Everything is starting to come together. All the side plots are intermingling and stacking up against the Winchesters. It's all about the souls. I think we had that figured out by now, but it was nice to have it confirmed once and for all. Angels want souls for power, especially in their civil war. Demons want souls for power over angels and Purgatory. Big mama wanted souls for power over angels and to put Hell and Crowley back in their places. So we've got ourselves quite the circle of power hungry destruction. What doesn't quite add up for me is how this equation resulted in Crowley and Cas working together. What kind of an arrangement could they possibly have that would benefit both of them? Or does Cas have some power over Crowley that we don't know about? He did call Crowley in to "clean up his mess" for him, and it wasn't the first time.

I should mention that I was ecstatic to see Crowley again. He is of course, an all around terrible person. Still I can't help but enjoy his character. Mark Sheppard has amazing chemistry with the cast and I was so upset to see him killed off when his character still had so much potential as an enemy. But he's back and more interesting than ever. The obvious question arises though, how is he not dead? We saw Cas burn his bones, right? I wonder if it works like salting and burning a ghost's bones; if you miss a hand or a lock of hair it doesn't work. Perhaps Cas kept back a small bone or two to use as leverage and now he has Crowley working for him? That just seems so un-Cas-like. But he has definitely not been himself lately. He's so cold and calculated, talking about things like the "greater good". I shudder to think what he did in that interrogation room that left him with blood soaked hands. And for how quickly he got the information he needed I'd say he's been practicing. It wasn't too long ago that he came to Dean for his interrogation expertise against Alistair. But it looks like he's learned a thing or two since then. 

As quickly as she came into our lives, she's gone. Mommy dearest certainly didn't make it very long. I can't say I'm all that disappointed to see her go. As far as Big Bad's go she wasn't all that interesting. But she also wasn't all that developed. I think there was potential there, but I don't think the writers ever intended for her to stick around very long. She acted as a more of a catalyst to the story than anything else. But for how powerful she was, it was a little too simple to take her down. Sure, the boys had to travel back to Frontierland to get the ashes of a phoenix but they weren't even sure that would work. In my opinion, they marched in there half-cocked and got lucky. In the past, when they have gone up against something as powerful as Mommy Dearest they have tried and failed and narrowly escaped at least once before succeeding. There is always an unforeseen trick up the enemy's sleeve, but not in this case. Even if they weren't planning to keep the Mother of All around for long, it would have been nice to have one of those narrow escape encounters before the big kill. Am I the only one who felt that way?

Even though Eve's dead, we've potentially got a bunch of Jefferson Starship's running around undetectable to other hunters. I wonder if there are other creature hybrids out there from her earlier "beta testing"? I guess we'll find out soon enough. Her plan wasn't a bad one, though. It's not like there's a hunter's newsletter to spread the word about a new undetectable monster. It would eventually spread through word of mouth, but not before many more people had been turned. Hopefully, killing her has nipped that plan in the bud. But again, we'll have to wait and see.

If you haven't seen the promo for next week, feel free to skip this paragraph but I just have to ask a question. From the looks of it, Cas doesn't like what he's become and we see him calling out to God for help. Do you think God will answer him? For a while now we've been hearing that God is gone or that he just doesn't care but he saved Cas once before, didn't he? So I think he's still there somewhere and he still cares. I just wonder if he'll show himself to stop Castiel from doing what he's doing? Any thoughts on that? 

There are of course a few other things I'd like to mention. 

*When did Sam get an iPad? 

*I loved that moment in the car with Joe and Ryan in the back seat and Dean and Sam in the front seat. There was something unspoken and touching about all that brotherly love. (Granted Ryan turned out to be a Jefferson Starship) It made me happy that Sam and Dean are in such a stable place in their relationship. 

*I found it interesting that Sam and Bobby were quick to doubt Cas while Dean defended him. Maybe it's the "special bond" that they share? Either way, it's going to be hard to see that trust broken. 

And now on to the funny stuff.

*Dean: "Why do I always gotta make the call, huh? It's not like Cas lives in my ass, the dude's busy.
Castiel appears
Dean: "Cas, get out my ass!"
Cas: "I was never in your..."

*Dean "Now it just looks like you're pooping"

*Dean: "Well that's great, because without your power you're basically just a baby in a trench coat"

*Cas: "I have a, uh, painful burning sensation"

*Cas: "Pardon me for highlighting their crippling and dangerous empathetic response with 'sarcasm'" Love those quotey fingers. 

*Eve: "And you, wondering why so flacid?"