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Here is this scene again from two different angles.  Cass here is awash in the light streaming through the window, which is kind of fitting for an angle, no?


And here the boys are in the shadows a bit, Sam most of all, with his face partially obscured by the darkness.  It's really lovely.  Once again, Serge Ladouceur is a master!
This was a fantastic stunt, wasn't it?  And what a long jump.  This is my favorite angle of the fall.  I love all the shattered glass around them, mirroring the season title card.  In still like this, you can really tell that's the stunt double, but in real time, it wasn't as obvious.  

Ding dong, the witch is dead!  Okay, we all know by now that I don't like the Charger, so I was pretty happy when it got crushed in such spectacular fashion.  And it means that Sam will be back in the Impala where he belongs, so don't say you all weren't a little happy about it, too!

Look at this amazing shot!  We've got the back lighting once again, another bannister, and a frog!  That frog is a star in the making, I'm telling you.  And I am loving all this light shining through windows, though I'm not sure where that is coming from since it's dark out.  Still, it really makes for dramatic images when you have light streaming in like that.

Look at this noir shot: low angle, high-contrast lighting, shadows on the character and the wall, yet more light streaming through a window.  Gorgeous.  Though, I am sad about Demore Barnes not being Raphael's vessel anymore.  I liked him a lot.  He was very menacing, and when he entered the room, you could feel the power.  Maybe Raphael can call in some favors a la Anna and get his old vessel back? Pretty please?
This is so pretty.  It's so stark and beautiful.  And how many times has this image meant death for a spirit?

This is so Dean's trunk: random things strewn around, slightly dirty.  And the wendigo Halloween mask.  He's obviously proud that Ben went as a wendigo, probably even helped him make that mask.  The fact that he still has it in the trunk speaks volumes.  Let's consider the timeline:  6.01 was a year after 5.22, which isn't specified exactly as to the date, according to the Super-Wiki.  But let's assume 5.22 was sometime around when the episode aired, so May.  That means the season premiere happened around May a year later, and this episode is probably set a couple weeks after.  Since Halloween is in October, of course, that means Dean had the wendigo mask in his car for six or seven months, from October to May.  That is adorable.
Here is the classic Impala shot to end an episode.  It's nice to have that back, too!  And this one is particularly lovely, with the logs in the river and the woods and the city in the background.
Phew, there was a lot of pretty in this episode!  That's not unusual for this show, of course.  What were your favorite moments of the episode?  Did you notice how noir-ish it was, too?  




# Yvonne 2010-10-18 22:05
Well I certainly notice the noir NOW! And thanks much for it. I'm ignorant on such things, which is one of the reasons I enjoy your visual reviews. Get to learn fun stuff. :-)

I notice that you quite cleverly found a way to include both shirtless boys in this intelectual analysis. Triple win. Bi-bro article, shirtless Winchesters, brain food. You're a master

I was wondering both things about the handprint. Guess we'll just have to get a live shot of shirtless Dean to make sure. Oh, and the tattoo was present. You'll have to study the scene to make sure you don't miss it. :D

About the Charger...we need to talk. Now I love the Impala. She is THE car. Gorgeous, bad ass, I drool over her sisters at car shows (and one lucky bugger drives one around locally!) but I would never own one. Nope. Cuz you're right, she's meant to drive. And Sam is right about the gas mileage. The Charger though, oh ya. Glad she's gone in the show, but for me, on the wish list. And remember, muscle goes so much deeper than the skin!!! Her form may not appeal, but it's her guts and heart (ahem, engine) that defines her.

Awesome visual review Arde. Time to scroll back and restudy your analysis on Sam and the hooker. (Which I totally agree with btw)
# Yirabah 2010-10-19 06:22
Thanks Arde for this.

Didn't really know what "noir" exactly was except extremly dark. Thanks for explaining it here. And yes they sure hit it on the spot. I always loved how they use one single light spot somehow to enlight the scene.

About the car, well I am German and that is nearly a must to love a good looking fast car. Would actually love to drive one with a lot more horsepower than mine. But then again a good old classic car there is nothing better than that to look at and it sure is fun to drive those. It kind of feels like you actually have to work together with the car. But they sure do have one problem as Sam stated it - the gas milage. Remember how Dean asked about the apocalypse and put in there "like 5 Dollars a gallon of gas" that joke kind of didn't work in Europe since we are way past that for decades already.
# Suze 2010-10-19 06:33
This one had everything, Gratuitous nakedness, Cas, frogs, automotive destruction ... :D
# CitizenKane2 2010-10-19 09:24
Thanks Ardeospina for the very nice pictorial recap - and informative and insightful comments :

(a) I like the theory that Cass may have healed Dean's scars on his shoulder in Swan Song.

(b) I missed "Burger Heaven" altogether. Now that you have pointed it out, it is hilarious. :-)

(c) I had missed the great shot at capture no. 14 with the frog. It's quite breathtaking.
# maggie 2010-10-19 14:49
so that means Dean had a Christmas normal day and bought christmas presents for Ben.?.. ou :D
# alysha 2010-10-19 17:59
On the left of the wendigo mask is Sam's leather laptop satchel.
# nancyL 2010-10-19 20:17

Love your visual reviews.

I keep reading about how everyone LOVES Sam's car, but I didn't. (and I thought I was the only one).

Then I read 'I REALLY LIKE THIS SHOT OF THE CARS TOGETHER BECAUSE IT REALLY SHOWS HOW AWESOME THE IMPALA IS AND HOW STUPID THE CHARGER IS'...'I DON'T LIKE THAT THING' Thank you. That picture does show the difference of the cars. The Impala looks like a solid machine and the Charger is just taking up space.

