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"Well, this is a new one."  I'll say!  Here it is a few days later and I'm still reeling.  
I loved "Hello, Cruel World," only slightly more than "Meet The New Boss."  Both have been great and man am I excited about this season seven. I haven't been this enthused about the start of a Supernatural season since season four, my favorite season so far.  Just two episodes of season seven have brought us more heart stopping thrills and emotional rollercoasters than all of season six.  
There are several reasons why I loved this episode, and one is not the fact that I'm wondering why it took seven freaking seasons to show Sam and Dean being rushed to a hospital in an ambulance.  It's Creature of The Black Lagoon meets A Beautiful Mind.  In other words, a mish mash that can only be pulled off with brilliance by Ben Edlund.  
In this show we often get a great monster of the week story or one enticing and tear jerking family drama, but it's been a long time that both have been pulled off so perfectly in same episode.  Both stories blended together very well.  This script is flawless and captivating from beginning to end.  You knew it was an Edlund script from the second it came on the screen.  "Black Water" by The Doobie Brothers?  Bwah, the sardonic musical choice again.  ("Space Oddity" is still my favorite). 

The Leviathans are a creepy lot, aren't they?  Their plotting is patient and diabolical, and their horrors far more subtle, which makes them about a hundred times more dangerous.  They're old, they can't be killed, and some of them are pretty darned creative too.  They're also organized, and that can't be good for humans and the hunters that have to face them.  Take that Mother of All!  

On the other side, the Winchester drama continues and everything continues to fall further down the rabbit hole.  What makes their situation so fascinating this time is that it's not just Sam and Dean and their heartfelt exchanges in the Impala.  Bobby is a big part of this now and holds the sanity for both of them.  They are all looking out for each other, and finding out more and more that since the angel in their pocket is gone they're all alone in the world.  It's really hard to believe that just a year ago Bobby kept Dean out of his life and let him think Sam was dead.  I can't imagine these three without each other.  

A Beautiful Mind
We all knew that there would be consequences when the wall in Sam's head fell.  There were enough warnings.  Still, we really didn't know what.  Taking a page out of A Beautiful Mind works.  Sam is haunted vividly by the one being he fears the most, Lucifer.  He's the hallucination that won't go away and constantly pokes at him until he can't take it anymore.  No matter how often Sam tells himself it isn't real, Lucifer won't go away.  Sam doesn't know what to believe.  

I don't know about everyone else, but when I see a large delusional man spend his quiet time cleaning his guns, there's just something not right about that.  Very eerie.  I'm no expert in the case of hallucinations or schizophrenic behavior, but Sam Winchester has never been suicidal.  There's a difference between being self-sacrificing and just plain blowing your brains out.  Sam is only willing to die for a purpose.  So why is he being pushed into thoughts of suicide through this psychotic break?  Why is he cleaning those guns all the time?  Is this really a subconscious wish, or is there more to this story than we believe?  Could this really bad acid trip be more than just a broken psyche?  

Through his hallucinations serious questions are raised.  What will Sam do if he never gets better?  He's ruled out "professional help," for a regiment of antipsychotics don't sit well with him.  He wants to believe things will get better, but a bombshell hits.  "You are never going to be okay Sam."  That's his deepest fear right there and it just about kills him when he thinks Dean is the one saying it to him.  It makes sense to him in a way since Dean has said hurtful things in the past.  Dean would never say that now though, knowing how fragile his brother is.  Sam can't iron that out though, not in his state.  

I never believed Sam wanted to die.  Every time Lucifer tried to suggest it, Sam would get angry.  In the most extreme case, firing his gun all over the warehouse, flipped out crazy angry.  Just before Dean arrived in the warehouse though, my mind changed.  Sam thought about it.  All that taunting from his hallucinations about how he can't be fixed, how he'll never get better, how there's no way out, he was at his breaking point.  We know Sam feared he was too far gone just by his talk with Bobby.  He's scared.  Even his tripped out psyche knew that in order to end it all, Dean had to be absent.  He had to go somewhere remote so Dean wouldn't find him.  Lucky for him, he didn't know about the GPS Dean turned on his phone.

