Grumpy Old Men...of Letters!  We had a blast reviewing "Safe House" in this week's TV Fanatic Roundtable.  Myself, Nightsky, and Christine Laskodi and Sean McKenna from TV Fanatic were all about the goodness of the Bobby and Rufus flashback.  Could it make a potential spinoff?  We all had varied opinions on that as well as if we think a major character will be killed off this season and what we thought of the soul eater (awesome!).

Here's Sean McKenna's review as well.  It got an especially high rating from him, 4.8 out of 5.0 (I so concur).

One other side note.  TV Fanatic uses the DISQUS commenting system, so your WFB login for DISQUS will work on that site as well!  Makes it pretty damn easy to share your opinions over at the Roundtable.  As usual I'm always interested in reading your opinions.