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This week's Supernatural around the Net.


Last week we told you about Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr.'s Kings of Con fundraiser. They are not the only celebrities making a web series about Fan conventions. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are launching their own look at the science fiction convention scene in Con Man. They already had Felicia Day helping them, but now, they have snagged Samantha Smith, our own Mary Winchester for a part in the series.  Congratulations Samantha! I'm looking forward to both these ventures, although King of Cons will always be closer to my heart. Rob and Richard have added 2 new perks for the Kings of Con fundraiser. Go check them out.
The results for Zap2It's Social Media Showdown are in. Jensen Ackles is the new King of Social Media! The Final Four had three Supernatural actors competing. Misha Collins went head to head with Ian Somerhalder and won handily. Jensen went up against Felicia Day and managed to score a win. That set up a Misha vs. Jensen final. Jensen managed to unseat Misha from the throne Misha won last year. Congratulations Jensen! What a great showing for a guy who just joined Facebook and Twitter this year!

The Saturn Awards are being voted on and Supernatural has been nominated in the Best Youth Oriented Television Series category. The awards will be announced June 25. We will keep you updated!

Fangasm has tidbits from Jensen's Meet and Greet at Seacon last weekend. This does contain spoilers, so be careful.

Jim Beaver spoke with EW about playing Bobby all these years and his favorite episodes on Supernatural. Here is his  Tweet  after Inside Man.

The Gag Reel from Tim Omundson's show Galavant has been posted on YouTube. It's great to see him in such a different role from Cain.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan will star as Joe DiMaggio in Lifetime's movie The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.

Ruth Connell and Travis Aaron Wade were on the April 2 episode of AfterBuzz.  It's a really interesting discussion.

Jared Padalecki will be taking part in a Gilmore Girls reunion panel in Austin Texas June 4-7. We will all have to prepare ourselves for hearing him talk about Dean being the character HE played. It really confused me when Supernatural first started.

Misha has posted a video of him reading Once Upon A Potty with and accent.

Supernatural was the second most tweeted show on Wednesday, right after American Idol! That's pretty impressive for a 10 year old show.

Nielsen S10E17

That's it for the week! Let us know if you heard of anything we missed!



# cheryl42 2015-04-07 12:31
Just saw this today.
# SanSummer1 2015-04-07 23:19
Aww, Jared retweeted this from Travis Aaron Wade:

I got your back on my front @jarpad #alwayskeepfighting #spnfam #SPN #ColeTsupportsSammyboy @cw_spn
LINK ("")

I love how Travis supports Jared and adores him!

Is the tweet a hint that Cole wants to call Sam "Sammy", no hard feelings? :D
# Lilah_Kane 2015-04-08 03:48
Sammy Boy is his nickname for Sam yeah. I had no trouble with the names. And all doubts went away even more when it was explained. And hey, even Jared approves this! ;)

- Lilah
# eilf 2015-04-08 11:44
It does begin to look like Jared has bought into the general idea that continuity of character for Sam is not that important. I don't suppose that there is much he could do about it if he wanted to and he may assume it is not a problem for the viewers since reviews don't mention much to do with Sam's storyline one way or another these days. I find it a huge pity personally. It does seem to me to be a major storyline flaw to move Cole from torturer to big brother without any intermediate storyline to back it up. Not least because Cole is SUPPOSED to be 7 years younger than Sam. How many more big brothers keeping him in line does Sam need? Obviously YMMV (I get that it does vary ;) but it IS a problem for me).

The way Travis originally posited this is that Cole has a sort of hold over Sam because of a power imbalance while Sam was his prisoner, hence he can use a diminutive (and thus dismissive) name - it was what Sam was always resisting with Dean back when any of this mattered. Now Travis is trying to make it look like a sort of affectionate nickname. I get that Jared has also said that they didn't think it was important when they were filming the episode, but it is a (admittedly to many people, not that important,) symptom of a bigger problem with the minimizing of Sam as a character in his own right, and not just a plot piece to be manipulated to suit the writer's whim on a given week, in the show.
# Lilah_Kane 2015-04-08 12:52
Some people also want to see it as a problem even though it maybe isn't. Travis made good points why he was and is calling the characters with those names because Cole is used to them. I at least can understand that. I also know some don't. I see "Sammy Boy" also different than Sammy but as this is a bigger issue in general where everything piles up I'll just pull out the "agree to disagree card" without going more into it. Anyway, point of Travis helping Jared's cause was lost which I think is great.

- Lilah
# eilf 2015-04-08 13:46
Travis support of Jared's cause and the friendship between the two actors has, of course, nothing at all to do with the storyline on the show. :-) it is great how supportive Travis has been of this whole project.
# SanSummer1 2015-04-08 13:03
Interesting. Even if Sam and Cole's relationship had elements of Stockholm syndrome (although it sounds more like Travis Aaron Wade had to come up with character motivation because it was lacking in the script), shouldn't Dean have something to say about that?

