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Okay, there is a bit of camp here – I can’t help it, but Sam’s introduction as ‘I’m a hunter from the year 2011’ and Mr Colt believing it as soon as Sam shows him his magic brick is a bit much. Now, I believe that Samuel Colt has seen enough in his life that would make him believe everything, but no confusion or incredulity? Not my favourite scene, really. This goes too smoothly for my taste. Finally there is some bewilderment when Sam presents Colt’s journal.
Unfortunately Samuel Colt is a man prone to drink, disenchanted, bitter and not in the mood to help Sam. There’s no such thing as altruism in this part of the West, it seems
‘I need the gun.’
‘What gun?’
‘The gun.’
‘Oh, that gun.’
It’s a curse, so Colt believes. At least Sam’s Sherlock Holmes deduction reaches him and wrests some respect from him. It’s still not enough for him to accompany Sam. But he will give him the gun.
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelujah, hallelu, Hallelujah Trail
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Neither Bobby nor Castiel have the slightest about what’s going on in the past. Castiel tells Bobby about his latest pains, but somehow there is something in his demeanor that warns me to trust him. Bobby, however, doesn’t notice it (or is the noise from the freeway distracting him? This is only the second time I notice the noise… was it there before?).

Cas, unfortunately, hasn’t got the juice to bring the boys back from Frontierland. But there is one thing that might give him the strength to do so – touching Bobby’s soul. My god… the thought alone is giving me the creeps. Hello vampire Castiel. So, an angel needs to ‘feed’ on a human soul for strength? Is that what the issue of collecting souls is all about? The more I think about it, the less I like this idea. But it could serve as a great storyline.
Bobby, however, I love even more, if that is possible. He’s doing exactly what I expect of him – give Castiel what he needs to bring his boys back. This is how I feel towards my dearest friends. That they are so much a part of me that I would be ready to do anything to save them. There has never been dire need to test that conviction that I have, but I pray that I will react in this manner, should the need ever occur. Is there a greater love than that of a man laying down his life for his friends? I doubt it.

Bobby can’t just strand his beloved idjits in Deadwood. He can’t. What a wonderful man. 
Far away, one hundred and fifty years back, Dean learns the Romeo-and-Juliet-in-the-West – story from the Phoenix himself. Oh, Dean, not every monster is in fact, a monster. This scene, this idea could well serve as an allegory for the outcasts of every society. Not everyone living outside the ‘normal’ world is evil, strange or dislikeable. Sometimes they just try to survive, doing ‘nothing wrong’
Instead, people dealing with them, perhaps even fall in love with them, are sometimes treated even worse, as they are regarded as ‘traitors’ to the so-called normal society, aren’t they? In this case, his love, his human wife, got ‘pinned in the alley’ by the man that hides behind iron bars, perhaps raped even. Now, personally, I think the deputy was asking for what is coming to him.

