... just this once PLEEESE!!

I also thought about a Deanaddon and Sameekial showdown!!?? what do you think? Its a possibility right. Abaddon manages to grab Deans sweet ass and then there is a showdown between the two brothers NOOOOOO
# Ginger 2013-10-17 09:28
For someone who was totally disgusted following S8 and totally unimpressed with the spoilers that came out over the hiatus, and almost chose to not watch this season, I have to say that following these first two episodes, I am completely into S9.

I want to comment on something that I don’t think has been mentioned. I understand that JP played Sam/Zeke before Tahmoh Penikett did his Zeke in Ep. 1. I want to compliment TP on his fine performance, because when I watch Sam/Zeke, I see TP in the performance. That speaks of what a fine job TP did, IMO.

Holy Lord of the Rings is right! More Abaddon and Dean scenes, please. That was just steamy hot, sexy, captivating…

Also, a shout out to Guy Norman Bee – just look at the pictures you inserted here. They couldn’t be more beautiful.

As I said, I love the direction Carver has taken so far this season, and I do like other hunters being included. Now, if they wouldn’t all die.

Just a couple of nitpicky things I didn’t like. Like you, I wasn’t all that fond of Kevin in the beginning. I still don’t like the hysterical teenage Kevin, but I can take him when he is confined to doing prophet stuff and; IMO, they’re taking Dean’s “you’re family” a little too far for my tastes. And, yes, I realize this is done to build an ensemble cast, but it’s not ringing real true to me.

It’s so nice to have SPN back on track.
# suebsg9 2013-10-17 10:34
That was a great episode had me from the start and felt so sad for Dean at the end. But I like how Dean has junk in his trunk and its crowley and totally not the answer Dean was expecting from Sam with what he would do with Crowley.

And to me I can take kevins reactions to stuff I mean here is a kid all set to head out to college and now he is a prophet of the lord being hunted by angels and demons. And only being able to be protected by Sam and Dean wherever they put him. And then to have Crowley back in his life which I think Kevin will be happy to kill him for whatever he did to his mother. And I do think that Dean has concerns for Kevin I mean he is in this until he dies and if you remember a grown man who was a prophet Chuck got the awful headaches and images and he wrote and at times wanted to tell Sam and Dean when he realized they were real people what was coming down the way for them. I am glad that Dean told Kevin he is family. Dean did hug the kid last year for solving the tablet and also when he was still alive. I think Dean would hate to loose someone so young as Kevin. Not sure if that goes all the way back to what happend to Jo. But if Kevin feels like he has a home there in the bunker and family he can talk to and will keep him safe from the angels and demons then so be it and Dean did say if Kevin wanted to leave he wouldn't stop him.
I am wondering how long it will take Sam to figure out that Dean is again hiding something I mean the tell tale signs are showing through already with the drinking and of course you can tell he has weight on his shoulders and also being reckless. Remember season 2 after daddys secret nearly killed Dean gotta wonder if the weight of this secret is going to do the same. And I like that Dean can't look at his bro when talking to Zeke and hopeing he is one of the good guys. Of course I have a problem also looking at JP doing Zeke and nothing against JP but some of these roads we have been down before and its like if you want to posesses someone give Dean a try I mean Abaddon sure wanted to guessing since his vessel has never been used before he must be up for the picking. I mean demon riding angels vessel that would make for intresting fodder. I mean I know Jensen can handle whatever storyline is thrown at him just the guilt trip and stuff we have done over and over and sam having someone in him we have done already. I mean good lord shouldn't sam be happy he prayed and believed in angels and now he has one healing him. He should be happy camper. He had hopefully someone good in him curing him of that awful stuff. And not sure but doesn't it take away from hunt knock sam out and bring out zeke to take care of bad guys??? These are my little qualms I mean I am excited to see where season goes especially reading some of the up coming spoilers won't say what they are but I am excited but right now these are my problems hate seeing Dean racked with guilt and sam having someone possess him. I am enjoying the season don't get me wrong and sorry again for ramble. Its like is it tuesday yet NEW EPS but don't want new eps to go quickly because that would mean another break coming up and can't take another break after just starting season. ok done rambling thanks for listening :)
# nappi815 2013-10-17 11:32
Kaz, glad to see you in such high spirits. :D right now I think Zeke is who he says...but that doesn't mean dean won't be all too happy with what Zeke might ask of him later on. Do not think Sam or dean will be vessels. I posted this in spec thread that the very fact abbadon threatened dean's pretty tattoo, he would ensure both he and Sam have backup protection. The very threat,as I see it, ensures it will never happen..just like carvers wording in first eppy,which is new to angel canon, that a vessel can eject an angel if it is rejected. I don't think its going to be angels vs demons. Angels don't seem give two hoots about demons. I think its going to be abbadon vs Crowley and angels vs angels..i think Zeke is going to have the difficult task of uniting the angels and getting them back into heaven. Jmo, of course
# st50 2013-10-17 11:55
I posted this in spec thread that the very fact abbadon threatened dean's pretty tattoo, he would ensure both he and Sam have backup protection.
Apologies if I repeated your thoughts, nappi. I don't always read all the comments. ;-)
# Ale 2013-10-17 12:02
I was thinking about this situation: suppose a person who is deeply loved by another (like Sam and Dean) suffers a terrible accident. The doctor says the situation is very bad, but not entirely hopeless. They have an experimental procedure that will paralyse a person from neck down for a few months, but after this time is passed, the person will fully recover and be her old self. The alternative is: death. The person is unconscious and will be dead soon, therefore, you have to choose for her. But the thing is, you know that your loved one greatest fear is to be permanently in this situation. It would be worse than dying for her. The doctor assures you she will be ok, but what if things go wrong?

