I watched this episode last night and I am still smiling. There was a warmth about this episode that we haven’t seen from ‘Supernatural’ in a long time. When is the last time we saw Sam and Dean as happy as they looked in the end of this episode? I can safely say that this is an episode I will be happy to again and again.

I know there are some fans who don’t like Charlie very much but I love her and was so glad to have her back for this episode. I love her cool confidence and the way she embraces her inner nerd. It is no surprise that her “kingdom” worshipped the ground she walked on. What I really like about Charlie is that she doesn’t need Sam and Dean to save her, she is more than capable of handling things on her own.
“Hey Jerry, I’m the one who saves damsels in distress around here.”

This is a refreshing concept in my mind. Sure, she doesn’t know much about the supernatural but she can improvise where others might just scream and wait to be saved. All that to say, I hope we get to see Charlie again someday.


I was very excited about the premise of ‘LARP and the Real Girl’ because I knew that Dean would secretly love Larping. And I was right. It certainly didn’t take him long to agree to suit up and play the role of handmaiden to the queen. That made me laugh out loud by the way. Sometimes I wonder what Dean’s life would look like if he wasn’t a hunter. He clearly likes to be part of a team. We already know from ‘Hollywood Babylon’ that he missed his calling as a producer’s assistant. Would he have done that for a living while filling his evenings and weekends with a healthy dose of larping? Who knows, but it’s funny to think about.

The premise of this episode did not disappoint. I was as intrigued by the case as I was by Dean’s newfound passion. How gross/awesome was that opening scene? Kudos to the special effects team for that really graphic death scene. I was suspecting a spirit as I often do because, well, it’s ‘Supernatural’. What I was not suspecting was a fairy. (Or is it faery? The distinction confuses me.) I’m glad that this episode came after ‘Clap Your Hands if You Believe’ because faery folk are not a concept I’m overly comfortable with. I just don’t know that much about them and as I’ve mentioned before, it takes me a little time to warm up to new creatures/beings/lore. Before “Clap Your Hands” I thought Fairies were tinkerbells and that’s it. But now I know that they can be full grown women and that they don’t have to have wings. In ‘Clap Your Hands’ we met a faery that was actually pretty evil but the faery in ‘LARP’ was different. She wasn’t evil and didn’t want to do anyone harm. The evil in this episode wasn’t actually supernatural at all. Just a sad, miserable man who seemed to have completely lost touch with reality.


There was some great development between Sam and Dean this week. I’m sure there are a lot of happy fans out there today! Both brothers suffered a loss last week, even Charlie thought that Dean had broken up with someone too. They both needed to relax and have a little fun. I was pleasantly surprised that Dean recognized this need on his own. He’s one to sulk and bury himself in work which is, oddly enough, exactly what Sam was preparing himself to do. But Dean was there to really acknowledge Sam’s loss while still recognizing a need to have a little fun. Sam and Dean were both so mature and supportive of each other, it really warmed my heart. Watching the two of them run into “battle” together was the cherry on top. They could not have looked more happy. I’m glad that Sam finally realized that a little fun would do them both good.

I could go on talking about how fun this episode was but no one wants to read that. I’d rather hear what you all thought. Did you love it or did you love it?

As usual there were some great lines and moments I want to mention.


Dean: “I know what you gave up wasn’t easy. Maybe we ought to take a night off.”
Dean, is that you?

“You’ve been Garthed” I miss that little guy!

Sheriff: “These kids today with their texting and murder.”

“I prefer the term interactive literaturist.”

Dean offering battle plan suggestions to Charlie was adorable.

Dean: “The point, which is usually yours, is that she should get somewhere safe and get back to a normal life.”

Dean really opened up to Charlie about his fight with Sam. It was nice to see him opening up to someone besides Sam. He hasn’t really had anyone to talk to since Bobby died.

Dean: “This life, you can’t afford attachments. You got to let them go.”
Charlie: “Are we still talking about Sam or did you break up with someone too.”

I loved when Dean told Charlie that she’s a real life hero. There was something very sweet about that moment.

Dean: “You find Sam, we’ll find the shadow dorks.”

Charlie: “Wow, real magic. That is really cool if not mostly terrifying.”

Charlie: “I am just an IT girl standing in front of a monster asking it not to kill her.”

Five words: Dean in a sword fight.

