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Syfy announced today that their long running series, "The Magicians," co-created by former "Supernatural" writer and showrunner Sera Gamble, will be ending after season five, which is currently airing.  

Damian Holbrook of TV Insider interviewed creators Sera Gamble and John McNamara about the end.  There's lots of good stuff in this interview if you're a fan.  Luckily, the season finale was written as a series finale, which will hopefully offer closure the fans are looking for.  Sera answered the question this way:

What can you tell us about the end?

Gamble: We really spent a lot of time and care in talking not just about how to complete the arc of Season 5, but also asking a lot of questions like, "Where was Julia (Stella Maeve)  in episode 1? Where was she in episode 2?" and what do we want to say about that? Where she is in this episode? And so where you see the characters, especially in the final episode, I feel it really says what we wanted to say about their journey into adulthood. Was there more gas in the tank? I mean, I think the show itself sort of speaks to the endless capacity to create with all our partners. The world that [author] Lev Grossman created in his books is so rich, I think there's like a thousand shows inside of those books. And I only became more convinced when we kind of ran out of plot [from the novels], we have done most of the stories of those three books.

But the world is so real that I'm not going to lie, we could go off and tell lots of stories about these characters. But to put some kind of punctuation at the end of the sentence of this particular show and the journey we've been going on with our audience for the last five seasons, we feel pretty good about the season finale. I feel like it is very much in keeping with the spirit of the show.

I also love this quote, especially since Sera has been a joy to talk to at Comic Con all these years during the show's run.  She really loves her work!

Between conventions, merchandise and on-air advertising, Syfy was really devoted to promoting the show and supporting you all. That must have felt good.

Gamble: There's a certain amount of chaos and unknown future that's a cost I'm more than willing to pay because, at the risk of just reaching for the cliches, this is the dream job. To get to make TV all day? This is the first show I co-created that was on the air. And I got to do it with John, who is one of my dearest, dearest friends and he's also my mentor. He kind of gets annoyed when I say that...

Here's Damian's tweet about the interview:

Updated:  Here's Sera's tweet about the end of the show. 

The series finale airs April 1st.  Congrats Sera for another successful show under your belt and we are looking forward to any new projects.