After last week’s fun but fluffy episode I was happy to see the Winchester’s back in action. I was also glad to see some exciting mytharc development. I’ve mentioned before that I’m interested in the idea of the Winchesters as the hunted rather than the hunters. But it was nice to see Sam and Dean kicking ass and taking names. It’s been a while.

I was so glad that when Sam and Dean found out about LeviaSam and LeviaDean they chose to hunt them down rather than wait it out. They could have easily stayed hulled up in their new cabin waiting for things to blow over. I mean, who would have blamed them? They had nothing to go on and no way to kill the Leviathan. Not to mention their faces gracing the most wanted list. But it was personal and innocent people were dying so they did what they had to.

Thank goodness so many people owe Bobby their life! Frank Devereaux was a really funny character, one I hope we’ll see again. A bit erratic, but entertaining nonetheless. I have to say I was sad to see the rock aliases go. Hopefully now that the Winchesters are “dead” again they can bring the aliases back to life. I don’t know about you but Tom and John Smith just don’t do it for me. 

The whole scene after Dean ditches the Impala is pure gold. I rewound it so I could bask in the glow of sheer awkwardness. Dean’s staring contest with the My Little Pony was funny enough on its own but add a dash of Swayze and it doesn’t get much better. 

Dean: “Us driving around in this caboodle while baby’s on lockdown.”
Sam: “It’s temporary, Dean”
Dean: “Nobody puts baby in a corner.”
Sam: “You know that’s a line from…”
Dean: “Swayze movie, Swayze always gets a pass!”

But wait, it did get better. Dean mouthing along to All Out of Love; serenading his long lost baby coupled with a clearly uncomfortable Sam was the icing on the cake; Pure awkward goodness. I’ve missed those kinds of moments since Cas “died” (hopeful quotations). His naivety was the fuel for a lot of those great scenes. 

Special agents Morris and Valente were a little less than impressive. First of all, they don’t look a day over 25. The Winchesters are the only ones who can get away with that. I do want to toot my own horn and say that I knew something was up with that blonde one, Valente.  But something was off about him from the beginning and sure enough my suspicions were confirmed. 

Did anyone else find it interesting that Bobby spent all that time trying different techniques to kill the leviathan in his basement before just cutting his head off? That would have been the very first thing I tried after silver. I was going to be a little upset if it actually killed him so I was glad when it didn’t. Those are some seriously resilient creatures. Thank goodness Jody showed up to save the day. I was glad she was there to take care of Bobby for a little bit. No one really ever does that for him. And it was good to hear someone mention Bobby’s house, I still think we need a good conversation about it but I don’t know that we’ll ever get that. 

When the leviathan shifted into Bobby, I was shocked to hear the things he said about him. High school dropout; I guess that shouldn’t really surprise me but Bobby is such a smart hunter and a genius at research. Drunk like dad; we know that Bobby is a drunk but we haven’t heard anything about his father. It seems like daddy issues run in the hunter family. But the most shocking thing of all was learning that Bobby still holds out hope. He still believes deep down that he has a chance to be truly happy, maybe even with Jody. This positive attitude and Sam’s new outlook on life are very encouraging. I’ve heard complaints about the show from various viewers worried that things are just too hopeless. The Winchester’s have lost everything except Bobby and it would be easy for them to be consumed by their loss. And Bobby has lost his fair share of loved ones as well. So it’s nice to know that there is still hope. I’d like to see a bit of that hope rub off on Dean.

We knew that Sam would eventually find out about what happened to Amy and I have been bracing myself for that moment. Dean’s been given so many opportunities to tell Sam and every time he didn’t, it made the lie that much worse. I was beginning to wonder what it would take for Dean to tell Sam the truth. It turns out it took LeviDean to spill his secret. I’m happy to have it out in the open, but I do wish it had been Dean that told him. At this point, I think Dean feels the same. It was obvious how hard the news hit Sam. Especially after LeviaDean revealed how Dean feels about Sam these days. He thinks he’s slipping and he doesn’t trust his instincts. That’s a lot for Sam to take in so it’s no surprise he needed a breather. It’s not the first time we’ve seen Sam walk away from Dean and I would worry that it was slightly more permanent this time if the promo for next week hadn’t shown them working a job together. Nice one, CW. So I guess Sam really just needed some time to cool off. I’m hoping that the inevitable conversation between Sam and Dean will bring to light whatever deeper issues Dean is dealing with right now. 

We finally met the new top villain Richard Roman. I have to say, he had quite a presence and I’m really interested to see how this storyline develops. I didn’t think there was anyone in the world that could put Crowley in his place quite like Roman did. Since Crowley couldn’t work out an arrangement with Roman I find myself wondering if he’ll try to make some kind of deal with Sam and Dean. They are obviously not his biggest fans at the moment but if there’s some way they can use him I bet they would. What do you guys think is in store for Crowley?

Overall I was very happy with this episode. It was a great mix of mytharc, monster of the week, drama and humor and it advanced the plot with a believable pace. What more can you really ask for in a single episode? 

What did you guys think of the episode? Were you happy with the way Sam found out about Amy’s death? 

Here are some random observations and funny lines I wanted to mention:

*First of all, is it wrong to think leviaDean winking at the camera a little attractive, because I did. 

*When I saw Mark Sheppard’s name in the opening credits, I may or may not have squealed a little. 

*“Psycho Butch and Sundance”

*I thought it was a good touch to have LeviaSam and LeviaDean hit the places Sam and Dean worked jobs, in order, since Sam left Stanford. Although it’s kind of amazing that Sam could recall the order off the top of his head. 

*I really enjoyed the scene at the diner when LeviaSam and LeviaDean were talking about the boys. It was nice to get that perspective on their current mental states. And it brought up an interesting point. How are they a threat? It’s something I hadn’t thought of and I hope we get an answer.

*LeviaDean: “No, I like this one’s hair better. You can stay in the big one.”

Dean: “Are you even working, Richard Gere?” 

Dean: “I tell you what, when this is over I’m stealing those rims.”

Dean: “You want me to Desperate Housewives these mothers?”