Especially since Dean has been a torturer himself and that will never go away, he'll always carry that knowledge with him. But maybe because Sam tortured Dar to get information on his brother, Sam feels that he can't hold a grudge against Cole.

However, the circumstances were very different because Sam was just a human and for all Cole knew, he could have permanently injured Sam. It didn't look like Cole had anything personal against Sam, he just tried to get to Dean by torturing Dean's little brother.
# eilf 2015-04-08 13:48
Well there are all sorts of storyline points to do with that whole incident that have been ignored, and frankly Travis seems to be the only person to have noticed that there are absolutely no motivations for any of the three characters to be behaving the way they are. So good for him!
# SanSummer1 2015-04-08 15:16
I think that Travis Aaron Wade is very enthusiastic about getting to play a character on the show so he spent time thinking about Cole and how the character relates to Sam and Dean. It's sad if the writers didn't bother to think about the psyche of the characters. The actors shouldn't have to "explain" things to fans on Twitter.
# anonymousN 2015-04-08 15:22
Travis wrote a article length something.I do not have twitter so I do not know about what happened in twitter.Persona lly it was not him calling Sammy boy that irked me it was Sam's silence.Now if Sam corrects him the next time they meet and cole calls him sam hence forth I will be a happy camper (i.e the issue I have is nothing to do with how Cole is that Cole's action had no consequence).He is a dean centered character so he has one cross mark in my list already.
# eilf 2015-04-08 16:15
I have to admit I am rather regretting biting on the idea that Jared's tweeting to Travis (and a lot of other people) and being gracious and sweet about his t-shirt campaign is meant to be taken as a proof of anything to do with the storyline, and I know you were only just making a joking comment originally SanSummer.

The t-shirt campaign was awesome. The support of other cast members has been amazing also. Happy to discuss the show problems somewhere else :D
# SanSummer1 2015-04-08 18:02
I did think it was interesting how Travis Aaron Wade drew a parallel between himself and Jared and the characters they play on the show by adding #ColeTsupportsSammyboy

It warms my heart to see guest stars becoming friends with Jared after being on the show (like DJ Qualls). Somehow it makes them seem more relatable too.
# eilf 2015-04-08 18:27
The behind-the-scen es and con stuff is rather more satisfying than anything else these days isn't it :P
# SanSummer1 2015-04-08 19:25
And at least for me, knowing that some actors are friends outside of work makes me more inclined to want to see more interaction between them on-screen. Like I would like to see what kind of chemistry Stephen Amell would have with Jared if they were ever on the same show. (He could be perfect for playing a character who would be an actual guy friend for Sam.)
# anonymousN 2015-04-08 15:19
# cheryl42 2015-04-07 23:50
I got my sweatshirt on Friday. Love it.
# SanSummer1 2015-04-07 23:58
Yay! I thought that the sweatshirt didn't look the best on the site but when I saw a video of Jared wearing it, I was like, "I want one too!" It looked so comfy. :)
# eilf 2015-04-08 13:54
I got mine (it is a t-shirt since I don't ever wear sweatshirts). It looks great! But I am glad I changed my mind and went up 2 sizes from what I would normally wear, it is still a bit snug. ;)
# Lilah_Kane 2015-04-08 14:04
Still waiting on my shirt to arrive. Have had trouble with foreign deliveries of late so I have come to the conclusion. 1. Post is sucky 2. I live in a country furthest from so it has converted itself to be another Bermuda triangle where nothing arrives to its destination.

So keeping thumbs up here. :)

- Lilah
# SanSummer1 2015-04-08 14:29
I haven't been at home for a few days so I'm eager to see if mine has arrived! I ordered a t-shirt because I would be more likely to wear it and Jared looked so good wearing his in the picture :D I ended up picking the midnight blue color, I thought it might be fun to get something different from the standard black. But I do kind of wish I could have collected the different styles since it was a limited edition. :D

eilf, that scares me about the sizes. :D On the other hand, I don't need to wear it, it's more like Supernatural memorabilia and it's fun to have something that Jared created. And just supporting the cause made me feel good!
# eilf 2015-04-08 14:50
Literally everything you just said is my situation (including the tshirt, colour and reason for buying it :D). I wasn't too worried about the sizing being too big I was happy to support the cause, and even if it had been too small it was the principle of the thing that mattered.