Sam can go there again.  Dean may have talked him off of the ledge this time, but was it enough?  As history has proved, Dean can't always be there.  As a result, we're left with a lot of questions about Sam's mental state.  Can he be pushed to suicide?  Will he learn to ignore Lucifer's presence, much like John Nash in A Beautiful Mind?  Is there something really going on here more than a battered and broken psyche that can see through the cracks?  Could Lucifer actually be controlling him somehow?  Hee, there's 21 more episodes left in the season to explore that.  I think I might be batty by the end of this season. 

Sam's also got some confidence issues and is a little afraid to hunt right now.  He knows his little crack up at the laboratory at the beginning of the episode wasn't good.  He let Dean and Bobby down and can't be relied on.  But it seems that now he might have another serious complication.  Is it possible his confidence will suffer greater over the Leviathan attack?  Was his seizure in the ambulance a result of Lucifer and those Hell memories flooding through, or the fact that he was cracked in the noggin by a tire iron?  Either way, could he feel like he let Dean down again by letting himself go down at a crucial time?  Maybe, Sam does struggle with guilt a lot.  
On a side note, was anyone actually freaked out over Sam's condition in the ambulance?  I know we've seen seizures with him before, but I was actually scared about it this time.  Intercranial pressure is nothing to sneeze at.  That's bleeding and/or swelling around the brain!  That's some serious shit.  Remember Dean in "In My Time of Dying?"  That.  The alarms on the medical equipment going off added some effective drama too.  Yeah, I know, he'll recover.  Likely faster than Dean and his broken leg.  That looked nasty.  But still! 

You're Fine (sarcastic overtones)
Dean isn't so well himself.  I know that the scenes with Castiel's loss were short changed, but there wasn't a lot of time to mourn.  I think of it this way though.  Dean has experienced so much loss in his life.  He's a little tapped out by now.  Sure, it hurts, but he can't let it stop him.  As he told Bobby, his mailbox is full.  This is the guy that's lost everyone close to him in his life.  Even Sam.  He had to live for a year thinking Sam was dead, but he went on.  Kind of interesting though that his last straw falls with Bobby, not Sam or Castiel, isn't it?   I'm hoping that little reminders pop up here and there about Castiel for Dean, the stuff the just stings a little.  Finding the trenchcoat or seeing an angel statue.  I don't think our time with Castiel is over.  

With Dean stress isn't so obvious, but signs are there.  He's fraying at the edges, more than we believe.  One early sign comes when he's interrogating Sam over what he's been seeing.  Dean is pretty unnerved by Sam's behavior, especially when they get to the Satan part.  He had to pour a drink by that point.  Every question he had, Sam had all the logic lined up.  "You can't torture someone who has nothing left to be taken away," and "It had to be a mess Sam, or you wouldn't believe it was your life."  Then he noticed Sam looking at the center of the room.

Dean:  Wait, are you seeing him right now?
(Sam, on the brink of tears, nods.)
Dean:  You know that he's not real, right?
(Sam sees that Lucifer looks real to him).
Sam:  He says the same thing about you.

Dean's horrified reaction is clear.  He's in way over his head here.  Even Bobby is spooked enough where he has to leave the room.  Dean knows this isn't something he's going to be able to easily fix, like reversing a spell or a curse.  His brother is experiencing a severe mental break and not just some flashback stress.  This is far beyond what he experienced after his time in the pit.  

