Great news for all you Aussie fans!  Channel Ten has confirmed that Supernatural will be coming back very soon.  As in March 29th soon.   On that date at 9:30 pm, everyone will get to pick up where they left off when "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester" airs. 

For those that may not know, Supernatural was pulled from Channel Ten's schedule in December after particularly disappointing ratings.  Of course those episodes were aired during a time where there is a traditional drop in television viewing because of the holidays, but that didn't prevent the network from dumping their Supernatural and Stargate sci-fi block for the movie of the week.  Since then, Australian fans have sprung into action, flooding Channel Ten with complaints and an agressive postcard campaign.  A few weeks ago, Channel Ten sent out the following tweet:  "Supernatural fans - we hear you...stay tuned for some good news in the weeks ahead!!"

Below is the link to the story about the return from TV Tonight.  Congratulations Aussie fans on a successful campaign.  May you all get to enjoy the rest of the season without controversy.