Tomorrow morning is the upfront presentation for The CW, the last network (really it's a netlet) to announce their fall schedule.  Reports started coming out late yesterday that a shakeup was planned with Thursdays, and the question was who would be affected, Smallville or Supernatural

The answer was finally leaked this afternoon.  The answer:  Smallville.  The veteran show, long past its prime and ready for pasture, is going to Friday nights.  The CW will be touting their new, hip, Thursday Sci-fi lineup with the new show The Vampire Diaries at 8pm, followed by their better than ever veteran, Supernatural at 9pm.  Scary just did get sexier!
In my daily check of links, I stumbled upon this one thanks to the Supernatural TV message boards.  This is a MUST read for any serious fan.  It delves into Supernatural's presentation of biblical theology.  The argument that the show is consistent with Evangelicalism is fascinating.  Give this a read, and we can discuss further if interested.  Lord knows it's got me thinking!
I already shared this part on blogcritics, but thought it should be shared here too.  Vichi has been one of my avid supporters since the beginning, and I love hearing about all she does for spreading the word in Romania.  Thanks to both Vichi and Raluca for sharing all this!


Recently the “All Hell Breaks Loose” convention was held in Sydney, Australia. There were only three guests, but considering they were Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins, that made for a great event. The reports, the clips, the pictures all reflected what a memorable weekend it was, especially since most of fans attending had never had a chance to go to a Supernatural convention before. Here is the story of how the Sydney con came to be, courtesy of supernaturalwiki:
After a year of garnering support by the fan group OzChicksUnite (Clare (swiftvixen), Kaz (Lamington), Sarah (Deandreamin), Jenna (Jensen_Jenna), Maritza (ImNotAPrincess), Bex (Bexta89) and Jodie (Jensen_Jo)) for a Supernatural Convention in Australia, The Hub Productions announced in October 2008 that Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles had been booked for the con to be held on 18-19 April, 2009 in Sydney. In early 2009, Misha Collins was confirmed as a guest.

Here in the US, there are at least four conventions a year, most within reasonable flying or driving distance from a large population. Jared and Jensen usually come in quickly for a day, share their wonderful stories and irresistible personalities, and then they’re off in a flash, back to work the next day. With an International con (unless it’s Canada), that’s not possible. The only successful International con so far has been Asylum in the UK, held during the filming break, and this is the first year they’re getting both Jensen and Jared. 
I was contacted by Raluca and Vichi, two fans in Romania who have been spreading the good word about Supernatural in their country for sometime now. They have gotten together with Italian fans, and a Jus In Bello convention is being planned in the Spring of 2010 in Italy. They are just getting started and looking for a sponsor, but have gotten plenty of fan support. They started an online petition, and have gotten messages from other fans in Poland, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Greece. Vichi even shared these words she got from a fan in Hungary, ones that reflect the feelings of many of the fans there so far:
The last summer, my plan was I go to England in the Asylum, but Jared cancelled and my team cancelled too this program. I was really dissapointed, but now, my friend going to the 3rd Asylum where Jensen and Jared will be. But I can't go cause I lost my job and I haven't enough money. And I think, England is very rich. So, my dream that I meet with characters of Supernatural, but I don't go to USA or England or Australia. You're idea is great,so I want help for you, that this idea will become true and we'll have a East or South European Convention.
This wasn’t the only person who had a story like this. I’ve read several in fact. Times are tough and the expense of going to other countries, not to mention Visa issues, is really hard on these fans. Going to a convention is just not a reality. Another effort just like this is taking place in Argentina as well. The South American fans have started a petition too, hoping that a convention in their part of the world will offer “a dream come true.” 
For more information about the Jus In Bello convention, including petition, email and Facebook links, go to Good luck to both the European and South American fans. I hope you all get to experience the same dream I’ve gotten to do twice now.  
Speaking of the Romanian fans, they’ve got a few other efforts going. Vichi writes Supernatural blogs for the website, Raluca writes her reviews at her livejournal site and Olivia started a year ago a Romanian fan site. They also started a new blog just a few days ago called Support Supernatural that they are using to promote new projects. They obtained a partnership with (the biggest blog site for TV shows in Romania), who’s promised to support them in every project they’ll be doing regarding Supernatural. Aside from the convention, another campaign is to get the AXN channel to air the show. They are also starting Romanian fan club for the show.

Good luck on the planning of the convention and all your promotional ventures to come!  Hopefully your dreams will become a reality. 
I'm very pleased to announce that The Winchester Family Business has a new author!  No longer will you all be subject to just my warped opinion on things.  There are two of us now! 

