Jensen Ackles joined Michael Rosenbaum for a second time on his podcast Inside of You this past week. Talking together during Jensen's quarantine in Vancouver, Jensen shared some revelations about the show, its final episodes, and some much needed encouraging predictions for the future of Sam and Dean Winchester. It was a sorely needed bright spot in the week leading up to the last day of filming Supernatural
Talking first about his time away from Supernatural's set while quarantined in Austin, Jensen described what it was like during the last few months in Texas away from filming, especially after gearing up for the finale before the pandemic hit, and being home with Danneel and his children. That was a drastic change from spending so much time away from home while filming, so Michael dove a bit into Jensen's close friendship with his usual partner-in-crime, Jared. Jensen described how being friends with Jared over the years had worked so well. He believes their friendship is one of "the greatest successes of the show." He also reflected on how Misha is a 'trifecta' layer and how the three have a triangular relationship that works both publicly and on set.
Talking about Dean, Jensen said he enjoys his character on the show, and wants "Dean's legacy to be great." He does not feel the need to reinvent himself after leaving Supernatural, but there is some pressure on what his transition from Dean will be. He's thought a lot about this and knows he doesn't want it to be too drastic. (Since the interview was recorded, Jensen released the news that he has been cast in Eric Kripke's hit series The Boys as Soldier Boy in Season 3).
The chats with Rosenbaum then veered into fluid conversations about Jensen's singing, tap dancing on set, setting up his brewery ('The Family Business'), what props he would like from set (he gets to take home Baby, the hero car, the one they drive in the show), mental health and depression, and "finding purpose" in life when things get overwhelming.
As a final message to the fans, Jensen thanked everyone for sticking with the show for so long, saying "It's been a "gift given to me" and "I intend to cherish the gift." Enjoy watching the full interview!
You can also listen below.
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