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It seems to me as if these scenes have been written particularly for Jared – he is always fantastic in them. Whether he is playing two persons against each other (probably with a stand in while filming) or thrashing about on his cot – Jared brings an intensity to each moment that cuts through me. It is so real. Many times in my professional life I have seen scenes like this – a man caught in a seizure or dissociating, non-responsive. It’s a scary sight, no matter how experienced one is. It’s never easy to decide what to do and if that’s going to be the right thing, much like Dean has no idea whatsoever of what he could or should do. It’s worse for him, since there is this inseparable emotional bond that ties him to his younger brother. It will get worse still. Luckily, he doesn’t know, yet, how bad it will get. 
‘Didn’t I tell you to turn back? That you wouldn’t like what you found?’
‘I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.’
‘Not as sorry as you’re gonna be.’
Robin, the ever present connection between Soulless Sam and Sammy did warn him, indeed. But the stubborn man he is wasn’t able to turn back. Something he can’t yet understand drove him onward. He will learn that when all is said and done, it’s the love for his brother that keeps pushing him forward, even at very high a price.
Sometimes we find an extraordinary relationship between an actor and the camera. Finding the essence of the scene and playing it, the lens transforms him, captures the mystery of his craft and allows him to gain access to the audience’s emotions. Jared has always done that in the most astonishing way and he has learned so much as an actor. He is able to reach out with raw instinct and sophisticated reaction, being genuine and very much alive. Watching him here I see clearly how much he has grown and will continue to grow. 
Faith is the bird that feels the light 
And sings when the dawn is still dark.
Rabindranath Tagore
With Dean and Bobby on the verge of utter exhaustion, Balthazar suddenly turns up. It’s not sitting well with the angel, since he is about to do one of the foulest acts – become a traitor. He gives the two bewildered hunters an address: 221 Piermont Ave, Bootbock Kansas. And, well, they will be in Kansas once more, Toto, though in a non-existing place. The show invented that town to my knowledge.

The address is all they get from the angel turned Judas. He’s not ready to go any step further, but Balthazar will still pay for his deed, unfortunately.
A few moments later, Dean will leave this address and a pistol at Sam’s side. He knows that he has to go, to stop Castiel. What painful irony – they need to stop the angel that so often helped them stop someone else. In a moment like this Dean needs an assignment. He is on the verge of going crazy with worry and guilt. 
I think Dean is aware that Sam would want him to go and do what needs to be done, but still it probably takes all strength Dean can muster to leave his unconscious brother, knowing that something awful must be going on inside Sam that causes him to shake, twist, moan in agony. He doesn’t know that he has given Sam’s inner turmoil light and courage by simply being there and doing what he did. I can only hope that Sam will be able to tell him one day.

Castiel, being handed his purgatory power shake: half monster, half virgin, knows that Balthazar betrayed him. The way Cas holds himself, I’m inclined to believe that he already knows of Balthazar’s actions. There is disappointment and some hurtful quality in his face, as he informs Crowley that he renegotiated the terms of their contract. ‘You get nothing. Not one soul.’ Oh, hello, Nero. ‘You think I’m turning all that power to the king of hell? I’m neither stupid nor wicked.’ Oh, but you are doing your best to become exactly that.
‘You either flee or you die.’
‘We made a pact. Even I don’t break contracts like this.’
‘Flee or die.’
‘Boy, you can’t trust anyone these days.’
At this point I’m reminded that mostly there has been honour among demons. They use to keep their contracts, even when they don’t like them. Mostly. But angels are made of sterner stuff, which will become even more obvious very soon. I don’t like where this is heading. I feel alarmed, shaken. A terrible sense of foreboding is poisoning my mind… 
I deem it quite possible that Sam feels the same way as he enters Bobby’s deserted house. Furniture covered with sheets to shield them from dust, but there are countless candles burning. It’s a warm, gentle light, the kind of light that soothes scars and encourages the soul. For me, this is Bobby Singer. If Bobby were light, he’d be a warm fireplace or a long burning candle. 
Sam, though, does not feel the kindness of this light, he approaches, tense and bewildered, the battered figure sitting at the kitchen table. The man there is responding slowly, his voice broken, a hush only, rough like sandpaper. And yet it is unmistakeably Sam’s voice. Coming from afar. 
‘So, which one are you?’
‘Don’t you know? I’m the one that remembers hell.’
He is barely able to get up, his balance unstable, agony all over that beautiful, scarred, tormented face. 
‘I wish you hadn’t come, Sam.’
‘I had to. I’m here, right? Out there in the real world I’m at Bobby’s, aren’t I?’
‘How do you know?’
‘This whole time I smelled nothing but Old Spice and whiskey. I figured if I could get back here, back to my body, I could… I don’t know… I could snap out of it somehow…’
‘But first you have to go through me.’
‘Humpty Dumpty has to put himself together again before he can wake up… And I’m the last piece.’
‘Which means: I have to know what you know… What happened in the cage…’
‘Trust me… You don’t wanna know it.’
‘You’re right. But I still have to.’
‘Sam! You can’t imagine. Stay here. Go back. Find that bartender, go find Jess. But don’t do this. I know you. You’re not strong enough.’
‘We’ll just have to see.’
‘Why is this so important to you?’
‘You know me. You know why. I’m not leaving my brother alone out there.’
Yes. That’s the truth that keeps Sam going. One of the most beautiful lines Jared ever had to speak, and, to my knowledge, his favourite line ever. That’s the essence of Sam Winchester. It’s also the essence of Dean Winchester. It’s their connection, their driving force, their faith. 
Though this scene is utterly devastating to me and makes me reach for tissues now regularly, it is also one of the most moving and beautiful scenes… Sam knows deep in his bones that he probably won’t be able to handle what he is about to learn. The figure before him was tortured beyond imagination, exposed to the kind of agony only hell can muster. Everyone breaks under torture. Everyone. A patient of mine who had undergone the kind of torture humans make up once said to me in tears ‘Everyone breaks on the third day.’
He doesn’t want to know. He wants to do what the man from hell is advising him to do, as he knows what Sam has kept yearning for all these years: Jess. Sam wants peace. The kindness he felt when Jess was a part of his life. But to find that would mean to stay in this place, disconnected from the real world and abandoning his brother. He has left Dean before. He won’t do it again. 
My own emotions are raging at this point. I want to stop this. I want to find some magical device to step in and make Sam learn about his time in hell without the re-experiencing the pain. I want to apply ointment to his terrible burns and help him forget again… Now, Jas, pull yourself together. This is fiction. This is just a tv show. Sorry, Other Jas, then why are we so affected? – Well, because this show has always had the power to reach out to our soul and keep it in a firm grip. 
It continues to do so.
Defeated, the tortured Sam hands his counterpart the knife. ‘I’m not gonna fight you. But this is your last chance’, says he, knowing that Sam is not going to change his mind. ‘Good luck. You’re gonna need it.’
He stabs him with the knife – this is no distance. He feels the blade go into the body of this tortured part of his… how dreadful must that feel? And then taking in all the pain… Oh, Sammy…. He is alone. And that’s very real, too – in real life, we are always alone when it comes to deal with pain. Friends and family can be at our side, hold our hand, tell us that they are there for us, but at the end of the line we have to live through whatever kind of pain on our own. In our bodies. We have to find the strength needed for that within ourselves. Just like Sam. 
He will wake up, confused, scared and in pain and try to find some kind of balance on his feet, then get somehow, stumbling and weak, to the Kansas address Dean left for him. The place where another huge showdown is about to take place.


Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-28 01:25
Absolutely amazing. We went on a journey with Sam this season, and while some of it happened through other character's eyes or in the background at times, we were following Sam home. You captured that beautiful story here.

I, too, hope that in season 7 we see both brothers finally hash out what happened to each of them while downstairs. Dean has pushed it down so far and held it there, and yet he has moments where it is a surging tide set to overwhelm him. They would do well to confide in one another, to share, to not simply lock it away and let it fester.

I turned the Cas storyline over in my head and the key finally found purchase in the lock and slid home. Every step, since his introduction on the show, has lead to this terrible and dark moment. I do not, however, think he had this planned all along. Cas has always needed someone to follow, a guiding hand. We see it in season 4 as he does as told by his Angel superiors. We see it when he BEGS Anna to tell him what to do. We see it in the way he returns from Heaven and reclaims Jimmy's body, coldly turning his back on Dean momentarily. In season 5, we see him follow Dean as he had his former superiors. Dean called the shots, made the big decisions mostly. He might have learned about freedom and freewill, but he certainly didn't exercise it. And when he chooses to leave Dean in his Apple Pie life, he takes this cue not from Dean, not from Crowley, but from Soulless Sam. Sure, he didn't say it, but by walking away from Dean, I think Cas took that as direction to leave Dean alone. He's begged God to answer him, to guide him now that he is a true outcast in Heaven. God does not respond. He's also been looking for God as long as he's been on the show. So, he decides that he WILL become God because hell, God brought him back and surely his plan was to set up a replacement. Why not him?

I'm so with you on Jared's performances in this episode. I couldn't believe that he could top his work in The End or Swan Song, and yet he has and more here. It's captivating in a way that won't let you go. He's such an underrated actor in my opinion, and I can only hope that his projects outside of Supernatural will provide him the material to produce more outstanding work as this.

I sat down and started the season over tonight, and now that I've read your wonderful review, I picked up on something. We started the season with Dean in a nightmare induced by the Djinn, relieving his mother and Jess's death, the awful encounter between Azazel and Ben, where the whole Apocalypse storyline could be started over, with Ben as Lucifer's vessel, if only in Dean's poisoned mind. It is Sam, albeit Soulless, that saves him. And in this finale, we see Sam go through the process of putting himself back together partly for Dean and because of Dean. It's amazing how the the beginning and ending melded so well.

And then there's the truth about this show---regardle ss of what Cas has done. It's always been a love story. Truly. The brotherly bond and love these two brothers have for one another may bend, it may strain, but it will never break. We saw it tested yet again and it passed only to come out the stronger on the other side. Now that they're a united singular force again I truly pity Cas. They'll run him over to protect it.

Thanks again for the seat on the couch, even if I am long winded as hell!
# rmoats8621 2011-05-28 02:04
This was such an amazing response and article. I couldn't agree more. As I re-watched the first episode tonight, the beginning and ending episodes clicked together for me, too.

As for Jared, I agree. He has become such an excellent actor. They both are... I don't think that he's under appreciated, at least by true fans of the show, just that people are torn between Jared and Jensen. I think they're both great and over looked by the establishment. However, with all the press that the show has received this year, that may come to an end. Let's all hope for the best!

I'm looking forward to Season 7 and I'm hoping that the writers will continue with this story arch and delve into Sam and Dean's internal Hell turmoil, but leave their relationship alone. It's nice having them back together on an even playing field.
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 09:00
Hi rmoats8621, thank you for your comment! So true - we won't have to suffer through another season of the brothers being torn apart and at odds with each other (I hope so).
Cheers, Jas
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-28 11:18
The writer in me can't help but play with the whole puzzle now that it has been given to us---okay not WHOLE puzzle per se as there will be some pieces put in place next season. And I'm glad I'm not the only one that noticed that in Exile we saw Dean experience a similar dream sequence as Sam did in The Man Who Knew Too Much.

I don't think Jared is underrated in the fandom circle as much---but yes, in the establishment I do. He's overlooked often, partly because of the genre Supernatural resides in, partly because it's on the CW, and for a few other reasons. He's a true artist---as is Jensen---and it's a shame that either haven't had the chance to do something much more significant outside of the show. Hopefully, as you said, now that the show is garnering much more press that will change.

Oh God, I can't imagine the writers being stupid enough to spend all of season 6 building the brothers relationship back to equal terms only to rip them asunder again. I do think they will experience some growing pains and they will argue at times, but they'll be stronger together than they've ever been before---as it should be.
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 08:57
Far Away Eyes, hello and thank you so much for your comment. Don’t worry about being long winded. Sometimes we need more than one sentence to say what we want to say – and, well, I have been known to be quite long winded myself… ;-)

With the hiatus upon us, I will do the same you did – start Season Six over again and watch it as a whole. I’m sure many aspects will become clearer – and leave us hungrier for Season Seven, oh my… I agree that the writers managed to blend beginning and end of this season in terms of the journeys of Sam and Dean. And there will be a lot of work to do in the future in that department.

It is one of the most beautiful love stories, indeed. Love comes with many faces. And this is one I adore most, I guess…
Thank you again. Whenever you feel like it, take a seat and enjoy the rest… Cheers, Jas
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-28 11:33
I'm glad that I'm not too long winded. You're right. Sometimes it does take more than that simple sentence!

