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Bobby opens a knock at his door and surveys his company for a long moment. "Dammit," he says. "It's good to see you too, Bobby," says Dean, it's been a while." (Shades of Henriksen!) "If you're here, somethin's wrong," says Bobby tiredly. Dean introduces Lisa and Ben. "It's nice to finally meet you two," says Bobby, inviting them in, "mi casa es su casa." He tells them to go upstairs; the TV is broken, but there's plenty of READER'S DIGESTS. "Just don't touch the decor, OK?--assume it's all loaded." says Bobby. (LOL!) When Sam comes in and Bobby greets him, Dean realizes--"You knew! You knew Sam was alive! HOW LONG?" "All year," confesses Bobby. Both he and Sam look guilty. "You gotta be kidding me," says Dean. "And I'd do it again," insists Bobby. "WHY?" asks Dean, throwing up his arms. "Because you got OUT, Dean!" cries Bobby--"you walked away from the life, and I was so damn grateful, you got no idea!" "Do you have any clue what walkin' away meant for me?" demands Dean. "Yeah!" says Bobby--"a woman, and a kid, and not gettin' your guts ripped out at 30, that's what it meant!" "That woman and that kid, I went to them because YOU asked me to!" says Dean angrily, pointing at Sam. "GOOD!" shouts Bobby. "GOOD FOR WHO?" asks Dean--"I showed up on their doorstep, half out of my head with grief, God knows why they even let me in--I drank too much, I had nightmares--I looked EVERYWHERE, I collected hundreds of books tryin' to find anything to bust you out!" "You promised you'd leave it alone," Sam reminds him. "O' course I didn't leave it alone, sue me!" yells Dean--"a damn YEAR?--you couldn't put me out of my misery?" "Look," says Bobby, "I GET it wasn't easy, but that's LIFE, and it's as close to happiness as I've ever seen another hunter get! It ain't like I wanted to lie to you, son. But you were OUT, Dean." "Do I look out to you?" asks Dean brokenly, gazing from Sam to Bobby. (That was really sad. But I understand both viewpoints here.)
Lisa meets Dean on the stairs. "How's he doin'?" Dean asks. "He's OK," she says, "how are you?" He takes a deep breath. "I know Bobby's a little crotchety," he says, "but he's great--he's gonna look after you guys. Me and Sam, we're gonna head out." She sits on a step, her face neutral. "For how long?" she asks. He shakes his head, not answering, but says, "I'm so sorry, Lisa." "For what?" she asks. "Those things were comin' for me," he says, "and I shouda known." "How could you know a monster was gonna show up?" she asks. "I should've known," he says, "I should've known that if I stayed with you something would come because something ALWAYS does, but I was stupid and reckless and you can't outrun your past." "You're saying goodbye," Lisa realizes. Again, he doesn't reply, he just apologizes, for everything. "You're an idiot," she says, "I know it wasn't greeting-card perfect, but we were in it together." "I was a wreck half the time," he reminds her. "Yeah, but when a man who just saved the world shows up at your door, you expect him to have a few issues," she says, "you're always so amazing with Ben. . .you know what I wanted, more than anything--was a guy that Ben could look up to--like. . .like a dad--so you're saying it's all bad, Dean? 'Cause it was the best year of my life."
(That was a beautiful thing for her to say, and I hope Dean gets it. He changed their lives in many positive ways, and Lisa is a very special woman to understand his issues in the face of what he went through. She GETS him!)
Sam's car races down the road, back to where Samuel and their cousins are hiding out. "What's the plan?" asks Dean. "Stock up and get set," says Samuel, cleaning a weapon. "So you're saying there is no plan," says Dean. "We'll find 'em," promises Samuel, "just gotta be patient." "Why don't we go kill the sons-of-bitches that broke into my home?" suggests Dean. "Relax, Dean," Christian advises, "Djinn are hard to draw out. You've been out of the game for a while; leave it to the professionals." "Djinn are easier to draw out when you've got bait," says Dean, "they want Sam and me, they know where I live, now I haven't been hunting in a while, but I'm gonna stick my neck out and guess that's a pretty good place for us to go--see, it's almost like I'm a professional." Samuel and Gwen smile, amused by Dean's sarcasm. 
