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Ah, that’s better.  No, “Remember The Titans” wasn’t a perfect hour of television, but after last week’s outrage it was a damned breath of fresh air.  I’m not sure about you, but I’m loving the strategic move of breaking up the writing team of Dabb and Loflin.  Dan Loflin produced a clean, consistent script.  There wasn’t a dog collar in sight.
The episode didn’t move things that far along either, keeping events in a holding pattern until stuff really kicks up in episode 17.  That usually happens at this point in the season though, so we’re left to judge how entertaining is this filler compared with most?  To me, it wasn’t the best, but it was far from the worst.  The dialogue was a vast improvement over last week and overall entertaining.  There were funny bits, emotional bits, and some great action.  The script moved easily from scene to scene, even if it got a little slow at times.  For instance, who knew Zeus was a crappy monologuer?   
I’ll be honest up front, my knowledge of Greek mythology is a bit rusty.  It’s been quite a long time since I read “The Odyssey.”  I know who Zeus, Artemis, and Prometheus are though and they’re quite legendary.  I was a little stunned to find they were used in this basic throwaway monster of the week story.  Couldn’t they have found lesser known Greek Gods?  I don’t know, like perhaps Zeus’ half wit lesser known baby brother Zit?  I was at least hoping for Zeus and Apollo, just so I could do a “Magnum PI” shoutout.  

I’m sorry, but did Zeus actually die?  Really?  The most powerful of all Gods?  Sure, he’s been weakened over the years since people don’t exactly worship him anymore, but the mere fact that he still existed said something.  I’m thinking Artemis took him back to the Gods hangout for some resurrecting and fence mending.  But hey, it’s mythology, right?  I can play along with fanwanking as much as anyone else.  

I liked the monster of the week story, but I’m not going to dig or nitpick too much into it, even though I know Artemis would have never had a fling with Prometheus because she’s a man hater.  We’ll just let the story go and suspend believability.  Fanwanking, remember?  This week was a decent parallel between the plight of Sam and the plight of Prometheus.  And that’s the stuff we love to dwell on.  

Sam isn’t doing so well.  That determination of doing the God trials and living is getting deflated by the fact that he’s coughing up blood and feeling a bit of pain.  He’s trying to hide it from Dean, but luckily Dean isn’t stupid.  He isn’t mad either that Sam is hiding things, which I think is so damned wonderful.  Not a bit of brotherly tension in sight.  He’s just worried, and he should be.  

There’s one conversation that I’d like to pick apart.  That’s Sam and Prometheus in the graveyard.  Prometheus must know, why is Sam helping them?  Why is he risking his life for them?  Sam doesn’t really answer the question, but throws it back at Prometheus instead.  Why did he steal the fire?  The problem is, he doesn’t remember.  Sure that’s a true statement, but there’s also that double meaning he isn’t sure why he does this anymore.  When Sam assures him he’s done good since he saved the world, Prometheus says none of that matters if he couldn’t save his son.  

As they say in Bolt, let’s put a pin in that.  It’ll be important later.  In the meantime, what do you think Sam will take away from that conversation?  What could make Sam realize that none of this matters if he can’t save someone important to him?  That was something Henry probably realized when going along with Dean’s plan in “As Time Goes By.”  He had legacies to protect and the risk was worth it.  He just figured out it was his grandsons and not his son.  

With all this talk of legacy that’s been coloring the season eight landscape, I can’t help but wonder how that applies to Sam.  Will he realize during the trials that closing the gates of Hell doesn’t matter if he can’t protect the ones he loves?  Or the one.  Is that Dean?  There’s always the possibility it’s another tease that Sam will end up with a kid out there.  It’s been speculated a few times on this site that Amelia will end up pregnant.  I’m not saying I want that to happen or it will, but do you think the writers would actually go there?  I’m not sold on it yet, but it’s food for thought since there have been plenty teases like that this season.  

No doubt, Prometheus’ death deflated both Sam and Dean.  It was a sobering reminder of what Dean already observed, when they are forced into these situations, one of them ends up dead.  I know that some people took Sam’s talk with Dean in the Impala at the end about being naïve on this whole trials thing as giving up hope.  No, I don’t think Sam was giving up.  That’s the practical side of Sam we always know.  He was reminded that they often don’t have control of their fates, no matter how much they want to be.  He is getting worn down physically too and it’s scaring him.  

