Meghan Fitzmartin, the showrunner's assistant at Supernatural, tweeted some of the people she will be working with this season.

From left to right we have Andrew Dabb, Davy Perez, Nick Vaught, John Bring, Robert Berens, a woman whose identity we haven't yet confirmed, Jared, Jensen, Robert Singer, Meredith Glynn and Meghan Fitzmartin. They are part of the writing team for next season. John Bring is a writers assistant, although he did help pen "Beyond the Mat" last season.

Meghan confirmed in a subsequent tweet that Nancy Won is moving to Frequency with Jeremy Carver and that Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmello are also no longer on staff. Their departures are in addition to Robbie Thompson, who announced shortly after 11.20 aired that he would be leaving the show; and Jenny Klein who left to write for Jessica Jones.

We do not have an officially confirmed list of the entire writing staff yet, so there may be additions when we get to Comic Con.

Here are their Twitter IDs if you'd like to follow them:

Andrew:  @AndrewDabb
Davy:     @DavyPerez
Nick:      @Vaught88
John:      @the_John_Bring
Robert:   @RobertBerens
Meghan: @MegFitz89