But, Dean, I get it that you feel the need to kill a monster – but only for the sake of being different? This is truly a moment of season one – Dean. I thought Dean had grown into someone seeing nuances and differentiating more, since he has had a ‘monster’, his own brother, right next to him… This might be one moment in this series where the new writers didn’t stick to the psychological continuity of the show, perhaps because they are not yet intimately familiar with the mindset of the protagonists.
But at least this gives us an old-fashioned duel in the last minute the guys have left in the West of the past. We knew it, didn’t we, that Dean is a true gunslinger, eh? Suddenly I am reminded of a prettier version of Yul Brunner in The Magnificent Seven. The way he holds his gun, stares at the shot phoenix… wow… my kind of tv moment! And then there is a moment wonderfully embedded it this show’s continuity – Dean drops the gun, leaving it in the past to be found much later and returned to Dean. You know the story. 
Well, Cas finds his strength in time to bring them back – without any of the phoenix’ ashes. You can almost hear Dean thinking ‘oh, great’ as he realizes the magnitude of their failed mission. But, hey, this is Supernatural! Uncanny things happen – the ashes are being delivered to them by the trusted US Postal service. I wonder if that would work over here in the middle of Europe. Our postal services make a habit of losing things in the mail or delivering packages à son gout. 
The deliverer is actually one of ‘couriers’, and his badge shows a man on a horse… a service established in the old West – it’s the same emblem as we found on the mail box in Sunrise, Wyoming: Western Courier. They were looking for riders at the time… Did you notice the ‘Riders Wanted’ poster? Again, a movie comes to mind… Hidalgo this time and Viggo Mortensens trusty Pony…. Okay, okay, get a grip… but how can I when I hear my boy say one of my all-time favourite English words – thingamajig? I can’t. No, no grip, sorry…
This is wonderfully illogical. But I love it nevertheless. Perhaps Samuel Colt truly figured out how to work Sam’s magic brick and remembered the date when the ashes needed to be delivered. This came like a deus ex machina in a moment when their hope began to sink. Moments like this don’t always make sense. But they are needed, just like the great Western tune whistled in the final scene. 
Early in the morning, almost day
Hallelujah Trail
Rise and shine, we're on our way
Hallelujah Trail
I love this episode. It’s not the most stringent one, but it’s a feast for the eyes and for the heart. The feel is that of an early episode, and the humour is necessary, since from now on we will go downhill with the boys, won’t we? This is very much a Dean episode, Sam is more or less an extra. Though being a devoted SamGirl, as you know, I don’t mind at all. I enjoy Dean’s adventure-loving attitude in the old West. 
I can’t stop thinking about the phoenix… Will this also be only a creature gracing the story for one moment, like the dragons did, or will we meet them again? It would be shame to waste such an interesting mythological beast.
Are you familiar with the legend of the phoenix? I’m trying to make sense of this… A phoenix is a mythical creature, first named by Greek historian Herodotus and Roman poet Ovid in his Metamorphosis.

In China the phoenix is fenghuang, guarding the entrance to the Forbidden City, representing females and the empress (as opposed to the dragon which represents the masculine and emperor). 

In Slavic tales he is a firebird, a mythical creature that may bring the one who captures it blessings or harm. It’s typical symbolic role is that of a hero’s quest, its (often lost) feather serves as a symbol of premonition of a hard journey ahead. 

In ancient Egypt the phoenix was called bennu and was thought to be the soul of the sun god Ra. Many tales speak of bennu coming to life by bursting from the heart of the afterlife’s god Osiris (hello, Alien!) – which would mean that Ra had somehow reincarnated itself through Osiris.

In the Middle Ages, it was thought that Jesus showed the nature of this bird by laying down his life and having the power from God to take it up again, and thereby this bird was looked upon as a symbol of resurrection. Lactantius, an early Christian author supposedly wrote a poem De Ave Phoenice about the mythical bird in which he compares Christ’s resurrection to the story of the phoenix. It also symbolizes the faithful followers of Christ’s doctrine by which the sinful self dies and hope comes to life through Christ.
It looks as if this leads to another great confrontation of the forces of light and darkness. The Mother of All against the Lord’s army. Given the legend of the phoenix as a symbol of Christ, but also as a symbol the female, it seems quite logical that its ashes can destroy the dark epitome of a mother. The phoenix, also a symbol of light, is able to destroy darkness – by being reborn, by being the soul of the sun itself… A beautiful idea. I am quite curious where this show will be heading with this. 
And with Castiel. I believe Cas stands at a similar watershed as Sam did a while back. His intentions may be good – he wants to save his home, doesn’t he? But what methods is he resorting to? I am intrigued by the thought of angels needing the energy of the human soul, thereby being vampires of a very special kind. What if we find out that Heaven is nothing else than a gigantic food source for the angels – with souls being sucked out and then tossed downwards to hell? I know, I am speculating… I am just curious. Only five more episodes to go. Something tells me to keep tissues at hand. 
Hallelujah, hallelujah
Hallelu, Hallelujah Trail!


# Bevie 2011-04-26 14:34
Jas, that was so much fun to read. Loved the episode too, and Dean in a duster and posse posse posse! Ha!

Worried about Cas and what's up with him. Loved Bobby and his love for his "idjits".

All will be downhill from here (meaning angst upon angst no doubt). Afraid it may be mostly Cas angst. We are going to get a Kripke cliffie and you know what that probably means. Just hope we don't lose our good Cas. :cry:
# Jasminka 2011-04-27 05:29
Hi Bevie, I share your Castiel-angst, dear. I don't know how I would handle losing Cas, and I keep my fingers (and toes) crossed. They can't kill him off. But, well, as a dear friend of mine said - they could kill Lisa and Ben off... don't like that prospect either.