The Charger was coming down the street and then the Impala comes around the corner, if the Charger was real, it probably would have messed up it's pants.

Then the two angels came out of the window and squashed it like the bug it is. If they had landed on the Impala, they would have bounced off and she would have been fine. That is the difference between plastic and metal.

In the immortal words of Dean Winchester (regardless of mileage) the Charger is a 'plastic piece of crap'. Eric Kripke said in an interview that his neighbor told him 'you want a car that, when people stop next to it at the light, they lock their doors'. That is the IMPALA. :D :D
No one is going to be scared of plastic. :D

I am done with my rant.
RIP Charger. Long live the IMPALA.

Once again, thank you, I am not alone.
# Evelyn 2010-10-20 01:44
I love your choice in pictures and zeroing in on how they filmed in the noir style. I also wouldn't have really noticed it without someone pointing it out. Now I need to rewatch the episode looking for that style in the different scenes.

Especially loved the pic of Dean stretching. Nice shot of his back side and the bow legs are definitely evident. So pretty. :mrgreen:

Also loved the Wendigo mask still sitting in Dean's trunk. As stated by someone else, that means Dean was able to experience a normal Halloween and Christmas and Thanksgiving as well, with loved ones. Although his Sammy was missing, which I'm sure made the holidays difficult, but still, Dean experienced them and I'm sure he bought the store out for Ben at Christmas. Just warms my heart thinking about it.
# CitizenKane2 2010-10-20 02:35
Just a small comment on the charger vs the Impala.

I'm not an expert of cars, but I have to say that while I didn't mind the charger (in relation to how the charger looks), I definitely preferred the Impala.

Just on aesthetics alone, the Impala has a wonderful "classic" look (with a touch of the "creepy" vibes - you never know what's in the trunk of an Impala :P).

The difference in aesthetics are clearly evident in screenshot no. 6 above. So, the screenshot is a rare "full body side by side" comparison between the charger and the Impala - and it's a lovely shot (regardless of whether one prefers the charger or the Impala). :-)
# AndreaW 2010-10-20 05:49
Poor Charger, who is so hated. I'm the voice of minorities so I'll defend him. Yes, it looks like a boy to me. Don't know why, but it does. And why is he so disliked, BTW? Because it's Sam's car? Why can't Sam drive a car of his own? Dean has his own FAMILY and Sam's not supposed to have his own CAR? Besides, on a shallow note (because the Charger may be a boy but I'm a girl)Sam looks sexy behind thw wheel. ;-)
# elle2 2010-10-20 08:07
Great visual review, thank you for this. I love how the scenes you selected and how you 'capped' them. Thank you not only for the noir review but also for you thoughts on Sam's penchant, now, for hookers. Good point. Sam is all business these days and sex is a business.

I believe the handprint is still there (and yes, a more full straight on shirtless Dean won't hurt in the future :mrgreen: to verify that) the realization that it's gone due to a dream makes perfect sense, it's not likely Dean would dream himself with an angel print on his shoulder. Still, I'd like verification....Sera????

Great job Arde, thank you for finding the images and putting the words and the research into joining them all together.
# Yvonne 2010-10-20 17:58
Poor Charger!!! I return to find she (or he according to fellow ally AndreaW) is being burned in effigy!

While I respect everyone's right to their own automobile taste, and I'm TOTALLY pro-Impala (she kicks Chargers patootie!) perhaps some facts should be faced?

While easily Angel crushed, Charger is lighter weight, has a better engine, gas mileage and pretty comfortable seating, considering parts of the interior were modelled after the Porches. And (don't attack! she's a newer model!) in a straight up race, Charger would leave a '69 anything behind. Of course, it needs to go faster since it would need to run from the heavier and more bad ass Impala. But still, Charger has his (you're right Andrea, it is a he) good points.

Just sayin!!!
# Ardeospina 2010-10-20 19:00
Thanks for commenting, everyone! I think I'll just do a group comment here and touch on a few points that have been raised, if you don't mind!

First, I'm glad, those of you who talked about this, that you're enjoying the noir style! I most certainly am, and I hope it continues throughout the season. It looks lovely, doesn't it?

Love Sam's laptop bag in Dean's trunk! I didn't even see that, or I saw it and it didn't register aside from me thinking it looked familiar.

And I completely didn't think about the fact that Dean got to have some normal holidays. Lovely! I love that idea.

As far as my Charger hating, I have decided that the debate here should be spelled out further in article length, so I am off to write that up now. But very quickly, AndreaW, to touch on your points about Sam and the Charger, I don't hate the car at all just because it's his car. Of course he was entitled to get his own car and drive it around while he was hunting. If Dean had a new Charger, I would hate it just as much. I just don't like Chargers! Not the new ones, anyway. But yeah, I'm going to plug my own article (that I have yet to write) and say check that out when it's posted for my in-depth thoughts on the subject of the Charger.

Thanks to you all!
# nancyL 2010-10-20 19:42
Exactly, it is not SAM'S CAR, that I hate, it is the Charger.
If Sam had gotten a '57 black Chevy Bel Air, I would have been in love, and would have gladly pushed Dean to put the Impala on Ebay. :D :D :D
None of the modern plastic cars can hold a candle to the Impala.
Ardeospina, looking forward to your Charger article.
# AndreaW 2010-10-20 23:30
nancyL, I'm shocked! :shock:
The Impala in the Ebay! Did you forget that she is the most important object in the world? ;-) :-)
# nancyL 2010-10-23 16:36
yes, but a '57 chevy is the s**t.