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Review: 7.17 "The Born-Again Identity"
- by sweetondean
"We didn't part friends Dean."
"So what?"

I'm going to start off shallow and just get this out of the way. I found it very difficult to concentrate during Sam's hospital scenes. There. I said it. Jared was really working that whole floppy hair, scruffy, unshaven, dishevelled, tight-white-t-shirt look. Crazy Sam was fiiiiiiiiinnnnnne. Is that bad of me? To be so totally pervy during such a heartbreaking and epic episode? Pffft! I know I'm not alone. Yes I'm looking at you out there. I know you!

But seriously folks, wow, just wow. "The Born-Again Identity" was a near perfect hour of television. I say near, though off the top of my head I can't think to fault it. I'm sure there's some out there who are pickity picking at it, but not me. It was a beautiful script, beautifully realised and beautifully performed. It's up there in my top 3 for the season, jostling for first place with "Meet The New Boss" and "Death's Door." Sera Gamble did us proud. She did the Winchesters proud and she did Castiel proud. Cas' return was glorious. She's an absolutely beautiful writer. Regardless of what you may think of her in other capacities, surely that one fact can't be denied. I applaud her. Sera and Ben Edlund are tag-teaming perfection this season. Now I'm completely busting to see his next episode! There was so much hype about this week's outing, because of the return of that certain Angel, that rattling around in the back of one's mind is always the niggling thought, what if it doesn't deliver? Well it did. And how. "The Born-Again Identity" was magnificent.

Well we knew it was going to happen, Sam was eventually going to go cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. Running the streets in a sleep deprived state he's hit by a car and winds up in the psych ward of the local hospital, where he shares a room with his bunk buddy Lucifer. Now, I know that this might not be cool to say under these, torturously difficult to watch circumstances, but I simply adore Lucifer. Every time I say that I expect arms to reach up through my floorboards and drag me to Hell kicking and screaming! But I can't help it. I do. Mark Pellegrino is like a kid in a candy store with that character. He plays him with such verve that I can't help but titter with glee every time he does something totally bratty. He's the one thing about Sam being cured I'm going to miss. No more smart-ass, annoying, yet strangely charming Luci. Not that I'd want Sam to remain in this fractured state just for my enjoyment. Of course not! I was wincing along with him with every megaphone screech and firework pop. It was horrible to watch and I'm damn glad it's over for him. I hope this is the last time we see Sam tortured this way. Visions, demon blood, vessel issues, Hell-dive, no soul, crazy brain, .ok, is that enough? Probably not. But maybe he can have a little break. Here's hoping that 10 is not on his horizon anytime soon.

What I loved about Sam's hospital sojourn (apart from the he looked amazing bit, sorry), is that he was able to solve a case at the same time. Proving that even under the most difficult, life threatening situation, he's a hunter at heart. But beyond that, he still has that capacity to care, big time. Sure, it was something to distract his brain and while he was talking to Marin, Lucifer was somewhat subdued, but as soon as he put two and two together, he kicked into Winchester mode and went about solving her case. He put his own troubles on the backburner to help someone else. In doing so, he freed a young girl from the kind of torture he was experiencing. What a guy. Sam Winchester your fortitude never ceases to amaze me. As much as I'm besotted with your brother, my heart zings and zips for you too. Just had to let you know that (as I talk to a fictional character). 

It goes without saying, Sam's torture is also Dean's torture (which means my torture) and ever bit of pain was written across Dean's face. You know, I'm going to get to the performances later, but I'm always slightly stunned by how Jensen doesn't really look like Dean. Sounds weird I know, but he doesn't. I mean, obviously they look a like, same person and all, but he just doesn't look like Dean. It's a testament to his performance that I see them as two totally separate individuals and often times have to poke myself to remember that under Dean's skin is Jensen (and yes, that Dean's not real *sob*)! "The Born-Again Identity" was one of those moments. A total physical transformation. Dean looked fray, tired, worn, broken, desperate. Teetering on the edge. Just holding on. Again. Gah. 

Of course, he's not going to listen to his brother for one moment when Sam says he can't be fixed. The Winchesters are nothing if not stubborn sons of bitches. Reminiscent of what is probably my favourite episode "Faith", also written by Ms Gamble; Dean starts ringing around Bobby's old friends (in "Faith" Sam rang around John's old friends), to find away to help Sam. Which leads him to Emmanuel and the moment so many fans had been waiting for.

