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I wanted to love it, I really did.  But...
You know I’m a real fan and “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning” has so much to offer.  For one, it’s a Dean Winchester character examination fiesta.  It’s a long overdue look at those still lingering wounds inside, ones that have been hinted every time he looked at Lisa’s name on the phone with forlorn desire but didn’t call.  He’s had to face so much this year and this episode forces him to deal with those inner demons, starting with the very first frame.  Monsters are easy, facing the crap Dean did this week takes a real man.  
There’s so much that energizes the loyal viewer with the brothers as well.  After a very long, agonizing saga that pushed their relationship backwards after the closing scene of solidarity in “Point of No Return,“ the brothers are finally back to that point.  The setback is over.  Finally, there’s the heartwarming brotherly chat at the end, the declaration of a strong brotherly bond that never fails to get a fan girl in weepy tizzy.  

So...why didn’t I love “Mannequin 3:  The Reckoning”?   
I think I was too spoiled by last week’s episode, namely the perfect balance between the monster of the week story and the character story.  “Unforgiven” was an emotional, tense, and fiercely dramatic look at Sam facing up to his past year and the atrocities his soulless counterpart committed.  As the mystery unfolded slowly, so did Sam’s mental state.  The plotting and flow between scenes was done flawlessly and delivered a story that was both breathtaking and gut wrenching.  This week, the MOTW and Dean’s saga didn’t blend well at all.  Dean is even an absent member of the team for most of the hunt.  This results far less time for that in depth character examination and I had hoped.  Granted the two emotionally candid conversations with Lisa and Ben that we did get were outstanding, but when that story was blended in between Sam’s MOTW scenes something got lost in the overall impact of the story.  
Last week I loved the spider story.  This week, I thought the mannequin story was lame.  Everyone has their horror triggers though and I don’t exactly recall getting freaked out by life sized plastic dolls in Hudson’s when I was growing up, so that’s likely why it did nothing for me.  Just because I didn’t prefer the MOTW choice doesn’t mean it wasn’t good though.  On it’s own, it wasn’t half bad.  The story about the two sisters and the unique twist with the kidney is a great touch.  There is an element of mystery and unpredictability to the story.   Where it failed is when it was paired with the character dynamics of the week.  It’s like the two were forced together rather than one part evolving off the other.  It felt unnatural and the episode overall was very choppy because of it.  
I’ve read arguments that there were great parallels between the two sisters and Sam and Dean.  Things like one cannot live without the other, the fact that they’re virtually symbiotic.  Yeah, that could be true, but the story was too muddled to get all that effectively.  We didn’t get time to learn enough about the sisters and their relationship to see those parallels clearly.  Another comment I read (thanks Pete!) suggested that they tried to do too much in this episode.  I agree with that.  It was short attention span theater, plot points being more distracting than enhancing, leaving me more confused than fascinated by the end.  
The Good Stuff 

I really don’t want to drill on too much that was bad though, for often these mid season episodes aren’t usually the strongest and exist for filler.  So let’s go through the real strengths of the episode, starting with Dean’s struggles with the past while trying to hold together the present.  That’s been Dean’s dilemma all season and this is another compelling variation.  
I appreciate how they didn’t leave us hanging this time, that they picked up where they left off from last week’s stunning conclusion.  I certainly got major chills watching a frantic Dean plead with an unresponsive Sam.  The things that had to be going through his head.  Guilt has always been one of Dean’s issues and I can imagine that if Sam had been lost he would have blamed himself for eternity.  I admire Dean for not being completely freaked out by Sam’s admission that those two or three minutes felt like a week; a week of being caught in a loop of memories from Hell.  I know that admission scared the crap out of me.  Dean held firm though, offering medicine and an ultimatum.  