What will you do in this situation? Let the person die, respecting her wishes, or will you risk it? If you let the person die, isn’t it taking that person’s wishes too far? After all, she won’t be permanently paralysed; she’s got a chance of a full recovery! And if you were the dying person? If you want to live and there is a good chance for you to be ok, won’t you think it will be worthy to face your worst fear, especially when you know that there are people out there that need you (like your children) and that will be devastated with your death, possible never fully get over it?
# nappi815 2013-10-17 12:28 have no need/reason to apologize to me...hell I appreciate you even reading my posts let alone actually remembering them...nothing but appreciation to you from me :lol:
# winmomwannabe 2013-10-17 12:31
Another great review Amy, as always. I'm with you. Lots of OMG and gasps. Two eps in a row! I can barely stay sitting during an episode. I start on the couch and end up a few feet in front of the TV holding my head in my hands!

The lighting was impeccable. I even asked my friend if she got a new TV because it looked so different.

Dean oh Dean. Jensen conveys so much with his eyes. Dean is in internal agony with guilt, trust and love all mixed up in his heart. I can't help but think Sam is going to notice soon.

How can a show keep getting better?! Somehow these writers, cast and crew figure it out. I wish people would be kinder on Twitter.

Keep writing and I'll keep reading!
leah d
# leah d 2013-10-17 12:43
Hi sweetondean. Another lovely exuberant review. I really enjoyed the episode also. A couple of tiny differences. After 8 seasons I am always skeptical of first impressions, it's not my fault the show did it to me! :-) I hope Ezekiel is on the up and up. I hope he doesn't get too comfortable. He might not be an out and out bad guy but being in Sam's vessel might feel to good to want to give up. He might play some mind games on Dean. Percysowner had an interesting take on that on sofias thread that he may use that as a ploy to remain. After all Sam is happy, that is what you want. So now it remains to be seen if that feeling of happiness is genuinely Sam or a by -product of Zeke's influence. I sincerely hope it all Sam and maybe the events of the finale might have given him some peace of mind.

Dean's speech was sweet, it was a quick turnaround from last season, though. I was thinking Dean would have said it differently but in mulling this over, it maybe could be a sign of his new maturity and of him thinking it is a good thing to be more open to those he cares about. Yeah I am going with that.

Female hunters anger at Sam for Lucifer just seemed gratuitous, Why bring it up? We have moved on.