After turning in some great guest reviews, especially during last two weeks when my life has gone nuts (yes, the full recap for "It's A Terrible Life" is coming), I asked elle2 to become a regular contributor to the site.  She graciously accepted, and has hit the ground running.  I just posted her first article, Eric Kripke's Heart and Soul, which is inspired by the Season Three companion.  She will continue to do episode reviews and has many great ideas for articles to come.  I for one am excited to have another voice on the site. 

Please join me in giving elle2 a big welcome! 
When I first checked the preliminary numbers on tvbythenumbers for last night's episode of Supernatural, "The Monster At The End Of This Book," (which was awesome BTW), I was pleased with the overall rating of 3.28 million.  After all that was way above last year's April average.  If you recall, this time last year the show was still on strike hiatus.  Then I saw the demo numbers.  I just about fell out of my chair.  "This has to be a mistake," I thought. 

Nope.  Here's a rare press release from The CW, actually praising their often overlooked yet always performing better than anyone else Thursday night lineup. 




Facing E.R. Finale, SUPERNATURAL Posts Its Best Adults 18-34 Ratings in 2 ½ Years; Matches Its Best Men 18-34 Ratings EVER on The CW


The CW’s Matches its Best Thursday of The Season in Adults 18-34


SMALLVILLE Delivers Best Adults 18-34 Ratings in Nearly 3 Months


SUPERNATURAL Retains Impressive 100% of SMALLVILLE’s Adults 18-34 Lead-in; Holds Strong 94% of SMALLVILLE’s Adults 18-49 Lead-In


April 3, 2009 (Burbank, CA) - The CW’s SUPERNATURAL delivered its best adults 18-34 (1.7/5) in nearly two and a half years (since Oct. 2006) and matched its best men 18-34 (1.9/6) EVER on The CW, despite facing the “E.R.” finale on NBC, according to preliminary live plus same day Nielsen ratings for Thursday, April 2, 2009.  This was also SUPERNATURAL’s best women 18-34 (1.5/4) and adults 18-49 (1.6/4) in nearly two months (since 1/29/09).

The CW matched its best Thursday night of the season among adults 18-34 (1.7/5) and its best adults 18-49 (1.6/4) since 1/29/09.

SMALLVILLE also hit its best adults 18-34 (1.7/6) since 1/16/09.

SUPERNATURAL held an impressive 100% of its SMALLVILLE lead-in adults 18-34, and a strong 94% of SMALLVILLE’s adults 18-49 lead-in.


Enjoy it everyone!  These moments are so rare, you just have to stop and smell the roses. 

This is the lastest press release for Supernatural Magazine:

**Supernatural Magazine Issue 9 On Sale March 24th** 

Jared & Jensen

“This has the potential to be our best season. The fact that Dean has now been tied into the whole mythology of the show really throws a curveball into everything that’s been building up.”  So says Jensen Ackles in the latest issue’s sizzling on-set joint interview with the stars of Supernatural. Season four has seen some huge developments in the mythology of the series, while the look and feel of the show has gone back to its season one roots. Find out what Jensen and his co-star Jared Padalecki think of it all.

Good news! Supernatural Magazine launches Facebook page!

You can check out concept art and production sketches at our new Facebook page..   Become a fan for Facebook exclusives and the latest Supernatural Magazine news, and post your links, photos, videos and comments!

From Hell: Genevieve Cortese

It’s not easy stepping into a role formerly played by someone else, but actress Genevieve Cortese has made quite an impact already as the latest incarnation of the infamous Ruby. The actress speaks out about embodying the demon in the latest issue of Supernatural Magazine: “This season it’s been very important to bring a bit of humanity to it, and I’m sure the fans are going to be upset when they hear that, but she was human and has said that in the last two seasons. As an actress, it’s important to look at what that means, what it’s like to love someone, be hurt, and be happy.”


There are three Supernatural cons in March, and one in Australia in April, so this weekend kicks off the long string of weary cast members bouncing from place to place in between breaks in Vancouver. 

Creation Entertainment's "Salute To Supernatural" kicks off in Cherry Hill, NJ tomorrow.  I have tickets to this event and will be covering it, although it'll be a challenge to see how a con feels when neither of the major stars are there.  I keep hearing that it's still a great fan experience, so I'm keeping an open mind and going with the mindset that at least I'll have fun getting drunk and being away from my clingy children, hubby, and pets for a weekend.  This time I'm going Gold Ticket, so I'll actually have some insights on the Saturday night Dessert and Cocktail party and Sunday morning Brunch.  This is where I find out if that extra cost for the privilege of attening these two events is worth it. 