However, when Sam is having his worst episode, Dean knows exactly how to talk him down.  Through his experiences, Dean has learned to tell real pain from old pain.  Part of this could be from his time as a torturer, but he knows.  I do wonder if Dean was reluctant until now to share this because it opened old wounds for him from his time in Hell.  Dean's never dealt with his trauma well and the memories still haunt him, but he's at least been able to differentiate what's real and what's past.  Just as Sam pulled Dean through last week with Castiel, Dean returns the favor.  It's what these guys do best.  I still tear up over "Believe in that, you've got to believe me.  You make it stone number one and you build on it."  

Dean's up against a lot though, and the idea of handling this intense burden alone is something he can't bear.  I'm not sure Bobby could have known it would take his own disappearance to get Dean to admit he's had enough.  Can you imagine Bobby hearing Dean say in a voice mail after a Leviathan attacks him and burns his house down, "If you're gone, I swear, I'm going to strap my "beautiful mind" brother into the car and I'm going to drive us off the pier.  You asked me how I'm doing?  Well not good."  Dean's frustration is clear in the ambulance too.  No matter what he does, he can't win.  It's because of him that he and Sam are being hand delivered to the Leviathan wounded and helpless.  What choice did he have though given his broken leg and Sam's serious head trauma?  Ah, the wicked catch 22.  Ben Edlund, you magnificent bastard.  

"Hey, what am I?  Chopped brains on toast?"  
This episode shows Bobby at his most fatherly.  I love it since Sam and Dean both need some looking after right now.  He knows Sam and Dean are on edge and it's time to placate.  He steps in when Dean comes in hard on Sam for not telling them about his hallucinations.  Notice how he steps in and finishes the bandaging of Sam's hand while Dean does the sterilizing?  It's tag team wound care!  While Bobby's definitely concerned about Sam and will keep an eye on him, Dean is his main worry.  He isn't going to take Dean's "horse crap" either that he's fine, even calling him out on the fact that he got angry when Sam did that to him.  Given Dean's joking reaction over his concern though, Bobby was able to crack a small smile and break out the "idgit" line, realizing Dean isn't too far over the edge yet.

Bobby is called upon again by Sheriff Mills to save the day.  It's really cute, even if she's on those happy pills, how she fondly regards him as her hero.  Bobby needs that kind of appreciation about ten times over, and he looked like he enjoyed it, "roofies" driven and all.  I'm so glad she didn't die.  

I'm so dying to see Bobby's reaction about losing his house.  I know the cliffhanger is setup to make it look like he is MIA and possibly dead, but really that was more for our benefit to see Dean freak out over it.  He's okay I'm sure, so how is he going to handle this little threat?  I imagine he's got some payback to dish out.  I'd love to see how all three men go on now that their safe haven is gone.

The Technical Stuff
I'd be remiss if I didn't the praise some of the technical aspects of the episode.  Guy Norman Bee once again did a great job as director and is proving to be a useful mainstay for the show.  This popular guest director keeps up brilliantly with the quick pacing of this loaded script, but still captures shots that pack a wallop of emotional punch when needed.  The floating trenchcoat and entire warehouse scene had me in tears.  Let's not forget the creep factor either.  The scene that stands out for me is the horrified Sheriff Mills watching through the door window while "Dr. Sexy" helps himself to his human liver snack.  The story is told merely by expressions through opposite sides of the door window.  That's a way to sell a horror story.  The scenes integrating Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), sometimes there, sometimes not, had to be the trickiest to shoot.  They were pulled off perfectly. 


The visual effects team earn huge kudos for the lake scene as the Leviathan bust out of their sunken vessel (kudos for making Misha look as gory as possible too).  The whirlpool and blast wave of black is awesome.  As for lighting, Serge Ladoucer as his team again had those pitch perfect moments.  The entire warehouse scene was so well done.  Here's my choice for the week though.  Just amazing.  

Other Notes
It's not an Edlund script without Biggersons!  Now they have a pie bar.  "It's like a salad bar, but with pie!"  Why wasn't there time to show Dean at the pie bar?  I demand to see that in a future episode.  
"You want to do couples yoga or do you want to get back to hunting big bads?"  Now there's the snarky Dean Winchester we all know and love.  
"I really think Prince William has found the right girl."  Aww, even Lucifer loves the royals!

