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SPOILER ALERT: I loved this episode. Supernatural has really been bringing it the past few weeks and I am loving every second. We are one episode away from a long hiatus and there is still so much that needs to be resolved!

As is typical at about this time every season, I feel like my head might explode. There is so much going on that I feel the need to categorize my thoughts in list form rather than a typical review. So please bear with me as I go all “type A” on you right now.


We knew coming into the episode that we would be dealing with the third trial. Curing a demon. We didn’t know what that meant or how the heck to do it, but we knew that it had to get done. As it turns out, there is a way! I won’t take too much time to complain about how quickly Sam and Dean found the tapes of Father Thomas’ experiments. At this point in the season, time is of the essence and I’d rather spend my 42 minutes on other things besides watching Sam and Dean hunt through books and files.

Father Thomas found a way to truly cure a demon and it’s all about purified blood. I think that confirms many of our suspicions that what Sam is going through is actually a demon blood detox. Why he and Dean haven’t figured it out yet, I don’t understand. Sam even mentions needed to get the blood before they try to cure Abaddon. I wonder how long it will take Sam to realize that his blood will work? He seems to realize, based on his comments in last weeks episode, that these trials are purifying him. Perhaps he doesn’t feel ready? What do you guys think?

Since Crowley has threatened to keep all demons far away from Sam and Dean it looks like he’ll become the third trial. Am I the only one who was a little bummed to have that given away in the preview? Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very excited to watch everything unfold but it would have made an awesome surprise. Can you imagine if Sam manages to cure Crowley? I can’t even comprehend a Crowley with feelings and regrets. I don’t really think that’s going to happen though. Crowley is just way too good at being bad. If the boys manage to cure anyone, I would guess that it might be Abaddon. That is pure speculation on my part, but I hope it’s accurate!



This whole episode made me feel awful for poor Cass. He tried so hard to do what was right and protect everyone from the angel tablet. But once again he has lost Dean as a result. I don’t think this is quite as bad as the last time he and Dean were on the outs, but it’s certainly not looking good. What I still don’t understand is why Castiel was so specific about having to keep the tablet away from Dean? I’m convinced there’s more to it than he’s letting on. I am glad that Cass is still trying to mend his relationship with Dean. Watching him grocery shop for the things Sam and Dean like might have been the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.  

Cass: “I have money. Where’s the pie?”

I do think Dean will come around eventually as long as Castiel is open about his plans involving the angel tablet. No more secrets!

So it looks like we’re embarking on a whole new set of trials. Metatron made a convincing argument about closing the pearly gates and letting the angels figure things out in close quarters. But what does that mean for he and Cass? They are angels, so I assume that would mean getting themselves locked away as well. I wouldn’t want to be stuck up there with a bunch of mad angels knowing that I’m the reason the gates are closed.

Cass still carries around the guilt of his failed attempt to be the new god. I don’t know that he’ll ever be able to forgive himself for that. So I know he feels responsible for the chaos in Heaven. But is it me, or did that chaos begin long before Castiel had anything to do with it. From what Metatron said last week, things started to unravel as soon as God left the building. That’s why Metatron went into hiding in the first place. So why sit by and let Cass feel complete responsibility for the way things are? Cass’ guilt seems convenient for Metatron because it means that Cass will help him attempt the trials. I like Metatron, but I’m not totally sure I trust him yet.


Crowley is playing a nasty joke in the Winchesters in an attempt to squash their efforts to close the gates of Hell. Before the episode I had completely forgotten about Crowley promising to kill everyone that Sam and Dean had ever helped. So when I saw Tommy, I didn’t put two and two together right away. In fact, I was feeling a little nostalgic right before he blew up all over the wall.

So Crowley plans to kill someone the Winchesters saved every 12 hours until they bring him the demon tablet and stop trying to close the gates of Hell. That in and of itself screams desperation. Crowley knows their close and he’s getting worried. After killing Sarah, I understand why Sam would start to wonder if this is really worth it. That whole scene in the hotel room was heartbreaking. But what good would it do to stop now? It’s not as if Crowley will just forgive them. Returning the tablet would only mean that Hell is still open and Crowley would be hell-bent on making Sam and Dean pay. Thanks to another lite spoiler in the preview it looks like Sam rethinks giving up on his mission. I was hopeful that he would come to his senses and I’m glad to see that he did.