Don't like killing off characters, period.

But until we know more, let's just enjoy what we have.
thank you for your comment, dear. Love, Jas
# Julie 2011-04-26 15:00
Thank you Jas,
I loved this article.
I also quite liked this episode. :-)
Need I say more ??? ;-)
Love Ju
# Jasminka 2011-04-27 05:30
No, Julie, no need to say more! I know exactly what's in your mind...
Cowboys, I say.. cowboys...

Love always, Jas
# sofia 2011-04-26 16:06
Jas, I loved this! I felt like I was reliving all the glorious moments of this episode! Seriously, how can we get the boys back in those cowboy hats?
# Jasminka 2011-04-27 05:31
How about writing a petition, Sofia? Ah, I don't know... perhaps some script writer has to come up with a great new Western movie and demand that those two be cast for it?! Wouldn't that be a treat?

I am happy you enjoyed this, dear co-writer, thank you. Cheers, Jas
Pragmatic Dreamer
# Pragmatic Dreamer 2011-04-26 20:09
Hallelujah is right Jas! This episode was such a blessed gift. I think it was a gift for all involved (cast & crew to make), and certainly for fans.

Yup, there were some plotholes - Sam remembering the hidden library with no ill effects, being able to quickly stumble on the info abou what weapon could kill Mommy Dearest, the Phoenix not really being that nasty..

But, oh the good! Seeing the brothers as such geeky fanboys over Samuel Colt's journal, Sam's bitchface fest, Dean's joy in the whole adventure, Sam on a horse, Dean blowing smoke off the tip of the Colt, boys in cowboy hats and Sheriff Dean in a duster!! (Is it only me, or is it hot in here!) I especially liked the authenticity of Dean's hat head at the end! So cute! The great thing is that they still own that stuff! Maybe they'll have to wear them again. (Now with Season 7 official we can live in hope!)

I think the Phoenix could return. After all, isn't that what they're fabled to do? Rise from the ages? I'd like to see more of it, maybe even as a helpful or redemptive monster which aids the brothers. That would be a nice switch.

I loved your suggestion of going even further back in time for another hunt. And you realize if they were in Roman times, they'd be in togas!!! There would be skin!!! Toga! Toga! Toga!

Like you though, I fear what's coming. I think Castiel has done some awful things. I think those awful things probably involve Sam's soul, and I suspect Dean's too. I think there is an angelic betrayal coming, and it's going to break all our hearts (especially Dean's).

But in the meantime we have this episode to smile over. And committed DeanGirl that I am, all I can say is Hee Haw, Yippee Kai Yippee Kai Yay! (Long live Sheriff Dean!)
# Jasminka 2011-04-27 05:36
Hello toga-loving Roman Dreamer ;-) ! There's a nice picture!
Thank you for your kind comment,PDreamy ... oops, do you mind? I mean it nicely, I'm a lover of terms of endearment,I have to confess.

There were some plotholes, yes, but I decided I want to enjoy the episode and the show and not be too critical about these things. You can find hairs in every soup, but - do you need to?

Like you, I just enjoyed it, completely. It will be one of my all-time faves episodes.

I like the thought of the Phoenix returning. Perhaps this could be the one creature able to revive itself, even after being shot with the magic colt?

Long live Sheriff Dean, indeed!

:-) , Jas
# rmoats8621 2011-04-27 01:02
I loved this article and this episode! I've already re-watched it several times and consider it one of my favorites. :lol:
# Jasminka 2011-04-27 05:37
Hi rmoats8621, that's what I did, too! It's easy to become addicted to this one, isn't it?

thank you for your comment! Keep on smiling, Jas
# Junkerin 2011-04-27 06:51
Hi Jas,
reading you articel was almost as much fun as watching the show. Your defently in love with cowboys.
I´m worried about Cas and I don´t like your vampire/angle thougt. Because you are right when angle need to feed on humens, heaven would be the MATRIX! But maybe this was just a way to restore Cas power faster than let it heal by itself. Four more days for more answers.
# Jasminka 2011-04-27 12:10
Thank you, Junkerin, for your comment. I hope I am wrong with the vampire Castiel thing. It's a creepy thought altogether...