"You having a little bag lady moment?"  Bobby is getting so many great lines, isn't he?  With Castiel gone, he has to pick up some of the comic relief.  Here's another.  "Well, either Sheriff Mills is having an Obama care insured opium dream or something's eating folks down at Sioux Falls General Hospital." 
Overall grade, another A.  I considered A+, but the season is young.  The drama, the action, the tension, all have been ratcheted up to 11.  I can't wait for next week, which not only picks up where the hospital drama left off, but is an another episode directed by Jensen Ackles.  Given the fact that Dean has a broken leg, that's going to free up more directing time.  Expect a Sam centered episode, especially since Colin Ford is guesting.


Diane Purcell
# Diane Purcell 2011-10-03 03:07
Hi..although I am still on season 6 I am looking at stuff on S7...and wow your review is like watching it..all those screen shots are really well placed..great review-s-

# rmoats8621 2011-10-03 03:21
Wonderful article, Alice. I agree 100%. I'm loving Season 7 so far and I'm eagerly awaiting this Friday. :D
# CitizenKane2 2011-10-03 09:41
I am really enjoying the pacing of the first 2 episodes so far - things are developing quite fast, without sacrificing the emotional core and depth of Supernatual ... hmmm, I never did watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, so I do wonder how the pacing was in that movie :P

Another great episode, and enjoyable review.

P/S It was really a pleasure to see Sheriff Mills again, and she did not die ! :)
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-10-03 11:44
I'm with you all the way on loving the first two episodes of season 7 so far, Alice. Wow! Brilliant! I had a bad feeling about Bobby; his fatherly moments with the brothers were too marvelous not to be the last in a long time. Argghh! I cried for Castiel and Bobby in this episode so hard!

All the sexual references to Sam and Lucifer in this episode distressed me, too. I wrote a Sam-related poem titled "Spooning"-- about ice cream, spooning with Jessica and with Lucifer.
# Sylvie 2011-10-03 16:10
Loved your review Alice, as always. Kudos to Serge Ladouceur for the lighting, absolutely beautiful, and Guy Bee for the incredible directing. These people are so gifted, they make this little show a grade A+ watch every time.

And man, when Lucifer told Sam that he was his bunk buddy in every sense of the word, I had visions of "Oz" in my head, and I don't mean the one with the wizard!
# Melanie 2011-10-03 19:05
Great review, Alice. These two episodes have been so goooood!!
"He says the same thing about you." and "Sam! This discussion does not require a weapon's discharge!" are my favorite lines.
Everybody involved in the show is so completely talented and awesome -- I love Show so much!
# sn_chills 2011-10-03 20:21
I am totally loving this season so far and if they keep it up, it may turn out to be my favorite season of all time.

I know a lot of scenes made people cry. This show doesn't usually reduce me to tears but I will say it did make my bottom lip quiver a couple of times. And I think if Dean had hugged Castiels coat instead of just holding it, I probably would have been grabbing the hankies for sure.

I love the pacing so far and I hope they can continue it. I actually re-watched the episode right after it aired and I haven't done that in years.

Keep it up guys. You're doing a hell of a job so far.
# trackerem 2011-10-03 21:25
good review alice!!
# trackerem 2011-10-03 21:26
good review alice!
# Kate 2011-10-03 21:34
Last week Sam was able to keep Dean from going off the rails, this week Dean was able to return the favor. I love it. This is what Supernatural is about, the struggles and triumphant journey of the Winchester brothers.

Best of all there is No ex dues machina (sorry Cas, but you over stayed and need to go) and that means No quick magic healing and No magic teleportation. Supernatural as return to it's classic roots of the characters in real peril and having to figure out how to get out of the mess they are in due to circumstances beyond their control. This is what good tense storytelling is about.
# MetamorphicRocks 2011-10-03 23:27
Very good review, Alice. Like everyone else who has commented (so far), I also love the start to season 7! These two episodes have had something for everyone-intens e action, interesting storylines, touching moments- and from what I have seen on the boards, much of the fandom is very happy!

