Well, they’ve done it again. Every single season I think that I can’t be left in more suspense then I was the year before. And every season I’m wrong.
The show certainly brought it’s A-game in "Survival of the Fittest." Not only did the episode do a really nice job of wrapping things up, it also created a whole set of new mind-boggling questions. Questions that we’ll have to sit on until October! This is going to be the longest four and a half months…

I could go on for pages about all the things I liked about this episode so I apologize if this ends up as more of a recap then a review. In the interest of organizing my thoughts (which are going a mile a minute) I’ll separate everything in to categories. I’d love to hear what you guys think, too, so jump in in the comments section and let’s pass the time with a little discussion.


I actually expected Bobby to play a bigger role in bringing Dick down. After going vengeful and possessing the maid, I assumed he’d at least make it in to confront Dick face to face. But almost killing Sam brought him back to himself before he got that far.  That didn’t necessarily disappoint me because I really did want Sam and Dean to be the ones to put an end to Dick. This year has been about isolating Sam and Dean in order to see how they could handle things on their own, so I wanted them to handle it without too much supernatural intervention. I think it goes without saying that I was very sad to see Bobby go, but I was happy to see him leave on his own terms. That’s something I’ve been hoping for. The last thing Sam or Dean need is the guilt of killing Bobby against his will. They even got the chance to say a real goodbye to him this time. I think that’s the best we could have hoped for in this situation.


Oh, man, it was great to see that car again. I knew I missed her, but I didn’t realize how much until I saw how pretty she looked flying down the highway. That car has been a constant since day one and has often been the only thing Sam and Dean could count on. It’s been a long season without her. Hopefully she didn’t sustain too much damage when Meg drove her through the SucroCorp sign. Anyone else amazed that Dean let Meg drive his car? (Although it was one hell of a diversion.)

Dick and Crowley

When will people learn that you can’t outsmart Crowley? He’ll always find a way to screw you over in the end. Crowley is one if the best villains we’ve ever had on Supernatural, and as much as I want to hate him, I’m thrilled to see he’ll be back next season. I loved the chemistry that Crowley and Dick had in this episode. It was so funny watching them negotiate the terms of their comically long contract. To be fair to Dick, he did have a back-up plan assuming Crowley would try to pull one over on him.  His plan to multiply himself was unexpected and very smart. Too bad for him Castiel could see through it all.

At the end of the day, I figured Crowley would give the boys his real blood. It’s like Dean said, who does he want dead more? Sam and Dean are a definite threat to Crowley, but Dick and all his leviathan friends are a larger threat. Plus, Crowley didn’t have to tell anyone about the little “kick” that comes with stabbing Dick. And he managed to take out three birds with one stone.

So now what?

So Dean and Castiel are in purgatory while Sam is left alone on earth with literally no one to turn to. This situation seems almost worse then in past seasons because it was so unexpected. Sure, there’s always a chance that Sam or Dean could die (and they have a few times) but this time Sam has no idea what happened. Purgatory certainly wasn’t part of the plan. Right at the moment when it seemed they were about to win, poof. Dean and Cas are just gone. Sam has no idea if they’re dead or not, and Crowley was no help in explaining it. There is no question that Sam is smart and will eventually figure out that if Dean isn’t dead he’s likely in purgatory. But what good does that do him? Castiel would have been the one to help him with that, and he’s gone, too. Sam obviously isn’t on good terms with Crowley, and who knows what Crowley has planned for the world now that the demons are in control. Even Meg can’t help Sam out since Crowley’s minions have taken her. Things are not looking very good for Sam right now.

I should say things aren’t looking any better for Dean and Cas. They are trapped in Purgatory with no real means of escape. Dean doesn’t know what happened to Sam, and there is no way to contact him. Cas may be of some assistance in getting out but it looks like he and Dean are separated at the very end of the episode. How do you even begin to formulate an escape plan? And even though it seems they killed Dick, the rest of the levis are back in Purgatory with Dean and Cas. Not to mention all the other things that go bump in the night.

What do you guys think is going to come of this? How long can the show go with Sam and Dean separated? A week? A month? Longer? Is there anyone you can think of that could come to the aid of Sam or Dean? Maybe Death or the alpha vamp could be of some assistance? I could see Sam going to try and negotiate with the alpha vamp. He would be the one to talk to about Purgatory, but I doubt he’d be inclined to help, unless Sam makes a deal. Vicious cycle.

What an awesome season. It was not without its bumps in the road, but I for one thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m sad to see Sera Gamble leave the Supernatural family, but I think this episode was a beautiful goodbye. There were so many great lines and moments in this episode and I’m sure I didn’t get them all. Share anything I missed below!

•    "Carry On Wayward Son." Gives me chills every time.

•    Dick: “How do you take it?”
Crowley: “Alcoholic.”

•    I loved that Dick offered up Canada to Crowley.

•    Dick: “I don’t kiss on the mouth.”
Crowley: “Your loss”

•    Dean: “Let’s bone this nun.”

•    Meg: “Go ask him. He was your boyfriend first.”

•    Cas: “I mean, how important is lipstick to a human being?”

•    Crowley: “You bore me, you know that? You have no sense of poetry.”

•    The look Crowley gave Dean when Cas started talking was priceless.

•    Crowley: “Never trust anyone. A little lesson I learned from my last business partner. “

•    Cas: “I can’t help. I destroyed everything and I’ll destroy it again.”

•    Dean: “Nobody cares that you’re broken, Cas. Clean up your mess.” This conversation broke my heart.

•    Cas: “Doesn’t this place feel one species short?”

•    Bobby: “Do it because it’s the job. And when it’s your time, go.”

•    Bobby: “Here’s to running into your guys on the other side. Only, not too soon.”

•    The light on Sam and Dean’s face as Bobby burned away was so beautiful and so sad. Great director’s choice. 

•    Dean: “We’re all cursed. Do I seem like good luck to you?”
Cas: “I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but I detect a note of forgiveness.”

•    Crowley: “Bone’s got a bit of a kick. “