One thing is for sure, Dean isn’t going to make that same mistake again.  He’s not letting Sam poke at that wall.  He does have the case of “we tried it your way and look what happened” on his side.  I see Dean’s point here, but in all the other times that he’s pulled rank on Sam it’s backfired.  The advice of letting it out in “spurts of violence and alcoholism” doesn’t sound very stable either.  However, it works for now.  Sam doesn’t push back, just like he didn’t in “Like A Virgin” when Dean wouldn’t tell him the truth.  He’s going to do it big brother’s way for now.  He trusts him.    
Sam did a way more than take orders from Dean though.  He stepped up and played the role that Dean has been desperately needing all season; supportive and reliable sibling.  I adore how it’s Sam that forces Dean to take Lisa’s call (or Ben’s as it turns out), forces Dean to get in the Impala and go see Lisa, taking charge of the case alone even after his traumatic seizure.  Dean needed that shove.  That’s probably why he hadn’t had his final talk with Lisa before now.  Not that I blame him.  Facing your past is hard.
I’m not sure what Dean was expecting to see when he arrived, but obviously seeing Lisa moving on took him by surprise.  He wants to believe that caring counts for something, but it can’t anymore.  Lisa’s words make it very clear, showing up on the doorstep has got to stop.   
"I know what I want, but I can't have it, not how you live--my phone rings, I think tiny chance it's you, big chance it's Sam calling to tell me you're dead. . .no, don't--don't apologize for  anything, it's just that I get to this place where I'm OK and then you show up at our door--you keep doing that. Every time I think I'm never going to see you again. I'm trying to get over you. What are you trying to do? What do you want from us, Dean?

Dean needed to be asked that question bluntly.  He like Lisa really needs to move on.  Luckily, he knew the right thing to do by the time he talked to Ben.  This conversation is the one that hit me the hardest.  Hey I’m a mother of a 12 year old, I get the mindset.  Ben doesn’t want to let go.  He can’t.  As Lisa explained in “Exile on Main Street” Ben needed a dad.  Dean was the closest thing he ever had to a father.  To finally get one and lose that, it’s hard for any kid.  I deeply admire Dean’s choice to be honest, no matter how much it hurt Ben.  I got weepy hearing Dean explain who he becomes when he’s hunting, how Ben has choices and he doesn’t.  Of course Ben isn’t going to understand.  The loss is too real and he’s too young.  Dean isn’t going to have an answer when Ben accuses him of walking out on his family either.  Dean doesn’t have to say it.  As much as he wants it to be so, Lisa and Ben aren’t his family.  Sam is.  Someday Ben will figure that out but in the meantime, it’s easier for Dean to let him stay mad at him.

The montage of Dean remembering all his good times with Lisa and Ben while driving back in the Impala is simple, he’s saying goodbye.  He’s moving on.  Sure he feels guilty, he feels like crap about the whole thing, but he knows it’s best.  This isn’t total warm and fuzzy closure, but I’m not sure anything could have been that way for Dean.  This hurts too bad and his one shot at a family is now gone.  I do wonder if he’s thinking about that strategy of violence and alcoholism at this time.  What works for Hell trauma might not help with broken hearts.  
What a shame those poignant scenes had to be slammed in between Sam’s MOTW drama.  That Impala scene would have been way more effective if it had come in at the end, before Sam’s pep talk.   Instead of that emotional moment lingering and sticking with us, it ends up exposing the greatest weakness of the episode, the bad flow between scenes.  The impact is forgotten because of a sex doll.  
Dean is right about one thing at the end, their string of bad luck has been pretty awful lately.  It’s certainly depressing me.  I appreciate a MOTW ending that doesn’t go right.  They can’t win them all.  However, this one is a head scratcher.  Was it really necessary?  It would be nice to see Sam and Dean win one without resulting in bitter feelings like a door slammed in their faces or pieces of flying glass imploding their spirits.  Or a crumbling wall and a broken heart.  This double edged sword that we’re getting every week of damned-if-you-do-damned-if-you-don’t leaves me asking more and more why Sam and Dean even get out of bed in the morning.  
Still, despite the unsatisfying conclusion to the MOTW, Sam’s talk with Dean at the end is a massive, long time coming treat.  Sam has every reason to be as mopey as Dean.  If you look at the recent history of Sam Winchester, he hasn’t been a glass half full kind of guy.  Last week was a pure exercise in self loathing.  Yet Sam knows his brother needs a lift more than ever and gets past it.  He’s able to see through his recent struggles to give Dean exactly what he’s desperately needed ever since RoboSam rescued him in “Exile on Main Street” or probably as long back as when Sam fell into Lucifer’s cage.  Dean needs to know under no uncertain terms his brother has his back.  More importantly, he needs to know his brother means it.  There’s where the fine line that they’ve been skirting recently between Sam and soulless Sam is broken.  Sam with a soul cares about his brother and will to what it takes to protect him.  He even thanks Dean for getting his soul back.  Dean softens at the sincerity, knowing for sure these aren’t the empty words soulless Sam gave him a few months ago.  Oh yes, things are finally right again between the brothers, the rest of the world and its bad luck be damned.  It’s freaking beautiful. 