I must confess, though I have always liked the character of Castiel, seeing the boys on their own but still coming out swinging is kind of refreshing!
# kaj 2011-10-04 02:04
Hi Alice! So happy and exited after reading your review.

I haven't seen Ep. 2 yet but i've seen last episode with my brother and we're squealing excitedly through out the show. (He probably denies the squealing though) I'll watch 'Hello, Cruel World' tonight with amounting of anticipation.
quoting Dean in 'bloodlust' "Things (meaning This season) are looking up"

I heard next week Ep. would be a trip down memory lane for Sam. Hence, Colin Ford. Must love that boy. His acting is great.
# trinaaron 2011-10-04 09:50
Holy Cow!!! It feels like this show is back on track in a major way. I could watch that warehouse scene 100 times and never get bored. The Bobby and Sam scene was another favorite of mine. Oh heck, let's be honest. Every time Sam was onscreen I was pretty much vibrating with happiness.
# MisterGlass 2011-10-04 21:56
Great review Alice!

I was initially a little uncertain about this episode because it wasn't what I was expecting. It was more introspective and gradual - despite the action - and on reflection I appreciate it.

The scene with Sam and Dean in the warehouse was a relief on two levels, first that Dean talked Sam down, and second, that he finally opened up a little bit about his sufferings in Hell. Dean always talks about his actions as a torturer, but he doesn't admit his own suffering very often. I wonder if he has trouble acknowledging that he did what he did under duress because his guilt is so extreme.

I miss Bobby's house already, with all its cool things and sanctuary. I can't consider the idea that Bobby is really gone in this way. Bobby has been the rock in Sam and Dean's life for six years, the only constant outside themselves and the Impala that runs from childhood to the present day. Dean and Sam have always had him for back-up and wisdom, and they really would be adrift without him.

Poor Castiel, sunk beneath the water. I will hope that he resurfaces to reclaim the trenchcoat. And that someone makes sarcastic comments at the reunion.

And I hope Sheriff Mills survives. I like her.
# saltwatergal 2011-10-04 23:28
I REALLY enjoy this show. When they cast J2 as the Winchester's--T PTB pretty much nailed it. Both from Texas where loyalty is like one of the 10 commandments) who better to play "our boys" with their family issues? At first the dynamic is Sam questioning Deans loyalty to their father, only to eventually come around to accept the position himself..that right or wrong family deserves loyalty. No matter what happens between them their loyalty remains. The near breaks have always been about that loyalty. I think Dean got so angry with Sam over Ruby because he saw it as an act of disloyalty. Yeah he said she was poisoning him and that was true of course but remember in the parking lot outside the hospital when he tells Sam he doesn't think he can trust him because Sam chose a demon over HIM. Now I believe THAT was the truth that Dean couldn't live with.
So we have two proud Texans--strong on loyalty who both happen to be water signs astrologically. This not only places them in good aspect to each other but the emphasis in water equips these actors with an ability to feel and display the emotion for which the show is known. Jensen Ackles' ability to deliver the one single tear could only be produced by an individual with Piscean skill. Jared not to be out done can tear up at will. Not an easy thing to do and sell the dialog as well as they do. He is born a Cancer which being ruled by the moon allows him to reach into the inner depths where feelings and emotions reside and bring these forth for all of us to feast on every week. We all agree its the moments where the boys "sit on the impala and talk about their feelings" that we long to see. Its one of the big attractions of the show. The writers know it..remember in "French Mistake" ? These two guys are superb at emoting. Its why we watch. I can't believe that these two actors were chosen without their astrology charts being compared, especially given the supernatural subject matter. But if they did come together without charts being erected one would have to think twice before you dismissed that there really is a higher power directing our destiny! Ya hear that Dean? This is more than just a show. It has taken on a life of its own. All those folks who flock to the Cons are a testimony to how satisfying it is to watch our boys live and love(in spite of the gore that I myself don't particularly care for.) I will watch this show as long as they can continue to make episodes. I don" ever want it to end, but I got panicky when Dean thought that Bobby could be dead and he was at the end of his rope. I am old enough to have seen Butch Cassidy and Sundance when it first came out. I didn't like the ending then and hope Sera Gamble can come up with something better for our boys. Driving a bound Sam off a pier just about did me in...all I could see was Butch and Sundance in mid air. Save us from that please! Our boys deserve better. They give us everything they have got each and every week.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-10-05 20:08
Loved your review. You really covered how broken our boys are and what type of situation they're really in now.

