Misha Collins is a busy man. In addition to his work on Supernatural he is trying to build a school in Nicarauga.

Misha has been talking to several publications about his charity, Castiel and what to expect from Supernatural as the series wraps for the season.

From People Magazine . Article contains some mild spoilers.

Through his nonprofit charity Random Acts, Supernatural star Misha Collins was able to provide rural families in Nicaragua with the means to travel to get the secondary education they'd otherwise be unable to access. However, a school bus was just the first step – this year, Collins and Random Acts have set their sights much higher and are intent on building an entire school complex.
From Variety WARNING! Contains many spoilers at the beginning of the article.

It’s become quite a cumbersome operation to run, GISHWHES, with things like the winners’ trip — next month I’m taking last year’s winners to Croatia, and we’re going to the “Game of Thrones” set and doing an island-hopping tour and it’s gonna be a really awesome trip, so some of the money goes to things like that, and some of the money goes to art projects — we’re doing something with drones that I think is gonna be awesome — and then whatever’s left goes to Random Acts [the non-profit charitable organization Collins co-founded in 2010].

At  ETonline WARNING! many spoilers at beginning of article.

Well it was something started on kind of on a lark five years ago and it's GISHWHES, which stands for "Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen" -- and I know it flows trippingly off the tongue [Laughs] And it is exactly what its name suggests. It is the Guinness World Record holding largest scavenger hunt in the world and thousands and thousands of people participate all over the world and it is so much fun.

Finally from Latina we have an article with no spoilers.

This November, Collins and Random Acts will travel to Nicaragua to meet the students, teachers, and visionaries of the Free High School. There, they will have the opportunity to help with the construction at the new campus. The first 25 people to raise $5,000 apiece can also join the trip.

Misha is a busy man these days. It looks like Cas will be busy as well.