But taking the glass half full approach, Prometheus did save his kid before going down, thus fulfilling his wish.  Dean also declared that Sam wasn’t dying on his watch, but poor Sam has been through enough where he know Dean’s reassurances are sincere but not practical.  No wonder Dean reached out to Castiel.  He has no where else to go.  

We can take the whole thing to go one of two ways, Prometheus’ death can be the warning sign the brothers need to do things differently, or it can be horrible foreshadowing to the fact that Sam is going down.  Given Dean’s heartfelt, and totally crushing plea to Castiel, he realizes that they’re into something deeper than they can fathom and need help.  That prayer right there gives us the hope that the outcome ends up being favorable, and dammit we need that hope.  Well, that and if Sam died that would make things difficult for season nine.  

Speaking of Dean, I’m so happy he’s embracing this Men of Letters thing.  His boasting that he and Sam were legacies was pretty cute.  I’m not sure why everyone looked at him like he was nuts, because that’s one of the most sane things he’s ever said.  Speaking of the Men of Letters cave (I’m still not sure what to call it), one of my major complaints from last week was instantly eradicated.  They actually researched the case there!  My happiness soars.  Turns out that old information had exactly what they needed for summoning an ancient Greek God.  Good to know, huh? 

Other than what I’ve touched upon, this episode didn’t leave a lot of deep thinkies for me.  I didn’t have hissy fits with the TV Brick either, so it’s all good.  Here’s a few other stray thoughts that mean absolutely nothing as we go into this three week break:  
  • When do we get to see Sam’s bedroom?  I don’t expect it to be much, but I want a scene where Sam is too sick to get out of bed and Dean comes in to take care of him.  Yep, everybody fanwank!  
  • I am so excited to see Steve Boyum back as director.  He’s been doing a lot of work with “Hawaii Five-0” (director and producer) and “Revolution” (director) these days and hasn’t been around since season five.  This is the guy that directed such epic “Supernatural” classics as “Swan Song,” “The End,” “In The Beginning” and “Crossroad Blues” among other great episodes.  I love his eye, and he knows how to work a scene to deliver the most emotional impact.  His technique of pulling each shot in closer as the conversation or scene progresses, often ending with character close up is a fantastic way to show a genuine emotional reaction to the situation.  Some of the best scenes using this technique are Sam and Dean’s talk at the picnic bench with Hayley, Sam and Dean’s altercation with Artemis in the hallway (which is effective considering Sam and Dean’s backs were turned to her) and Dean’s plea to Castiel at the end.  
  • This episode delivered THE best line of the season:  

Sam: What do we know that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women? 
Dean:  I don’t know, you?

  • Wasn’t that the coolest sheriff?  He’s a believer!  He honestly thought he had a zombie on his hands and even told Sam and Dean how to kill them.  Isn’t it fun that shows like “The Walking Dead” help law enforcement types with giant leaps in logic?  Dean did it too, calling Prometheus a real life Kenny, and that’s from a cartoon!  
  • Sam with Oliver was adorable.  He really didn’t know how to help but tried.  When Oliver chose to stay it’s almost like that kid’s fate was sealed, he like his father will be saving the world someday.  Legacies.  I’ll tell ya, it all has to mean something!  It could mean this kid will be another ally for the Men of Letters someday.  
Enjoy the break until March 20th!  Then the real action begins.  




# Bunyip 2013-03-02 22:11
Great review thanks. I agree about the continuing themes of the season, particularly duty and choice and being controlled. Regarding Amelia, I've noticed that the past few episodes have been careful to show us that some time is passing, for example, 'it's been weeks', or "haven't heard from xxx in weeks' or Kevin's calendar. Could this be leading up to very pregnant ex-girlfriend showing up sometime towards the end of the season?
# Bunyip 2013-03-02 22:14
Oh, and look at the way Prometheus has been 'laid out' in the picture. An exact copy of Sam in AHBL. Foreshadowing much?
# KELLY 2013-03-02 23:05
I like you review, Alice. I agree that that Sam's conversation with Prometheus could be foreshadowing. It's it wrong that I hope if someone is going down it's Amelia. And I'm afraid that the unplanned pregnancy might also be foreshadowing.

I like the idea of both brothers having a future with kids and passing on "The Legacy" but I truly dislike Amelia. And more importantly I just don't see how that could work on a show where they're constantly in danger and on the road. And I really HATE it when they have a kid in shows and then have someone else raise it. What is the point of that?

