Wow. Talk about tension. You could cut it with a knife. Thank goodness for a little Garth-infused lightness or Sam and Dean may have spent the entire episode in moody silence. Not that I wouldn’t have watched...

I was intrigued coming into this episode, ‘Blood Brothers’ left us at such a heated moment and I couldn’t wait to dig into the drama of it all. (I must admit I’m still replaying that final scene in my head.) But I also knew that Garth was back and with Garth usually comes a lighter, monster of the week story. So I was worried that the Benny moment might get brushed over with a little Sam and Dean car-side conversation. And then the episode started with just that. But thankfully the conversation didn’t stop there. It actually went a lot farther than I expected, but we’ll get to that later.

There still was a monster of the week story. And let’s face it, we needed it to break up the tension. But that doesn’t meant it wasn’t a giant parallel. Two brothers, fighting on opposite sides of a war. Doesn’t take a genius to see the shout out to Sam and Dean in that storyline. But what interests me more is what Sam and Dean’s “war” is supposed to be. Is it just about Benny? Dean believes that Benny is a good man/vampire and regards him as a friend. Sam sees Benny as violation of trust and thinks Dean is being hypocritical. So is that the “war” between Sam and Dean or do you think it’s bigger than that? Personally, I think it is. Dean thought he and Sam were on the same page. Hunting is their job, it’s their life. And more than that, he thought they shared an unspoken promise to never give up on each other. Even in death. Sam doesn’t believe that hunting has to be his destiny. He believes he can make his own choices and find happiness for himself. And for reasons that are still unclear to me, he made the decision to let his brother go. So maybe that’s the “war” Sam and Dean are fighting. Benny is certainly a part of it, but not the whole shebang. What do you think? Any other theories?

Regardless of what war these boys are fighting with each other this episode ended in a battle. As I mentioned earlier, Sam and Dean’s fight went farther than I expected. It started with Dean being possessed by the coin. He said a lot of hurtful things and while it can be argued that it wasn’t really him, I think we can all agree that it comes from a place of truth. He feels neglected. He was left fighting for his life in Purgatory. The thought of Sam trying to track him down was probably the only thing that got him through. And then he met Benny who was a friend to him when he desperately needed one. Benny is truly the reason Dean is still alive. But Dean did overstep his bounds in this argument.

“Benny’s been more of a brother to me this past year than you’ve ever been!”

Not to mention this line...

“Everything you’ve ever done since you climbed into my ride is deceive me.”

Ouch. How much of that was the coin talking? I don’t know. But it was certainly harsh and untrue from where I’m standing. Of course we don’t know all the details of Dean’s year in Purgatory but I don’t see how it could make up for years of life with Sam.


When Dean was no longer under the influence of the coin, I expected a conversation about how it wasn’t really him talking. I expected that they would try to throw a patch over the fight and carry on. But Dean never really denied anything and Sam came back swinging. I’m glad to see him standing up for himself but I do think he went too far threatening Benny.

Sam: “I just might be that hunter one day that runs in to Benny and ices him”
Dean: “Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it”
Sam: “Yeah, you keep saying that.”

I keep reminding myself to look at this from Sam’s perspective. He doesn’t know Benny like we do (and we don’t even know the half of it yet). When he looks at Benny he feels betrayed; he sees his brother protecting a monster. The same brother who warned him about Ruby and killed Amy. And it must have really hurt to hear Dean’s words. But Benny is the reason Dean is alive and you would think Sam would give Dean the benefit of the doubt. If only because Sam has been there before and wanted Dean to trust him. I do keep wondering if Sam’s threat was an empty one. Maybe he was just acting out because his feelings were hurt. He made it clear he’s not interested in hunting so I don’t see him going out of his way to be the one that kills Benny. But I also know that their paths will cross again and it will result in choices being made on both sides. It could even mean one brother sacrificing their relationship to make what they think is the right call.

While I sympathize with both Sam and Dean I do feel like we need some clarification where Sam is concerned. Why didn’t he look for Dean? I know, it’s the age old question at this point but it still needs to be answered. Dean has died (a few times) before and Sam couldn’t let him go. This time Sam didn’t know where Dean was or if he was even dead but he didn’t look for him. So what was different this time around? Was it the appeal of ignorance that finally allowed him to let Dean go? When Sam knew Dean was in Hell it tortured him because he knew where Dean was and that he was there because he wanted to save Sam. So maybe not knowing where Dean was this time gave Sam some peace? What do you guys think? I don’t mean to sound like I’m accusing Sam because I don’t think we have all the facts. At this point I can’t understand him just letting Dean go but I’m open to the idea that there is more that we don’t know about Sam’s year off.


Wow, how did this get so wordy. If you’re still with me, I applaud you. Let's talk about Garth. I love that little guy. He was the perfect dash of comic relief in this heavy episode. But he also brought the heart. Just the fact that he has no beef with anyone is a testament to his care-free, forgiving personality. Sam and Dean need someone like that in their life.

He's not Bobby as Dean so clearly put it. But I do love that he is taking what he learned from Bobby and applying it. He saw a gap left by the loss of Bobby and he stepped in to fill it. I personally love him in this role. He doesn't have the best track record out in the field but he knows his stuff. I think it's a good fit and I'd love to see him around more regularly. Even if he's walking around looking and talking like a Bobby mini-me.

What did everyone think of Sam’s Amelia flashbacks? To be honest, I don’t feel like I know much more than I did before. I did really like that Sam and Amelia opened up to each other. I wonder how much Sam told her about his past, his life as a hunter and Dean. I’d be interested in seeing the rest of the conversation. Hopefully we’ll get that chance.


What did you all think of this episode? Were you satisfied with the way this episode picked up from ‘Blood Brothers’? Who is excited for Cass next week?! (I guess since CW promos are spelling it ‘Cass’ and not ‘Cas’ I need to change my ways!)

Quote time!

Dean: “You’re sulking around like a eunuch in a whorehouse”

Garth: “You guys have no idea how much I miss you.”

Dean’s once over of Garth in his Texas ranger get up made me laugh.

Garth: “That’s balls”
Dean: “That’s not how you say balls”

Garth killed the tooth fairy. This needs no further explaination.

Dean: “What do we got, a ghost with an Oedipus complex?”
Sam’s gives him a look.
Dean: “I don’t know what that means”

Dean: “You’re not Bobby. you’re never gonna be Bobby.”
Garth: “Bobby belonged to all of us, Dean. Not just you and Sam. I’m taking what he showed me and trying to do something with it. That’s all.”


Garth: “Civil War reenactments; once a year, every year.”
Dean gives Garth a look
Garth: “Don’t hate!”

Garth: “I kind of feel like we should say something”
Dean: “Sure...we won!”

I loved when we came back from commercial and they walked us through how the coin got passed along from person to person. It was nice getting eased back into the action.

Garth: “You can’t change the past, amigo.” No truer words were ever spoken!

Dean likes to pretend he doesn’t like hugs from Garth but his face tells a different story.

Sam: “Move on or I will.”
Dean: “Ok, I hear you.”