Crowley really hit Sam and Dean where it hurt with his speech about the family business. I think there was a good deal of truth to what he said. Saving people is what keeps Sam and Dean going when life gets hard, as it so often does for them. These people are the reason they wake up everyday and do what they do. Sam and Dean have given up “normal” in order to save people and hunt things. So if Crowley did manage to kill everyone Sam and Dean has saved, it would absolutely destroy them. Besides each other, there’s not a whole lot else they have except the comfort they find in knowing that the people they saved are alive and well. It was a cruel and very well calculated play on Crowley’s part. But something tells me that he will pay for it next week when Sam and Dean have him in their new dungeon.


I don’t have too much to say about Abaddon. Only time will tell how much of a role she has in the finale episode. I will say that I can’t believe Sam and Dean would leave her all alone in a room like that! Rookie mistake boys! As I said earlier, I suspect that if Sam and Dean are successful at curing a demon, it will be her.



Dean: “I’ve had that hangover. Jaeger, man...”

Dean: “You can take your apology and you can cram it up your ass.”
Cass: “Dean, I thought I was doing the right thing.”
Dean: “You always do.”

Sam: “So we have a dungeon.”
Dean: “Finally.”

Dean: “Over the past couple of months I’ve seen him do crap I didn’t think was possible. Sure he’s miserable and he’s hurting but there’s not a doubt in my mind that he’s gonna cross the finish line. Not one.”

I absolutely loved this moment of pure trust and faith. Sam and Dean have been on rocky ground more than once over the seasons and hearing Dean’s complete confidence in his brother was really touching. It seems Sam is in this for the long haul and having Dean to back him up will make all the difference.

Cass buying Dean ‘Busty Asian Beauties’ was a great moment!

Father Thompson went to confession as a way to purify his blood. Do you think Sam will need to do the same or do you think the trials will be enough?

Waitress/Nephilim: “Cool coat.”
Cass: “No, it’s actually quite warm.”

Crowley: “First things first, what are you wearing?”

Crowley: “I’m sexting you an address. Check it out.”

Those Supernatural books have done nothing good for Sam and Dean. And now Crowley is using them as a research tool!  

Sarah: “No, you’re not the seem more focused and confident like you know what you want. You grew up.”
Isn’t that the truth! I feel like she hit the nail on the head there.

Sarah: “I do miss the old haircut though.”
Sometimes I get a little nostalgic for season one hair too.

Dean: “Son of a bitch!”
Crowley: “Son of a witch, actually. My mom taught me a couple tricks.”

That moment when they realized the hex bag was in the phone broke my heart.

Sam: “I’m saying, maybe this isn’t one we can win. Maybe we should just take the deal.”
You’re talking nonsense, Sam! When has a deal with a demon ever been the way to go?

Dean: “We’ll kick it in the ass like we always do. Are you with me?”


# tyro 2013-05-10 01:54
The last but one episode (don't like that pen-word)! Good or less than good, it's almost over. We are the end. I liked the ep, I liked almost each ep taken separately more than the season as a whole, I'm afraid. The parts are endearing - the talks, face expressions, settings, music. The plots sometimes have holes, and, honestly, one can't put that much of everything - myths, characters, relations etc. - in 42 minutes and make it convincing, deep, real. I am think Carver was making it up while he goes which is typical for a show runner in his first season . Even Kripke did corrections and changed his initial plans as the necessity arose. So I'm looking forward to the next season which certainly will be better structured and overall better, and meanwhile enjoying fabulous performances (and looks) of my favorite actors.
# NoLieFe 2013-05-10 04:24
Nice review, Sophia!
Like you, I am quite suspicious towards Metatron: the first action he does commit to Castiel is a murder even if it's the removal of an abomination. I wonder if there is not Naomie behind?
I do not understand why give the tablet Crowley is a problem for the boys because, now they know Metatron and he knows exactly what is written on the tablets.
# LoveMyCas87 2013-05-10 07:50

I do not understand why give the tablet Crowley is a problem for the boys because, now they know Metatron and he knows exactly what is written on the tablets.
I've been wondering the same thing....and wondering why the need for Kevin if Metatron knows what is written...I wonder if he's being truthful with Cas or if it's really Metatron and not someone else..Maybe (if it is really Metatron) he's only telling them certain things from the tablet. I don't think he would tell them everything that is written, especially if Sam and Dean could use it against te angels..It seems like he wants Cas to do the trials and get this done quickly. I'm thinking maybe there's something major on the tablet and he doesn't want anyone to know what it is. That would follow why Cas originally didn't want Dean to have the tablet.
# Ale 2013-05-10 05:49
Oh, goodie, someone else that loved the episode. I was starting to question what was wrong with me.
# njspnfan 2013-05-10 08:10
Nice review, Sofia. I liked it a lot more after watching it again. Metatron's sudden turnaround seemed a little strange and I'm not sure if he has a hidden agenda or not; curious to see how this plays out.