I'm not saying I think that storyline is likely but there have been a few things now that could be taken as hints. I just hope they don't go down in route like that until the last season. In fact I prefer just a flash forward showing a brief snippet of their lives.
# fanotheboyz 2013-03-03 01:21
Maybe they should have asked the sheriff if he knows Jody Mills.

Really agree with you on Sam's bedroom and would like a little H/C Winchester style!

Maybe if they had a garage, there wouldn't be a BULLET HOLE in the Impala! ( that's my story and I'm stickin to it)

I liked this episode. I see others' POV about inconsistencies and such, but I was less bothered by it this week.
# Super 2013-03-03 02:53
Alice! No need to hintedh no more! ;)

" Dean didn't read it. He didn't have to. Whatever fear he'd had, that Sam wasn't here, was now gone. Sam was here. He didn't prop up pictures or guns or movies because that just wasn't his way. After the years of getting his own room and then losing it soon after he'd learned to downsize. There seemed to always be a little less books and comics and toys ("Figurines, Dean!") around his room as he got older. Once he hit his teens, the only things he pulled out in their current dwelling were his school books. The rest was safely tucked away in his duffel bag, in case they had to leave in a hurry. Too many times he had to leave something cherished behind and Dean had consoled his weeping little brother in the backseat of the Impala as dad was rushing out of town like the devil was after them.

Dean checked that everything was in its place before he closed the box and tucked it under the bed. He got up and straightened the slightly rumpled bed spread and quietly left the room and locked the door."

Feel free to prove me wrong, Show :)
# Super 2013-03-03 03:07

I have no manners!!

Great review Alice, thank you!!
# Leah 2013-03-03 10:45
Lovely, Super.
# njspnfan 2013-03-03 09:02

I was wondering whether they would address the whole legacy thing before the series finished up; keeping the Winchester/Camp bell family bloodline going, etc. Hoping they don't go there with Amelia (too soap opera-ishy) but remember, Soulless Sam was on the loose for over a year so who knows how many little Sammys or Samanthas are out there ;-)
# Trucklady 2013-03-03 09:39
Man I hope you are all wrong in the speculation of Amelia being pregnant. That would be the worst way to take Sam's story. But to elaborate on that thought, Sam was the one that gave Dean all kinds of grief in The Slice Girls about not using protection so my thoughts are, with the kind of life they live, and how concerned they are in hurting innocents, I would think they were careful about that. I know, I know, accidents happen but I just don't want to go there.

Great review, as always, Alice. I liked the ep but I'm not one of those that has been very disappointed in any of them throughout the season. I just enjoy watching the boys on screen no matter what. :P

Jensen sure knocks it out of the ball park with those individual scenes alone. He has a way of drawing one in and feeling his pain and just wanting to take him in your arms and hugging him, to tell him everything will be alright, when we all know that may not be the case. Sorry it's that mother/grandmot her thing in me that just wants to make the pain go away. :lol:

Sam I am scared for. It seems that he might just be starting to experience the feel like getting your spine ripped out through your mouth scenario and this just might be actually happening. These two have been through so much, just how much more can they take. He gets a big hug from mom/grandma also. :sad:
# tia 2013-03-03 10:06
I liked the episode-and Jensen should get an oscar for his prayer to castiel. however that being said I thought that scene was misplaced and just a writers ploy to manipulate the audience. Sam and Dean both know that cas can't be trusted. They put warding symbols up to keep him from hearing them and seeing them. so why would Dean trust cas to watch over his brother??? I would have preferred Dean picking up his mothers picture and talking to her. It would have made more sense to me. I know I know-they have to force feed the audience cas all the time. Well I won't be around for season 9 with him being a regular-I am sick of the angel/demon story line.
# PENNY JAIME 2013-03-03 15:15
I don't look at it that way. Cas has been Dean's best friend for years now. I know they had a big falling out; but that is all behind them now. Dean doesn't see Cas as part of the whole Angel/Demon thing. Neither do I. Other than Sam, he is the closest thing to family Dean has right now. But, he is still an Angel, so it makes perfect sense that he would pray to Cas. There is no one else he WOULD pray to actually.
# E 2013-03-04 08:07
I think Dean knows that maybe he can't trust Cas at the moment, not any more than Haley trusted Zeus, but when someone is desperate to help a loved one, they will often take that risk. Dean has shown time and again that he will risk anything, even his own soul when it comes to Sam. Dean even basically said in his monologue "so, for old times sake, look out for my little brother." To me this acknowledges that Dean understand's that not all is well with Cas, but that Cas basically owes them... and Dean is asking because his fear for Sam outweighs his suspicions. It made perfect sense to me.
# Amy 2013-03-03 11:25
I'm sorry to say we will probably never see Sam's room. I hinestly dont think the writers know who Sam is enough to show his room...and if they do it wll be spartan as hell with nothing personal in it.