They descend on Dean's home, tossing aside the laundry basket. Gwen makes fun of InStyle Magazine, asking if it's Dean's or Lisa's; Dean doesn't like his silent cousin looking at pictures of his family; when Sam checks out Dean's clubs and notes, "Golf. . .really," Dean defends himself, "It's a sport." Bamboozled over the clash between his old life and new, Dean splashes water on his face in the kitchen. Samuel comes in. "Nice house," he remarks. "Go ahead, say it, call me a soccer mom, whatever," urges Dean. "Soccer mom, huh?--I'll have to look that up on the intranet," teases Samuel, "believe it or not, I get it, Dean, you wanted a normal life--your mom wanted a normal life, too--you remind me of her, actually--the attitude, for one thing--your brother tell you what we've been dealin' with the past few months?" "No, not really," says Dean. "Never seen anything quite like it," says Samuel, "been workin' around the clock. Whatever it is, it goes way beyond a couple of Djinn actin' off--nocturnals attacking in broad daylight, werewolves out at half-moon, creatures we've never even seen before, we don't even know what they are. I'm knee-deep in half-eaten human hearts and exsanguinated 10-year-olds and it's all makin' me uneasy." "What's your theory?" asks Dean. "You tell me," says Samuel, "all we really know is it's all hands on deck, we're counting on each other right now, that's how it is with Campbells. We need you, Dean." "Look, I hear you," says Dean, shaking his head. Samuel tells Dean he doesn't know what he's part of; he had ancestors hacking heads of vampires on the Mayflower--"We're your blood, and we're dyin' tryin' to get in front of whatever this is. It may not be the best time for golf."
Mark sits outside Dean's house staring through a mini-telescope. "You don't say much, do ya?" Dean asks him. "No," agrees Mark, who has spotted three Djinn off in the trees. Finding Samuel and the cousins in the house, Dean tells everyone to clear out, "The Djinn are just sittin' outside; they're not gonna come in here until me and Sam are alone." Samuel is reluctant to leave them with no back-up, but Sam agrees with Dean: "They're smart, they'll wait till they aren't outnumbered." "All right, we won't be far," promises Samuel, "you call when them come, ya hear?" "You bet," says Sam. Samuel and the cousins climb into the van and leave. Sam, who has been studying the photos of Ben, Lisa and Dean, asks his brother, "Are you OK?" "Oh, yeah," says Dean sarcastically, spreading his arms, "no, this is crazy, I mean you, Grandpa, whoever brought you back--" "They don't want to be found," says Sam. "Yeah, I get that," says Dean, "but who are they, and what do they want, why?" "Good question," says Sam. Dean asks Sam if he remembers the cage, because he, of all people, can relate. Sam replies, "I don't wanna talk about it. I'm back--I get to breathe fresh air, have a beer, hunt with my family, see you again, so why exactly would I want to think about hell?" "You really think. . ." begins Dean, but spies something horrifying happening next door--Sid and his wife collapsing to the floor! 
Dean grabs two Djinn antidote shots. Sam says, "They're already dead and you know it!" "This is happening because of me!" cries Dean, and leaves the house on the run. Sam also grabs two shots filled with antidote and is about to follow, but he is faced with a Djinn. Sam watches tattoos slither down the Djinn's arms before he attacks, knocking the shots out of his hand. 
At Sid's house, Dean finds Sid's wife already dead, and goes to see if Sid is still alive.
Sam fights the Djinn, using a floor lamp as a weapon. 
Before Dean can do anything to help Sid, he's grabbed from behind by one Djinn and a female of the species (the waitress from the restaurant, I believe), steps on the needle, grabs his face and says, "You made it through that last trip, so how about a nice, fat double dose?" The tattoo starts moving up her arm. "Bad news? It'll kill you. Good news? At least you'll go fast." She squeezes his face in her hand, causing the tattoo to slide up his face, too.
Sam appears to get the better of his Djinn partner, sending him toppling over a desk. 
The Djinn holding Dean from behind also grabs hold of his face. The female says, "That's for our father, you son of a bitch!" (Oh, no, it's personal!) Dean's eyeballs disappear and he passes out. 
Unfortunately, Sam's Djinn opponent returns to the fray. Sam grabs one of Dean's golf clubs and starts in on the Djinn with that, whomping him over and over until he's down--but his arms are covered with tats. He turns to find himself facing the female and male Djinn, fresh from ipoisoning Dean.
Dean has begun to have delusions--Ben and Lisa have come home, Lisa complaining she couldn't sleep at that house. The YED is there. "Don't worry about them, Dean, worry about me," he taunts. The YED waves to him from the kitchen. "NOOOOO!" yells Dean, who finds himself in Ben's bedroom, lying on his bed, the stars shivering above him. Lisa's being pulled up the wall, to the ceiling! The YED has Ben imprisoned in his arms and is forcing him to drink his blood, demon blood! Lisa tells Dean "It's all your fault" as she sticks to the ceiling, her belly cut and bleeding! "Drink it," the YED urges Ben, "you'll feel better. You can't stop it," says the YED as Ben drinks, Lisa body exlodes into flames and and she screams, Dean lies dying and Sam tries to fight off two Djinn with a driver--which is quickly snatched from him by the male Djinn, who reaches out a deadly hand to touch Sam. The Djinn's eyes go wide as Samuel stabs him in the back with the bronze knife dipped in lamb's blood. "I got it, go get Dean," says Samuel. However, once Sam is gone, Christian comes in, covers the female Djinn's body with a blanket and binds her tightly. "Relax, hon," Samuel assures her, "we're not gonna kill ya." To the cousin: "Get in the van, quick, now, before the boys get back." Christian drags the Djinn away. (What's that all about?