I really hate it when they make the guys out to be complete idiots by leaving Abbaddon alone; saw that coming a mile away.

Sam's "purification" makes a lot more sense now given the parameters of the third trial; what if his blood turns out to not be pure and he's unable to "cure a demon"?
# Sylvie 2013-05-10 08:16
Thanks for the review Sofia, I also really liked this episode as well. The old film of the exorcism was pretty damn freaky, it scared the crap out of me for sure! :eek: And sewing Abbadon back up was truly gross! :o I couldn't believe when the guys just left her alone in the barn, no devil's trap to guard her, I guess they figured the one in her noggin would keep her put...they were wrong. I loved it when she got her hand to creep out of the box and onto her shoulder, it was very Addams Family. :lol: Her calling Crowley the salesman was inspired, ha! And Crowley's number, "666". If that showed up on my phone, I think I'd throw the phone away and run for the hills! :lol:

I was really sad to see Sarah die though. In my mind I thought for sure they would be able to save at least one person. Now everytime I watch "Provenance", I'm just going to think about her dying a few years later! :sad:

Metatron (call me Marv :lol: ) and Cass, very odd couple pairing! It's not that I don't trust Metatron per se, it's just he's been in hiding for such a long time, how can Cass decide so quickly to go along with his plan? And Cass should have learned his lesson by now, you talk to Sam & Dean before you decide to do something! :sigh: Although, I loved the scene in the grocery store, "where's the pie?" :lol:

On a closing note, I think the CW should really watch what they show in their previews. They ruined Bobby being the soul to be rescued, and now we know the Winchesters are going to try to cure Crowley. :-| It would have been best for us to find out at that moment, no?
# Sylvie 2013-05-10 08:40
Geez, I was a little heavy handed on the emoticons!
# Avishek 2013-05-10 08:21
There was a lot to love from this episode and while the overall setup was great with Cas trying to close the gates of heaven and Crowely deciding to undo all the good work the winchesters have done over the years in such a brilliant manner(You expected demon, I give you Crowley the witch or is it warlock?). You could literally see the Sarah scene breaking Sam apart.

But you have covered all the good beats, so I'll list some major fails and some minor quibbles.
1.Tommy and Jenny?Really?Do es anyone remember them?The sad fact is that most MOTW saves only appear a second time to die off on this show.
2.Any memorable female characters left that Sam had connected with in previous seasons. Nope. All are dead.
3.Epic fail with Abaddon. Eight years and they still act like newbies.Why?Aba ddon could have killed them.Henry, you died for nothing and John, your kids are idiotic and have a death wish.
4.A problematic theory came back. Demons are corrupted dead humans right. Where did that leave Crowley?Is Crowley the meatsuit or the demon? Can't remember but they made Crowley's son remarkably close looking to Sheppard. So is the meatsuit Crowley.
5.Minor quibble.Jenny is from season 7 yet Chuck wrote upto season 5. If Crowley is basing his 'research' on Chuck's books, then how did he know about Jenny?
# eilf 2013-05-10 09:13
You know it could be that those three people were picked by Crowley because he is being too smart. It is possible he picked Tommy because Wendigo is the source of the famous 'Saving people, hunting things, the family business' encouragement that Dean gave Sam that made him decide to commit to this life in the first place.
Sarah was as you say the one remaining woman in Sam's life that was undamaged by an interaction with him and he clearly would have fallen for her given the opportunity so who better to kill to make him quit?
But Jenny, why Jenny? And it isn't even that they needed to use the actress, she was unrecognizable. Jenny was in an episode with ancient and powerful witches. Crowley's mother was a witch. I think that that is how Crowley found out about their rescue of Jenny. Maybe the boys can backtrack and find out who Crowley talked to and use that against him.
# Bevie 2013-05-10 11:13
Hi Avishek - Chuck wrote up to the end of season 5, but as far as we know, they were only published up to the end of season 3, so how did Crowley know about Jenny unless it was the connection with the witches in that episode?

Too bad it wasn't Amelia Crowley killed, as then I would have been rooting for him, instead of being depressed to hell as I loved Sarah so very very much. She was and would have been perfect for Sammy!