I think the Leviathan, while giving them props as being a threat, are making a key mistake that will cost them. Sure, you've taken everything away from them with Bobby's house, but you've also given them a weapon to take you down. Once we know Bobby is safe, my guess is that they'll be pissed as Hell and that'll end badly for our Leviathan friends.

This is such a young season and if it can keep this pace up I think it'll be one of its best yet. I can't wait to see how the twists come in the story as we go deeper down this rabbit hole.

Ben Edlund ripped my heart out last week and I'm crawling back to this show to have the next episode do the same.
# airbat 2011-10-06 16:01
I can only join the others: great review Alice!

Season 7 sure picked a bombshell of a start and if it keeps up that way it may end one of my favorite seasons so far.

Like all the comments above I also cracked at Sam and Dean's suffering and more than once I was amost near tears - ok, let's stop the winchesterly lie: I'm a wuss, and there where a lot of tears involved!

But besides all the obvious things, something else made this episodes beyond great for me. It was something I missed the seasons before especially in season 6 (also I liked this season too).
It was about Sam and Dean again! I know there're a lot of Cas fans out there and I surely don't want to step on anyones toes (and I do love Misha as an actor) but the angel story is so over-done for me. I for one could watch happily without ever seeing any angel again. I felt like (and it was amplified a certain part of the fandom) Cas has come between the boys like Ruby did back in seaon 4.
But it's not only Cas, also grandpa creepy and the Campbells overstayed their welcome in my opinion. What I'm trying to say is, that side-characters who take up to much screen time (I exclude Bobby, cuz he was kinda there from the beginning), take the focus of the boys and you haven't enough time left to go deeper into their relationship, fears, thoughts. If anything Kim Rhodes proofed there are tons of good guest stars on SPN, but that's what I like them to stay, guest. (Don't know, if I explained that well).

As much as it hurts in a strange way it is also refreshing to get no angel quick fixes anymore. The boys need time to heal and they need to rely on each other more to make it through a hunt in one piece. Also the drama for the fiewer is upped, now that we know that no angel is going to sweep in and save the day whenever something goes sideways (and when doesn't it in SPN?).

Supernatural started out as the story of two brothers, hunting, taking care of each other, sacrificing everything and trying to survive under impossible situations. Now with Season 7 I feel that we finally get back to that.

Everything else in this episode was perfect for me. Lucifer was one creepy hallucination and I wonder how Sam's damaged psyche will manifest itself in the upcoming episodes since I think that Mark Pellegrino is not going to be in 7.03?
Dean's phone call to Bobby was devastating. For all he was angry with Sam for not telling of his problems, Dean did a good job of pushing everything down and seal it. When it finally came back up it was heartbreaking.
This episode kinda like both boys where on the edge and it wouldn't have taken much for one of them to step over...for Sam it was Dean who came at the right moment and with Dean it was the Leviathan who disturbed his downward spiral.