I have to say I am loving this season so much more than last year and am stoked to see the rest! Thanks again Amy. I do so love this show and those brothers.
# kaz1 2013-10-17 14:50
Hey Leah
Wasn't that just the best. I am basking in the glow of fools gold, I just know I am. This is SPN and when did anything ever go right for them, like EVER, so I am hoping that Carver will just let this be a few short eps of Sam being possessed, but who am I kidding, I bet it is going to be a season long arc for Sam AGAIN> Honestly I just want that man to be ok now, for once, just for a while, just a little bit. I mean when was Sam last truly Sam. Season friggin 1 and 2 thats it. So I want to see mature Sam and only Sam interact with mature Dean for once puhleeez
# Yirabah 2013-10-17 14:52
Dear Sweetondean,

I have to tell you what joy it gives me to read your articles.

This article is so enthusiastic and optimistic. No doubts about anything. Just the knowledge that this is a great show which is worth watching because it keeps us on our toes. Your article reminds me of articles of earlier seasons. I had to read it twice before I was able to write something. Your words just hit a soft spot in me because you put in words how I felt about this episode and I just wanted to thank you for doing that.

I have to say that this season brought back to me what I had lost after season 5. The anticipation for the next episode. Being on edge because I want to know what's going to happen next. It used to be that I got up early just to be able to watch the show before work. Or not sleep at all to be able to watch it as soon as it is available on the internet (which is 4 am for me). That feeling is back with season 9 and I totally share your love for this season. It is AWESOME.

So thank you again for your enthusiasm and your love for the show (from a Dean/Jensen fan to another)



PS I wish you lots of fun in Melbourne
# Yirabah 2013-10-17 14:52
Now that I got my thank you to Sweetondean of my chest here are my 5 cent worse:

You mention the writer of this episode and how well he wrote it. I want to point out the job Guy Norman Bee and Serge Landoucer did for this episode. During the early seasons this was a dark show literally. Most scenes used to be dark. So dark that the big shots of CW complained about it as we found out in Hollywood Babylon in season 2. And then look at this episode. This episode is all about demons. Well how dark can you get? But no, the light on the show gives you the opposite feeling. Just about each scene is shot in a bright light especially the ones with the Winchesters in it. That is somehow telling me that this episode is not mainly about demons but more about the good vibes between the brothers.

Sweetondean started out with the new hunters. I want to add to that that I was totally surprised that Dean had no problems with somebody else driving Baby. A woman and a stranger at that.

My other big surprise came with Abbadon. This show is not like most TV shows about sex. But man that scene between Abbadon and Dean, if that wasn't hot (and they both were fully dressed mind you). The moment when she pulled back Dean's shirt and rubbed her finger across his tattoo I really would have loved to be in her shoes and as much as I am a Dean girl I never felt that way before.

I think the demon Crowley has now some human feelings spitting around in his head and Crowley doesn't like that at all. He is desperately trying to be 100% demon again.

About Sam/Zeke the first thing that comes to mind is Jared's performance. Even before Jared is saying a word I knew immediately in both episodes when he is Sam and when he is Zeke. That is outstanding acting. I loved the image of Sam with the broken angel wings behind him. Thank you Andrew Dabb, Guy Norman Bee and the VFX team for that. It is a sign that Zeke is not well. But I hope we get to see that image a few more times. Because I am wondering if we see that again will we see more feathers in the broken wings as a sign that Zeke is getting better?

I am totally with you Sweetondean about Zeke. I am not sure if I should fully trust him and I can understand Dean's uncomfortablene ss about Zeke and him being in Sam. If Sam is rejecting Zeke before the angel is fully healed where would he go? Castiel came to my mind. After all Zeke says he is team Cas. So maybe Cas's vessel would be the one for Zeke until he is healed. I am sure Cas would welcome him but can one vessel hold two angels even if one of them has no grace any more?

Last episode I thought Dean will not be able to keep the secret for long. That he would start to spill the beans the latest by episode 4 (my son said episode 8). I already know that we are both wrong and I am wondering how Sam will react to those news once he finds out.
# Trucklady 2013-10-17 14:57
Well you did it again Amy! You read my mind, felt my feelings the only difference is you wrote it so much better than I could. It is amazing how this little show just keeps getting better and better each year and that is all on the stories written, the performances of our outstanding actors, and the input from all of the crew. Just when I think it is not possible to love this show any deeper than I already do, they go and start off Season 9 with two of the most wonderful episodes.