I keep wondering what the writes are doing with Sam. Did the backwards exorsism and Sam's ability to pick up Thors hammer have any meaning? Or was it simply something that sounded cool and they realized Sam needed to do something in the episodes? I dont know why the writers choose to jettison Sam out of seatching for Dean other then for Dean to proclaim Benny better on every level then Sam...ever.

In regards to Sam winchester I feel Like Kathleen Turners cahrector Joan Wilder in Jewel of the Nile "I dont know what the pirates do anymore."

I honestly dont know what the writes are doing with Sam anymore. Instead of letting Sam talk thus giving us an hinest look inside Sam's head they have every other charector weather it be the gust charector of the week, Dean or Cas tell Sam what he is or should be thinking or feeling.

I want to hear FROM SAM what SAM feels or thinks.

And i agree with Tia...Dean praying to Castiel to watch out for Sam is misplaced and sort of a betrayal. Dean may as asked Meg to watch out for know the demon that killed several friends, nearly killed JOhn, possessed Sam and forced him to kill another hunter and tried to kill Dean. The whitewashing of that particular charector is sickening. Ido however love her idea of Dean asking his mom to watch out for Sam.
# anonymousN 2013-03-03 12:00
Instead of letting Sam talk thus giving us an hinest look inside Sam's head they have every other charector weather it be the gust charector of the week, Dean or Cas tell Sam what he is or should be thinking or feeling. I want to hear FROM SAM what SAM feels or thinks.
Exactly and preferably I want to hear from Sam what Sam feels before other characters tell me what Sam feels
# alysha 2013-03-03 11:39
Well I have to admit you have me really thinking now! What will happen and how much foreshadowing has been set up. Someone mentioned that the position of Prometheus' "dead" body mirrored that of Sam's in AHBL. With an experienced director like Boyum in charge of this, makes me wonder.

As much as Amelia is beyond annoying, she could be pregnant! It would just add to the soap opera that already exists!

Episode 19 is suppose to have one of those "Wow" moments. Oh my, what will happen?
# percysowner 2013-03-03 12:24
Dear Lord don't let Amelia be pregnant. I can't imagine Sam not using protection with her, considering as far as he knew, Amelia was still going to stay with Don. Plus would he really want to continue the Lucifer's vessel genetic line? If that was the point of getting Sam a normal life, just so he could have a legacy, I will be very, very ticked. Just NO!
# Amy 2013-03-03 12:37
Percy, until the writers show oor tell us differently IMO Sam would have taken precautions after Ruby and being souless. Although I sort of think after that He witch gave Sam the supernatural clap Sam would have gotten snipped as a precaution. He was trying to earn back Deans trust back in s5 and he was still reeelling from Rubys betrayal and didn't fully trust his own descions. It would just make sense Sam would have that procedure done. And its possible since it can be done as an outpatient.

Frankly, I Just dont see Sam as having a wife and kids. I dont see him WANTING that. Not with him being Lucifers vessel. And I think he would worry that anyone he fell for wouod be the product of Angel tampering. A la John and MAry.
# KELLY 2013-03-03 13:10
Percy, yeah as much as I like the idea of them having kids when the show is over (instead of dying in a blaze of glory). I don't like Amelia and even if I did, I just seems like an incredibly bad idea to introduce something like this to the storyline.

Amy, why would he get snipped after get the clap? It only stops pregnancies not STD's. Now maybe he would have done it after he got his soul back considering that SS was incredibly randy and he realized it would be a good precaution. But clearly he does want some sort of life after hunting since that is what most of the first part of the season was about.
# Amy 2013-03-04 08:12
Kelly, Maybe I should have explained better. But in s5 Sam was more clear headed and looking back...he had sex with Ruby...a demon. For all Sam knew Ruby could have accidently gotten pregnant or even planned a pregnancy and used the baby if Sam failed to do what she wanted.

