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The rumors have been happening for a while.  During this summer's press blitz for season eleven, especially at San Diego Comic Con, Executive Producer (since season one) Robert Singer was notably absent.  Also, reports that his duties were slowly being scaled back circulated, sparking talk since Singer often held the stance that he wouldn't be around after season ten.  

Then in yesterday's premiere, Singer was listed in the credits at "Executive Consultant," the title that former showrunner Eric Kripke also held.  Producer Jim Michaels confirmed the title change on his twitter today:

The word is that Jeremy Carver now has the title of sole showrunner and will be the main guy in charge, but he'll have help.  Phil Sgriccia will also be stepping in with some of the duties that Bob Singer used to take care of (aka the day to day production duties).  Whatever the shift, after being with the show on season one, and many years in TV before that, I'm sure this is a welcome change for Singer.  It is a crazy, hectic business most of the time.  Enjoy the slower pace Mr. Singer, and we're glad you are still remaining close.


# cheryl42 2015-10-08 22:53
So this is going to be Carvers show this season and I assume for as long as the show runs. It will be interesting if there is a difference in tone and flow of the season.

It is sad and inevitable but it just seems like little by little those that are involved with the show are starting to look at other avenues of retirement or employment. Definitely feels like the beginning of the end of the show now.

I don't know what Bob Singers contribution to the show has been but I am guessing without his hard work and dedication the show doesn't go 11 years. So thank you Mr. Singer. Thank you for helping make this show possible.
# percysowner 2015-10-08 23:05
Rightly or wrongly, I thought that there was a good chance that Singer was one of the problems with the show. Now, understand, I'm one of the people that liked season six and I really appreciate it even more when I rewatch. The arc held up, and made sense. For me, the show started to unravel in season seven, as Singer took more and more control and Gamble lost more. After mid-season seven, we knew Gamble was on her way out and Singer started doing the Producers Previews. That was also when I really started having issues with the storytelling. I thought this season's premier was markedly better than any of Carver's others. It is possible that with Singer gone, Carver can do more with his vision than he could when Singer was a bigger influence.
# sylvia37 2015-10-10 09:53
I was wondering about this too. It will be interesting to see if the tone changes. Honestly, with how inconsistent the show has been the last three years, a change might help.
# LEAH 2015-10-10 12:46
I don't know really, a lot of the hard feelings for Bob Singer are based on our speculation and the fact his wife is one of the writers (not considered a good one). I myself have fond feelings for him. He seems like he was a steadying influence through the years. The cast seems to like and respect him. Maybe he did make some bad decisions. I guess we might never know until someone writes a tell-all book after the show ends.:)
# NOLANOLA 2015-10-10 15:54
(have not read other posts)
Is Robert's wife going to continue writing for the show or Moving back to the states? She can absolutely do both.
# shawn 2015-10-16 06:54
Thanks Robert Singer for all your hard work its 1 of the best shows on TV