It's time to take a look at the visuals from "Man's Best Friend With Benefits."  This review is a little shorter than usual because the episode was so dialogue-heavy, and when episodes are really dialogue-heavy, that means the screen caps are a lot of faces and not a lot of other stuff.  But that's okay.  The less tiime spent with this episode the better!


This is from the "Previously On" segment, so I'm not positive what episode it's from, but look at their faces!!!  Their faces, holy shit.  Amazing.


This dog was the best part of the episode.  It was so pretty!  Look at how expressive this dog is.  I mean, honestly, you look at this dog, and you could totally buy that it would transform into a human being.


Just look at its face!  Soooooooooo adorable!


Many people have raised the issue of the insensitivity of having a minority actress wear a collar and call a white man master.  I'm not going to go into that here because much more eloquent articles have been written on the subject than I could manage.  I do think probably the writers didn't specify her race when they wrote the script and that this actress was just the casting people's favorite.  At least, I hope they didn't specify her race when they wrote it.  I'm all for colorblind casting and would love to have more ethnicities represented on the show, but in this case, it backfired.

But anyway, I have a few questions about logistics here.  Where did that dress and shoes come from?  Can she just conjure clothes out of thin air when she transforms?  What happens to her clothes when she transforms back?  And in the scene just prior to this, Sam was petting her chest when she was in dog form.  Did he just accidentally sexually assault Portia or are all bets off when she's in dog form?  Also, the clasp on her collar is always in the back while she's a human.  Doesn't her hair catch on the clasp?  Doesn't it catch on the rhinestones?  Wouldn't a smaller, less intense collar make sense for her to wear when moving in human circles?


This is a neat shot.  The long tree shadows make it very ominous.  Of course, while I was watching the episode, I was like, "not the blind guy.  Do not kill the blind guy, show.  OH, COME ON!  THE BLIND GUY????"  I don't know why that was a line I didn't want crossed, considering what has happened on this show, but it was.


Look at that shiny paint job, reflecting light on the side.  That car is a thing of beauty.


This warehouse is sweet.  Look at those windows!  The natural light is fantastic!  I really liked this location.


SAM GOT STUCK IN A LAUNDRY BIN!!!!!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah aha.  Funniest part of the episode right here.  And how did that thing not collapse under the strain?


Super awesome Dean profile shot right here.  Not quite as awesome as Sam getting stuck in a laundry bin, but close.

And that's all I've got.  The episode was well-shot and well-lit and everything we expect from the show.  But like I said earlier, the overwhelming amount of dialogue made the caps from the episode full of faces.  And while they are nice faces, that's not exactly the point of these reviews.  Anyway, did I miss anything you liked from this episode?