Charlie: “Hey Jerry, i’m the one who saves damsels in distress around here.”

Charlie: “Smell ya later bitches.”

Dean: “I get it. No amount of fun is gonna help you get over what you gave up.”
Sam: “You’re right, having fun won’t help me. It’ll help both of us. Shall we?”

Dean giving the speech from Braveheart was so funny. Especially when the guy with the frisbee interrupts.

Larping Winchester freeze frame.

Who’s excited to meet grandpa Winchester? 


# LoveMeSomeDean 2013-01-24 22:38
Loved every second of this episode. It is one that will be rewatched many times. I hope this episode will include commentary on the DVD. Would love to hear all about the making of it, The ending just made you smile. :-)

Reminded me of the firework scene in DSOTM, when Dean and Sam set off fireworks. Dean was so happy he was able to make Sammy happy. I got the same sense from Sam at the end cuz he was doing it to make Dean happy, but he also enjoyed it.
# sylia91 2013-01-24 22:40
This episode gave us a lot of what we have been missing for a while. The brothers more light hearted and teasing each other, having fun, a strong female character that doesn't die and isn't a love interest, adorkable Dean (loved the strategizing, Dean really is made to be a military leader), some warm brotherly moments, plenty of Dean facial expressions and Sam eye rolling. I really loved both Dean and Charlie thinking Belladonna was the porn star and Sam's disgusted expression explaining it was the poison. It's kind of funny and disturbing that Charlie and Dean may share fondness for the same porn, heh.
# aelaine 2013-01-25 04:37
It sure was a refreshing and needed episode, the boys trying to get along and having actual grin inducing fun. Love Charlie, her and Dean so in sync over the female sex lol, Sam thinks they are both wierdo's. loved that last scene, wig, ponytail, facepaint,leath ers, the speech! love it! oh we need one or two of these kinds of episodes every season! Looking forward to next week, looks interesting! I figure we will have a group of episodes towards the end of more of the myth arc of the season to carry to the end and on into next season, heck we have plenty of story's to tell, no need to ever cancel ha
# sofia 2013-01-25 08:25
Let's all just agree that this show never gets canceled. :)
# Sylvie 2013-01-25 08:12
I love this episode so much, I'm still smiling about it. Definitely going to be my top 5 rewatch to make me feel better about the world. :-) From the moment I heard "China Grove" I knew it was going to be great. The fact that the first victim was drawn and quartered, it was pretty epic that Dean used the speech from "Braveheart" to rally the troops. I too love Charlie, I would be happy to see her again sometime in the future. She is a real life hero, that was sweet that Dean said that to her. I really like the rapport between those two. And what can be said about Sam & Dean in face paint and broadswords! Oh be still my beating heart! :oops:

As for the fairies, I suggest you check out a book called "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" by Susanna Clark, you'll see how dangerous fairies can be. There are a whole bunch of nasty fairies (& good ones of course) peppering young adult literature. I could name a dozen books, but the one I gave you is the best, and for those who are interested in reading it, that one is not YA lit.
# sofia 2013-01-25 08:24

It's so funny that you bring up "Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell" because I actually bought that book but haven't gotten around to reading it. Sounds like I have a lot to learn about fairies!
# Sylvie 2013-01-25 09:53
Absolutely. That's where I first learned about Oberon, King of the fairies. So when he came up in "Clap Your Hands", I laughed so much.
# Amy 2013-01-25 23:05
Loved the episode. Lots of fun. Loved the warmth between Sam and Dean. Adn the sheriff was made of awesome. They always write such intersting and unique sheriffs. :)

Gotta do you come up with Dean hasn't had anyone to talk to since Bobby? He DOES have a best friend (Castiel) whom he has a profound bond with. I dont think talking is excluded.

He also has an amazing new brother in arms that apparently he told all about Sam to. If Benny was as wonderful as Dean insisted well....why didn't he continue talking to Benny? Maybe take both brothers out for a get to know you beer?

And then there is the ramdon bartender he is always telling his troubles to. or his good friend Charlie

I honestly dont understand when people claim Dean has no one to talk to outside of Sam.
# sofia 2013-01-25 23:15
I agree that he has had Castiel to talk to in the past we just haven't seen a lot of Cass this season and Benny hasn't been around much either. It's just not the same as when he could just call up Bobby and vent.