On Friday, Chad Lindberg (Ash) and Jason Manns are the panelists, and there is a Jason Manns concert and Karoke party in the evening.  On Saturday Richard Speight Jr. (The Trickster), Gabriel Tigerman (Andy), and Traci Dinwiddie (Pamela Barnes) take the stage, and they are the listed guests for the said Dessert and Cocktail party.  Sunday, the big event day starts with Jim Beaver (Bobby), Todd Stashwick (Dracula), Charles Malik Whitfield (Agent Henricksen) and the person I'm very anxious to see, Misha Collins (Castiel).  The Sunday lineup is also supposed to be at the breakfast in the morning. 

On March 20-22, Eye Con takes place in Orlando, Florida.  Guests scheduled are Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins, Jim Beaver, Julie McNiven, Chad Lindberg, Gabriel Tigerman, and Jason Manns.  One week later Creation Entertainment's "Salute to Supernatural" moves to LA, and this one actually has both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki there.  Other guests scheduled are Richard Speight Jr., Samantha Smith, Alona Tal, Charles Malik Whitfield, Gabriel Tigerman, Misha Collins, Jason Manns, and Steve Carlson.  Notably absent from that one is the master himself, Eric Kripke, who despite living in the same town had a conflict.  I must say that opportunities to get writers at that convention were missed and that's why I took a pass at traveling cross country for the same event I could get in a much closer Chicago.  Ditto for why I haven't bought for Vancouver yet. 

Finally, on April 18-19 in Sydney Australia, Jensen and Jared will both attend the "All Hell Breaks Loose" convention. 

I'll have reports up as soon as I possibly can on any of these events, for even though I'll personally be at Cherry Hill only, I have plenty of other spies that will be attending the other events.  Looks like it'll be a whirlwind month. 
In what I at least consider to be a shocking development, The CW officially announced six early renewals just a few hours ago.  Supernatural will be back for season five!   

Not a surprise on the list is Supernatural, Gossip Girl, America's Top Model, and 90210.  The shockers came with the inclusion of Smallville and One Tree Hill.  While no deal has been officially announced by Warner Brothers, the assumption is that they were able to come to terms with Tom Welling for season nine of Smallville.  Also uncertain at this time, if Chad Michael Murray will be back on One Tree Hill. 

"As we continue to build The CW Network as a destination for young women, these six shows have clearly contributed to strengthening our schedule and our brand identity,” the CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff said.

Shows still in limbo are Privileged, Everybody Hates Chris, and The Game, although recent reports had the latter going to BET if it wasn't renewed by The CW.  Also in limbo is Reaper, but until ratings are known when it comes back on March 3rd, nothing can be done with that one. 

Just last week all indications were that announcements for renewals weren't coming until May, so again Dawn Ostroff has us scratching our heads at her motivation.  Considering the good news, I'll let motivation slide.

After seeing Jared Padalecki at New York Comic Con a few weeks ago, starting his whirlwind promotional tour for Friday The 13th, plus being aware of his insane schedule in which he was to attend three fan conventions in March alone, on top of filming the final season four episodes for Supernatural, I wondered if he could actually fulfill all his lofty commitments.  It seems he can't. 

This was the message posted on the Creation Entertainment site earlier today:

February 20, 2009: We have been advised that Jared Padalecki has an unforeseen personal commitment that prevents him from attending this convention. Jared has been a great friend to Creation Entertainment and to his loyal fans and we look forward to working with him again soon, including in LA in a few weeks. While a cancellation of a star of Jared's stature is never pleasant we are working on providing the absolute very best convention we can and as such today we have announced the addition of four new guests for the convention: JIM BEAVER, CHAD LINDBERG, GABRIEL TIGERMAN, and TODD STASHWICK. We will be refunding payments to those that ordered separate Jared Photo Ops and autograph tickets early next week. We will be adding autograph tickets and photo ops for our new guests early next week as well.

I just bought a ticket to this convention, and while I'm VERY sad that I won't get to see Jared, I am thrilled to see Jim Beaver.  This will be the first con for Misha Collins as well, and I'm excited to be there for that.  So, I'm sure I speak for all Supernatural fans that we hope Jared is okay and while disappointed, we understand.