I've been meaning to, since I saw Caged Heat really, write an essay since the puzzle won't leave me alone until I do. I was going to target Soulless Sam only, but as the season progressed it turned into a whole season package, so that's what I'm working on.

I don't anticipate having it done before I go to NY and then Jersey for the convention, but I'll have fun along the way with it. It's my first season without being able to dive right into the next, so now I can stew over it.

You're absolutely right that love has many faces and these two love so very very much. It's that love that touches our soul with this show and as long as we have that, I'll be watching!
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 16:28
So will I, Far Away Eyes. It's what moves me more than I have words to describe.

Will you let us know about that piece you're working on? I'll be curious to read it, if you don't mind.

See ya, Jas
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-28 16:30
Absolutely. I first have to rewatch the season and play with things. I'd love to share what comes from it here if it is welcome.
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 16:33
wow, you're online, eh? That's nice. ;-)
I'm sure it will be welcome - if you like send it to Alice, since she, as our editor-in-chief , handles all that gets online here.

I, for one, would love to read it.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-28 16:38
I will have to do that. Thanks for the suggestion.

I work in retail for a living, but I'm a fiction writer. Right now I'm procrastinating so here I be!
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 16:43
Now I'm even more curious. So, dear writer, I wish you the best of luck for that project.

And, well, procrastinating can fuel one's creativity sometimes, to my experience.

I assume you're located somewhere in the US, which means it's daytime for you. For me it's good night, now, half past eleven, and I feel that sleep's trying to claim me...

Sleep well when it's time for you, Jas
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-28 16:59
I am in the US. I live in the Southwest corner of Minnesota. I'm about a 90 minute drive from the real Sioux Falls, which by the way, is a lot lot larger than depicted on the show.

I do hope that you'll sleep well and that my procrastination will bear fruit.
# Alice 2011-05-31 01:22
I will most definitely accept anything you write. Your posts are so wonderful and make so many great observations I never thought of. Many of our writers (including Jasminka) got started by writing excellent analytical comments. If you can do that in comments, you can definitely do it with articles.

If you want to post something, just send me a message through "Contact Us" and I'll send you an email address to send the article to.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-31 07:15
Thank you so much for the offer and the welcome, Alice.

As soon as I can manage to finish it, I'll let you know.
# purplehairedwonder 2011-05-28 02:03
This was a lovely and insightful piece that I am in total agreement with. I was really blown away by this episode, especially Jared's incredible work as the various versions of Sam. Posture, vocal inflections, word choice, facial expressions, everything--all completely unique to each version.

Also, loved the comment about Bobby being the warm fireplace or long-burning candle. That was so perfect and apt.

I think my favorite scene of this episode was when Sammy met Hell!Sam. Not only was Jared breathtaking as the broken, bloodied version that remembered Hell (gives me chills to think about the memories he holds), but the way Sam came to terms with having to remember the Cage so he wouldn't leave his brother alone. The moment he said that line, I remembered him saying that was his favorite line in the series at whichever con and can really see why. This is the Sam that I fell in love with in the earlier seasons and it's so wonderful seeing him in full force in this episode. Sam has so much inner strength that is so often underestimated- -even by Sam himself--and it was amazing to see it in full force in this episode.

I hadn't really thought much about the use of light in this episode until I started reading some reviews and watching the episode again, it's really incredible and well-done. The candles in Bobby's house? Another favorite. But more importantly, that Dean was Sam's light, his beacon, both literally as he shone a light into Sam's eyes and figuratively since he was the reason that made Sam keep going... Ah, so perfect for these boys.

I was also really impressed with the changes in Castiel and Misha's portrayal. He really did *look* different now that he's made his choice and turned "God." I know a lot of fans are upset about the direction, but I like it and think it makes a lot of sense. Cas is such an infant in terms of making decisions for himself, and his model for decision-making is the Winchesters. Far from the greatest examples. And with angelic power and problems, it seems natural the issue would become a much larger scale when bad decisions are made.

I also have a hard time seeing Dean forgiving Cas for bringing down Sam's wall since Sam is the off-limits area in his life, so I hope that issue is addressed since it really bothered me.

Ah, so many interesting things to talk about in this episode. Thanks for sharing, I had a great time on the couch!
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 09:05
Thank you, purplehairwonde r, for your elaborate comment! You know, your favourite scene is also mine here. It’s full of nuances, and it went straight into my soul.

I believe the writers can’t let the issue of Cas deliberately bringing down Sam’s wall untouched in future episodes. It’s too big a matter to be let go uncommented. I think the struggle with that (probably particularly with Dean, since he felt really close to the angel) will be shown, and I’m so very curious about how it will turn out!
Take good care, Jas
# KatieV 2011-05-28 04:07
Another incisive and interesting review Jasminka.
It is such a relief to read a sensible discussion about the strengths of plot, characterisatio n and the marvellous acting without descending into petty discussions about the number of close-ups, lines of dialogue or perceived slights against favourite characters that too often happens on other forums.
I always look forward to your reviews.
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 09:09
Hi KatieV - thank you for your comment. I'm happy to hear that you like to come here to read my reviews, thanks a lot for your acknowledgement!

I have to say, I am glad to not venture to those sites anymore where discussions like that you mention take place. I don't like that at all and the tone of some of those comments tends to upset me.
Why it often has to come to those arguments continues to elude me.

