Warning!!!  If you haven't seen "Remember the Titans" yet, read no further or I will be forced to curse you so that all your comments will be read but not believed, Cassandra style!

That was a much better effort than last week's episode.  It was enjoyable.  Didn't knock my socks off, but I enjoyed it.  It's definitely the best of the episodes dealing with gods, too.  I don't have any crazy theories to toss out this week, either, unfortunately, so I'm just going to head right into the review part.  With a quick sidebar about the commenting policy on Speculate articles.

I noticed a few of you said in the comments section last week that you weren't totally familiar with how things work in the "Let's Speculate" comment area, so I'll just rehash quickly for you.  "Let's Speculate" articles are free zones.  What that means is you can comment freely without worrying that the admins (myself, Alice, and sweetondean) will move your comments to another thread.  HOWEVER that does NOT mean you are allowed to be rude, insensitive, or other inappropriate things in comments.  We will still edit your comments if they cross the line and attack other commenters, the show writers, admins, etc.  Basically, express your feelings but please use common sense.

All right, on to the episode.  Let's have some bullet points!  I love me some bullet points.  This is more or less in chronological order since that's how I take my notes during the show.  Because...how else would I take notes as it was going, self.  Sheesh.


  • Falling asleep at the wheel is the nightmare driving scenario, isn't it?
  • Did anyone else hope that the hit-and-run guy got some sort of comeuppance?  I mean, he just did a hit and run!  Bad!
  • Not gonna lie, I had to look up the liver-eating-eagle myth before they told us because it was driving me nuts.  It's been a while since I brushed up on my Greek mythology.
  • I bet Dean's next  home improvement scheme is gonna be building a garage for the Impala.
  • Ewwwwww, Sam.  Yuck.  Spitting up blood is just...makes me gag.
  • YES, he still wears the bath robe!!!
  • Of course the sheriff would think it was a zombie.  What else would a civilian think it was?  Or, really, anyone not named Winchester.
  • Ha, the sheriff is telling them to aim for the head.
  • There were some nice pinking up effects when Prometheus woke up.
  • "All I do is die." Aw, poor Prometheus.
  • "Like a real-life Kenny?" YES, "South Park" reference.
  • I like it when people call them on the Fed routine.  You'd think more people would, but I guess we're all very trusting of authority figures.
  • "Damn right I wanted to shoot some zombies."
  • Whose clothes was Prometheus wearing, Dean's? They fit him nicely.
  • Did they leave him alone in the room?  COME ON!  I just...I understand that storywise things need to happen, but it just. makes. me. so. angry.
  • "Got pulled off a mountain in Europe."  Good nod to the Prometheus myth there.
  • "What do we know that has Jason Bourne fighting skills, dies a lot, and has a history with violent women?"  "I don't know, you?"  HEEEEEE.  Though, you really lobbed that one in, Sam.
  • Genetic curses. Interesting. Monsters can be made genetically, why not curses?
  • Yes, summon Zeus and see what happens.  This is gonna end well.
  • Dragon penis. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.  This week's installment of "yes, this is an actual line of dialogue on 'Supernatural.'"
  • Dean driving a minivan.  Season 2 flashbacks.  Also, I kind of question Hayley's letting Dean drive.  "Yes, you're trying to help my son, but you are also monster killers or something, so hell no, you're not driving my car" would be my response.
  • Smarmy Zeus is the best kind of Zeus.
  • "Balls!" Yes, good, Dean.
  • Can we talk about them just leaving Haley and Oliver over there right next to Zeus?  Like, come on, guys, what was she gonna do?  Of course she was gonna panic and give in!  She's not trained in badassery like you boys are!  She has everything to lose!  You need to make her come with you if you want her to leave the room!  Seriously, it just. makes. me. so. angry.
  • Zeus was Alastair levels of creepy and badass.
  • Oh, Prometheus, pushing the arrow in was totally bitching.  Though, let's be real here.  Artemis was sort of notoriously a man-hater, so having her fall for Prometheus...mm, no.  There had to be another goddess to use.
  • Sorry, but I wouldn't want to stay around and smell a body burning.  Also, Sam, what ice cream places are open in the middle of the night?
  • Dean's really invested in Sam living a normal life.  That is kind of comforting to me, for some reason.  Maybe it's because it's Protective!Dean, but he's also older and wiser so would know when to let Sam go and live that life?
  • Of course Dean would pray to Cass on Sam's behalf.  And it definitely shows how much Dean trusts Cass again if he is asking him to watch over Sam because Dean basically trusts no one to watch over Sam but the closest family.  And of course Dean knows Sam's hiding something from him because he's observant.  And also of course Dean knows that something is really up with Cass now because if Cass could show up after that prayer, he would have.
  • Shit, yes, Meg is back! This makes me happy, more than I expected, not gonna lie.  I've been wondering where she is for a while now.
Now we're left with a 3-week hiatus until the show returns on March 20th.  Waaaaah!  But that means we're heading into the home stretch, the meat of the season!  And with an early renewal, we don't have to worry about the fate of the show heading into the big summer hiatus, which is nice.  But I'm getting ahead of myself.  What did you all think of tonight's episode?