When Dean first set eyes on Emmanuel, A.K.A. Castiel, I think I stopped breathing. Of course, first he had to fight off a demon (yay demons!) and find out the brothers are back on Crowley's hit list! But then, at the bottom of the stairs, looking up with those innocent eyes is Cas. Dean's face. How he held it together under the circumstances is beyond me. But he did and he even managed to get his name out and offer his hand to be shaken. At this point, Cas has no idea he's Cas and Dean caught on to that real quick and went with it. I was itching to see how this first meeting went down and I wasn't disappointed. I loved it. 

The car ride was wonderful. Even with Cas confused and suffering from amnesia, Dean opened up to him, telling him he had this friend who let him down, hurt his brother and he just can't shake it off. Cas responded flatly, of course he can't, he's human. It all felt so familiar and as much as I haven't been pining for Castiel as many of the fans have, I realised I'd missed this. This kind of dialogue. These moments. But I think mostly, this Cas. I like the socially awkward, monotone, Cas. Original Cas. Before he got infected by our humanity. Those flat, honest responses, before we corrupted him with so much emotion. Before he became comic relief, which is how I think he was used through out a lot of season five and even some of six and it did him no justice. He deserved better. This uncomfortable road trip brought back memories of those early scenes between Dean and Cas when they were just starting to build their alliance and friendship. Dean, in this moment, to what essentially is a stranger, opened up more on how he felt about Castiel than he has since the whole bad juju with the Leviathan went down. Man he must have been missing Cas. I'm in no way undermining his relationship with Sam. You know how I feel about that. Sam will always be Dean's best friend and soul mate, but for some reason, Dean can speak to Cas. Maybe it's because Cas isn't family, in the traditional sense of the word and so is just that little bit removed. Maybe it's because that emotional response Dean'd get from Sam isn't really there with Cas. Lord knows Dean doesn't like to openly feel his feelings and Sam does, so maybe that's why Cas became so important to Dean. Sam knows Dean better than anyone else on the face of this planet and beyond, he can pretty much figure out what Dean's thinking and is about to say and he'll head him off at the pass and respond with his own emotionally charged logic. Sam's wonderful at that and Dean needs it. But more often than not, though Dean has this capacity himself, those emotionally charged conversations squick Dean out! With Cas, he can open up and say his bit without that rush of feelings in return. I think he appreciates that Cas allows him this. Whatever. Dean needed to spill. I'm glad he finally got at least a little of it out. It made me happy. 

When they got to the hospital with the wonderful Meg in tow (please don't kill her) and all of Cas' memories came rushing back in that fantastic montage my hands were over my mouth. When faced with what he'd done, Cas looked like he was in such a state of shock, I thought he was about to bolt. Then Dean, God bless him, tells Cas he did the best he could at the time. Oh wow. But Cas wouldn't hear it, so Dean does what he does best. He reached out with his heart. He reached out with love. He handed him the trench coat. 

I burst into tears.

You know, wait, I know you do because I'm sure this thought instantaneously went through the collective fandom mind, Dean had been carrying that coat around, transferring it from car to car, ever since Cas disappeared into the river. He could have left it in the boot of the Impala safely tucked away, but no. Every new car the brothers stole, the coat came too. Folded neatly in the boot. Just. In. Case. That realisation seriously made me burst into tears. I know everyone was chanting "HUG HUG HUG" but that was way better than a hug. That was love and I think, forgiveness. Dean's capacity to forgive those he loves is boundless. I find it overwhelming. I found that scene, that small moment between Dean and Castiel overwhelming. This is why I'm besotted with this man, character, whatever, Dean, because he has a beautiful, beautiful heart.  And yes I know Dean needed Cas' help, but everything else in their history together transcended that need and the moment took on a life of it's own. Lovely.

Of course, being Supernatural, nothing goes to plan and Cas isn't able to repair the wall in Sam's brain because it's just a bunch of debris. So, he decides to take the pain from Sam and into himself. He transfers all that is broken in Sam's mind into his own (at least that's how I saw it, I know there was a lot of chatter about what he actually did) and in doing so, as far as I'm concerned, redeemed himself. When it came to Cas, I'd always said, his redemption will be fixing Sam because that, above everything else he was responsible or partly responsible for, was the most heinous act because it was an act against a friend, against two friends. Cas took on Sam's pain/Hell memories/crazy/whatever willingly and without thought because he felt responsible and he needed to fix it. But also, because he's an Angel and this is the kind of things Angels do. It's so sad, but so awesome at the same time. Poor Cas.  Cas you rock.

