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As news of Jensen's PCA win spread, media outlets covered the win and friends, coworkers and fans sent congratulations.

Online sites offered information and congratulations. Talk Nerdy With Us reported Supernatural Fan Favorite Jensen Ackles Wins People’s Choice Award .

TeamTVSupernatural said Congrats Jensen Ackles! Watch his People’s Choice Award acceptance speech .

International Business Times ran Jensen Ackles: 'Supernatural' actor expresses gratitude for 2016 People's Choice Awards win in an acceptance speech video .

PopSugar notes Jensen Ackles Adorably Accepts His People's Choice Win in New Video .

Congratulations poured in from around the Internet.

From Perry Battista, the lead set dresser on Supernatural

Suzanne Gomez, Vice President, Publicity at The CW

Holly Ollis, WBTV PR exec for Supernatural, Gotham & Supergirl!

Misha added to his congratulations

Ruth Connell had a very colorful message

The master himself offered his congratulations

And Jensen responded! 

Of course the CW was happy


# cheryl42 2016-01-09 18:20
What a well deserved win for Jensen. His acting on SPN has always been outstanding (I have only seen one other project with Jensen and while it was a bad movie Jensen was great). I don't think that he gets near the credit and recognition he deserves because of the nature of genre shows vs awards. I'm sorry but how does Gina Rodriguez get a GG but not Jensen (or Jared for that matter)? In 11 seasons I have rarely seen Jensen have an awkard scene. Even if the dialog is bad he somehow sells it. I am grateful that he was chosen as one of the brothers in my favorite show of all time. He made Dean Winchester the iconic figure that we and his brother/best friend love more than anything.

# Lilah_Kane 2016-01-09 18:47
Agree Cheryl and glad people have been supportive and congratulated him. :)

- Lilah
# eilf 2016-01-09 18:57
I think it is understandable, why wouldn't they? Everybody likes and supports Jensen.