Jensen's performance in this one stood out even more than it has in past ones and that is not saying anything negative because that guy cannot give a bad performance. His eyes, expressions, and body language say so much more than any words could and one just feels his guilt, angst, pain of keeping a secret from Sam AGAIN. I just loved his heartfelt speech to Kevin at the end and really do believe he feels like Kevin is family like he stated. On that, Kevin's tears, did that not just make you want to go give him a big hug?

Then there is Jared's performances both as Sam and as Ezekiel. As I was watching this weeks episode I was remembering that it was actually shot first and that it was his performance that drove Tahmoh's way of portraying Ezekiel in the first one and what an amazing way that all came together between both actors. I am the skeptic also with Ezekiel's intentions but will hold out wishing for the best. Using the strong vessel of Sam Winchester just might be very useful when it is time to try and overrun Metatron so maybe that is his end game. There is also the fact that Sam did mention back in Season 6 or 7 that he liked the way the demon blood made him feel strong so maybe he won't be so against having the strength of an angel using his vessel but time will tell on how they play this one out. I half expect Sam to figure something is just not right with himself, especially if he keeps having these blackouts with chunks of time unexplained.
# kaz1 2013-10-17 14:59
And I just want to add that Dean should have included charlie in the family thing, I mean she has told him she loves him and she has no other family so she counts
# kaz1 2013-10-17 15:06
How do u know that both you and your son are wrong? Is this going to be a season long thing? Not sure if we can talk here. Don't think this is a speculation thread, but if you would let me know on the speculation thread I would appreciate it
# Yirabah 2013-10-17 15:10
I saw an interview in which it was mentioned what episode they were shooting at the time the interview was taken and that Zeke is still within Sam in that episode. And I am not mentioning which episode that is because I will not spoil anybody.
# sweetondean 2013-10-17 15:14
kaz1, Yirabah
My belief is that the initial fallout of the Zeke/Sam thing will come to a head before/at the midseason final. Leaving us hanging over Christmas break! I know that the episode they are shooting now, Jensen is excited about and called "A game changer" I also know that discussions out of recent conventions imply that this story is not done with in a few eps.
# kaz1 2013-10-17 15:14
Oi Vey this is either very good or very bad. The thing is it can be used in so many ways to help the brothers! I just don't like the guilty thing to go on for too long, so yes I am sitting on a pile of fire ants about this
leah d
# leah d 2013-10-17 15:57
Oh I did want to add how impressed I was (always really!) with the acting. I mentioned this on the cbox but I saw an adorable photo of Jared and Tom watching SPN on @jarpad. What also struck me was that Jared was on the screen and I knew instantly that he was Ezekiel at that moment just by the expression! Impressive.

Jensen, he just breaks my heart sometimes with his expressions. He perfectly captures Dean's guilt, worry, fear about what he has done, and always- love for Sam.
leah d
# leah d 2013-10-17 16:06
Kaz @22, Hi!! I actually think Dean does feel like that about Charlie. His hug with Charlie in the last episode she appeared left no doubt for me about that. She, at present ,is not close within the inner circle but she will be welcomed into the fold when she returns I am sure.
# njspnfan 2013-10-17 16:09
What happens to Zeke if Sam or Dean use the angel banishing sigil in his presence? I don't think Dean would do it, knowing that Sam is possessed, but what happens if Sam does it? Does he banish himself? :-)
leah d
# leah d 2013-10-17 16:30
@29 njspnfan. That's funny! What would happen? Dean might steer him away from that option. :-)
# percysowner 2013-10-17 16:38
In PONR Castiel carved an angel banishing spell into his chest and used it to banish the angels protecting the Green Room with Adam. Cas was banished with them. So I would expect the same thing to happen if Sam uses the sigil.
# krystal 2013-10-17 18:55
OMG! I love to read your reviews so much! They just take my love and excitement for each episode to an even higher level (which I didn't think was possible)! I love this story line and where it's going. I loved that every character was spot on (just missed a certain graceless angel or it would have been the pinnacle for all episodes).