And Dean was right by the way. Leaving Cas behind (for now) was their best option. They don't know what the fallout of his action is going to be. How he'll cope. When news gets out that he's alive he'll be hunted down. The brothers have not only the Leviathan, but now demons on their tails. Both would want Cas. The brothers couldn't take care of him properly and they couldn't take that risk. They need to focus on saving the world, again. For now, as much as the image is so very tragic, Cas is safer where he is, under the watchful (and disturbingly horny) eye of Nurse Masters. And boy am I interested to see how this Meg thing plays out! Of course they can't trust her. I was wondering if to get back in with Crowley she'd offer up Cas. But then I think she knows Crowley would kill her anyway, so being in that hospital is probably the safest place for her too. But what's that demon playing at? Twisty turns are twisty! I dig it.

"The Born-Again Identity" soared from the minute it hit the screens to the minute it ended, with all of us going, OH.MY.GOD. I never saw that whole Cas taking in Sam's crazy thing coming. I didn't. I was stunned. I also thought it was a satisfactory conclusion to the Sam's broken wall arc. I didn't want Cas to simply heal Sam and for them to all to jump in the car and happily beetle off to their next case! That felt like a jip. But the way Cas healed Sam, I'm cool with it. The cast knocked it well and truly out of the park with their performances. Jensen's Dean was heartbreaking to watch. He can convey so much emotion with that beautiful face of his. Jared's Sam was devastating. I felt exhausted just watching him. Misha gave us another incarnation of Castiel. How many has that been now? Every one just slightly different. And Rachel's version of Meg just lights up a room with her bitchy comments. I love her. I hope she doesn't meet the normal demon fate. Ms Gamble's script was amazing. The dialogue was beautiful. Peppered throughout the angst were little bits of humour. Nothing that'd make you laugh out loud, but simple chuckle and smile, which lifted the dark tone just enough. Spot on. Though I did laugh at, "Is that a flirtation?" HA! Man, I really love this show. 

Oh damn, I nearly forgot about ghost Bobby! Is it really ghost Bobby or is it just Dean's grief manifesting itself in strange gusts of wind and moving objects! Heee! I'm excited to find out! And here's a random thought, I wonder what Daphne is thinking now, or do you think maybe Daphne was not just Emmanuel's wife but something else? Something looking after him or guarding him? I mean, what must she have thought about the whole not eating or sleeping thing! 

Anyhoo, next week looks funny. We could do with a bit of a giggle. But after that I have a feeling, it's all systems go for Dick! I wish they'd hurry and tell us we have a season eight, just so when the team finishes shooting up north (not my north) they know they're coming back and the team down south (not my south) can work it all out accordingly, not that I have any doubt in my mind that "Supernatural" will be back for an eighth season, it will (I insist!) but please don't make us wait for the May Upfronts, ,

Thanks for reading! Sorry it's a bit long, but really I could go on and on about this one and I think I only scratched the surface. Let me know what you thought, whether you enjoyed it, liked the outcome, what you think Meg's up to?

See you next week for "Party On, Garth",might have to watch "Wayne's World"in preparation!

- sweetondean


# Vanda 2012-03-25 00:45
Love lots of things about this episode, it was extremely well written & beautifully played by all cast members. Jared really stole the show I thought. I loved how even though Sam was suffering so badly he still made an effort to solve a case as well. a true Winchester!
# Cassandragon 2012-03-25 01:28
I love your reviews! I agree with pretty much everything you said! I completely get what you said about Dean and Jensen not looking alike because I feel the same way! I know, isn't is sad that Dean (and Sam) aren't real...*sniff*. I guess it's probably a good thing. I can't imagine real human beings going through such miserable lives like they have.
# Bevie 2012-03-25 11:49
Always love your reviews, Sweetondean!

I've thought that before, about Jensen and Dean not looking alike. In photos, you can always tell whether it is Jensen, Dean, Alec or Eric you are looking at. An awesome talent! He's like a chameleon!

And yes, I loved the episode and everything about it. A 10 out of 10 for me, and it is good to see Cas again.
# belluvsmiami 2012-03-25 01:59
I didn't read any spoilers or anything going into this episode so I expected nothing. But he episode was just beautifully written & Cas redeeming himself was just great...Not great for Cas but you get what I mean.