Dean straightens a photo of Lisa on a shelf in his wrecked-up house. Sam tells him Samuel and the cousins went back to their place in a hurry, “I'll be going back to join them--you comin' with me?" asks Sam. "No," says Dean, "I'm goin' back for Lisa and Ben." "I thought you said--" begins Sam. "I did," says Dean, "I changed my mind." Sam sighs. "Look," he says, "I practically shoved you at them." "Funny way to put it, but all right," smiles Dean. "I'm just sayin', I really wanted that for you," says Sam, "and when I told you to go, I thought you could have it, you know, but now I'm not so sure. I mean, you've got to consider the fact that you'll be putting them in danger if you go back." "So, what, it's better to leave them alone, unprotected, and then they're not in danger?" asks Dean--"I did this to them--I made them vulnerable the moment I knocked on their door, I can't undo that, but what I can do is go with the best option." Sam nods. I hear ya," he says, "I guess I just wish you were comin', that's all."  "Why?" asks Dean. Sam huffs. "Don't be stupid," he says. "No, I mean it," says Dean, "you know plenty of good hunters--I'm rusty--I did something seriously stupid goin' out there, I almost got us both killed." "And that's exactly why I want ya," says Sam--"ya just went--ya didn't hesitate, because you care--and that's who you are. Me, I wouldn't even think to try." "Yes you would," says Dean. "No, Dean, I'm tellin' ya, it's just better with you around, that's all," says Sam. "Listen," says Dean, handing Sam the keys to the Impala, "she should be hunting, take her." Sam studies the keys for a moment. "Thanks, really," he says, "but I got my car set up how I like it. I should hit the road." Dean pockets the Impala keys. "I'll walk you out," he says. Outside, Dean tells him, "You keep in touch, you hear?" "Of course," promises Sam, "it was really good to see you again, Dean." The latter nods as though he can't say anything more, making a face at Sam's car as he backs down the driveway.
Dean looks like he's going to cry. 
Some first episodes leave me in awe, like "In My Time of Dying." This one left me wondering what happened to the Dean Winchester I've known for the past five years, but I kept reminding myself that of course he was going to be different--he was living the life of a FORMER hunter all this time. Of course, you can take the man out of hunting, but you can't take the hunter out of the man. I laughed when I saw what was under Dean's bed, and the Devil's Trap under the carpet, which Lisa must have seen while vacuuming. Lisa apparently knows everything about Dean, but accepts him for what he is, was and what he might be, damages and all. She didn't argue when he ordered her and Ben to pack and said they were going to a friend's house. She asked if he was all right often because there was good reason to. She was grateful for his attention and love for Ben. I admired her. And even though it was going to kill her, she was willing to let him go, too. Samuel wanted him back in hunting. So did Sam. Yet the latter didn't give the one reason that might have brought Dean back--"I want you back at my side because you're my brother and I missed you." Why, I wondered, didn't Sam say that? 
So many questions have I! 
1. Why did Samuel and the Campbell cousins kidnap the Djinn gal instead of killing her? Why didn't they want Dean and Sam to know?
2. Did Dean make a mistake in returning to Ben and Lisa? Are they safer with or without him? 
3. Does Dean really have delicate features for a hunter? 
4. Whose idea was it that Dean become a golfer? Avid golfer Jensen? LOL! 
5. Weren't the scenes of Dean in domestic bliss interspersed with those of his former hunts really cool? Salt on eggs, salting doors? Sawing wood, sawing off a vamp's head? 
6. Did you cry after Lisa's speech on the steps? I did! Did you laugh after Bobby's speech about not changing the decor of his house? I did! 
7. Does Sam seem like Sam to you, or is there something "off" about him? How do you feel about HIS refusal to discuss hell? What about his expression when hugging Dean? I felt it was weird. 
8. I needed more than one viewing of this ep to feel positive about it. My first left me missing OUR Dean, the brothers being together as a team, and wondering if these Campbells are good or evil. But I am curious to see where this re-boot is taking us!  What did you think? Did you feel as if you were watching a brand-new show with characters completely different than those you had known for the past five years?
9. Did anyone wonder about Sam's exit from hell?  Doesn't it sound like he was only down there for a very brief time before getting out, like he got out the same day he got in, or damn close?
10. Do you think Sam and Samuel's resurrections are for good or evil, and who do you think brought them back?                               