I just think that could have crossed Sam's mind. At the time Sam thought he was the least of all his Deans friends and allies. and getting a quick vasectamy would be a major precauton on Sams part that nothing like that could happen...ever.
# KELLY 2013-03-04 11:53
Okay, sorry, that makes much more sense to me now. I just couldn't figure out how the clap thing came in, but maybe you were just saying he got it done at the same time he went back for treatments?
# Amy 2013-03-04 12:40
Yup. I could see Sam waiting his turn for the booster shots and being embaressed because he didn't have sex. Then thinking aboout sex and Ruby and eventually thinking all Murphy's Law. Then he sees a poster for vesectamies as being a a quick out patient procedure and ultimatly he thinks about how while its over....if he ever had a child he might be condeming it to the same fate as him and ..

"snip snip" No more destiny.
# Ale 2013-03-04 14:53
Oh, gross! S04 Ruby's vessel was dead!

Mind stabbing image x 1.000!
# Hades 2013-03-05 08:02
Ruby's season 4 vessel was not dead, the soul of the girl whose body it was had moved on, the demon Ruby took its place but the body was very much alive. Its basically pointed out for those who didnt get the message the first time in IKWYDLS when Ruby says she likes the body, thats its warm and something else. The writers always said that the vessel was alive so not to have Sam sleep with a dead body.
# E 2013-03-04 20:34
I don't really think Sam was risking much as far as prgegnancy goes with Ruby as her vessel was dead. There was a huge amount of backlash as I recall as well because of that fact. So... no chance of a baby there. Maybe Sam WAS careful with Amelia, but I'll bet Soulless Sam could have cared less about something like that. For all we know hippie chick could have had a little Sammy months ago.
# Hades 2013-03-05 08:03
again vessel not dead, sould moved one body still alive, so yes it could have been an issue bit it wasnt because the writers had other things to worry about.
# Ale 2013-03-05 10:21
Huuuumm. I didn't read the writers' comments in S04 because I 'found' the series in S06, but I always got the impression that the girl was very much dead. Her soul had just left her body, she flatlined and the doctor was saying 'time of death' just at the moment Ruby entered the body. That is pretty dead to me.

Plus, in IKWYDLS, when Ruby possessed the maid, she said that the girl's body was 'slowly rotting somewhere'. I guessed, then, that Ruby's demon soul (?) kept the body from rotting, the same way it keeps people from dying.

I know it's not a pleasant thought but it was clear to me that the vessel was dead. To me, it emphasized how depressed, desperate and decadent Sam was when Dean died. I was so heartbroken for him.
# lala2 2013-03-03 13:53
Why are people even putting out the idea that Amelia is pregnant in the universe?!?!?!? Talk about a show KILLER. The idea of Amelia being pregnant makes me want to vomit.

Let's all have positive thoughts - one of those being that Amelia is gone forever! Last article I read said there was no intention to bring her back! Thank goodness!
# percysowner 2013-03-03 14:05
I think people are thinking about it because
1) They showed Sam and Amelia having one last fling
2) They were making Prometheus a parallel to Sam and Prometheus had a child he didn't know about
3) because they stressed the fact that Sam and Dean are legacies and on some level, that means for the legacy to continue, they need to have more Winchesters running around.

Now, in my mind, they could decide to start a whole new generation of MOLs by bringing smart, knowledgeable hunters or academics into the MOL bunker and creating a new batch of MOLs. Frankly since the entire network got wiped out in one night, it makes it look like the original lines didn't have the sense that God gave lettuce because they made no attempt to protect themselves from rampaging demons. So an upgraded MOL formed from people who didn't just inherit the title, but who have earned it would make more sense to me than Sam or Dean having kids while the series is going. But hey, they thought Amelia was a great character that may still influence the storyline, so they aren't asking me what to do.
# eilf 2013-03-03 14:17

Frankly since the entire network got wiped out in one night, it makes it look like the original lines didn't have the sense that God gave lettuce
That is totally hilarious (and true) Percy, thank you! :D
# Leah 2013-03-03 14:25
Pretty funny percysowner!
# Alize 2013-03-17 02:15
If they did go the legacy route, I'd kind of love to see Dr. Cara Roberts make a comeback-wasn't she one of the only women Sam was with that didn't die? And if he did get her pregnant from their one night together in her office, the timing would be right for she and their child to make contact in season 9 or 10-probably about the age that Dean was when he first learned to shoot.

Even if Sam didn't get her pregnant, it would be nice to have her back in the way that Aaron is-another ally for the guys, but with some medical/forensi c background. Or if she did come back into their lives, maybe she could help Sam with whatever physical problems he's having now from the trials.

