Since I took three days to slack (and loved every bit of it) a few noteworthy reviews have surfaced that I felt compelled to share.

First, I finally got out yesterday, just hours before the next one was to air, my review of "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" on blogcritics.  It isn't very long but it pays attention to how different this zombie story is.

Also, some reviews of "Dark Side of The Moon" have already surfaced (I'm staring at a blank page not certain where to begin on mine).  Maureen Ryan has put out a nice detailed review which as usual brings up some excellent points.

I've never linked to one of her reviews before, and I have no idea why because they're always great.  Tina Charles at TV has her review up as well.  Her reviews are always thorough and really ask some thought provoking questions.  She claims on Twitter she was up all night doing this, so give it a look!

Amanda at Support Supernatural has her review up as well.  Man, I admire the ability of everyone to do this so quickly!

There are plenty out there, so if you see particular ones that you like, share the links below!