We have more information on Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr.'s project, The King of Cons!

As the fundraiser for Kings of Con continues, they are getting more coverage on the project. TV Guide posted and exclusive new trailer for the series. TV Overmind had an interview with both Richard and Rob that covered not only the series, but also how grateful they are to their fans, and whether or not they both may show up on Supernatural again sometime soon.

TV Goddess also talked to them. They noted that the guys already made their first goal and went on to ask:
"The end of the Indiegogo effort is still weeks away. What’s next? How much do the guys want to ultimately raise? Will Matt Cohen really streak naked through the streets should they raise $200,000?"

In an interview with EW, Rob and Rich release the series' first scene! In talking about their project, the article states:
With each episode taking place in a different city, there is the promise of other Supernatural favorites making appearances, though they won’t say who just yet. “I can tell you that most of them, when they heard about it, asked us,” Benedict said. “They’ve all been incredibly supportive of it. Because the fact is, we all do this together. We’re like a traveling circus. It’s not just Rich and I.”

In a departure from talking about Kings of Con, Who Say interviewed Rob and Richard and played a game of Would You Rather with them. The questions are not only related to Supernatural but also other shows.. It's a fun look at how the guys think!

The campaign runs through May. The more money they raise, the better the web series will be. Good Luck Rob and Richard!