The Ezekiel story is great and I love how it is playing out. The burned wings were fabulous and how many of us didn't think OMG! there is no way Zeke is gonna let Sam die and loved how he saved the day. Dean having to cover for that though is making his angst even worse. But that is what is great about the show - the brothers will do anything to save each other! Yes, there is love there and it doesn't need to be said because they show it in so many ways. Jared and Jensen's performance were amazing!

Crowley, Crowley, Crowley ... Are we shocked that he is trying soo hard to be a demon and squash all those human feelings and emotions?! Absolutely not, but I love how it's playing out and Mark's energy and acting!

Osric's performance is making me love Kevin's character more and more as well. I am with you that it has taken time for him to grow on me, but I think at the end of last season he really hit his stride and now I too am in love with that character and consider him family.

Abaddon's character is hot and wicked! Need I say more?! Her chemistry with Dean is great! Love to hate her like we all do with Crowley! Great job with the acting too!

Overall it was well written, acted superbly, directed incredibly, and had some great VFX going on! I can't wait to see what comes from each and every storyline this season.

Thanks again Amy!!!
# kaz1 2013-10-18 01:11
In PONR Castiel carved an angel banishing spell into his chest and used it to banish the angels protecting the Green Room with Adam. Cas was banished with them. So I would expect the same thing to happen if Sam uses the sigil.
You are so right, never thought of that, I really hope Dean doesn't use it on him though. This canon thing is getting so complicated! All Dean has to do is paint a sigil and banish any angel, so how can they really be a threat. I think it is interesting to see if Cas 'feels' anything weird when he meets Sam. Also it is going to be interesting to see what he says to Dean when he does find out 'hypocrisy' and all.
# winmomwannabe 2013-10-18 02:39
I'm not sure what I did wrong, but I thought I posted earlier today.

Thank you Amy. Never quit writing reviews. Wonderful as always. Great episode. I can't stop watching it.

Dean or Dean. So much love, angst, guilt and mistrust in his heart. And he doesn't have to say a thing. It's there in his eyes. Jensen can make Dean say it all without saying a word.

I want to believe Zeke is good. JC is hinting at it. We all kept waiting for Benny to be a bad guy last season with ulterior motives and they didn't go there, so I have hope.
# CJ 2013-10-18 04:23
@Kaz1 and @Yirabah - I read an interview that sort of hinted when Sam would find out about zeke or atleast get suspicious. Read on if you don't mind spoilers. Else ignore :)

***** SPOILERS AHEAD *****
***** SPOILERS AHEAD *****
***** SPOILERS AHEAD *****

An unnamed source divulged to Spoiler TV that the revelation of Dean's heavy burden on Sam's recovery and the involvement of angel Ezekiel (Tahmoh Penikett) will unfold in Episode 6.

"Apparently Sam will sustain an injury to the neck but not be in any danger due to the possession and a conversation will take place regarding that fact". But zeke continues to stay in Sam for a longer time.

Link for that article
# kaz1 2013-10-18 04:32
Thanks so much! Just checked it out and it is going to be AWESOME
# CJ 2013-10-18 04:36
ADMINS - pls help.

How do I delete a comment I made??? I posted something spoilery (though I did put a warning sign) but I still wish to remove it. Posted it in haste sorry :(

Pls remove my prev post if its in violation of any rules. Thanks.
# CJ 2013-10-18 04:44
Glad you liked it Kaz1. But my friend tells me its against the rules to post spoilers on this thread. So I just asked the admins to remove it. Good that you read it before they did that :)

On a separate note... I agree with you that I don't want the guilt think to drag on the whole season. And it would be cool if Dean was possessed by an angel or Abaddon. It will shake things up a bit. Loved Jensen's performance in Skin and DALDOM. Wouldn't mind seeing something like that again.
# Sylvie 2013-10-18 08:44
ETA: Saskatoon! Labatts! Yay for Canuck hunters.
Yes st50, I love when they include all these little Canadianisms. My father used to drink Labatts when I was a kid. Love it. :lol:
# Sylvie 2013-10-18 09:01
Thanks CJ, I checked out that website before anyone takes it off from here. Very interesting! I love spoilers, so long as they don't divulge too much. That was just a little bit to whet my appetite. ;-)
# Alice 2013-10-18 10:04
I'll allow the spoiler link CJ, if anything so it serves as a reminder to me to try and fix the spoiler tag option in the commenting system that broke so long ago