Feel free to come back whenever you like, there's always a plate of fresh cookies to your left ;-)

Cheers, Jas
# Julie 2011-05-28 07:52
Dear Jas,
This was a wonderful article, but then I think we knew, given the subject matter it was going to inspire a special `open couch`.
I have just a few random musings here.
I loved all the references to light included, it was an excellent continuation of established themes.
I was, like you really upset, but impressed by Misha`s performance, as our loved little angel was nowhere to be seen in this one. I don`t really think this was in his long term plan, `Our Cas` would never have contemplated all the machinations of this Non-God Castiel. Like you I hold out hope, don`t we always, that things can be fixed and we get the `nerd angel` back, but I do not expect him to recover from this unchanged, and can`t wait to see where we go from here. It will be interesting to see how they move the relationships forward as the deliberate breaking of the wall was devastating, obviously for Sam, but also for Dean, as we know, to hurt Sam is pretty much the worst thing anyone could do to him.
Bobby was, as ever, wonderful, I love how he knows exactly which buttons to press to focus Dean and keep him together. I was so relieved when he moved in the upturned Impala, incidentally, she will be fine.
In this episode Jared was wonderful, he played the pieces of Humpty Dumpty brilliantly, 3 totally distinctive men. It was quite scary to see the return of RoboSam and heartbreaking to see the shell of `Tormented Sam`. I have been amazed at some online comments and criticism I have seen of this story line and the fact that `he recovered too quickly`. We saw him arrive at the end scene guided there by Deans note and sheer willpower, but did not even hear him speak, or indeed know if he has the capacity to speak after the damaged pieces became whole again. The consequences I am sure will be devastating and far reaching, we know this show, one of the reasons we love and admire it is precisely because of the way they continue story lines.
That line, the one that has now, as he said recently, become Jareds favourite, was perfect. Oh Kripke, how I love and hate you! It is amazing how he can manage to sum up everything about the show in a simple line, how many times has he done this before? I am reminded of Swan Song, when Dean was about to leave for Stull Cemetery and was told by Cas `All you will see is Michael killing your brother` and he replied `Well I aint gonna let him die alone`. He really is an evil genius.
So now we have to wait, it is to be a very long hellatus, so many questions longing to be answered.
I loved Season 6 just as I loved all the other seasons. Yes it was different, after all we had one character absent for much of it as `It wasn`t Sam! ` But there have been some amazing episodes as usual and I am counting the days to Season 7 with the same enthusiasm as always.
Thanks again, you know I have a `season ticket` on this couch
Love Ju
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 09:27
Hello Julie, dear. There is always a seat reserved for you (here and in reality, of course).
Like you I can’t wait to see what they will be doing with these characters in the season to come. I am also sure that they will probably be very changed, in ways we still need to see. But moments like those we’ve watched them go through in this season leave wounds. Some shallow, some deep.

I can’t believe that people actually moaned about how Sam ‘recovered too quickly’, come on. Obviously those people have no idea whatsoever about how a human mind works – or, on a more empathetic note – they were lucky enough never to experience terrible moments that left their souls scarred and therefore can’t imagine how that might be.

You’re right, all we’ve seen was that Sam stumbled to the house where the showdown took place, obviously weak, but we don’t know anything else about his state. And thinking about what might be revealed about it scares me. Not only a little (and here’s me, clutching a comfy pillow to my stomach :-* )…

Thank you so much! Love, Jas
# Cammie 2011-05-28 08:33
Absolutely fascinating and interesting read. I loved how much this made me think, how it highlighted a few things I hadn't thought of quite like that and how because of what you do for a living added another and deeper layer to the finale for me.

I've read a couple of people who've linked Robin quite heavily to Dean because of how similarly their over all personalities were. This girl was a smart, feisty, witty and strong girl. At least the version of her Sam had in his head and as you pointed out she had a protector role which I don't even need to name who has that role in Sam's real life. Also how Dean and her voices and words at one point blended together. The only reason why I think she's depicted in the form a girl is the fact that usually we link the protector, the caregiver and the softer qualities to the mother but I really think she has a lot of Dean's wit, fast thinking and attitude because she wasn't a part of Sam himself. She was an outside force, sharing his journey and riding along side him in the impala, trying to keep him safe and protect him by telling him to go back. To me it just has Dean written all over it.

I just wanted to let you know how incredibly interesting I found this and I'll probably end up recommending people to read this if they really want something to think about.
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 09:33
Hi Cammie, and thank you very much for your thoughts! I am very happy and honoured to read that my article added another layer to this episode for you, and thereby, hopefully, enhanced the enjoyment of it. And thank you for recommending it to others. I didn’t expect that reaction, and, well, it touches me…

It’s an interesting thought – that Robin was in fact Dean in another form. It makes sense, absolutely. And it’s a lovely idea. That Sam always had Dean’s presence with him, even in his darkest hour. Lovely, indeed. Soothing.

Take good care, Jas
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 08:56
oops, something went wrong here... :o
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2011-05-28 09:49
Hi Jas,

That was a wonderful review. Your love and understanding of Sam, and your professional knowledge of the subject matter really shone through (Look... a light/lite? pun!)

There is so much to think about, with respect to Season 6 and the upcoming Season 7. Sam will be struggling with ALL his memories now. And Dean will be struggling to help and protect his brother, as well as trying to keep, what I've nicknamed The Lead-Lined Chamber of Dean, firmly locked too.

My concern for the brothers is that they always want to help each other cope, but they afraid to burden each other with what they perceive as their own weaknesses. So, they often hold their emotions in, or repress things (Dean especially) rather than seem "needy". I think they would have a better chance of finding healing if they could just be more open with each other. If they can share some of those horrific memories, maybe they'll find a way to accept them, and process them. But I suspect that veers dangerously close to "chick-flick" territory for them, and possibly the writers.

I really appreciated your observations on Castiel too. It actually has me thinking of his caution to Dean, back in Season 4's ITB.. "You have to stop it!". I feel like the It in that command has now become a venegeful, wrathful new G/god. (Cas might think he is, butI'm not entirely convinced he's big G-God. However, perhaps I'm just protecting my own earthly self from being smited, or shut out at the pearly gates!)

And I like that you called Cas an Alpha Male. The Alphas were another of the symphonic themes of the season that I kept hearing. But it got a little lost at the end. I'm hoping they pick up that thread next year.

What blazed through this episode for me, like you, was again the love the brothers feel for each other. Cas may be powered by the souls of millions. But they are fueled by something equally as potent -- Love. I believe that it can conquer most things, if not all of them. And it's what will help them fight the horrors (of the mind especially) coming their way in Season 7.

I think it's also Love that will make them try to get the angelic Cas back. Hopefully Dean's words of forgiveness at Rufus's grave will extend to Castiel as well. But bringing down Sam's well was just cruel..

I'm so impressed at the growth that JA and JP have shown as actors. Their performances are why we all believe Dean & Sam Winchester are real. I just hope the Hollywood Powers That Be are watching. And that when the times comes, and contracts allow, there will be some big roles offered to them.

Finally, I loved your use of quotes. They were beautiful. So, I'll end with one I particularly like, which I think sums up the Winchesters love for each other, and the fighting spirit that keeps them going, even when hope seems lost...

