If last week was noir light, they made up for it in spades this week.  There were a ton of awesome images in this episode.  I mean, I could probably write a whole review on the alpha vamp montage alone.  This episode was directed by Rod Hardy, who has an extensive TV directing resume, including stints on "The X-Files" and "Battlestar Galactica."


We're in the teaser and it's already atmospheric and noir-ish.  This image is pretty much the opening for every hardboiled detective novel ever.  "It was a cool, moonlight night as he made his way down the alley with his moll at his side.  He turned up his collar to keep out the chill, wondering yet again how she had convinced him to walk the city streets at this time of night.  He had a case to solve, and his mind kept slipping back to the particulars, making him poor company at best."  I mean, it just writes itself!

This is a great shot over the Impala.  I will never get tired of looking at the Impala.  It's just so angular and gorgeous, and she just laps up the attention, doesn't she?

Here's a cool through-the-window shot, with the blinds and the blind shadow on Sam's face.  It's super noir.  Seriously, this episode has more shots of characters with shadows on their faces than any this season so far, especially once Dean gets turned.

This shot is awesome because it's almost exactly the same as the cover for "My Summer of Blood"  Look!
That is so ridiculous!  The vampire on this cover is even dressed like Dean and standing like him with his shoulders hunched down.  Oh, man, that's good.  Even when the show is taking itself seriously it can't take itself seriously!

What a gorgeous shot of this journal.  They make some amazing props for this show, and it's nice when they can show them off so spectacularly.

In an episode with so much blue and darkness, this yellow lighting in the blood cooler really pops.  Unless that's not a cooler at all but a warming container so the blood is warm when they drink it, a la True Blood.

That whole yellow lighting in a bluish room thing I mentioned with the previous cap still holds true for this one! Plus, the ceiling of this place is really cool.  It's very cathedral-esque.

And now we come to the most amazing part of the episode, visually, for me.  This alpha montage is insanely cool, so pardon me while I cap the hell out of it.  Is that the alpha?  A messenger?  A Cylon?  And where is that house?  It looks so English, doesn't it?

And more creepy little girls.  Of course.  This is a very creepy tea party for one, and we'll see why it's so creepy in a minute.


Just look at this!  Oh, man, is that cool.  And it's also why the tea party is so creepy!  She's serving blood.  Ew!  And as "Playthings" taught us, dolls are horrifying, especially ones bleeding from the nose.

Even the weather vane is creepy!  Everything about this montage is creepy!  Very dramatic sky there, too.  This shot reminds me of the phrase "dark wings, dark omens" from "The Song of Ice and Fire" series where ravens acted as messenger birds.

This is ominous.  What is he pointing at, and why does he want the tween vampire twins to go there?  Plus, he has really long fingernails.  That's pretty gross.  Seriously, those things are longer than mine.  But the angle here is just lovely.

The creepy girls again.  How horrifying would it be if they turned out to be the alphas, that all vampires were descendants of two terrible girls?  It would be like Lilith part 2.  Really, what do you think this montage meant?  Was it just directions to the next place they were recruiting?  Or was it orders to meet somewhere after you had made at least one vampire yourself, cloning yourself, as it were?  Is that the message, that one vampire becomes two?

I like this shot for a couple reasons.  One, it was really great to see Dean kick some ass again.  And not just kick ass.  He destroyed a whole vampire nest by himself.  He was a baby vampire, and he took out an entire nest, including a 600-year-old vampire.  That is beyond badass.  Second, I like the Dean shadow on the wall.  It's very intimidating.

Oh, man, Dean killed the hell out of Boris.  Look at the carnage!  Isn't this just the most macabre shot?  And thinking of the mechanics of this visual for a minute, how did Dean get that blood trail?  Did he kill Boris, realize he was underfed and tired, and decided to sit down but wanted to drag Boris' head with him?  Because that's certainly what it looks like.  Vampire Dean is terrifying!  And hot.  Not gonna lie.

And if the episode wasn't brutal enough, we get this final scene to add to the heartbreak of Sam letting Dean get turned.  Sam is trying to look earnest and honest about having Dean's back, but he's just so disconnected that it's not even convincing.  It's like he's trying to figure out how Sam would normally act or how Dean wants him to act instead of having genuine reactions to the people and events around him.  He's pretending his way through this.

But Dean knows, of course.  And man, look at his face!  Oh, he's just devastated.  I'm sure he thought all of that deception was behind them after the real progress these two made last year.  He's so hurt.  I don't think Dean even knows what to do at this point he's so angry and disappointed.
Wow, that was a gorgeous episode, wasn't it?  So pretty.  What did you guys think of the episode?  Did you love the alpha montage as much as I did?  This show really does an amazing job with their montages.  They just put so much thought into them.  Does anyone else think of the movie "Team America: World Police" every time they hear the word montage?