My SPN memorabilia collection is pretty small, I have two of those POP toy things of the guys in their FBI suits, and I have a cute pack of cards with SPN chibi characters on it. It will be interesting to see the number and variations of all the actors t-shirts at the next con :D
# SanSummer1 2015-04-08 15:32
I don't have any besides some DVDs so I will definitely keep this one! :D

So far Misha has worn Jensen's t-shirt at a convention and Jensen has worn Misha's t-shirt on stage. Didn't Jensen say that he wants to have Jared's t-shirt but Jared said something like it'd be skintight?
# Lilah_Kane 2015-04-08 16:13
He might have said that... :D

I have few things collected and I need to see if I will use the shirt. Maybe in my leisure times. I need to try to keep it so that I won't over use it and the picture to vanish.

- Lilah
# SanSummer1 2015-04-08 17:54
I don't usually wear T-shirts that have a celebrity's face on them but I think I might feel the urge to represent Jared. :D And if someone asks about the T-shirt, I can tell them about the cause, which is one of the purposes of Jared's campaign!
# eilf 2015-04-08 18:36
You know I am seeing lots of people pictured wearing the t-shirts and they all seem to be exactly the right size so I wouldn't worry about it ;)
# SanSummer1 2015-04-08 02:51
Hi, Percysowner! I didn't notice until now that you had commented on my question on another article. Thank you for that. After a day or two I figured that no one would reply. :D

Even though I didn't really watch Gilmore Girls, I think it's going to be fun to see Jared take part in a panel at a festival since there has been so many Supernatural conventions. I'm interested to see if Jared will show a different side of himself because the shows and his role in the casts are so different. Also whether the Gilmore Girls fandom will treat him differently than this one does.
# eilf 2015-04-08 13:57
I am sort of interested in that too SanSummer! I never saw Gilmore Girls but I believe they sort of did a John Winchester on his character after he left? Seems like a lot of the GG fans followed him to SPN though so it is probably going to just be a fun party :D
# percysowner 2015-04-08 14:53
Not really a John Winchester. The character Jared played, Dean (and boy was I confused watching Supernatural for a while!) - I'll call him Cute!Dean to avoid confusion, was the first love interest of the main character Rory. He was well liked at first. The show then brought in an new love interest, Jess, and as part of making him the better choice, Cute!Dean's character was made problematic. The actress playing Rory had started dating the actor playing Jess, so there were behind the scenes reasons for the romance to work. Eventually the character of Cute!Dean married someone on the rebound then cheated on her with Rory all of which was OOC, IMHO. Then he was written off and never mentioned again. The big difference was that Cute!Dean initially was a positive character. He was teenaged boy who had teenaged boy flaws, but he really loved Rory. His character suffered partly the way Sam's did in that when they broke them up, in that when they broke them up all the major characters spent a lot of time telling Rory that she had every reason to dump Cute!Dean because he wasn't good enough for her, while telling Cute!Dean what an unworthy person he was. The show wanted us to love Jess and Rory, so Cute!Dean had to be not good for her, or at least not good enough. I watched GG at the time and I didn't like Jess. I really liked Cute!Dean, so I'm biased here.
# anonymousN 2015-04-08 15:10
agree with you about GG Dean.I found GG while going through channels and the mother -daughter relationship was very entertaining. (I am a sucker for parent-child wonderful relation scenario..which led me to watch GOT after seeing some gifs of catelyn and Rob..unluckily the episode which was on TV when I thought of tring it was the red wedding and that was the only episode I watched.
I am one of the fans who dropped GG when they broke up as this Quote:
in that when they broke them up all the major characters spent a lot of time telling Rory that she had every reason to dump Cute!Dean because he wasn't good enough for her, while telling Cute!Dean what an unworthy person he was.
felt wrong.
The Rory lauralie Dean scene/s are fun to watch and GG introduced me to a wonderful actor and person jared..and I was happy to see that he was in a new show called supernatural .
# eilf 2015-04-08 18:21
Thanks for that Percy and Anon (and SanSummer on the other thread), I admit I had never heard of Jared (or Jensen) before starting watching SPN while season 7 was running. My exposure to GG was the result of following a couple of SPN fans on Tumblr who were recently watching the show And we all know how Tumblr can influence your perception of what a show is about ... :D

Anyway I will wait to see if there are any videos or news from the GG con it will be interesting!
# cheryl42 2015-04-08 20:13
Rory was an idiot.
# SanSummer1 2015-04-08 15:10
It will be fun to see Jared in a different environment since all of Creation's conventions are pretty much the same. There will be new questions, new faces and it'll probably be a celebratory event.

I'm under the impression that they made Dean (the character Jared played) a jerk when they were writing the character off the show because Jared was moving on to Supernatural. It seems that there could have been a better way to do it but maybe the writers thought that they didn't have enough time.
# SanSummer1 2015-04-11 14:33
In Jared's new Facebook video, it looks like Jared got some ink done. :)

Sam could have gotten more tattoos but it's speculated that the star represents Texas.


Could Sam have gotten tattoos for a ritual or a spell? Apparently, Sam will go to the depths to try to save Dean. And Dean already has a "tramp stamp".