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Jeffrey Dean Morgan, our own John Winchester, has been cast as a regular on the summer series EXTANT. From

Morgan will play JD Richter, a roguish womanizer and a cop of the future who is a mercenary/bounty hunter. He is free-wheeling, hard-drinking and fearless, bordering on reckless, mostly because he's got nothing to lose. He is the everyman who thought he had seen everything until Molly Woods (Halle Berry) enters his life. The second season will premiere in summer 2015.

Deadline Hollywood , Variety , and TV Guide all have articles about this new role.

Moving to the production side of Supernatural, MetroLivingZine has an interview with Jim Michaels about "Living His Dream". In it he talks about his life, how he came to Hollywood, how he became a producer and what his life is like. It's a good look at one of our more important behind the scenes people.

Fangasm has an interview with Joy Regullano ,Maeve from Fan Fiction. She talks about shooting the episode.

Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) is set to star on the new A&E show "The Returned". The show is being co-produced by Raelle Tucker, former writer for Supernatural, who wrote Dead in the Water, Faith, Nightmare, Salvation, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things, Hunted, Roadkill, and What Is and What Should Never Be. The Returned debuts March 9, at 10:00 EST on A&E. Variety has an interview with Pellegrino and Tucker here.

Finally, Kansas, the group that created the Supernatural theme song "Carry On My Wayward Son", has created a documentary, Miracles Out of Nowhere" documenting its 40 year history. "Miracles Out of Nowhere" will be shown on VH-1 and the cable channel Palladia on March 20. Here's the trailer for the documentary