# CitizenKane2 2010-09-27 19:49
I enjoyed reading this - thank you. :-)

I'm starting to wonder whether the "delicate features" comment was meant to be sarcasm. I tend to associate "delicate features" with something feminine (i.e. not very sharp ?) :P
Amy J
# Amy J 2010-09-27 20:25
Excellent review. Your right about a number of things. SN did seem like the pilot of a copletely different show. And their are a lot of questions that need answering.

# Jasminka 2010-09-28 05:00
Robin, thank you so much for another great rambling.... It's so great to see the various viewpoint of us writers here, we're of different minds and yet there is always one consensus - we love what we do and what we find in the show. How great is that!?

Many of your questions are also mine, so I've been speculating away, though I believe this show will, again, surprise us in so many ways.

1. My theory is that they kidnap her to extract the venom to make antiserum (like with a snake). That would be the harmless answer. But my guts tell me there will be a much crueler reveal of that agenda.

2. I think you can't speak of mistake or not-mistake in this context. To my mind, it is Dean's deepest, inner core to be the protector. It is his identity. And here he sees danger and it's a matter of who he is that he needs to stay to protect them. He believes he brought this upon them. So, to not feel guiltier that he already does, he can't leave.

3. well, this is quite shallow (and being European I am not familiar with the connotations of that expression, as CitizenKane2 says above). To me he has delicate features. Beautiful delicate features. You see the soul in his face, that is delicate to me. But I am blinded by sheer beauty here, of course :o.

