I don't know about the rest of you but for me Repo Man was a breath of fresh air. I've loved the last few standalone episodes but I have definitely been craving a little more substance as well. I've always been a big fan of the larger story arch format that Supernatural has taken on in past seasons. And while I've been enjoying the nostalgic feel of season seven I have missed that connection to a larger story arch in the past few weeks. It seems like we're getting back on track though.
The first thought that comes to mind regarding this episode is how much I enjoyed the monster of the week. I was so intrigued by this demon and so invested in the Jeffrey storyline that I almost didn't even register the obvious parallels being drawn between Jeffrey and Sam. But once I did it brought my enjoyment of the episode to a new level. 
Both Sam and Jeffrey have a darkness that they have had to deal with their whole lives. For Sam, it is the fact that he's had demon blood pumping in his veins since he was an infant. For Jeffrey, it was a twisted obsession with women coupled with serial killer tendencies.  Both Sam and Jeffrey tried very hard to keep their darkness under control but life got in the way. Jeffrey admitted that he never intended to harm the women he followed home. And it wasn't until he was possessed that he finally stopped trying to fight his darkness. He gave in to his urges and started to kill. As he explained it, he loved being possessed. Unfortunately for him, the demon wasn't interested in using him as a vessel anymore. Sam on the other hand has suffered through his own mental breakdowns, first he was addicted to demon blood then he spent a great deal of time without a soul and now he's got Lucifer on his shoulder day in and day out. The only difference here is that Sam hates being haunted by Lucifer. Unfortunately for Sam, Lucifer wants nothing more than for Sam to let him in. And he does. Was anyone else surprised by this? I wish we had gotten at least one more episode showing us just how present Lucifer is in Sam's day to day life. He's been there in the background for months so it's understandable that Sam would eventually break and let him in again. But did this episode give Sam a good enough reason to do so? 

Sam was desperate to find Dean which is why he ended up letting Lucifer in. But haven't Sam and Dean been in similar situations this season? And somehow Sam has been able to keep calm and ignore Lucifer. So what about this particular case was different? What finally pushed Sam over the edge? Is there something I'm missing? 
Can I just take a minute to sing endless praises to Mark Pellegrino? I don't think there's anyone else out there that could do what Mark Pellegrino does with Lucifer. I spent the episode hating Lucifer while simultaneously wanting to hang out with him. Mark just makes Lucifer so…likable. Which is also what makes him so dangerous. Sam knows better than to think that Lucifer is actually trying to be helpful. But at the end of the day he couldn't resist his devilish charm. Poor Sammy. There are going to be some serious consequences for opening that door back up. 

There was an interesting moment between Jeffrey and Dean in the warehouse. After Jeffrey revealed that he loved being possessed and that he blamed Sam and Dean for taking it all away from him he took a minute to lay Dean's crap bare. 
"You were so desperate to save the world back then. It kills you that people keep getting hurt and you can't stop it. I should say it's killed you, huh?"

Is it that obvious that Dean is dead inside? It seems like Dean has been making leaps and bounds these last few weeks but even now Jeffrey can see through Dean's façade. There was a good deal of truth to what Jeffrey said about Dean's desperation to save the world when they met four years earlier. And now looking at Dean, it's easy to see that he's lost that spark. He's lost his purpose. I do think he's on his way to getting it back though. This is now the second episode in a row that Dean hasn't had a drink. This may seem trivial to the casual viewer, but if you're reading this, chances are you are no casual viewer and you see the significance of Dean without a drink. Do you all agree? Do you think Dean has finally hit bottom and started to make his way back up?
Did you all enjoy this episode as much as I did? It wasn't perfect, but I'm still very happy to be getting back into the Sam storyline. I'm also more than ready to figure out what the heck is going on with the leviathan. I've seen one too many phone conversations between Dean and Frank. I need a little leviathan action before I start to lose interest. 
I've got a few funny quotes and some random observations to share. 
  • I really liked the premise of this entire episode. I always like when we get to see a part of Sam and Dean's life that was looked over earlier in the series. I also enjoy the episodes where the humans are worse than the monsters. They're a nice change of pace. 
  • Where is baby? I've had enough of these strange cars! I know this season is about isolating Sam and Dean and I think taking the impala away was absolutely necessary but I'm ready to have her back now. 
  • Did you see the preview for next month? Am I the only one who is constantly confused by the CW's previews? They are always so choppy and they don't explain anything. On the other hand I was so happy to see Misha's face again! 
  • Lucifer's tongue may or may not have starred in my nightmares after watching this episode. It's the little details like that that really get me.
  • Jeffrey: "Make sure of what? That I peed my pants today?
  • During this episode I couldn't help but wonder why they didn't just get Jeffrey a tattoo to ward off possession? Or they could have at least given him charms to wear for protection. I'm not really sure how they intended to stop Jeffrey from getting possessed.
  • The hallucinations that Sam had in this episode were pretty scary. Especially the people banging their heads against tables in the library. How has he been living with this for months? I would love it if they would take scenes from past episodes and write Lucifer into the background. I would really like to see more of what life has been like for Sam these past few months. 
  • Ok Dean. If you are trying to save someone and they are mumbling at you frantically, just turn around. The bad guy/girl is always behind you. Always. 
  • Lucifer: "He said shut up to me."
  • Lucifer: "Ay carumba. Mi cabeza." 
  • Dean: "He's a psychopath Sam, that's what they do all the time, is act.
    Act like they're normal, act like they're not balls to the wall crazy." Poor Sam. No matter what he does he'll always feel like freak in his brother's eyes. 
  • Russell Sams deserves a bit of praise as well for his portrayal of Jeffrey. I thought he was just awesome.