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Let's Speculate: Supernatural 13.06 “Tombstone”

Written by Wednesday 

Nina Lopez-Corrado directed this episode written by Davy Perez
Original airdate 11/16/2017.


The THEN sequence has a focus on Jack’s growth history, a clip of zombies, and Cas’ death and resurrection.

Now: Foreshadowing of Dean and Joe Phillips hunting in a graveyard, while a fast-moving blur messes with them amongst the tombstones.
Hands reach from the ground and pull Joe down into the earth.
Dean stands above with his flashlight and Joes’ hat. “Aw, Hell.”

We pick up right where we left off last week, as far as the timeline goes, with hugs to welcome Cas back.
Sam is clearly rocked. Dean and Sam question Cas and he tells them about the Empty, “Dark and nothing.”

Sam wonders if Chuck/God woke him up but Cas says no.
They then suspect Jack might have had something to do with it.

At the Bunker, Cas reunites with Jack. Jack does not seem willing to believe Cas is alive because what is burned stays dead. 

They ask Jack if he had anything to do with Cas’ resurrection. He is unsure.
Jack and Cas hug.
Jack levitates a pencil and shares a case he found with empty graves
and a pocket watch that should have been buried in Dodge City.
Dean is clearly excited by a trip to Dodge City.

Cue the western music as Baby pulls in to the Stampede Motel where Dean rented the best Wild Bill suite. “Stirrup hangers!”?
Cas and Jack discuss the lack of sleep issues while Sam and Dean unpack. Dean is happy to have a win, but Sam seems a bit skeptical.

Officer Carl Phillips calls in a ½ ton on the road side and steps out to look. He hears a dispatch that the truck is stolen.
A speed blur attacks and pulls him under the truck

Dean snores while Cas and Jack talk about Kelly being brave and in heaven. Jack confides that he felt “safe” and that he “trusted” Cas.
Cas reminds him that his mother had high hopes for him and would be “so proud “of him.Jack sees the news and rushes to wake Dean despite Cas’s pleas not to.
Dean wakes and puts a pistol in Jack’s face. He then requests coffee.Cas summarizes that Dean is an angry sleeper; like a bear.

Dean and Cas head to the crime scene. Dean attempts to blend in by having themselves dress in western duds.
He has to give Cas a pep talk about westerns and the movie “Tombstone” before the Slo-mo montage begins with snake skin boots. "Gangster of Love. Space cowboy
They meet officer Joe Phillips as Texas Rangers with some bad aliases. Joe said Carl, his nephew? had his throat slit.
Joe seems disgruntled but he’s willing to accept their presence.

At the morgue Athena Lopez tends to a corpse.
Jack and Sam question her and are sent out to an open grave with police tape.
Sam discovers a chewed-on bone.

It’s a ghoul. Back at the motel, Dean says he’s “sick and tired of things that look like other things.
While they examine traffic footage of Dave Madder, Athena is stalked by her boyfriend Dave Madder.
Dave Madder was the greatest gunslinger outlaw cowboy in Dodge city who died in 1886.
Athena tells Dave she’s been accepted to college in LA and that it will be expensive, but she is excited.
Dave ...not so much. She unwittingly reveals that Hunters have been asking questions.
Jack recalls the detail of Dave Madder being Athena’s boyfriend.

Cut to: Sam and Dean visit Athena who tells them Dave is on his way to do some banking.

Cut to: The Bank Security guard is closing up when Dave appears with a red bandanna over his nose.
Dave robs the bank and walks out into Dean. Dave recognizes Dean and company as hunters.
Shootout ensues.
Despite Cas’s attempt to keep Jack out of the way and safe, Jack announces, “I got this!”
takes two bullets to the chest and blasts the security guard up against a wall.

Dave flees.
Jack begs Cas to heal the guard but Cas is unable.
Sam announces, “He’s dead, Jim” no sorry, Cas.

Jack is tormented.
Dean knows the cops will be looking for Jack and tells Sam to take him back to the bunker. Dean will go it alone.
Dave revisits Athena. He has been shot.
He gives her the stolen money and says he will go with her to LA.
Athena, horrified, realizes Dave is the graverobber.

Dave says he’s given her everything, calls her “bitz” and tells her to be grateful.
Dean meets up with Joe.
Joe is hunting Dave with full intentions of killing him. Family Business.
He advises Joe to take a headshot.

The beginning scene repeats upt to “Aw, Hell.
Dean, against all instincts, descends into the hole head first and crawls whilst deeply regretting his intial desire to go to Dodge City.

Meanwhile back in Baby:
Cas tries to bolster Jack by admitting to killing people he cared about and how those moments never stop hurting.
Jack has made a mistake, but his focus should be to do better. Sam says he believes in Jack and Jack tells them to stop.

Dean falls into Athena’s basement where she is tied up and Joe lies on the floor.
Dean asks Joe if he has any idea where Dave is, and Joe answers, “A little bit.”
Dave holds a gun on Dean. “Raise ‘em high.” Athena tells Joe, “there is no us.”
While Dean distracts Dave, Joe aims and then fires killing Dave.

Dean and Joe have a chat where Joe plans on taking credit for the kill and laying the blame for the guard’s death on Dave instead of Jack.
When Dean announces this reprieve to Jack, Jack is unimpressed.
He thinks, “Maybe, I’m just another monster.
Dean says No. We’ve all done bad. We all have blood on our hands. They are all monsters.
Jack feels if he stays he’ll hurt them and can’t do that because they are all he has. He blasts them away and vanishes.
1. Were you satisfied with the Cas reunion scene?
2. Were you satisfied with Cas and Jack reunion scene?
3. Was there a good blend of light and dark in this episode? Funny scenes/disturbing ones?
4. What if anything seemed odd about Cas? Is he the real Cas?
5. What did you think of Jack's actions? Is Jack right? Should he go his own way rather than hurt those he loves?
Hold your Horses....Leave thoughts below!