Cheers, Jas
# Karen 2011-04-27 07:59
Hi Jasminka
This is definitely joining my top favourite 20 episodes list ( can’t do 10 anymore, there is just too many).
I enjoyed this episode so much.
Dean’s childlike demeanour, Sam’s bitchfaces, Bobby’s fatherly devotion to the boys.
And Castiel, despite his troubles in Heaven, he still comes through for the brothers when they need him. I am really worried about him and I truly believe he wouldn’t do anything to betray them. But I know he’s desperate.
Hallelujah Trail…hahaha, I haven’t seen that movie in over 20years.
I have to put that one up with Blazing Saddles, Cat Ballou and PaleFace.
# Jasminka 2011-04-27 11:36
Karen, dear, let's have t-shirts with the best quotes! This epi was such a feast...

I am joining you in hoping that Castiel will not choose some wrong path...

Thank you and much love, Jas
Christine Apple
# Christine Apple 2011-04-27 16:21
Hey Jas!
Loved, loved, loved it! The article, the episode, the cowboy hats, everything. I have been looking at the entire 6th season as a gift. Another year of the continuing adventures of our favorite hunters. And Frontierland was one of the best gifts of the year.
I also grew up watching westerns with my dad. They hold a special place in my heart. But Sheriff Dean. Holy Crap! And yes I also think it is hot in here!
I am not sure that Dean felt he had to kill Finch because he was a monster. I personally think he felt he needed to kill him because his ashes are the only thing they have to fight Mommie Dearest. But then again I am a devoted DeanGirl, and tend to try and see the shiny in most situations. And then there is Cas, he is starting to really worry me. Hope he knows what he is doing.

Well enough babbling, I gotta get ready for work! Thanks for the article, and the great pictures! Cowboy hats! WOOHOO!!!
# Jasminka 2011-04-27 17:05
Hello woohoo-ing, wonderfully babbling boobula... ;-)

I am happy you liked what I offer here. I can understand your need to see the shiny in most situations. I feel that need, too, but this time, I fear, the notion that the writers plan a bloody dawn for us keeps creeping up my spine.

Let's focus then - for as long as we can - on handsome Sheriff Dean, pretty sidekick Texas Ranger and the happiness in Dean's face when he got to be Clint Eastwood... Didn't he just look like a four year old?
So cute, really!

Hope work goes well! For me it's night time and I'm heading to bed.

Thank you! Jas

P.S.: I love your little icon. I have always had a soft spot for Egyptian mythology :-)
# maggie 2011-04-27 18:54
Hi Jaz great article, loved it.

What an episode... I loved it and Dean's outfit with the vest wow, and the 2nd outfit too :lol:

Oh yes! the story......

I like also the part (almost at the end.When the deputy is in jail and Dean didn't think that the phoenix could still shoot the prisoner and the phoenix kills the deputy and then Dean :"I should've seen that coming" :oops:

Im confused, Sam said to Samuel Colt that he was from 2011, I thought they were in 2012 that's why I thought the episode "My heart will go on" was more special cause in Jared and Jensen world it was the Titanic's 100th Anniversary.

"Our postal services make a habit of losing things in the mail or delivering packages à son gout." hehe I have a problem with UPS right now cause they lost my package three weeks ago and they can't find it, Can I ask Samuelt Colt what postal service he used? :P

Thanks Jaz!!
# fanotheboyz 2011-04-27 19:36
GREAT review and insights. I especially loved your pointing out the history of the Phoenix in different cultures. I'm with you all the way up to, but not including, casting 'used up' souls from heaven down to hell.

I really hope they don't go the route of corrupting the whole concept of heaven. In my mind they have already polluted the angels and taken God out of the picture, at least temporarily. I'd like to see God set this straight, as He did when He rescued Sam and Dean from the chapel when Lucifer rose.

I get that it's been fictionalized for the story, and I enjoy the angel characters. I get a kick out of them,I really do. But I'd like to know that even if angels aren't always on task with being 'servants of heaven', and there are a few bad apples, that the majority are righteous, overall. Remember Dean telling Sam not to judge them all by the actions of a few? That was shortly after they met Uriel.