I’m not putting “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning” in the category of “Bugs” or “Hammer of The Gods,” but I would call it from one of the weaker ones in terms of overall construction.  There was too much goodness smacked in between too much sloppy.  There’s no denying that when Sam and Dean are together, the episode excels.  These two have faced their past years now like men and it sucked for both of them.  They are now at a total understanding, all they have is each other.   Of course we know something’s going to come back to haunt them, like that unstable wall in Sam’s head, but hopefully that won’t take center stage like it has in this middle part of the season.  The drama has played out well and it’s time to go on.  Bring on the civil war among angels, Mother of All and her grand scheme, and whatever demons might be up to lately.  I’m ready.  So are the Winchesters by the looks of it.  
My overall grade for “Mannequin 3: The Reckoning” is a B-.  I put it in the filler category.  That’s okay, these happen and as long as it didn’t completely piss me off, it remains acceptable.  There is some really strong brotherly growth and for that I’m most grateful.    



# Ginger 2011-02-21 15:06
I debated between giving it a 5 or a 6. In the end, I voted 5 because of the God awful music and the 'most favorite character' montage. The writers never really committed to the love story, and with the montage, I felt they never committed to ending it. I was left with the impression that Dean loved Lisa, that Lisa/Ben were his chosen family and he was returning to Sam only because the wall may fall; thus, leaving the option of Lisa abruptly being plopped into the series again at any time (hello 99 Problems).

Admittedly, it wasn't the worst episode in this season of lackluster. S6 started with unlimited creative possibility, and we get a love story that has all but ruined the Dean character. I'll hang in there, but I think the point has passed to where this season can be redeemed. I'm hoping the magic can be reclaimed next season, but I have to admit that I am beginning to question Sera's leadership.
# Bevie 2011-02-21 15:26
Gee Alice, you liked so very much about this episode that I can't understand why you really dislike it! :-|

Anyway, I loved it the best of the episodes so far this season. Loved Weekend at Bobby's too, but this one just pushed all my loving buttons.

I posted all my reasons in Jasminka's couch article, so I won't repeat them here.

The brothers together is what I've longed for these last 2 and a half years. It is the relationship I tune in for and the MOTW are merely secondary to me. Even so, dummies, dolls and clowns are extremely creepy to me so that aspect was AOK with me.

(and remember Alice, I actually liked "BUGS". :P
# Jasminka 2011-02-21 16:00
Alice, dear, this episode certainly wasn't one of the best, I agree, but I did like it (as did you) for various reasons.

Most of all for the brotherly growth that will continue to build, I hope. They have every chance to establish a more mature, eye-level relationship and that would take loads of bricks off their shoulders.

I think they need to find a new way of being comfortable with each other.
Sam is not the little brother in need of protection, anymore, he is more than that and not anymore Dean's responsibility. Dean acknowledged that in the end of season five, and I think it was a relief for him.
I wish he would remember that (and perhaps he does, but hasn't designed his new role in their relationship, yet), it might be easier.

Perhaps it's true that the creators tried to put too much into this episode. I have no idea what story they still want to tell, and there are not that many episodes left in this season...
I remain curious and excited, though. Because, just like you, I love the show. ;)

Love Jas
# gladiator 2011-02-21 17:10
Brotherly moments good, rest of it not so much.

Glad the Braeden's are gone.

I would give this episode a 4/5 out of 10, definitely one of the poorer episodes of the season.
# Brynhild 2011-02-21 17:19
I don't agree that Dean's "real" family is Sam and ONLY Sam. Family is so much more than the person who has your back. Family provides emotional and psychological comfort, a place where you can be less than strong, less than stoic, where you can seek help and being accepted even if you're not at your best, "even when you are a dick", like Ben said.

Sorry, but I don't see many other people who can give that to Dean. Not even Sam, for the very simple reason that Sam has the same issues and live the same life, so yes, he can understand him, but he can't be a refuge, a shelter, a sanctuary, like a family should be.

And if "family is not just in the blood", so why Lisa and Ben couldn't be a family for Dean? They were with him for an entire year. Supporting him, comforting him, loving him. And he was with them, easily fitting into shoes so new for him, but maybe not so much, since he was more of a father to Sam than a brother (and I don't understand why on earth someone can think that Dean as a father is a character so awfully "boring"; family life is just so useless and little exciting to you? it's not worthy of a story?). They were there for him and he was there for them: that's not a family?

