Rogue Events, the company that hosted the Asylum conventions, is going out of business.
Company Statement:
WCM Events Ltd ceased trading on Monday 3 July 2017. The company will be entering into an insolvency procedure and all creditors will be notified in due course.
Director Statement:
I am truly sorry and heartbroken to have let down the attendees, staff and volunteers, as well as the guests in the way I have done at insurgence 9. I came on board in a desperate hope to be able to re-build the events into something great for everyone, and I failed. This was due to many factors. I made bad decisions. I was inexperienced. Nothing I can say will take back what has happened or make anything right. I can only apologise to people with everything I have. I am so deeply sorry. Jennie Glover Like? Share using the buttons below
Rogue had announced Asylum 19 for 2018 and had signed Mark Sheppard to attend that convention. Mark has apologized to his fans on Twitter for publicizing the convention.
Mark has also expressed his anger at Rogue for using him to promote a convention they knew would not be held
In replies to the announcement, fans are stating that payments for Asylum 19 were not allowed to be put on credit cards and that the company would only accept bank transfers. This means that the charges can not be disputed with their credit card company and can not be returned using the procedures to get money back through the credit card company.
Rogue Events had problems at its latest convention, Insurgence 9, which featured The Vampire Diaries and The Originals.
Police called to 'chaos' at TV show convention.

The event, for fans of TV shows Vampire Diaries and Originals, attracted hundreds of visitors over the weekend.

However, not everybody was happy after a number of the shows’ stars pulled out at the last minute.

Several people took to social media to report fights breaking out as fans became fed up with waiting and were told their photographs could not be printed because organisers had ‘run out of paper’.

 Starfury Conventions, which is scheduled to hold their Supernatural convention Cross Roads in May of 2018 is offering some help to those who already purchased tickets to Asylum 19.
Apparently there is no hope of getting any money back on tickets.
The British Press is picking up the story. Fans distraught as Rogue Events parent company ceases trading - after they paid hundreds for future events by bank transfer.
 This is quite a disappointment to the fans who worked and saved to attend Asyum 19. It is a loss to fandom.