So, that's where I hope they go. I'm not banking on it, but I wish for it! Restore my picture of heaven and hell and I'll be happy. I don't really expect to get happy after the S6 cliffie, but I'm excited for it, anyway.

Thanks, Jas, for the wonderful article.
# Jas 2011-04-28 03:41
Thank you, fanotheboyz for your kind comment and compliment.
I understand your wishes concerning the angels. I am not sure if Supernatural will go there. It's often challenged common views, even general religious views, and somehow I don't think they will stray from that. But - you never know for sure with this show :-)

I'm just as excited about a season seven! Go, boys.

Thanks, Jas
# Jas 2011-04-28 03:38
Hi maggie, thank you, I'm happy you had fun with the article!
To my knowledge Samuel Colt used Western Couriers, already established at the time. Try them next time. Apparently, they even deliver after 150 years... uh-oh... I hope they don't deliver your thingy to your grandgrandchild ren... ;-)

Thank you, Jas
# BagginsDVM 2011-04-27 21:35
This one was just so much fun for me too! Sheriff Dean is too hot for words!! I grew up a big fan of westerns & Clint Eastwood too. I loved the banter between the guys & how they worked so well together even when they were apart, pursuing separate portions of the mission.

I'm very worried about Cas & what lies ahead, but for now I'm just enjoying the happiness instilled in me by this episode.

# Jas 2011-04-28 03:43
Dawn, hi, fellow Western-fan! I never meant to put too many worries in your head, so - my apologies, if I have. All I want to do at this point is enjoy the episode just as it is, simply because I think that it's going to get darker from now on...

Love, Jas
# Tigershire 2011-04-28 02:06
Hey Jas, I think the horse was quite alright in this episode. From the shot I can tell that Jared is not wildly out of proportion for the animal he's on (he actually looks like he's got a not bad fit) and it wasn't necessarily him we saw galloping along in silhouette.

You certainly are correct that weight of the rider and the horse's size matter, but in this case, I think the horse and Jared are pretty closely matched. The way I can judge is by Jared's knee placement compared to the horse's shoulder. I think we are seeing a bit of an optical illusion to make the horse look smaller than he really is.

But an important factor is riding ability. A big fellow like Jared, with no riding skill certainly could hurt a horse by being unbalanced and hard on the horse's back. However, watching Jared move off in that scene leads me to believe that he has ridden before.

This is just my opinion, based on what was a very short scene and my own 33 years of experience with horses (and the fact that the SPCA would have been in attendance to ensure no animals were hurt, plus the fact that I know that horse would have been from a local fellow who's business is training horses for TV and movies).

And not like anyone is really interested in my long winded comment about the horse from this episode. :)

My only complaint is that we didn't get to see Jensen ride too!
# Jas 2011-04-28 03:47
Hi Tigershire - and thank you for your 'long winded comment about the horse'. For me, this was very interesting.
I judged from our rules we have concerning our therapy horses. And our 'deadline' is 200 pounds. We've had patients of Jared's built and they, well, they were too heavy. All muscle, these guys were like made of stone and just as heavy.

But I am relieved to hear from your experience that the horse probably wasn't hurt. And, yes, I can imagine that they liked to make the horse look smaller...

You know, I was hoping to see Jensen on a horse, too! That would have been just great - a wonderfully clichéd riding-into-the -sunset scene...sigh...

Thank you, cheers, Jas
Robin Vogel
# Robin Vogel 2011-04-28 09:49
Superb article, wondrous episode! I was laughing so hard, I missed some of the dialogue, but I scooped it back up when I watched it again and wrote my own article.

Fantastic performances, amazing directing--
this deserves an Emmy. I know it won't get one, but if I could make a wish. . .sigh!

# Jasminka 2011-04-28 18:37
Thank you so much, Robin! I think I am still smiling like a fool ever since I watched the episode.

Let's make the Emmy-wish into a t-shirt- campaign! Ah, there were so many noteworthy performances in this show... I still live in hope that our show will get more recognition. If True Blood or Dexter can be conceived of as serious drama, why not Supernatural?

Love, Jas