Besides, it's pretty clear to me that Dean still has feelings for them. He couldn't cut them out completely exactly because he felt bonded to them, responsible for them, just like he feel for Sam. That's a family IMO.

So yes, I'm with Ben and saying that Dean is walking out from his family, and I think that Dean didn't answer to that just because he knew the kid was right. It's just that he can't find a way to reconcile this new life and family with the old ones, now that they came back, that he has Sam again and is "in the life" again.

I never buyed the Zachariah's "you're a hunter inside" crap. Dean is a hunter because he was raised to be one, and he never knew otherwise. And he has a strong, very strong protective nature, he must have someone to care about, to look out for, to still function correctly and feel he has a place in the world. But this doesn't mean he can't be nothing else. For example, I do think that his protective nature would do a great family man (and, I repeat myself, he was almost a father to Sam).

If he has to learn something, is what being a hunter really means, because to me his statement that "he's just able to cut throat" or that the hunt makes him "someone you don't want at your table" is just wrong. And maybe it's just a way to avoid or to easily solve the conflict between the old and the new life, instead of finding a solution, a really creative solution, like the one that Lisa tried to offer him at first (the "you're better off without me" line is often the Great Excuse for ending a relationship too difficult to handle).

There's a way to keep family life and "saving people, hunting things" together? I don't know. I know that there are plenty of soldiers', policemen's, firefighters' families in real life. Some are pretty wrecked, I guess, but many are decent families. You just have to want to make things work. I think it's what Lisa reproached Dean about: do you want the things to work, or you don't? Because she can't help him if he doesn't want to be helped. And you can't find a solution whatever, if you don't want to search for one.
# rmoats8621 2011-02-21 23:53
I totally agree with you about Dean. Why can't he have a family and Sam, too? Why can't Sam meet someone and fall in love? That's the normal progression of anyone and why wouldn't we want them to be happy. This is one area I wish the writers would explore. They kind of showed a little bit when they let us all catch a glimpse of Mary's life when she was young. Obviously, Deanna and Samuel had a loving relationship with each other and with Mary.
# nancyL 2011-02-21 19:07
Alice, I understand that everyone has a different opinion about every episode. Some of us like episodes that others loathe, others love episodes that we do not. But, I liked this episode.

It had all the brotherly love that we have been missing since season three. It had a wacky MOTW. You have to admit, the dolls were not the worst MOTW (racist truck anyone?).

I agree with you,
'Lisa and Ben aren't his family. Sam is.'

I have read numerous comments and articles that make Lisa and Ben the main family unit for Dean, and that Sam and Bobby should be second to them. How can you put a brother that Dean has known all his life, not to mention carried out of many fires (sometimes literally), and a father figure that he has known for a long time, who has helped Dean thru some of the roughest parts of his life, second to a woman that Dean has known for, at most a year and some months and a boy, that may or may not be his son? I am glad that Lisa and Ben are alive, but I am also glad that we will no longer have to deal with them. They are out of Dean's life (thank Chuck).

John Kubicek wrote in his review, talking about the 'end' of the ghost, over at

'It's completely random and ranks up there with "Bugs" in terms of the show's lamest resolutions. Sorry Supernatural fans, but this episode was some of the worst and silliest writing ever.'

I think that is kind of harsh. But both episodes, even though the MOTW was forgetable, had their brotherly moments.

And really, that is all we need after ten episodes of the Soulless One. :lol:

Bring on Dean and Sam as Jenson and Jared. :lol: :lol:
# Brynhild 2011-02-21 19:28

I have read numerous comments and articles that make Lisa and Ben the main family unit for Dean, and that Sam and Bobby should be second to them.
None NEVER said anything like this. But what I saw was a lot of people who think that Sam and only Sam is a family for Dean. While to me it's just obvious that's not true anymore, otherwise Dean wasn't hurting so much for them.

You don't lose or dismmiss your love for your brother when you have a family of your own. They are just different kind of love. And I think (maybe I'm in the minority) that the boys deserve to find someone else in their life. To find that they can love (and loved by) someone else too. That would be just healthy, even if our fangirls' heart is all on the "Dean&Sam" relationship (BTW, if Sera's being a fangirl, what can be said of this kind of desires/dreams? )
# Alice 2011-02-21 19:50
Kubicek said that huh? Hee, I like that. Being a fan I was trying to be constructive because there were some great moments for the fans, but critically, it wasn't very good at all. Annalee Newitz at i09 pretty much agreed with Kubicek. Her review was harsh as well. I'm behind on reading reviews today (since it was a holiday) so I'll have to get Mo Ryan's opinion next.