On another note: The kitchen scene where Sam cleans his gun and Dean has his talk with Bobby. Have I been the only one thinking "Don't give a hallucinating man armed weapons"? :)

I can't wait for the next episode!
# Belinda 2011-10-07 19:16
I don't see why it has to be simply Sam and Dean, I don't see how Cas being there takes time away from Sam and Dean being brothers, I simply don't understand that way of thinking, and why should Bobby be special just because he was there in Season 1?

Just because Sam or Dean have other connections than just each other doesn't take time away, it's called growth. There are many shows I watch that have two characters as leads but those lead characters also have connections to others besides each other and it's always great and balanced. I don't see why Sam and Dean can only have each other, what kind of a growth is that? Having other relationships is a good thing, it means each character gets their own personal growth and different sides of them come out.

Just because the show is about two brothers doesn't mean that's all we have to see or all other characters steal time. Just because Dean and Cas have a strong bond doesn't take away Dean and Sam's relationship. One can have a best friend and a brother and that doesn't mean anything bad, it just means Dean has a big heart and he's growing as a character. Just like the boys seeing Bobby as a father figure doesn't take away the boys loving John.

I simply don't understand why some people would only accept Sam and Dean forever but other characters there is bad.
# Brynhild 2011-10-08 06:55
I agree with you about close friendship not stealing away nothing from a brotherly relationship, even one so close and "codependent" like Sam & Dean's one.

But I can understand that someone feels the "angelic storyline" a bit overdone (even if I feel the reason for that is more in a lazy writing than in a real uselessness of the story), and above all, the problem in Castiel's presence is that it can fix things for the brothers a bit too easily: hits, hurts, aches, wounds, broken bones, poison... poof, two fingers on the forehead and it's all gone; you have to drive 200 miles to get somewhere in a very short time? no problem, here is the angelic teleportation; twenty or so baddies to deal with can easily swiped away by angelic flash; and if you have to know some very very ancient or secret lore, a 5-6000 years old angel can be very useful. You can even go to Jerusalem and back again in a blink of an eye, so you can have the only way to entrap an angel (holy oil) ready at hand.

You understand that, in such conditions, the brothers' ability to cope with very high obstacles and dangerous enemies, to really use their hunter's skill is very diminished, or at least a bit "dormant". And often, when caught in the angelic plots, the brothers came out a bit too passive, IMO, just waiting for Castiel to rescue them or resolve their problem.

In this sense I can understand why someone (me included) would rather see the brothers on their own again (Bobby, from this pov, is not a problem).
# Belinda 2011-10-08 07:03
There are alot of stories I can say are overdone, I'd say monster stories or demon stories, that sounds overdone to me, we've had them all the seasons, why not some change there then?

And just because the angels are overdone doesn't mean they have no place, with Heaven in chaos I'm suppose to just expect all of the sudden that repercussion is just gone?

And also, there are ways to write Cas that doesn't make him convenient, but it's rather obvious the writers don't want to make an effort of thinking of such ways. Why can't they have that the Leviathans damaged him? Maybe he's half angel or his powers aren't working? Maybe the Leviathans have messed him up inside and he has to learn to deal with that and find his redemption? Why can't that be a story-arc? Then he's no different in this sense than Bobby or Dean or Sam. There are many ways for this to happen logically and works in canon, but like I said, clearly the writers don't want to go into the effort of doing that.

And either way, I still see Bobby as a problem, he has the info, he has the experience and knowledge, and now he's breaking them out when things get dangerous, they've just traded one convenience for another. It's no different in my eyes.

If they truly want the boys on their own and use their skills, then be bold and take everything away.
# Belinda 2011-10-07 19:10
At least we got a trenchcoat scene, if it wasn't for Jensen, we wouldn't even have gotten that because none of the writers even thought of the importance of Dean picking up the trenchcoat or if it was any important. Disappointing really, a rushed and quick exit for a character who means so much more than that, very let down by that.

Rest of the ep was great, but I have to admit, the first two min already ruined my mood and hopefully Cas returns because a lame exit like that is no end I'm ever gonna accept.