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Supernatural won Best Writing in Canadagraphs's "Best of TV" Awards!
Thanks Lilah Kane for finding all of these!
 The vote totals for Best Writing
The 2016 Best Of TV Awards winner in the category of Best Writing - Supernatural
This year's winner for best Writing is Supernatural. One of the few awards Supernatural had yet to win in the awards at some point was the Best Writing award. This year they have done so with over 50% of the vote, getting 565 votes.
BEST OF TV AWARDS - what are they? Where did they come from? When I started this site in 2009, it had 1 sole purpose, and that was to sell autographs of the stars I get. But, as time went on I experimented with some ideas. Being a stats fan, I started doing polls based solely on the TV shows filmed here in Vancouver, Canada. I gave out monthly "medals" to the shows with the top vote totals.
After a few months of those, it was coming up on the end of 2010 and I felt inspired to do an awards for all of TV. That awards, the inaugural Best Of TV Awards (BOTVA) started with just 7 categories Best Action/Drama Program, Best Sci-Fi Program, Best Comedy Program, Best New Program. Best Actress, Best Actor, and Favorite Character. The 2011 BOTVA's rose to 20 categories. The 2013 BOTVA awards featured a record 24 categories including new awards for Best Youth actor & actress. The 2014 BOTVA's had a record 27 categories as we added Best Writing, Best Stunt Team & a return of the Best Animated Program category which only was held in 2011 previously.
Best Of TV Awards has managed over 2,000,000 votes over its 1st six years of existence and is now one of the most recognized online TV awards in Canada. It has been mentioned by dozens of TV shows twitter & facebook accounts, and 100s of actors. Several of the past winners, including Norman Reedus, John Barrowman, Robbie Kay, Christopher Gorham & Zoie Palmer have all used their various social media platforms including twitter, facebook, tumblr and whosay to encourage their fans to vote and have gone on to win... and unlike a certain "awards" that is supposedly the "People's" "choice", we show you the actual results that the people chose afterwards instead of just randomly announcing a winner....oh, and we don't even ask you to spam your friends twitter feeds thousands of times a day saying you voted.... because outside of round 1, it is ONE vote per person. Period. AKA - how an award SHOULD be decided...not which fan base is willing to go without sleep or food the longest... or create the best automated voting script program.
Here are other categories where Supernatural won the popular vote.
We lost ot Person of Interest for Best Stunts.

In addition several of our alumnis won awards as well.

We will continue to update if more informatio comes in.  Check for all Winners here.