With the approach of the Supernatural season 14 premiere, we are getting more information about the upcoming season..
 See below cut for more spoilers.
 From TV Line
Now that Dean is kind of out of the picture on Supernatural, will Sam and Castiel finally get the opportunity to become closer and develop their friendship? –Axy
There’s not a ton of time for bonding in the Season 14 premiere (airing this Thursday), especially with Sam and Cas following different leads in the hopes of finding Dean. But when the angel gets into some trouble with a group of demons, Sam does come to his rescue. Bonus scoop: Speaking of Cas (or at least cosmic entities who look like him), executive producer Andrew Dabb hints that “we may see our good friend The Empty from last season.”
There may be more spoilers coming out. Watch this space for updates. Also check out the discussion threads for rumors, spoilers and BTS pictures. The main discussion thread for season 14 in here.
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