Jared Padalecki joined Michael Rosenbaum for a second time on his podcast Inside of You this past week. Jared was two days into shooting the final episodes of Supernatural.  Wrapped up in a sauna blanket cocoon, Jared got cozy with Rosenbaum about memories of his dog Sadie, social media, being Sam Winchester, his own mental health, and hints at the final scene of the series. (no big reveals).
He first talked about what it was like to quarantine in his Vancouver apartment, taking COVID19 seriously, and how any breach of quarantine - including taking his dog, Koda, for a walk - could have set back filming . This quickly became a lively chat about dogs, with Jared sharing memories of Sadie, his dog since 2003, travelling with him from set to set until he had to let her go. Michael then shared Jared's Instagram post from the final days of filming and asked Jared to explain what "Supernatural Never Dies" means to him (the fandom or the story).  This led to a discussion about connecting on social media, and Jared admitting he is "bad at email and social media" and likes to be present in the moment.  He talked about spending time with his children and Gen during lockdown, newfound respect for Gen after fathering during quarantine, and what it was like being home in Austin.
Talking about Sam, Jared said he feels so close to his character on the show, and what it has been like to "Say good-bye to a friend" over the last few days. He admits to "crying every day for a week" as he remembers locations, and driving down a highway thinking he'll "never make this drive again," He is excited for the ending of the series, although bittersweet, revealing (small spoiler) that the last time Sam and Dean see each other is also the last moment on screen between Jensen and Jared. Talking more about Sam, Jared is committed to the character, loves Sam Winchester, and the tears we see on screen are Sam's tears, telling his story, not Jared's.
Jared was candid about his diagnosis with clinical anxiety, therapy, and how he manages his anxiety by accepting it as part of his life. The chats with Rosenbaum then veered into  conversations about Jared's arrest and how it changed him, Walker and Chuck Norris' blessing for the re-boot, and getting one of the impalas as a gift from WB. Enjoy watching the full interview!
You can also listen below.