This I'm sure brought a smile to many Supernatural fans this morning, Jared and Jensen have been spotted arriving in Vancouver! 

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This does not come as too much of a surprise as it has been mentioned by CW chief Mark Pedowitz and other Supernatural actors that shooting on the final two "Supernatural" episodes was set to resume in mid August.  Still, it's hard to believe the time is finally here.  Target filming dates per the BC Film Production list are August 18th through September 11th.  Given that Canada has a mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone from the US arriving into Canada, actors were expected to begin arriving this week.  

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Still, we've been waiting so long for this day to come since production was suspended in March.  Fingers crossed all goes well with the shoot and everyone is happy and healthy during this final stay in Vancouver.  Welcome to Canada guys! 

Want to know what the CW plans for the Supernatural sendoff?  Check out this interview with CW President Mark Pedowitz for some details.
Fans were blessed with lock down live shots of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki as they were interviewed by Alice O'Connell from Capsule, New Zealand. 

It was a short interview. Based on Capsules' 'How Are You Today' series, O'Connell asked how Jensen and Jared were doing during lock down, and what is has been like not to be filming. 

Some short take-away from the interview on how they are doing during lock down:

CEVE Combo Photo

Creation Entertainment is hosting a weekend of virtual experiences on AUGUST 7 - AUGUST 9, 2020, with select cast members from Supernatural.

  • Jensen Ackles (“Dean Winchester”)
  • Jared Padalecki (“Sam Winchester”)
  • Misha Collins (“Castiel”)
  • Kim Rhodes (“Jody Mills”)
  • Briana Buckmaster (“Donna Hanscum”)

Fans can enjoy select virtual experiences such as group meet and greets, Q&A panels, StageIt panels, video messages, and exclusive one-on-one chats from each guest. StageIt panels are ‘pay what you can’. Group meet and greet are by auction, and others have different pricing. Not all guests are participating in all items and many have time limited for signing up. For example, bids for meet and greet close on Wednesday, August 5 at 10:45 PDT.  Autographs and swag may also be available.

Please check here under each guest for more information.

It is time for the annual GISH (Greatest International Scavenger Hunt, 1-8 August 2020) and the scavenger list has been released into the wild. GISH-ers from across the world can be found uttering ‘Dammit Misha!’ whilst gathering recycling, baking, crafting, hot glue-gunning, expanding comfort zones, and learning new skills all in the name of kindness, releasing good into the world, and supporting charity. This year, GISH-ers are off to virtual summer camp - they have been assigned cabins, teams have been assembled, and camp counselors have been named.  Want to know why so many people participate in GISH?

If there’s one thing notable during this weekend’s Comic Con at Home, a usual presence at the annual convention has opted to sit out of this year’s online version.  Every year thousands gather to hear about what’s to come with the fall slate on the CW network.  It’s the first chance to hear what’s new for buzz worthy shows like “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” and “Riverdale” or say goodbye to fan favorites, like last year’s farewell’s for “Arrow” and “Supernatural.” 

While there are no scoops on what to expect in the next season of “The Flash,” Cynthia Littleton of Variety talked with The CW boss Mark Pedowitz in the podcast “Strictly Business” about what’s happening with The CW while shooting on the standard lineup has been suspended. This 32 minutes with the current longest serving TV network boss is quite informative for anyone interested in learning how the network is adapting during this very crazy time.   

Pedowitz touched upon stockpiling content for The CW in case of a work stoppage (although he was more concerned about a writers strike than a pandemic but it still worked to their advantage), and how streaming has impacted the network in the past and going forward.  It’s quite a fascinating conversation about the complications of streaming new shows going forward on HBO Max while the older shows will still remain on Netflix, which has been a huge boost in getting audiences to adopt their programming.  Here’s one particularly interesting soundbite related to our favorite show: 

Need a little “French Mistake’”, “The Real Ghostbusters”, or some “Fan Fiction” to get you through this weekend? Tune into the second, online Supernatural watch party hosted by Friends of Random Acts -NYC on Saturday July 25 from 7:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. EST! Times of episodes are listed below:

Stands has released a limited edition Supernatural Army Man Charm to benefit Animal Allies
Today marks the beginning of Comic-Con@Home, San Diego Comic-Con's (SDCC) virtual fan get together that brings the panels, guests and merchandise of pop culture's largest event into fans' homes!

For the past decade or so, Supernatural has had a huge presence at SDCC. Each year, from the moment they stepped foot near San Diego's convention center, Jared, Jensen and Misha were paraded to non-stop interviews for major media outlets, and high profile guest appearances at all the right party boats! Autograph lines and the main stage Supernatural Hall H panel (plus the "behind the curtain" press rooms), were so popular with fans, Sunday was nicknamed "Supernatural Sunday" in honor of the massive throng of people who waited overnight for a coveted chance to hear the show's producers and actors talk about upcoming seasons.  The WFB has brought these events to you for many years, including the emotional 2019 farewell Supernatural panel! This year, we're all watching our favorite panels on our tiny computer screens instead of jumbo, surround-sound, AV systems at the convention center, but the show must go on, so we've scoured the massive 5 day schedule to find the line-up for past and present Supernatural cast members at SDCC 2020!
On July 19, Jared Padalecki turned 38 and cast, crew, families members and the #SPNFamily sent out messages of celebration and best wishes. So many birthday notes flooded Twitter that #HappyBirthdayJaredPadalecki trended in the US and UK at the same time!

We gathered a few of the messages (there were so many!) here for you to see, in no particular order. Also visit WFB's special birthday post with messages collected from fans around the world. Happy Birthday Jared!

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