"It is better to light a single candle than to stand and curse the darkness"
# purplehairedwonder 2011-05-28 13:28
I think it's also Love that will make them try to get the angelic Cas back. Hopefully Dean's words of forgiveness at Rufus's grave will extend to Castiel as well. But bringing down Sam's well was just cruel.
You know, I was really struck by Dean's use of the past tense at the very end of TMWKTM ("We were family once.") versus the present tense in TMWWBK ("Next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family. You are like a brother to me."). Same message, different tense.

I hope Sam and Dean work to get our favorite nerd angel back, but I really have a hard time seeing Dean forgiving what Cas did to Sam. I'm more able to see Sam forgiving Cas eventually since he went down a similar path and it was only his bond with Dean that brought him back AND the wall coming down eventually forced him to become whole again for the first time since "Swan Song." But Dean? Cas knows very well how Dean takes anyone harming Sam and I can't help but see that as his way of severing his bonds with the Winchesters. And that's sad.
# LordAniline 2011-05-28 23:18
I disagree that Cas went down a similar path as Sam's from season 4. I've already wrote that Cas crossed every single line that Sam refused to cross, and Cas refused to show even the slighted iota of self-awareness and remorse that Sam showed at every turn.

Sam was labeled a monster by his own brother and lost his way when trying to save the world. Cas cannot blame being lead astray by the manipulation of others (as Sam was) and he had every advantage to turn away. Cas crossed the lines and he did when he wasn't drunk on souls. He was fully rational when he cold blooded murder his followers, friends, and tore down Sam's wall knowing full well that Sam will "suffer horrifically", Cas' own words.
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 14:07
Hello PDreamy and thank you for your thoughts!

You know, I also hope that Sam and Dean will stop their silence about their pains now that they do have knowledge of what hell and its torture is like – it would help them immensely to talk about it. What I often find is that trauma makes people feel isolated, because hardly anyone they know is able to relate. It’s a painful loneliness. Talking to someone who knows, feels and fears similar things is so very helpful. I hope these guys will find the comfort in that.

And perhaps then they will be able to get Castiel back from his terrible quest. Perhaps love will do that, or that candle that needs to be lit (the quote you ended your comment with is truly beautiful, too, thank you).

Take care, dear, and thank you for your kind words. Cheers, Jas
Veronica Bianchi
# Veronica Bianchi 2011-05-28 11:58
I can say I'm with you on all that has been! Thanks a thousand times thank you for writing what I feel. sorry for my English is very bad. But from Argentina I want to tell you that I d agree 100% with you. I love the series and I love Jared was excellent and act! like jensen and misha. I hope Season 7 Hermanos find the more united than ever!
# Jasminka 2011-05-28 14:14
Verowinchester, hola y gracias for your sweet comment.
I'm happy that I captured what you feel, it's always lovely to hear that to be even possible, so thank you so much.

Don't worry about your English - I understood perfectly what you wanted to say, I'm sure.
Estos hermanos son único, verdad? (and my Spanish is not good... but perhaps I will learn it someday... ;-) )

Adiós and thanks again! Sending many kind regards all the way across the Atlantic to Argentina! Take care, Jas
# LordAniline 2011-05-28 22:46
Incredibly insightful, hats off to you, Jas. Given what was going on in Sam's mind it makes complete sense that the analysis would end up on your couch ;-)

The use of lights are clever, showing the internal guidance in Sam's mind and the outside influence via Dean; from night when innocent Sam was lost and doesn't remember, to daylight when he confronts the starkness of himself. Bobby's house had light but the tortured soul stay hidden in the dark, finding comfort there. Jared once again knocked it out of the park, I am continuously impressed on how many different Sams he brings convincingly to life.

If there is one teeny tiny quibble is "Castiel’s story reflects Season Four Sam’s like a painful echo". S4 Sam was sacrificing himself under the devastating thought that his actions would make him a monster, be hated by his brother, and he would die in order to save the world. In contrast, Cas wanted power for himself, not necessarily to save the world. In "The French Mistake" Cas had gotten all the heaven weapons and Raphael was forced to retreat. Cas appeared to be getting the upper hand in the civil war, but he still wanted the souls for himself and Raphael became a convenient excuse his pursuit. Cas arrogantly declaring himself God is canon to his character since season 4.

Cas every advantage that Sam was deprived of in season 4. Sam was mistrusted by Dean pretty much from the get go. Cas had Dean's trust until it was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was doing bad things and keeping them secret. Sam was manipulated by both sides, Castiel knew what Crowley wanted and he still made the deal. Sam tried to take Dean with him to kill Lilith and wrongly didn't cut Ruby out. Castiel got to hear Dean's last plea that he had gone too far and needed to be depowered and that Dean still believed that he could be saved. Sam got a changed voice mail and the message that Dean hated him and that Sam was not salvageable. Cas got every chance to turn back. Sam had very few.

Castiel crossed over every single line that Sam refused to cross, and refused to show even the slighted iota of self-awareness and remorse that Sam showed at every turn. Castiel embraced his own madness and self-pity and sense of self-righteousn ess.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-28 22:54
I absolutely agree with you. While I see the correlation between season 4 Sam and season 6 Cas, the differences are becoming more and more stark as the season settles in my mind.

Cas has all the advantages that Sam never had and more and yet he has embraced the madness and drive for absolute power despite the pleas from Dean. He isn't sorry for it, not really.

Sam's actions in season 4 were driven by love and a misguided sense that he had to avenge what Lilith did to Dean by sending him to Hell. The breaking of the Seals was his cover. Cas simply hid and lied and when his cover was blown then tried to cover up his utter madness and drive for power by making fake apologetic overtures. He then went a step further with crumbling of Sam's Wall. Sam had never meant to hurt Dean as he had with Ruby. Cas seems to have no reservations about doing so here.
# LordAniline 2011-05-29 00:28
Love your posts when I come across them, Far Away Eyes. I didn't think of the idea that Cas was taking his cues from soulless Sam walking away from Dean and his apple pie life, but it makes sense and it further shows how incapable Cas was at making decisions for the benefit of the greater good. Cas' pride and arrogance convinced himself that he can be just like the Winchesters, or in this case, like Sam.