4. I would love it if this was an inside joke Jensen brought up!

5. And then some!

6. It was more of a welling-up and smiling. The atmosphere of the episode put its restraints on me and for a while I felt as if my own emotions were enwrapped in layers of cotton.

7. I discussed that at length 'on my Couch', so it's kinda weird to repeat it here. To me, this is a man in the deepest turmoil possible. He is scared of any memories from hell. Talking about that would only bring it up. He's repressing ALL his emotions. Even the joy of holding his brother again. To my mind, Sam's strange smile there was just a mask to hold all that pain in.

8. It felt like something completely new and yet the same, as we know these characters so well by now. I didn't miss the 'old' guys, because it wouldn't have seemed logical to me, after all they've been through. I expected torn-up, tortured, tormented people. And that's what we got. It probably made me love the brothers even more.

9. Must have been damn close, Robin. Since time is different in hell (and I imagine even more being ridden by Lucifer), there will be plenty to learn about when we finally find out what happened to Sam there. But, we're being told that this episode happens practically one year later, so I guess, it is a matter of days.

10. No idea. But I would love it, if God did so. at least in regard to Sam. He gained redemption with his sacrifice. The resurrection of Samuel - well, I doubt that this was by 'good'. My guess is these are two different story lines.

Thanks again for sending my mind working again! Love Jas
# Evelyn 2010-10-11 01:22
Thanks for the recap Robin. I can go through this episode yet another time without having to actually watch it. And I just love that. Now I need to go and actually watch it again. :-)

As you your questions posed:
1. It could be to extract blood or whatever from her to make the serum. I think there is torture involved and other sinister things going on that we don't know yet. And why don't they tell Sam (and Dean), because they aren't involved in the sinister plot, yet.

2. No, I don't think Dean made a mistake returning to Lisa and Ben. Like others have said, a part of who he is needs to be needed, and being with Lisa and Ben fills that requirement. Also, I do believe that he loves them and can't quite wrap his head around everything that is going on, so staying with Lisa and Ben is the best option for him (at that time).

3. I took that remark from Gwenn as a very sarcastic, demeaning comment to Dean, especially in her delivery. Made me instantly dislike her. And then when she later brings on the magazine thing....I disliked her even more.

4. Loved the reference to golf. Most likely a side joke to Jensen's favorite past time.

5. I loved the interspersing scenes between current life and former life in the beginning. My favorite being the auto shop and how Ben took to it so easily. Especially loved the way these two dressed alike - same boots, jeans, dark t-shirts. Loved, loved, loved that.

6. Didn't cry after Lisa's speech on the stairs but felt grateful to her that she is such a strong, caring, compassionate woman to Dean and that she "gets" the bigger picture and isn't afraid to call him on his B.S. As to Bobby, ya just gotta love him and smile.

7. Sam is definitely "off." And his unwillingness to talk about Hell is kind of hypocritical when he pestered Dean constantly to even say anything about his experience in hell. So, yea, that bugs me.

8. I loved this episode from the beginning and grew to love it the more I watched it. I was just happy our show was back. A lot of things did feel a little off, but with the brothers being apart for a year and after all they have both experienced during that year, you cannot and should not expect things to be the same. So, I kind of figured things were going to be a little different. But, I think, over time, as we learn more about what happened in that past year, and figure out what is going on and why, things will fall into place and our show will start to feel a little more familiar. This is all part of the growing process. We would get bored if everything were always the same, so mixing it up like this, keeps it fresh and interesting.

9. Very curious about Sam's exit from Hell. Also think he was there for a very short time. I would say probably days or a couple of weeks, tops. And it will be interesting to find out the reasons why he was freed.

10. I think Sam's resurrection was for good, being that he sacrificed himself, he was rewarded. As to Samuel's resurrection, I don't trust that. I also am beginning to think that whoever brought Sam back, did not bring Samuel back. I think they are two different entities. And that whoever brought Samuel back is up to no good.

All in all, a great start to a new story arc and Season 6. Anxious and excited to watch it all unfold.