By the way, I'm still a newbie to the series, so if I got things wrong with the characters, let me know. :)
# KELLY 2013-03-17 12:40
Alize, I like Cara too. She and Sam had good chemistry. But being a doctor, who also seemed to have a Dean-like attitude towards sex. I have the feeling she would be one who took multiple precautions. IE the pill and condoms. I don't she'd be one likely to have an accidental pregnancy. I think soulless Sam would be the one most likely to get someone pregnant.

But I don't think having a kid while the show is still running would work, regardless of the age. I can't think of a show were adding a kid has worked. And usually it becomes a Jump the Shark moment. At least a show like this, although it's even a problem a lot times on sitcoms and family dramas. I think any kid having should be left to the end of the series or like a flash forward in an epilogue.

But they could bring Cara back some other way. I think the episodes for this season have probably been mostly written, but maybe next season.
# Leah 2013-03-03 12:57
Thanks for the review Alice. I liked this one also. Not one of the best but after last week this was a nice surprise. I have been blathering my thoughts all over the threads so I will try and not repeat myself too much here. :) The scenes I love the most were Sam and Oliver at the end, Sam's inner damaged child reaching out try and comfort another. Also Dean reaching out in desperation to Cas to watch over Sam, even though he thinks something might be amiss with him. The acting by Jared and Jensen, both stellar.

No brother tension, good, but it does seem inconsistant from episode to episode. I was told you thought they be shown in a different order than originally intended?

My last thought/concern , and I am not alone, is that all the brother angst (and it got ugly) seems to have been swept aside with little or no resolution. I am glad the brothers are in a better place with each other and also literally. But it seems like much ado about nothing. Maybe it will all come together at season's end but I am doubtful.
# PENNY JAIME 2013-03-03 15:20
If the Emmy's were REAL, Jensen would get one for that performance. That prayer took me off guard. I was sobbing. He was just outstanding.
# Bamboo24 2013-03-03 17:44
Thanks for a great review! I have nothing to add - I am just totally stoked for the rest of the season :)
# Sylvie 2013-03-04 08:26
Thanks for the review Alice. It was a pretty decent filler episode, it didn't bowl me over, but I enjoyed it. Fanwanking, I love that word! :lol: I had never heard it before I came to this website. Making Artemis googly-eyed for Prometheus had me going Huh? :-? but as you said, I'll allow it. The whole myth of her being a man-hater and all, but there are also the stories of her having had lovers, Orion being one of them, so okay. And face it, Prometheus was kind of cute. :oops:

Addressing the idea of a pregnant Amelia :-x , please no. Let's all start praying to TPTB that it doesn't happen. I was never on the Amelia hate bandwagon, but I think her story has served it's purpose. Let's let sleeping dogs lie. Well, unless they're Portia. :lol: But either one of these guys possibly having a kid out there could be a possibility no? Maybe one of those little guys slipped passed the goalie! :-* Well, Dean more than Sam, he is a tad promiscuous. :D Just imagine, little Sam & Dean running around out there, we could have another 10 seasons of SPN! :eek:
# love2boys 2013-03-06 10:08
Fanwanking, I love that word! :lol: I had never heard it before I came to this website.
I have never heard the word either. Can someone help me out? What is "fanwanking?" Thanks. I know I'm naive. :oops:
# Alice 2013-03-17 12:03
Oops, I realize I never answered this question. Here's the definition per the Urban dictionary (one of my favorite resources):

fanwank: To fill in plot holes or explain away lapses in continuity in fictional works by coming up with (often convoluted) explanations of how it could have happened.
# gata113 2013-03-05 10:31
Thanks for the wonderful review! I really liked that episode. I enjoyed the monster of the week story - I liked the modern version of Prometheus and was a bit sad that he died. At least his son survived and was cured of the curse.
Dean's prayer to Castiel at the end was truly heartbreaking, and Jensen's performance was amazing.
Oh, and I really liked the sheriff too! It was the second cool law inforcement dude this year, after the sheriff in Larp and the Real Girl. :)
Just, this:
It’s been speculated a few times on this site that Amelia will end up pregnant. I’m not saying I want that to happen or it will, but do you think the writers would actually go there?
Ummm... please no?
I'm afraid I'm not even able to express why this wouldn't work for me at all.
All I can say is that, for me, this would just feel like an unwelcome intrusion...