Honest, the dolls were pretty bad. They reminded me of the dolls in Playthings actually. Meant to be creepy but weren't. My intent wasn't to harp on the negative though so I went for the good parts, aka Dean and Sam.
# Alice 2011-02-21 21:54
Yep, Mo Ryan gave it a bad review too. I tell you, when looking at the critical elements of writing, directing, and overall plotting, M3TR was just weak. I say the acting saved it.
# AndreaW 2011-02-21 20:11
'Lisa and Ben aren't his family. Sam is.'

I'm with you too. I really, really don't like this Lisa/Ben storyline. I admit to not having a rational explanation for my dislike other than finding their presence intrusive. I wish them no harm, I just want them to go, which I'm afraid they won't. The whole thing felt like unfinished business so I have the unpleasant impression that we'll hear about them later on the season.

Don't get me wrong, it's not that Dean doesn't deserve to be happy. Yes, he does, but so does Sam and I don't think Jessica wouild fit either. Supernatural is about two brothers on the road, together against the world. Either you have that or you have one brother with a happy domestic life and the other isolated. Not that I ever felt Dean was really happy with Lisa. I remember how unease he was in the beginning of the season and his smile of joy when he got the Impala back and resumed hunting in Two Men And a Baby.

Someone commented that Dean chose Lisa and Ben as his family. He only got back to Sam because of the wall. Really? Then it's no longer the Supernatural I always loved and want to watch.
# nancyL 2011-02-21 20:40
Objectively, Dean and Lisa had what a weekend of hot passion, that may or may not of produced a baby. Then by chance, he gets a case in her neighborhood, that just happens to later involve her and her child directly. Then, when he sees himself happy, he supposedly sees himself with them.
How does that happen???????

Dean told Cassie (sorry, just bear with me for a few seconds) the 'secret'. He was allegedly in love with her. When she apologizes to Dean for dumping him so long ago, they then have hot 'passionate' (pretend that is what happened) sex.

My theory is that for Dean

hot sex = love, when it comes to woman.

Goodbye Lisa and Ben, it was nice knowing you, don't let the door hit you in the butt as you leave. Just Leave. :lol:
# EricaJane 2011-02-21 22:36
Like you, I thought this episode had a lot of potential but it was constructed poorly. There were definitely moments that I loved, but over all I feel like it was too rushed and choppy.

I kind of wish they had left Dean and Lisa where they did in "You Can't Handle the Truth," and then let some of Dean's hurts over it come out in conversation with Sam. I see the need for this episode though, because it made it so Ben and Dean could communicate, which was the only loose end in the Lisa arc.

I did love that we picked up right from last week's episode, and I loved seeing Sam being supportive at the end. I feel like it's rare that we see that side of Sam when it comes to Dean.
# Melanie 2011-02-21 23:55
The mannequins from the recent Old Navy ads were more frightening than this lame MOTW. I giggled at the camera shots of the mannequin with the upraised arm. L.A.M.E. And a sex doll? Really, Show? Really???
Plus, it was a really loooonnnng way to go to get to the lost kidney/ice in the bathtub urban legend and it ended up not being worth that trip.
I don't think that the MOTW supporting cast for this eppie was as strong as they usually are, or the writing was so weak they couldn't save it -- or maybe both.(I don't include Cindy Sampson or Nicholas Elia -- I think they have both done fine work. In this episode in particular I thought Nicholas was excellent. When Dean said he left a heartbroken kid, I believed him, because that's what I saw too.)
But despite the flaws I still liked the episode. *hand waves the flaws* I loved Dean in this episode. Jensen was breathtaking in those scenes with Cindy and Nicholas.
I loved the brothers in the episode. They're baaaaack.
And I loved Sammy working the case and most of all I LOVED Sam's 'thank you' speech. Jared was just perfect -- It goes down as one of my favorite 'Impala confessions' ever.
I didn't find the overall episode as grim and depressing as some did -- the loss of the innocent sister didn't move me - I guess I'm hardened to the loss of innocents by now. There's been so many - what's one more? (Hmmm, maybe I did spend a little too much time with Robo!Sam. ;))
In the end, to me, the eppie was old school brothers(Season one) comfort food - something we haven't had in a long time. And I loved it for that.
Mind you, it doesn't hold a candle to Unforgiven but the worst episode of Supernatural is still the best thing on TV.
# nancyL 2011-02-22 18:20
The mannequins from the Old Navy commercials for some reason, get on my last nerve. LOL They all should be made into dvds of Supernatural season 6. :lol:
# Melanie 2011-02-22 21:41
Yes!!! Then they would be of SOME use --LOL!! Actually - they should aspire to being Supernatural DVD's - definitely a giant step UP!! :lol:
# CitizenKane2 2011-02-22 01:27
I guess I am in the minority when I say that I enjoyed M3TR more than Unforgiven. Much of what I liked about M3TR is already articulated in your enjoyable review. :)
Elisa - GroovyGirl88
# Elisa - GroovyGirl88 2011-02-22 05:41
Great review!
# Suzyann 2011-02-22 07:02
As long as the wall is closed, I will be a happy fan. I dread it when that will be brought up.