I agree too about Jensen not looking like Dean, I know if we said that to a non Supernatural fan they wouldn't get & think we were crazy but I'm glad you pointed that out.

I never thought about Daphne & if her role has something more to it (if it does) I was so focused on Dean & Cas rebuilding I blacked her out.

Sam...a true hunter definitely. I'll admit too I thought he looked gooooood for a crazy hunter in a mental hospital. Cant wait for Party on Garth! Soon as I seen the title I too thought yep going to watch Waynes World :P
# PENNY JAIME 2012-03-25 02:53
Your reviews never seem long; because you are reading my mind!! I guess it is our mutual love of the most amazing actor on the planet. One Jensen Ackles. Jared this week was Emmy worthy, that's for sure! They all three made it count
# kaj 2012-03-25 04:50
Hi, sweetondean! Wonderful review!!

Now that i get the part that irk me off my chest in previous review (I feel bad for that, So sorry Elle. *wince*) and come to a new revelation, I can comment on your review with happier feelings. I'll quote things that i love from your review :

It goes without saying, Sam’s torture is also Dean’s torture (which means my torture) and ever bit of pain was written across Dean’s face.
Of course, being Supernatural, nothing goes to plan and Cas isn’t able to repair the wall in Sam’s brain because it’s just a bunch of debris. So, he decides to take the pain from Sam and into himself. He transfers all that is broken in Sam’s mind into his own (at least that’s how I saw it, I know there was a lot of chatter about what he actually did) and in doing so, as far as I’m concerned, redeemed himself. When it came to Cas, I’d always said, his redemption will be fixing Sam because that, above everything else he was responsible or partly responsible for, was the most heinous act because it was an act against a friend, against two friends.
I agree completely and I already stated before that I wanna kiss Cas right now!

Except for the transferring thing. IMHO it's not transferring. It's more like controlling from a far. like synaptic wires or radio wave? (Ugghh i'm bad at this) Holding up the flood of Bad memories inside Sam's mind with his magic. And it's a whole new level of awesome! Yaaaay! Because that means Cas is forever connected with Sam, mind wise. For how long? I dunno. Maybe until Sam can rebuild his wall? Or forever? Either way it opens up a new plot for S8.

And Dean was right by the way. Leaving Cas behind (for now) was their best option. They don’t know what the fallout of his action is going to be. How he’ll cope. When news gets out that he’s alive he’ll be hunted down. The brothers have not only the Leviathan, but now demons on their tails. Both would want Cas.
I completely agree. Because if I stand by my theory that means when Cas falls, Sam falls and Dean will be down two best friends. Smart decision, Dean! I know Dean has lots of shortcoming as a character but that's what i love from him. When it matters he pulls through with the most brilliant solution that even Sam failed to think of. What a badass hunter, DEAN. :D

Can't wait for the next episode and what's in store for the brothers. Although i crave more brotherly romance. More touching for comfort like in Season 1 and 2. :( But i guess they are both scarred in a certain way that makes it difficult to reach out. (except in dire needs)
# saltwatergal 2012-03-25 06:30
Your review was like.. reading my mind. How do you do that?... its not the first time either. You manage to hit all the highlights spot on. Even down to one of my all time single favorite episodes "Faith". ( I admit I must "overlook" the blood and guts and even close my eyes some eps.- just waiting for moments when Dean gets a peak behind the celestial curtain as he did in" Houses of the Holy" ) I am waiting for-- and wonder if-- he will ever work through his hunter's world construct and find God. Its what keeps me tuning in each week. Yes Dean you have suffered enough and given enough and deserve to have some answers!
Sweet on Dean : You have done an outstanding job in this review. I thank you. And I wish to publicly thank JA and JP for bringing "The Boys" to life so exquisitely. They surely love their craft....and we appreciate that don't we?
# Ginger 2012-03-25 07:56
You bring up one very good point that I was struck with right off the bat in this episode and that I think no one has talked about, "Dean looked fray, tired, worn, broken, desperate. Teetering on the edge. Just holding on." I was amazed at JA's performance for all of the various things he had to show that was going on with Dean in this episode. He looked like a man that was just putting one foot in front of the other to keep going.

Although I didn't find the script quite as well done as you did, I have to say that I have always found that SG writes Dean's character really well (and any script that has Dean say, "SOB" works for me!).

