I'm sure I'm not the only one looking forward to more Garth in the future. With Sam and Dean's allies dwindling it's great to see a friendly face; especially one that comes with his own catch phrase. "You've been Garthed." Party On, Garth wasn't perfect by any means but after last week's intense episode it was actually nice to have a little breather. And let's be honest, with drunk hunting as the concept you really can't go wrong.

The episode started off the way so many classic "Supernatural" episodes have, with an urban legend.  (Fair warning; I'm about to go off on a tangent.) It's fun to have stories like these in the episodes even though regular viewers can easily dismiss the legends as the actual cause. Remember in season one when the hook man episode was actually about the hook man? Or when what seemed to be the work of bloody Mary actually was? Sure, these episodes were creative twists on the legends but we pretty much knew what we were dealing with. There is something fun and sort of nostalgic about those earlier episodes. But I have to admit I'm glad that things are a bit less predictable now. We've done that format of story telling and it was great but it's kind of fun to look back and see just how much the show has progressed since season one. A simple episode about Jenny Greentree haunting the woods really wouldn't cut it anymore. What do you guys think? Do you prefer the simplicity of the earlier episodes?

Right off the bat I liked the premise of this episode. Drunk hunting sounded like a winning concept to me. And for the most part I was pleased with the result. I do wish we'd gotten a little more drunk combat though. Both Jensen and Jared are great at physical comedy and I think they could have pushed the envelope a bit more there. Although it is fair (and hilarious) for the show to acknowledge that it probably takes a lot to get Dean drunk these days.

Sam: "Can you even get drunk anymore? It's kind of like drinking a vitamin for you, right?"

I also wonder if the writers had to err on the side of caution when it came to the way they presented drunkenness. I could be totally wrong about that but the CW does cater to a younger audience than most networks and they did manage to squeeze in the fact that no one was driving drunk. Sam took a cab for maybe the first time ever. So I'm guessing that drunkenness was ok within reason. If I had one other quip with the episode it was how quickly everyone became intoxicated. I understand that we have 42 minutes to work with here but it wouldn't hurt to stick a time lapse in there. Of course I'm willing to forgive that fact and just imagine my own time lapse. What do you think? Do you wish there had been more drunk moments? Were you also wondering how everyone got drunk so fast?

I would seriously watch a Garth-centric Supernatural spinoff. But at the rate he gets knocked out mid-fight I doubt the show could last very long. Everything about DJ Quails performance had me laughing; especially Garth's more unusual hunting techniques. Dean's face during the Mr. Fizzles moment was priceless. I could only imagine what was going on in his head. But however unconventional Garth's methods may be, they work.

The shojo was an interesting creature that we haven't dealt with before. We've had episodes in the past where the spirits themselves are the ones seeking revenge. We've also seen a few episodes where people have found a way to bind spirits and use them like puppets. But this is the only creature I can think of whose sole purpose seems to be revenge. The shojo was acting on Dale's orders but from what I understood that's the purpose of the shojo. That's a different concept than we've seen before and I liked it.

I was so happy someone else was around to tell Sam and Dean that they're not crazy for feeling like Bobby is still around. I understood where Sam was coming from with his idea that maybe they were just imagining things because for once they were acting like normal people. But come on! How long have you been in this business, Sam? Too long to still believe in coincidence and active imaginations. I was a little shocked to hear that Sam had used a talking board to try and contact Bobby. And while I wish he would have told Dean about it, it made good sense not to. He didn't need to give him hope where there wasn't any. And Sam was at a point where he wasn't sure what was real and what was imagination. But now we know it is Bobby helping them out so the obvious question is why can't Bobby contact them? At first I assumed he didn't want the boys to know he was there. But he obviously does. So what is keeping him from showing them? What could keep a spirit from using a talking board? It looks like we'll find out on April, 20th. But for now I'd love to hear your guesses.

So what did you all think of this episode? Were you happy to have a break from the leviathan storyline? Were you hoping for more information on Castiel?

There were a ton of funny moments in this episode, most of which came from Garth. If I missed any, comment below!

*Garth was hilarious in slow motion. I couldn't track down the name of his theme song though, does anyone know what song it was? (Alice - Oh you young-uns.  "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe, which was a big hit in the day.  And that song came AFTER my time!) 

*Garth: "No...I heart you more"

*Garth: "No way, how is that possible? I Garthed her!"

*Garth: "Monster you got to be drunk to see. Cool! Also, hard to fight."

* Dean: "What is this? Me likey."

*Sam's cab driver was so funny.

*Sam: "Swing right Dean! My right…"

*It was so sad watching Dean plead with Bobby to show himself. He just looked so desperate.

It's going to be a long couple of weeks until April 20th!