At first I thought the writers were going to parallel Cas' descent with season 4 Sam. But as the storylines progressed and Cas continued to lie through his teeth and cause suffering to others, it suddenly occurred to me that they weren't paralleling Cas and Sam, instead showing that Cas was trying to be like Sam but minus the humility, the self awareness, the innate goodness, the empathy, and the self-sacrificin g for others, especially for his brother.

Since season 4, Cas has never took accountability, never took responsibility, and always blamed others (he tried to blame Ellie's death on Crowley). And on top of it he would rather sacrifice others and once he ran out of sacrificial lambs only then maybe, maybe he will sacrifice himself as a last resort. Where as the Winchester brothers would rather sacrifice themselves before all others.
Far Away Eyes
# Far Away Eyes 2011-05-29 00:51
Thank you. This fandom has certainly made me feel welcome.

I think there's some truth to what you're saying about Cas, wanting to be like the Winchesters, yet unable to follow through. I think the biggest obstacle for Cas is that he is not a leader but a follower and without someone to steer him he makes blunders of epic proportions. He spent all of season 4 doing as told, then begged Anna to tell him what to do. He spent all of season 5 following Dean.

A lot of people took issue with the way Dean referred to Cas as a baby in Mommy Dearest, but it makes sense when you take into account that Dean sees the truth---well as much as he's willing to admit. When it comes to being a grown up, to making decisions on his own, Cas is very much an infant.

I think Cas has some true feelings for the Winchester brothers. I think he truly does or did have some love for them. The power he was gifted with after his resurrection in Swan Song totally corrupted him as it would seem it was more power than he had before his death. Power corrupts and absolute power, as he's now taken in, corrupts absolutely.

Cas has been on this path since his introduction and it is no surprise in hindsight that he ended up where he did. He has spent a long time looking for God and I think with his resurrection at the end of Swan Song he took it as his direction that he was to do God's work. Somehow that twisted into God hand picking him as His replacement. Hell, Dean asks him after Cas heals him if he is God and then asks if he's the new sheriff in town. Of course the tipping point came when Crowley nudged Cas further down that dark path.

I'm going to be curious to see how they deal with this corrupted being--if they choose to save or destroy him.
# Jasminka 2011-05-29 03:57
Hi LordAniline and thank you very much for your thoughts.

I see your point, and I believe I was a tad unclear in my writing. With describing Castiel's path as an echo to Sam's I meant to say that I believe that it was intended by the writers to reflect Sam's journey, but also to show the differences.

And, of course you are right here, there are major differences, as you will also fiind in the sentences after the one you quote above. Castiel had very different reasons to go down that road from those that motivated Sam.

Cheers, Jas
# LordAniline 2011-05-29 09:55
Thank you Jasminka for the clarification though I still disagree with how it reads. I read and re-read that paragraph couple of times before I wrote my initial comment. To even mention Sam's struggles in the same sentence is akin to making excuses for Cas who had all the advantages (Dean's trust, power, knowledge, etc) at his disposal, where Sam had none of those options and yet he never crossed the lines that Cas all too gladly did. When Cas does the wrong things, let it be all on him; I rather people don't drag Sam in so to somehow lessen Cas' misdeeds and culpability.
# Jasminka 2011-05-29 11:43
You are entitled to read the scene as you do, of course. It was not my intention to 'lessen' Castiel's deeds or to make excuses for him.

My intention is to understand why he would do it. And to that I have not found a satisfying answer, yet.

Cheers, Jas
# LordAniline 2011-05-29 13:05
Your intention to understanding the "why" of Cas' actions is honorable, but again brings back the main issue I have the psychology establishment in trying to find a root cause to the problems of people's souls. The psych community has nearly done away with the entire concept of evil, in essence denying its existence, and then expends super human efforts to find litany of rationalization s for even the basest behaviors into simple, justifiable reactions to their circumstances. But they must put the corruption somewhere, so they lay it on society at large (in SPN world, blame Sam) in order to give a pass to the individual who has done the bad deed. Society then has to suffer the predation of evil individuals even while bearing the blame for the evil deeds perpetrated upon it. Society is you and me who are expected to be willing to bear responsibility for the acts of another over which we have no power to stop or persuade from his evil course. This helps no one but the evil doer.
# Jasminka 2011-05-29 15:42
I am very sorry that you came to understand the efforts of psychology in this manner, LordAniline.

This science always strives to understand why people react the way they do, and since people are complex, the answers established via countless studies and observations are equally complex.
Society and culture always provide effects on people, on everyone living in a certain environment, which adds to this complexity.

Understanding is not synonymical to justifying.

Understanding enables the researcher to find means to actually help those who need it and, of possible, cure their mental illnesses.

I'd like to invite you to read Zimbardo's Lucifer Effect or Hare's Without Conscience to see that psychological scientists have not denied the idea of evil, but aspired to understand its reasons and the concepts that encourage its development.

Cheers, Jas
# shaaben 2011-05-30 21:57
I agree, Lord Anline, the comparison between Castiel and Sam is ridiculous and needs to stop. Sam did what he did out of selflessness, to save his brother and the world. Castiel did what he did out of quest to covet power for himself and he killed his own brothers and sister because they caught on to what he was doing and said his plan will fry half the world.
# cd28 2011-05-30 23:18
Sam had a soul and had been making decisions about what is right and what is wrong since he was a child. Cas didn't have a soul and had spent his thousands of years doing what he was born to do - be a good soldier and follow orders. A better comparison might be Cas to RoboSam. I'm not taking sides here. Both stories are complicated and both characters deserve some sympathy (which is why I love SPN).
# shaaben 2011-05-31 19:37
I agree, cd28, Castiel is a soulless creature which makes it even more ridiculous to compare him to someone like Sam who possess depth of feelings, self-awareness, humbleness, and selflessness that Castiel can't even hope to understand.

But Castiel's soulless state does NOT excuses him from all of the crimes he committed, especially in light that his brother and sister knew it was wrong and tried to stop him. I know Castiel fans want to somehow make things okay for him, but trying to somehow blame Sam or compare the two isn't the way.
# Jasminka 2011-05-31 00:48
It seems to me you didn't understand what I was saying. Well...
# McMaggie 2011-06-04 23:03
S4 Sam was sacrificing himself under the devastating thought that his actions would make him a monster, be hated by his brother, and he would die in order to save the world. ...