That article was very misleading I have to warn. They pulled from multiple sources and interviews that all happened at various times and tried to put pieces together that weren't accurate. For example, that comment from Jared about the s*** hitting the fan when Sam finds out? That was Jared speculating. I know because I was part of that interview. It was at Comic Con and Vlada was sitting next to me. I have the whole interview on video on the TV For The Rest of Us YouTube page. At the time, he didn't know when Sam would find out. The bloggers that went on the recent set visit (including Vlada) said they were filming episode 8 and the secret still wasn't out. It's my suspicion that will be a mid season cliffhanger (episode 9) but I haven't heard any good intel about that yet.

Sorry, but I usually know who's trustworthy with spoilers, and Vlada is tops on my list. The rest usually end up being teasers and often times foilers.
# CJ 2013-10-18 12:41
Thanks @Alice for the clarification. I guess not all sources are reliable. Btw... I'll be more careful with spoilers next time around.
# kaz1 2013-10-18 18:03
@Sylvie 39
Its so funny, I thought Dean was talking about Lavazza which is a strong ground coffee you get here!
Guess not, it is a Canadian thing?
# st50 2013-10-18 18:08
@Sylvie 39
Its so funny, I thought Dean was talking about Lavazza which is a strong ground coffee you get here!
Guess not, it is a Canadian thing?
Kas1 - Labatts is a Canadian beer company. Most known for two beers - Blue, and 50.
Rather 'mainstream' beers, if you will - the "everyman's beer". VERY Canadian. :-)
That's really interesting about Lavazza!

# kaz1 2013-10-19 04:25
Cheers! I suppose I should have known that the beverage would have been alcoholic!! Coffee and Bobby, Dean? nah...mmm maybe Sam, but can't see Dean and Bobby with a foamy milky cappuccino with a cookie on the side :lol:
# kaz1 2013-10-19 04:28
Damn it but if Dean doesn't just get better with age. I thought of of you when the 'lying on the picnic table' scene came up. What did his cousin (second cousin sommin sommin) say ... "such delicate features".
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2013-10-19 17:34
Loved your enthusiasm on this one, Amy. I, too, loved this episode and the epic start to this new season.

I agree about Zeke. I WANT to believe in him so badly, that he'll be the good guy in the end, and that he'll leave when it's time. I feel there's such compassion in him when he talks to Dean---and it doesn't seem faked or manipulative yet. I am crossing my fingers he stays good. I also would love to see Zeke go back to his other vessel and become an ally once he's done healing Sam.

Absolutely agree with you on the widening world for the Winchesters. They're gaining so many new people to see and meet, good and bad, and that makes for great show.

I also agree 100% about the maturity in the writing thus far. Dean was honest and open with Tracy---and not once did he get all flirty or make some flippant comment about her outfit or anything. She kept it to the hunt and to teaching about forgiveness and it was beautiful. It's all over this season so far and I hope it continues going this way.

As for the objectifying, please do! There was an awful lot of pretty in this ep. Love how awesome they look this season, and I agree, less tan is better.

Have fun and I can't wait to hear all about it! Thanks for this great review!
# KELLY 2013-10-20 03:47
Yeah, I've really loved this season so far. That scene between Zeke and Dean was spectacular. As was Dean's with Abaddon. And I don't think he was manipulating Kevin either. I think he actually sees them as part of this slightly expanding family. I do think he doesn't always consider how much somebody means to him until it becomes necessary for him to deal with, which it was at that moment.