This episode was a bit dull, a few good scenes though, I enjoyed the sparks between Dean and Lisa/Dean and Ben. They had really good chemistry. Jensen was really great as usual!
Marta K
# Marta K 2011-02-22 09:21
I'm more than happy never to hear a word about Sam's soul again so that aspect of the episode didn't bother me. But I found the case boring and the focus on Sam just proved to me that Jared can't really carry and episode. I hope that'll be the last we see of Lisa and Ben too because imo that has been dragged out too far just like the saga of Sam's soul.
Julia G.
# Julia G. 2011-02-22 13:52
First, Sam wasn't the focus of the episode. He handled the case, but the emotional focus was on Dean. Second, Jared more than proved that he can carry an episode with "Unforgiven" last week, and the fabulous job he did with roboSam all season.
# gladiator 2011-02-23 06:57
I think you lost your way, Sam/Jared haters gather on TWOP.
# Jasminka 2011-02-23 10:42
# AndreaW 2011-02-23 10:58
Thanks for the information. I'll make sure to stay away from that crap. I've always thought there's something sad about people who gather to attack someone else. There's probably something missing from their lives, otherwise they'd find more interesting ways to use their time.
# amy 2011-02-23 15:42
Ha! I'd be happy if we never heard another word of Deans tragic lack of self worth. 10 episodes of souless Sam was a breath of fresh air compared to 100 plus episodes of Dean's lack of self worth.
# BagginsDVM 2011-02-22 16:20
I liked the episode & needed a box of tissues, especially for the opening scene (thank you writers for letting us see what happened there) picking up immediately where last week ended. Dean's fear for Sam was so palpable! At least it was just a crack & not a total crumbling of the wall. I expect we'll see that later this season.
I suppose the romantic in me wanted Dean to be able to still have Lisa & Ben in his life, but I don't think that's what the show ever intended. I agree with Brynhild in that Lisa & Ben could be family in addition to Sam & Bobby; Dean's love for Lisa & Ben should in no way lessen his love for Sam or Bobby. I think Dean was still subconsciously sabotaging his relationship with Lisa in not being able to completely open up & let her in & accept that he is worthy of love, that whole self-esteem issue again! The way he just sat there & didn't answer when she asked what he really wanted showed that.
The conversation with Ben was overdue & I was very satisfied to see that. Although it crushed Dean to hear Ben's statement of love & how he considered Dean to be family, it was good to see that Ben still did love & want Dean in his life despite what had happened during the vampire incident.
I was also moved by the brothers' conversation at the end. They are in sync again & do "have each other's backs" for real now, & provided a chance for optimism despite the guys' disenchantment with the current state of their lives. I think they both believe that there is little more than a life of hunting for either one of them at this point. Sam's sincere thank-you warmed my heart. The trust is back, finally, & I hope that will remain as they face the newest Big Bad.
I also liked the haunted kidney idea, although that chance for an interesting moral dilemma was wrapped up way too easily.
Oh, and one more thing : no more hurting the Impala!
# Suze 2011-03-02 07:22
Bit late, been away ...

Liked the soppy bits, thought the rest was pants. I'm sure there was some ancient Dr. Who episode that had shop dummies attempting to terrorise Wooton-Under-Ly me or somewher and that was crap too.