Cas every advantage that Sam was deprived of in season 4. Sam was mistrusted by Dean pretty much from the get go. Cas had Dean's trust until it was proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he was doing bad things and keeping them secret. Sam was manipulated by both sides, Castiel knew what Crowley wanted and he still made the deal. Sam tried to take Dean with him to kill Lilith and wrongly didn't cut Ruby out. Castiel got to hear Dean's last plea that he had gone too far and needed to be depowered and that Dean still believed that he could be saved. Sam got a changed voice mail and the message that Dean hated him and that Sam was not salvageable. Cas got every chance to turn back. Sam had very few.

Castiel crossed over every single line that Sam refused to cross, and refused to show even the slighted iota of self-awareness and remorse that Sam showed at every turn. Castiel embraced his own madness and self-pity and sense of self-righteousness.

THANK YOU for summarizing this so well. Sam has also been "herded" all his life by the demons who replaced teachers and prom dates and best friends whenever he stayed in one place long enough (the ones Lucifer gleefully killed in Swan Dive). I think the souls of Sam and Dean are both special. And I wonder how that will play in this new soul-driven story line.
# Yirabah 2011-05-29 06:58
Hello Jas,

I was waiting for this couch since I finished watching that episode the first time. There is so much that goes through my mind that I don't know were to start.

The whole Sam/Dean story in this one I think is comparable to love relationship between a man and a woman. How often has a man/woman told his/her partner "You are the light of my live". Don't get me wrong I most definatly don't mean in a slash-way. It's more like the brotherly love between Sam and Dean. Lisa knew that when she told Dean that now that Sam is back she has no chance in his live anymore. They just can't live without each other. Which is so heart breaking. But it also gives them the strength they need to endure everything that is thrown into their path.

As for Castiel. No I didn't see that coming since the beginning not even till mid-season. But then it slowly dawned on me that he, who never really learned to make his own decisions, might make the wrong decisions. Especially since he never actually let the Winchesters in on what he did up in heaven. But there is something that jumped my mind during the final scene. Castiel has absorbed the creatures from purgetory. Over the season we were told that the evil monsters go to purgetory and it sure looked to me like Cas kind of was possesed by evil when he asked the boys to bow in front of him. On the other hand our beloved Dr. Visyak told Bobby that not all is bad which is in Purgetory. Therefore I wonder if the good and bad purgetory creatures within Castiel will fight it out in Season 7.

For some unknown reason I think that Sam looks so hot as Sam from hell (or like I call him Samell). I completly agree that both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are outstanding actors. As you know I watched this episode the first time during the German con. Jared's panel was the last one of the day and as you can see in the vids he was his bubbly usuall self on stage. Afterwards I went to watch the final eps with Junkerin. And saw Soulless Sam and Samell. Both so far away from the real Jared Padalecki that if I should have ever needed any proof (which I didn't) that he is a trully outstanding actor I had it right there in front of me. And the next day after watching those tormented scenes I saw him again walking through the hotel and greating us funs with a cheerfull hello. Up until then I knew he was a good actor but never appreciated his acting abilities as much as I did Jensen's. Wow was I wrong.

Thanks again for giving me a place on your couch.
# Jasminka 2011-05-29 11:48
Yirabah, you are always welcome to my couch, of course!

I'm sure you can imagine, it took me a while to write this (and when I was not writing, I was hardly able to not think about it).

It's an interesting idea - will we learn more about the good and the bad of purgatory? Ah, it's such a long hiatus... we'll have to be patient (not one of my best developped traits, I have to confess ;-) ).

The real Jared is, indeed, utterly different than what we've seen in these episodes. He's simply lovely... and I'm sure he'll give us more of such high quality performances. There just isn't another option.

Thank you so much for your thoughts. Sending you a warm smile, Jas
# Junkerin 2011-05-30 09:48
Ich habs dir gesagt :lol:
# Jas 2011-05-30 10:05
??? :lol:
# Junkerin 2011-06-01 05:38
The "I told you" was meant for Yirabah. Because I told her in Mannheim Cas would chance
# Junkerin 2011-06-01 05:45
Hi Jas
I´m very buissy right now but I always like to take some time on your couch. And boy I need it. After beeing in Mannheim watching the Final, having a Coffee Lounch with Jared it is hard to finde a way back to normal live.

It was nice to hear Sam saying, that he wouldn´t leave his brother. We heard it from Dean and we expected it form Sam to but it was nice to hear. Jared sad it was his favorit line ever. Well I got to go. I want to finish my Con Report some day. :lol:
# Jasminka 2011-06-01 10:57
Thanks for coming over despite your schedule, Junkerin!
Hold on to that experience for as long as you can (and like), for reality will claim you soon enough.

Cheers, Jas
# BagginsDVM 2011-06-02 22:51
Goodness, I'm late to the couch this time, but wanted to say how much I enjoyed the discussion here. Maybe I needed a little time to recover & think things through...
(and yay for the Highlander mention! I loved the series & the original movie too; the sequels, not as much)

I adored how light in so many varied forms played such an important factor throughout the story, for good or not so good. Just beautiful!

Jared was nothing short of amazing in portraying the disparate "pieces" of Sam, & I cannot wait for next season to see the process of healing & reintegrating those pieces that must surely take place over time. We only saw a glimpse of the put-together-ag ain Sam at the very end of the finale, & he was certainly very fragile, summoning all his willpower to make it there, to be there for his brother.

Misha was amazing too. I could feel my heart begin to harden against this character I had once loved so much. I was initially quite devastated that the writers had chosen to take Castiel in this direction, but it could prove to be a fascinating storyline. Cas really has been corrupted by his One Ring of power, but I'm still hoping he can give it up before a fall into the fires of Mt. Doom leaves all hope of redemption beyond reach.

Jensen & Jim brought me to tears as well. Dean showed his quality in just being there with his brother, thinking he couldn't do anything to help, not realizing that his voice & presence actually were reaching Sam in his unconscious battle.
Jas, I loved your analogy of Bobby to light & warmth! So true.

Thanks for the couch! It is certainly a bright spot in this Hellatus!

# Jas 2011-06-03 08:07
Dawn, another Highlander fan? Yay, that's sweet to know!

Don't ever worry about being late, sometimes we need more time to process out thoughts and emotions ;-)

I'm with you, of course - the actors did such an amazing job! I stand in awe when I see talent like that. It makes me proud, even when that sounds a tad cheesy.

I'm happy to be able to provide a couch. You're welcome to snuggle into the soft cushions at any time!

Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words, love Jas
# Sylvie 2011-06-17 12:27
Jasminka, I've only now read this wonderful article as I'm trying to catch up on everything all writers on TWFB have written since the beginning! I don't know how I missed this one though, as I had read your article on "Let It Bleed". But I must say this one touched my heart greatly. Just the way these wonderful actors have interpreted their roles this season was absolutely phenomenal!

I hadn't even thought of "Highlander" until you mentioned it, but man, how true. And that happens to be one of my favourite movies, I love Christopher Lambert. You bring such depth to these episodes,I will be looking forward to reading what you have to share with us next year.

I'm very afraid of all the darkness happening to our boys. I always have to go back to the "lighter" years of season one and two to make me feel better. I know it's just a TV show, but these characters seem so real to me, I think about their situations a lot. Many kudos to all the writers for being able to make us care so much about fictional characters. It's like when I read a book where one of the character gets hurt and it makes me cry, I always surprise myself.

Until season seven, I will be reading (hopefully) everything on this great site.
# Jasminka 2011-06-17 17:01
Hi Sylvie, welcome to the site!! And thank you so much for your movoing comment!

I love Highlander, too, and always liked Christophe Lambert! The original film was a gem! It should have been only one!

I can understand your fear of what will happen to the boys... I feel afraid for them, too.
You know, I think it's easy to write about the characters because they're so real, despite being fictional. They are depicted in this unique manner - the writers are just fantastic, and the actors bring the lines to life, so - the praise really belongs to them.

I thank you very much - I'm happy that you like what I offer her, and I hope to be able to bring interesting stuff up for you to read and like. There'll be a retro-episode Open-Couched soon.

Enjoy your adventure here on our site. I know I speak for all of us when I say: welcome and thank you for liking what you find!

Take care, cheers, Jas
# Belinda 2011-06-18 06:39
I just had to say this but Misha really scared the crap out of me in the ending here, the show is so lucky to have actors who can pull off the stories they write, and Misha is definitely one of those rare gems. The Cas that appeared at the end is nothing like the Cas we have come to love for so long! His voice is different, his eyes are different, his face is different, I don't even know how Misha was able to do that but it scared me because the Cas I love so much always had that spark of curiosity behind his blue eyes, and now it's just cold and dark.

I think it's easy for many to judge Cas and just call him a simple bad guy, I have heard many do that, but to say it like that is to toss aside 3 years of character development and I simply do not believe that foot-solder Castiel in Season 4 somehow planned all this, the pain and suffering and loss, just to become a God from the very beginning when he showed up. That would mean kicking out all those real moments that mattered like it was trash and I refuse to believe that there was no sincerity in any of Cas's actions, if they make it like that, it would be the worst character assassination I have ever seen and I've seen plenty enough.

It's tragic to watch Cas fall, and while many of those decisions were of his own making and choice, it was decisions made in an attempt to save the ones that he truly cared about, the ones that he thought mattered. I myself have been down that path before, trying to do the right things the wrong way, I can understand Cas's feelings. And what Cas needed was a shoulder to lean on, he needed someone to understand, someone to just listen and stand by him, he needed someone to be there, and there was no one.

And I think to me, that is where I saw this tragedy, Cas really love the Winchesters, they mattered so much to him, their trust in him would mean everything, he wants to help them, he wants to be on their side, but I think Cas soon found out the hard way that they could not stand by him, not the way he had done for them. Even when he begged Dean, Dean had turned his back, I honestly think in that moment, Cas just cracked. He was already under considerable strain in trying to stop another Apocalypse, trying to save a world that wasn't his, trying to protect his own home, but all that on the shoulders of one little angel carrying all the weight, he was bound to snap eventually. And with no support from Dean and the others, that's exactly what he did, he broke.

When a person has nothing to hold him back, nothing to tie him to emotions and feelings, things that matters, there is only a dark and terrible road that awaits, I've seen people go down those roads and that is exactly what is happening to Cas. He lost Dean and the others, he lost their trust, he lost the last shred of family he's ever had, and if they were gone, then what else was there for him to fight for except grab the power of the souls and win his war. He's got nothing else to fight for, the war and winning it are the only things that he can still hold onto.

I'm not gonna excuse the mistakes that Cas has made and the decisions he's taken himself to, but I can understand what led him here. Cas IS like an infant in so many ways, freedom and free-will weren't things that angels understand, they weren't things that they just grasp, and I think in many ways, that's where the boys and Cas lost their foresight in their plan to stop the Apocalypse the first time. They were all cocky, I mean, did they really think the prophecy would just simply stop and everything would go back to normal? That somehow angels would understand free-will and exercise it right? This was always bound to happen, and none of them saw it coming. None of them thought about the consequences, and now they're all suffering for it, for that lack of foresight.

I guess I'm not shocked that Cas fell into this road when it came to free-will, it's not like the Winchesters are exactly the best role models and if that's where Cas learns everything about humanity, then it's no wonder he's screwed up.

All in all, amidst all the mistakes, I have not given up hope, I still believe that there is a way to fix this mess, there is a way to bring back the real-Cas that I know is still somewhere trapped beneath all those souls trying to fight back. If there is anything I have learned in the last 3 years is that Cas loves the Winchesters and he is damn stubborn and self-sacrificin g just like a Winchester, as long as a part of Cas is still in there somewhere, there is always a chance to bring him back, I believe that! Cas is not gone, and a bond like what Cas had with the boys don't just break apart like it never happened.

I know Cas has done a lot of crappy things in the last few episodes, but Cas IS family, and Winchesters don't give up on family, so I have to believe that the boys will not give up on Cas, that they will try to save him before just killing him.

I have to believe that Cas can be saved, because after all he has risked and sacrificed for the boys and humanity, Cas deserves a better ending than just turn into another bad guy. Let Cas come back home, let him find and work for his redemption. These Winchesters make mistakes that often put the world in danger, but it's family and you don't give up on family.
# Sylvie 2011-06-19 16:32
I'm with you on this one Belinda. I don't believe that Cas intended from the get-go to become God. He was and is way too childlike, but as you said so eloquently, he just got lost down a very dark road. Just like Sam did in season 4, and he was redeemed.

So, I think there is hope for Cas to come back to the Winchesters, maybe not as he was before, but still not as an enemy to be destroyed.

Let's start praying to the SPN gods that they don't let the Cas supporters down.