I had the same thoughts you did when Sam said he was feeling good. He'd been either a physically or emotionally or mentally hindered (or all three) since S5 and S4 he was hopped up on DB and S3 he was trying to keep Dean out of Hell. So he's been playing wounded for years. So have Zeke heal the physical stuff after dealing with a lot of issues that have been there for years with Dean-why wouldn't he feel better? But there's that nagging doubt that Zeke messing with him TOO much. And that Zeke intends to stay after he's strong enough to keep Sam from booting him out. And I'm also wondering if Dean will offer up himself if that happens because he is also an amazing option for a vessel. I don't know but this season has me all charged up.
# nappi815 2013-10-20 08:06
i'm not worried about zeke taking sam over. i honestly think that can't happen because neither sam nor dean would allow that. dean would kill sam before he let zeke take total control of his brother and sam would want to be dead. i still think that little caveat that carver put in about a vessel being ejected if rejected was added to canon so that situation cannot happen. just like i feel certain that abbadon telling dean she would rip off his pretty little anti demon tattoo would ensure that dean would double protect himself and sam. if she never said anything, then i could see her doing it, but the fact that she planted the thought in dean's head reassures me that it will never happen.

no, what concerns me isn't anyone taking over anyone, what concerns me is how much information zeke will acquire from sam and if and how he will use it against them. think about it...sam winchester is a vault of information. he's a "walking encyclopedia of weirdness". the vast amount of general information he knows would have anyone and anything at an advantage. i mean after all, the nazi said it himself...."kno wledge is power". but it's not only general info that sam knows...who knows dean winchester better than anyone? granted angels and demons know that these boys would die for ea. other and have taken advantage of it...but sam knows dean in a way no other does. he knows what makes dean tick. he knows what can hurt him. he understands why dean is the way he is. he knows the effect his mother and father had on him. sam has a level of understanding about dean that no other has. how useful would it be to know the inner thought process of dean winchester? well as useful as it is now knowing sam's. this angel knows what sam knows. he understands both winchesters in a way no other being does. so whether zeke is good or not, this information can be used against these boys.
now i think zeke is on the up and up. but cas also said he was a good soldier. even if zeke is good, a good soldier, as dean would know, would do whatever it took to win. so i can see down the line, when zeke wants that favor from dean winchester, how he would be able to manipulate both boys to do what he needs them to do, whether they want to or not. that could be a problem.

as for sam at the end of the eppy, i believe it was all him saying that. it's not the first time sam has felt better about himself. in defending your life, sam explained to dean how he didn't feel the burden of guilt anymore and when dean asked how sam told him "hell". sam being brutalized in hell was enough of a punishment for him to feel as though he needn't punish himself any longer. he can honestly not hold onto the guilt any more. his suffering and then his release has allowed sam to feel good and be in a good place, regardless of his hellucinations. well, sam has been through a major ordeal again. he's been sick, suffering and emotionally and physically broken and he came back from all that, he survived. he has every right to appreciate and feel happy about that regardless of what lies ahead. even sam winchester is allowed to be happy and content every so often.
i just read an interview where jared explains that in eppy four he shares stuff with dorothy that he normally wouldn't share with anyone. he said it's sam who does it and it's our nice kind sam. jared goes on to explain that he shares with her because he knows she won't be back. he doesn't have to worry that she'll ever say anything.. typical winchester not wanting anyone to know how he really feels for fear of embarrassment. but he said it was sam saying it. he separates when he's zeke and when he's sam. so sam's thoughts are his own. only thing sam doesn't realize is that him and dorothy aren't the only one who'll be in on those thoughts. that's what i think might get to sam eventually. i think he might get very upset that there was someone on the inside who knows all his feelings and thoughts. it's going to be like finding out his house was bugged you know. that might sit with sam for a few eps..but hopefully he'll get over it sooner than later. i think he will, but i think it's something he'll have to deal with. i mean he didn't seem to dwell on meg being inside him so i'm confident that he'll not dwell on this.
leah d
# leah d 2013-10-20 11:26
Hi Kelly, yeah that nagging thought is there, huh.

I don't necessarily think Zeke has to be a "bad" guy to be reluctant to leave Sam's strong vessel. He could just be zealous about restoring heaven to it's original state. What worries me is if he is doing more to Sam that he lets on. What if he was not being truthful about Sam being able to expel him. Is there an angel 'possession' exorcism? If the sigil thingy was used, wouldn't Sam go with?

(Good to see you Kelly, stop over at the CB and say hi. Promise, no nagging about Vancon!!!)