This time last year, Supernatural fans were gearing up for San Diego International Comic Con 2019. It was an emotional time as fans knew it was was the final time that SPN would be in Hall H and also saying good-bye to the series later in the year. 

With COVID19 making many conventions move to virtual experiences, or postponed until 2021, Comic Con at Home 2020 is providing fans with online panels, and exhibition halls. This year features a panel on 'Supernatural Therapy: Fighting Internal Monsters like a Hunter IRL'.  The panel is on Sunday July 26 at 4:00 PDT, with Dustin McGinnis (Superhero Theraphy podcast) as moderator. The panel features psycholgists Dr Janina Scarlet (Supernatural Therapy), Dr Lynn Zubernis (Family Don't End With Blood), Dr Billy San Juan (Supernatural Therapy), writers Deric Hughes (Arrow) and Henry Alberto (LIttle America). They are joing from actors and cast members from Supernatural: Rachel Miner, Ruth Connell, Lauren Tom, Andrea Drepaul, and Austin Basis.

The panel will highlight that just because Supernatural is ending, we can continue to fight the challenges of mental health, stamp out injustice, show kindness and support for communities, be hunters IRL and face our demons, or other monsters with the tools given to us. Turn in to the Comic Con at Home  YouTube channel link on Sunday July 26 for some much needed SPN therapy.

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Members of Kansas are joining in with the GISH Scavenger Hunt for a Campfire Sing-a-Long. If you want to be part of the fun, sing some 'Carry On My Wayward Son' with a few of your friends, sign up for GISH! 

For those unfamiliar with GISH, it's he worlds largest scavenger hunt where teams get together and do some serious crafting, change the world,  some acts of kindness all in the same of charity. This year as COVID19 will prevent many from doing some activities, GISH has arranged a 'Summer Camp' and hopefully many of the activities will be of the socially distanced, virtual kind.

So get on your kindness boots, join Misha Collins and company,  and sign up for GISH!
Sera Gamble, show-runner (The Magicians, You)  writer, and producer (Supernatural)  has been hosting 'Writing Q and A with Sera Gamble' on her YouTube channel bringing in writers to talk the TV business and give advice to budding writers. This last week, Sera had none other than Erik Kripke,creator of Supernatural and more recently, The Boys. 

Kripke and Gamble talked about what is is like being in the writers room, creating characters and stories, as well as how to write different genres. Kripke tells us some of the challenges of being a show-runner, writer, and creator of a TV series but also how to stay true to yourself as a writer when ideas seem to be running low. He shares how he revisits favorite movies, comics, books, and genres to rejuvenate the writing process. 

Have a watch!  
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Chad Lindberg has teamed up with Build a Brick to bring two characters to life: Jesse from Fast and the Furious, and Ash aka Dr Badass from Supernatural. 

Build a Brick is home to the original custom retro mini-figure collector display cases for TV and movies and many fandoms are represented including Star Wars, Marvel, DC Comics, Star Trek, and so many more. Keep an eye on their website for the release date for Dr Badass!

Join Tahmoh Penikett, known as the Angel Gadreel (posing as Ezekiel ) in Season 9 of Supernatural, for a Wizard World Virtual Experience on July 14th at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT. 

Tahmoh Penikett is also known for his roles in Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, and more recently the TV series, Medinah. He'll be joined by fellow cast members from Battlestar Galactica, Aaron Douglas, and Sam Witwer.

This is a unique, (and free) Q&A Live Virtual Interaction with fans, watched through live streaming on the following links Wizard World Virtual Twitch channel, Facebook Live, and YouTube

If any of the previous Wizard World Virtual experiences is anything to go by, get ready for a fun, once in a lifetime, experience. For tickets and more information, go to the virtual Wizard World Vault.

Alexander Calvert was born on 15 July 1990 in Vancouver, Canada. He plays the lovable, quirky, sometimes naive Nephilim "Jack Cline" on Supernatural.
To celebrate his birthday this year, Alex has decided to hold a a virtual fundraiser! Our friends at Creation Entertainments Virtual Fan Experience helped arrange the charitable event, with tickets priced at $99. Proceeds will go to The Trevor Project , an organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ+ youth, and Black Lives Matter charities. Fans will have an exclusive 4-minute 1-on-1 virtual chat with Alex. There are fifty spaces available.

Enjoy chatting with Alex and raising money for charity but don't wait because spots are limited! Since Ruth Connell's meet and greet has already been SOLD OUT do not dilly dally! Tickets are available here.

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Creation Entertainment is running virtual convention experiences over the summer as so many conventions have been postponed during the COVID19 outbreak.

The next one is July 18 with our favorite witch, Ruth Connell. Tickets went on sale last week and are already sold out!  Ruth Connell will be joined by ten lucky fans for a meet and greet from 11:00 to 11:45 PDT. Later that afternoon, thirteen people will take part in 'Ruth's Invocation Witching Hour'. Ruth is talking to fans about her career, experiences, and what life is like as an actor. We expect the passing out of virtual hotel toiletries, macaroons, treats, with a dose of magic to those fortunate to visit with our witch at the witching hour.

Enjoy the conversation and magic with Ruth Connell!  

For updates to the Supernatural conventions and events, check out our calendar.
Supernatural writer, Davy Perez, announced the arrival of baby Perez on July 4.

Perez joined the writing team of Supernatural in season twelve, and became producer in season fourteen. We are delighted for the Perez family and many congratulations!

And they’re back!  Fans of the hit series, The Boys, have been getting teasers all week - like Easter eggs with Jim Beaver (Supernatural), sweary bits, bloopers, and superheroes being, well, less than super.  Well, the wait is over!  The season 2 teaser trailer hit social media on Wednesday and we cannot wait to see what the Supes get up to.  

The Boys  is created by Erik Kripke and tells the story of a group of f*ing vigilantes, led by Karl Urban as Billy Butcher, set out to oust corrupt and not-so-super superheroes, especially those who abuse their powers, like Homelander (played by Antony Starr). The series is based on the comic books by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

Season two is available on Amazon TV from September 4. Keep up with all the upcoming shenanigans of The Boys  on Twitter.