Really hated this episode because of killing my favourite female, but that doesn't mean I think it was a bad episode per se or badly written. Just that it depressed the hell out of me!

Hope they or someone or something will stick it to Crowley either next week or next season. Want to see him suffer for what he did! Perhaps that is what Abaddon will do.
# Gwen 2013-05-10 10:19
Great review of a great episode, Sofia.

My first impression of this episode had been that it was rather underwhelming. I think that this must have been due to me watching it at a very late hour and with me going cross eyed through tiredness. I re-watched the episode this afternoon and I absolutely loved it. I think this season is ending in brilliant form.

I loved Dean's faith in Sam and his absolute conviction that Sam will complete the trials. I loved Dean bringing Sam peanut butter cups. So sweet. Loved Dean's pleasure at finding out that they have a dungeon. :lol:

Sam suffering his nausea, food cravings and everything smelling bad made me laugh. And sympathise. It sounded just like my months of morning sickness. :D

When Sam talked about the priest needing to go to confession to purify his blood I got quite excited. I would love to see Sam's confession. I am crossing everything that this will happen and that, maybe, it's where we will hear something about why Sam didn't or couldn't look for Dean.

I'm going to whisper this quietly and then run to hide but I was never a fan of Sarah so her death didn't bother me. I thought that scene was excellent - powerful stuff. Although I have to say that I thought there was more chemistry between Sam and Sarah in those few scenes in this episode than in all the scenes we've seen between Sam and Amelia. Poor Sam looked so broken and defeated at the end. Jared once again was fabulous in this episode.

A big highlight for me was Crowley. Mark Shepherd was amazing.

One gripe - I do wish it was Dean doing the trials to close the gates of heaven.
# clair 2013-05-10 11:04
I liked this episode, too. I just wish Dean wasn't so pissed at Cas. I loved Cas eating Jiffy Pop popcorn during the movie. How long did he think the movie would be? And who made the popcorn for him?

I wonder if Sam is remembering everything in his life because he's going to need all of his memories for a confession.

And Dean's "We're gonna kick it in the ***, like we always do." I love Dean in Warrior Mode.
# Amyj 2013-05-10 12:07
I keep thinking about Deans "are you with me?" line. And all i can think is i dont want a lot of time spent on the asnwer. I dont want contrived angst. I want this:

Sam: The trials. Sarah. I feel as if I'm in a fod. I can't see a way out of this. But I know one thing, Dean. Ypu pull rabbits out of hats. If anyuone can come up with a winnable plann, its you."

I'd love as I'd imagine a lot of other to see Sams faith in Dean. Dean strategises like Sam and Charlie hack. :)

Ok.....Castiel and the Angels really need to get their free will revoked. Cas may have a good heart but he's stuck in the same loops as the other angels. He and they never change. Just keep doing the same thing over and over again.

I think Deasn description of Cas back in season ? was the most apt ever. He's a baby in a trenchcoat. Always was and always will be. God, he sounded like a petulant child, complaining because Sam was working with Dean to making a complete mess in the convenience store to threatening the clerks life. and then following Metranon in the metaphorical 'white serial killer van' becasue he offered him 'candy'.

and yup...someone had to have made the popcorn for Castiel because the Angel should never be allowed near a stove.

As soon as it was revealed they cut off Abadoons hands I knew she would esacpe. I've seen all the old movies. You need to know where the hands are at all times cause the head/brain always psychically controls the hands. At the least the boys should have taken the hands with them. its horror movies 101
# nickmaniac 2013-05-11 01:46
Count me in as one of those who really enjoyed the episode - and shockingly, found it even more entertaining than last week's!! That's probably because there was more action taking place than in 'Great Escapist', so I was riveted throughout; some of the expositions tend to make me tune out.

I don't think the boys were dumbed down in the scene where Abaddon escaped; I think they were PRESUMPTUOUS, perhaps, but not stupid. She had no hands, and there was a devil's trap WITHIN her. Many commenters have claimed the boys were stupid for leaving her, but I don't see this instance being the case.

I know many people were angry/upset by Sarah's death, but I personally found it effective that they brought her back into the boys' life and very quickly got rid of her. By the end of the scene, I was pretty horrified - which is a good thing in a supernatural series! I'm curious, though, about Jenny's death. Apparently the actress was credited but we never saw her face... I wonder if her actual death scenes were cut for time. :/

Not entirely thrilled by Castiel having a separate storyline from the boys (again), so I'm hoping the boys get the jump on him soon!!