Great performances by all the actors. I'm hoping that Meg does get ganked this season, if it's between her or Crowley that is. One thing I have always liked about Meg, though, is that she doesn't talk down to the Dean and the brothers aren't dumbed down in her presence. In fact, I've rather enjoyed the sub-text that she was somewhat taken with Dean. Yeah, I know that's now been transferred to Cas now, but the sub-text that she has respect for Dean is still there. Yea for demons, though. I love it when there are demons.
# munia 2012-03-25 09:15
awsm reviews....jst completely agree with u.......
# rubby_virgo_04@hotma 2012-03-25 09:50
o boy... What can I say... I LOVED EVERYTHING ABT THIS EPISODE!!!!!!! it was fantastic, I cried.... I .. I ... everything happened to me!!!!! my little spn heart was slapped, twisted, kicked but this was such a beautiful closing to Sam's arc since last season... gosh!!! it was sooooo awesome!!!!! and you girl,,, you wrote every single one of my words in this review.
# suzee51 2012-03-25 12:09
"Crazy Sam was fiiiiiiiiinnnnn ne. Is that bad of me? To be so totally pervy during such a heartbreaking and epic episode? Pffft! I know I’m not alone. Yes I’m looking at you out there. I know you!"

sweetondean, please don't ever change and don't ever stop writing reviews! You make me howl with laughter the way you spot on speak my thoughts, my feelings, my reactions. I LOVE your reviews! They are SO much fun to read. Keep them comin' girl!
# buffsgirl 2012-03-25 14:20
Sweetondean - another great reveiw! I am not only a fan of SPN but a fan of yours.

OK...... go with me on this for a minute. You are taking a stroll in the forest one day. You walk down along the river and BAM! A naked Misha Collins shows up with no memories of who he is? Yeah, I'd take him home and make him mine too! :-) Go Daphne!
# Beverly 2012-03-26 14:09
OK...... go with me on this for a minute. You are taking a stroll in the forest one day. You walk down along the river and BAM! A naked Misha Collins shows up with no memories of who he is? Yeah, I'd take him home and make him mine too! :-)
:D :D :D
I went with you and I whole heartedly agree - wish finding the perfect man was that easy in real life. Maybe I need to take more walks in unfamiliar forests.
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2012-03-25 15:16
Great review Sweetondean,

I had lots of love for this episode too.

Once again I was impressed by the ability of both Sam & Dean to reach out to others.

I think Sam was able to reach out to Marin because helping her would give his life some meaning.. especially if it was his final act. He could just wallow, but he wanted to go down swinging, even it was just a "simple" ghost banishment.

As for Dean & Cas & the trenchcoat... (I'll repeat what I said to Elle) . The image that popped into my head, reading that paragraph & even watching the episode, was of a great big dog, pushing his head into your lap and saying "I'm here for you. I'll help you. I'll love you". There was something so loyal and unconditional about the love shown in handing over the trenchcoat. To me, this gesture really put an explanation mark on his whole speech about forgiveness at Rufus' graveside. It became obvious that he really meant what he said there.

I have read comments scoffing at the importance of the trenchcoat, and how unrealistic it would be to carry it around. Except that's exactly what grieving people do!!! In a section of a great book on grief, called The Mourner's Dance by Katherine Ashenburg, the author details how her daughter coped in the months following her fiance's death in a car crash. The grieving bride-to-be wore her dead boyfriend's vest for weeks after his death. It was a way to be close to him, when he was no longer there. When someone we love dies we look for tangible souvenirs of their life. Dean carries Bobby's flask with him. It makes sense he would carry Cas's trenchcoat.

Myself, I've had enough of Lucifer. I wish they'd made him more 3-dimensional instead of just bratty. I think they should have made him softer or playing at compassionate. That would have kept us & Sam off-balance. I was finding him grating by the end of the episode. But I suspect that was the intention.

I find it intrigued that Cas has now followed the Winchesters down the paved road of good intentions onto the slippery slope of self-sacrifice!

And I somehow think the answer to the Leviathans lies somewhere in the tangle of angels & demons, and archangels & Crossroads Demons.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record.. I still think Dean, Death and even being the vessel of Michael all have some importance.


