It’s been awhile since ‘Supernatural’ gave me a good cry. Not the sad kind where I cry because terrible things are happening to Sam and Dean, but the good kind where I cry because Sam and Dean care so much about each other.  But it happened during “Trial and Error”. Twice. And boy did I need it.

I really enjoyed this episode. It wasn’t perfect by any means. The emotional continuity has been lacking a bit over the past few seasons and some of those issues came up again in this episode. For me, these issues didn’t overshadow the rest of the episode. I’m able to look past them because of the warm and fuzzies they provided. And sometimes the warm and fuzzies win.

Dean has struggled with hopelessness throughout the series. About once a season these feelings creep up, seemingly out of nowhere, to advance the plot. I know that this bothers a lot of viewers and I understand why. But I can usually overlook it because it’s how Dean has always been. He’s always been toeing the line of depression and on occasion he jumps in with both feet. Last season, he was in a really bad way and while the first half of the season focused on his struggle, they never really solved it. How could they? Sam and Dean’s lives are hard. Even now that they’ve found a place to call home their still looking death in the eye. I think I’d have a hard time seeing the light at the end of that tunnel too.

 But Sam and Dean have a home. I never realized how happy that would make me. For years, part of the appeal of ‘Supernatural’ was the excitement and adventure of Sam and Dean’s eternal road trip. They didn’t need a home because they had the impala and each other. But I have to say that seeing them with a safe and clean place to unwind makes me happy. Dean was in full-on nesting mode; decorating his room, shopping and cooking. He could not have been more happy about it. Sam has also settled in nicely. He really made himself at home in the library; nose in the books. They both seem comfortable there. Let’s hope it lasts!

While Sam and Dean were having mind-blowing revelations about their family and settling in to their new digs poor Kevin was stuck on that boat. The montage of Kevin’s life these past few months exhausted me. Sam seemed genuinely worried about his health and I would have to agree. It’s one thing to push through the pain and it’s another to send yourself into an early grave. Especially when you play such a crucial role in closing the gates of Hell! The guy needs a nap. But it doesn’t look like he’s prepared to take one. Something tells me that Kevin is not long for this world...

As soon as I saw the intro to the episode and realized that we’d be dealing with Hellhounds I got excited and nervous. Hellhounds are one of the scarier creatures we’ve seen on ‘Supernatural’. We’ve already seen them kill Dean and Jo, not to mention countless other crossroads deal-makers. And the hallucinations they cause is the stuff of nightmares. I was legitimately scared when Dean’s face got all twisted and deformed. Scary stuff. I worried that being able to see the Hell hounds through the glasses would take away the mystery but I was wrong. They are still giant, scary dogs that are super quick on their feet. And while I’m on the subject, those glasses! Oh my. That is a good look.

God’s obstacle course is proving to be very interesting. If this was the first task I can only imagine what the other two will be. No doubt they will be more dangerous. No wonder Dean wanted Sam to sit on the sidelines and let him take care of it. But as soon as he said it out loud we all knew he jinxed himself. Come on Dean, when was the last time things went your way? Still, he was ready to try.  His speech to Sam got me all choked up. And then I got something in my eye...

Maybe it’s a little selfish of Dean to expect Sam to sit by and watch his brother go on a suicide mission, but it’s the kind of selfishness that comes from love. It’s something we’ve seen many times before from these brothers. Dean just wants Sam to be safe. Sam sees a light at the end and Dean wants him to follow it. He wants Sam to settle down, get married, become a man of letters and die an old man. For Dean, that is a happy ending. Oh man, that thing is in my eye again.

But that’s not how things work, is it? Dean needed backup and Sam was there to help. And since Sam was the one to kill the Hell hound, he’s the one that will have to complete the other two obstacles. But Sam can handle it. He’s as strong as he’s ever been both mentally and physically and he has Dean by his side. Sam’s speech to Dean really warmed my heart. He is fully prepared to survive this and he wants Dean to follow him through the tunnel and to the light. Sam shared some kind words with his brother. I think it’s something that Dean needed to hear.

Sam: “You’re not a grunt, Dean. You’re a genius. When it comes to lore, you’re the best damn hunter I have ever seen. Better than me, better than dad. I believe in you Dean. So please, please believe in me too.”

Dean didn’t protest, he just handed it all over to Sam. It was a really great moment.

So now the question becomes, what will Sam have to do? How much will Dean be able to help him with the next two tasks? Will they make it through this alive? I certainly hope so!

Needless to say, I really enjoyed this episode. I know a lot of people had expressed concern that Sam would get stuck staying back in the library while Dean went on hunts. I never really thought that would happen and now I’m sure it can’t. Sam has to be out there going through God’s obstacle course and you know Dean won’t let him do it alone. I am very excited to see what comes next in this story. Season eight has breathed new life into this show and I am loving it.

So what did you guys think? Have any ideas what tasks God has in store for Sam? Are you worried about Kevin’s well-being too?

I saw Ellie’s deal from a mile away but I’m ok with that. The deal wasn’t the point of the episode, I’m just surprised Dean didn’t catch on when she told him that sleeping together was a one night offer.

What do you think happened when Sam’s hand glowed at the end of the episode? Is he locked into this obstacle course now?

Dean: “Memory foam. It remembers me.”

Dean put the picture of his mom in his room. I just loved that he feels comfortable and stable. Sam seemed happy when he noticed it there.

Dean: “Come here you smelly son of a bitch.”

Dean: “Did you know that there are like 6,000 kinds of tomatoes?”

Dean: “I miss my room.”

Dean: “Impressed?”
Ellie: “I do like a man who can handle his meat.”

Crowley would make deals while pretending to be a traveling salesman.

Dean: “Yes I can. You wanna know why? Because it’s what I do. And buddy, I’m the best.”

Sam: “I see light at the end of this tunnel and if you come with me, I can take you to it.” Cue the waterworks.