What would have happened if the Titanic never sank? Ellen and Jo would still be alive, Bobby would be happily married to Ellen and the boys would be driving a Mustang. The last part, I could do without but the rest of it sounds pretty great, doesn't it? If there's one thing we've learned from Supernatural, it's that if you mess with fate there are serious consequences. Dean learned in his day as Death that one twist of fate is all it takes to set off a chain reaction. So you can only imagine what saving thousands of people from a sinking boat would do. 

(From Alice - You mean like ending up with this beauty?  Did I ever mention I'm a Mustang girl?  )

At the beginning of the episode, I found myself wondering what the difference was between Death and Fate. Both act on higher orders to end the lives of those whose time is up. Maybe Fate doesn't actually kill anyone but she does change their course of action resulting in death. The two seem pretty similar to me. But there was one striking difference and that was that Fate seemed to enjoy her job. She seemed to thrive on the power of it. Right before she tried to fry Sam and Dean, she even cracked a smile. Death, on the other hand didn't seem so enthused by his task. His job seemed to burden him which is why he was so willing to let Dean take over for the day. Of the two, who would have thought that Death would come off looking like the good guy? the similarities between Death and Fate had me wondering if they ever cross paths. It seems like they'd have to. I'm guessing we'll see Fate again soon and I wouldn't be surprised if Death isn't lurking around somewhere close by. 

We now know a little bit more about what Cas has been up to this year. He's collecting souls for his army. We've learned about the value of souls this season but I still don't feel like I know what what that value means. Ok, they're worth a lot. A lot of what? It's not money, unless there's some divine currency I'm not aware of. It's got to be power, but what kind? Is it just the sheer number of people fighting or is there more to it than that? I hope there's more, and I hope we get to that soon because the end of the season is rapidly approaching and there are still a lot of pieces that need shifting if we're going to get that great season finale domino effect.
Castiel's ultimate decision to re-sink the Titanic said a lot about his relationship with the Winchesters. His army must have taken a big hit losing those souls but he made it clear that Sam and Dean were more important. I'd be lying if I said that didn't warm my heart. I was more than a little curious why Castiel decided to send Balthazar back for the Titanic in the first place. He knows better than most people what happens when you alter history. So I was happy to hear him explain what he's learned from the boys about making your own destiny and choosing freedom. It's a far cry from the Cas we used to know. 

So Fate has it out for Sam and Dean, who doesn't these days? The boys have gotten themselves on the bad side of  just about everyone. Angels and demons are after them not to mention the Mother of All. Now Fate and possibly her sisters would like to add themselves to the Winchester's growing list of enemies, as if they need more. I am very curious to meet these sisters of Fate. I'm purposely avoiding googling just who these sisters might be. I like the element of surprise too much to ruin it for myself and I'm not familiar enough with the mythology to know offhand. But I'll be interested to see who they are and what they think of Sam and Dean. It is understandable that Fate would dislike the Winchesters. They altered pretty much everything by skipping over the Apocalypse and now she has no real significance so she wields her power just for kicks. At least that's how it looks to me.

I'm so glad this hellatus is over. It seems to me that a lot is going to happen in these next few episodes before the season finale. There are crucial pieces missing in this Season 6 puzzle and I can't wait to figure out what they are. This season has felt a bit segmented with multiple pieces rather than one over-arching storyline. Still I can't help but think that these segments are all connected by a common thread.

There were some really funny parts that I have to mention:

* I.P. Freely - I felt like a 12 year old boy laughing at that.
* I love that Balthazar claimed he saved the Titanic to avoid the movie and song. I have to admit that I liked both.
* Dean: "Rule one, no Kutcher references."
* Balthazar: "You've got me confused with another angel. The one in the dirty trench coat who's in love with you."
* Watching Sam and Dean tempt fate was hilarious. Especially Sam's face right before he walked through the fire jugglers.