Pragmatic Dreamer
# EireneS 2012-03-25 15:26
Really like your reviews.
Liked this episode a lot. Loved the acting-Jared is so good and he was in top form. Jensen is always good. He is so solid as Dean. I agree that he looks different from himself when he is playing Dean. Would like to have Bobby be an entity that helps the boys but I don't think he's a ghost - no cold spots or flickering lights, so not sure what he could be back as.
Loved the music, miss the Impala. Dean seems so frozen emotionally. So burned out even though he can smile now with the advice from Frank Devaraux. So now we have two people who have left the show and we don't know what has happened to them - Frank and Daphne.
I noticed Dean was only drinking beer - no whiskey.
# kelios 2012-03-25 16:10
I loved Sam and Dean this ep. Sam was so perfectly Sam in everything he did. Dean was so perfectly Dean. It was like they've been distilled, taken down to the very essence of who they are in this ep and it was beautiful to see. I'm so excited to have Sam finally healed.

I may come to see the whole Dean and Castiel thing differently eventually, but for now it's just...ugh, for me. I've never liked the char or wanted him around...I just kind of blocked him out until he finally did what he needed to and fixed Sam.

Part of me hates that Dean can just forgive someone who intentionally hurt Sam that badly. But I'm trying to see it as he's just that good of a person. I hope he doesn't end up regretting it.
# rmoats8621 2012-03-25 16:49
Awesome review as always and I completely agree with you. Sera did a terrific job penning this episode and the actors were just as awesome as always. Direction, etc. was terrific, too. I'm looking forward to seeing Garth this coming Friday. After this heavily emotional episode, I could use a much needed laugh! :D
# BagginsDVM 2012-03-25 21:55
Awesome episode, awesome review! I don't think I can add anything that hasn't already been said. I can't wait for the rest of the season!
# Sylvie 2012-03-26 10:28
I so agree with you on the whole show. You put it beautifully and could have gone on longer, I would have enjoyed that. And yes, there is something about a scruffy looking Sam that is just so yummy. All right, shallow comment out of the way.

Is it so wrong to say I love Lucifer? Well, Mark Pellegrino's interpretation of him anyway. I couldn't help but laugh at his every little remark. Did I feel bad about it? You betcha, but still loved it all. I know some people weren't happy about the inclusion of a ghost hunt in the middle of the Winchester drama, but man, Sam came alive when helping this poor girl. There was a spark in his eye where it was beign extinguished before.

And I was elated with the return of Meg. Please, oh please do not kill her off. I love her snark. She is going to become Castiel's nurse! Yay! And what to say about Cass' return? It was absolutely beautiful. And the name Emmanuel, meaning God is with us, how à propos!

I'm getting to Dean now. All I can say is my heart breaks for this guy, and yes, fictional character and all that, but I have watched the show 3 times now, and it just gets me every time. He has such a beautiful soul. He said in "And Then There Were None", blanket apology for any bad committed, and you know what? he meant it for everyone concerned, including Castiel. The fact that he has been carrying that trenchcoat with him from car to car, he just knew he would see Castiel again. And as far as I'm concerned Cass has been forgiven. But the way Cas healed Sam….I’m cool with it. Me too.

Okay, sorry I kept going on so long, but this episode is joining my list of favourites to rewatch over and over again. Sera Gamble is a genius writer when it comes to heart, bless her.
# KELLY 2012-03-26 11:45
Scruffy Sam -mmmmm.
I loved your analysis of Dean and Cas' relationship. Such a perfect description.
I read gripes within the fandom about Dean moving the trenchcoat from car to car. I don't have a problem with that. They no longer have Bobby's as a home base to leave there. So what was he supposed to do? Throw it out? That seems un-Dean like. My only gripe is that when they didn't bring back the amulet, my thought was that well that much sentimentality wasn't Supernatural-li ke. But now they went there with the raincoat -which didn't have nearly as meaning between Dean and Cas. As the amulet did between Sam and Dean. But maybe that's the point. It was just supposed to be like I read in one review giving Superman back his cape. Something to reconnect Cas with Cas.
# sweetondean 2012-03-26 14:01
I totally agree on the coat. I saw it both as a tentative gesture of forgiveness/fri endship and reminder to Cas of who he is at his heart. It was like, you can do this, you're still you. The Superman cape is a beautiful analagy.
# suzee51 2012-03-26 15:19
"The Superman cape is a beautiful analagy."

I wholeheartedly agree . . . I once read the following online and it has stuck with me ever since:

"Superman wears Dean Winchester pajamas." ; )
Mimi Rosen
# Mimi Rosen 2012-03-26 17:21
Love your writing and enthusiasm for the show. I would like to know what's invisibly helping Dean, but I don't think it's Bobby. Jim Michaels' tweets for the show friday night indicated that it is not Bobby. See tweets around 12 or 13 minutes into the hour.